KHSW Ch. 314

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Shen Bingqian blushed, “Yanyan, it’s not that I’m going to say something so ugly, it’s just that it’s the truth.”

Bing Yanyan gave her a cold look, then turned her head, she already knew what kind of person Shen Bingqian was, it was fine as long as she kept a distance from her in the future.

After a long time, “Chi Jingyu” finally came out from inside, and Shen Bingqian stepped forward and asked, “Boss Chi, are you not injured anywhere?”

Xu Yizhi passed by her as if he didn’t hear her, Shen Bingqian’s face was a little embarrassed, she originally wanted to test whether Chi Jingyu had exposed her lies, but she didn’t expect him to turn a blind eye to her.

As soon as Bing Yanyan entered the door, she saw Ling Xi lying on the bed, and immediately stepped forward and asked with concern: “Ling Xi, is your feet okay? How about I help you go to the infirmary?”

Shen Bingqian also came up, with a worried expression on her face, “That’s right, Ling Xi.”

Hearing Shen Bingqian’s voice, Ling Xi suddenly raised her eyes, “Shen Bingqian, there is something I want to talk to you about.”

There was a “thump” in Shen Bingqian’s heart. Could it be that Chi Jingyu had already told her? In fact, he didn’t go to mountain at all in the first place, but she tricked Ling Xi to go to the mountain by herself.

“Talking… what?” Shen Bingqian lost her confidence even when she spoke.

“Just talk about how you saw Chi Jingyu go to the back mountain.”

Ling Xi knew that Shen Bingqian would find an excuse to pick herself clean.

“Ling Xi, have you misunderstood something? I heard it from a soldier at the time. Maybe… I misheard it!”

“Oh, so you misheard it!” Ling Xi’s mouth curled up in a strange way.

Maybe she didn’t know, just outside the gym, there were many hidden cameras.

Logically speaking, the “white-eyed wolf” should be a smart white-eyed wolf, but this Shen Bingqian just had a beautiful skin.

And the reason why she didn’t say those words was to wait for her and Ou Mengxue to bite each other, so as to fatten up the courage of this “white-eyed wolf” first…

On the other side, Chi Jingyu had a headache.

Although Yao Ru had already been watched by people, the news spread like a blanket.

“Boss Chi, what should we do now?” Secretary Yang stood aside, with a trace of worry on his face, after all, it was about the president’s wife.

“My brother and my sister-in-law are not here now, so I can only rely on my sister-in-law’s manager, Pei Shan.”

“Hello? Hello, this is ‘Yiling Entertainment’, sorry, no comment.”

“Sorry, you have the wrong number.”

“Ling Xi is not here, nothing.”

“Hello, Ling Xi has gone out to film a show, and she didn’t deliberately avoid this question.”

In one morning, the company’s phone calls were ringing, and the general manager of the company, Zhu Wenyuan, was full of regret. He didn’t expect that just a few months after signing Ling Xi, negative news about her would follow one after another.

“Pei Shan, in your opinion, is there still a need to deal with this public relations crisis?”

What Zhu Wenyuan meant was that he wanted to terminate the contract with Ling Xi, as long as the headquarters approved it, the most important thing was that Yao Ru knew about it…

Pei Shan’s face was full of calmness, even Ling Xi’s CEO husband was not in a hurry when something like this happened, why were they so anxious?

“Don’t worry, I believe in Ling Xi’s character, she will not do such a thing, not to mention, if ‘Yiling’ terminates the contract just because of the artist’s negative news, I am afraid it will damage our reputation.”

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