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Early the next morning, at the entrance of the consultation room, Duan Bo yawned and opened the door for business. When he turned around, he saw Jiang Yu and Qiu Li walking in handcuffed, seeing this he almost let his yawns choke him to death.

He looked at the pink plush handcuffs on the left and right hands of the two of them, and swallowed: “It’s worthy of a new marriage, you guys… were you so exciting last night?”

Qiu Li was too lazy to explain, and went straight to the inner room.

Duan Bo winked at Jiang Yu, and asked with interest, “How is Brother Li’s kung fu?”

Jiang Yu was dragged into the house by Qiu Li, smiled back and gave a thumbs up: “Of course this is Brother Li.”

“Ah! It’s awesome.”

Qiu Li was dissatisfied and pulled Jiang Yu back to his side, threatening her with cold eyes to stop talking nonsense.

Jiang Yu stuck out her tongue and asked, “Brother Li, how do you arrange today, take me, I also want to destroy the world with you?”

Qiu Li took a thick copy of “Analysis of English Reading for Postgraduate Entrance Examinations” from the shelf, and knocked her head: “School, go to self-study.”

Jiang Yu shrugged and did not object. Anyway, no matter where he went, she would follow him.

Qiu Li raised his hand and said, “Can you solve it?


“Need to go to the restroom.”

Jiang Yu was also not an unreasonable person, so she opened the handcuffs with a key, and then followed Qiu Li to the door of the toilet.

Qiu Li looked back at her, and she took the initiative to close the door for him: “Don’t worry, we fairies never peek at people going to the toilet.”

After Jiang Yu closed the toilet door, Qiu Li immediately closed the toilet lid, then stood on the lid and opened the skylight.

The skylight was not big or small, just enough for one person to get out. Outside was the back streets and alleys of the facade, and there were no people.

Qiu Li supported his hands and jumped up smoothly. He was about to slip away when he heard the faint voice of the girl outside the door–

“Just… when you died, I cried all night.”


“Whether it is the future or the present, as long as I think that this world is no longer fierce, I really don’t know what to do.”

Jiang Yu calmly recounted the sadness in her heart: “Ah Li, what should I do if you die? Find a better doctor to hypnotize me, and then forget you?”

These words made Qiu Li feel sullen, sitting by the skylight, flicking with the pages of the blinds with his fingertips.

“If hypnosis can really make me forget you bastard, then I… will be free.”

“Ah Li, don’t hurt my heart.”

Two minutes later, the bathroom door opened, Qiu Li walked out with a cold face, and put his hand in front of her.

Jiang Yu handcuffed the two people together again, and said with a smile: “For so long, I thought you were going to sneak out.”

Qiu Li pursed his lips and said nothing, and the two set off for Haicheng University.

Different from the ancient architectural style of Beicheng University’s century-old famous school, Haicheng University was more modern in terms of campus planning and architectural style.

The teaching building had floor-to-ceiling windows and the dining hall was also a three-story white building. It had a sense of design and looked like a sailboat from a distance.

Jiang Yu saw a dessert ice cream station outside the cafeteria, and hurriedly pulled Qiu Li over: “I want to eat ice cream, and my boyfriend will help me swipe the card.”

Qiu Li said, “Not today.”

“Why, didn’t you bring the card?”


He paused, and said unnaturally: “Don’t eat cold during your menstrual period.”


“How do you know?!”

“I came in the morning and even after waking up, you did not let me lift the quilt. I am not stupid.” After a long time, he straightforwardly added to himself: “Fortunately, I didn’t do anything yesterday.”

Originally Qiu Li didn’t want to expose it, but the little girl didn’t know it, and she couldn’t stop her mouth at this time.


Jiang Yu directly died and was particularly embarrassed. She stretched out her hand to cover his face, stomped and turned and left: “Don’t buy it, I won’t eat it!”

Seeing that she was really angry, Qiu Li had no choice but to drag her to the dessert station, swipe his card to buy a vanilla cone, and hand it to her pouting mouth: “You can only have a bite.”

“Don’t eat, don’t eat!” Jiang Yu immediately became angry.

“What are you being shy with me.”

“I hate it!” Jiang Yu kicked him angrily: “What boyfriend! The trash can is better than you.”

Qiu Li recognized, and coaxed patiently: “Just take one bite, when I apologize.”

“I don’t want to eat it!”

“You don’t want to eat.” He pulled Jiang Yu’s sleeve: “All right.”

Jiang Yu blushed and glanced at him, hesitatingly asking: “Do you want to eat?”

Qiu Li nodded sincerely.

Without her, he couldn’t taste it.

Jiang Yu curled her lips and said angrily: “Then you ask sister, ask sister to have a bite.”

“Please sister.”

Jiang Yu saw that he was so obedient, so she licked the cone cream in his hand: “Well! The cones in your school are so delicious!”

She said that she still wanted it, but Qiu Li removed it from her hand: “It’s just a bite.”

“Give me another bite.” Jiang Yu hugged his hand and acted coquettish: “Just one more bite.”

Qiu Li was not someone who would easily violate his principles, but his principles in front of Jiang Yu were basically just furnishings.

“The last bite, only a small lick.” His voice was helpless.

Jiang Yu nodded again and again, so Qiu Li passed the ice cream over. Unexpectedly, the girl bit down, almost biting half of the ice cream.


Qiu Li was obviously a little angry: “You can’t eat so much cold today!”

“Just eat it.”

The little girl raised her eyebrows at him triumphantly, but she hadn’t reacted yet, and the man grabbed the back of her head and directly sealed her lips.

The warm tongue swept over and swept away the sweet and greasy ice cream in her mouth.

Jiang Yu was caught off guard and pushed him away hard, but with his great strength, her in his arms was like a lamb to be slaughtered, unable to resist.

The two people were entangled for a long time, and finally their mouths were confused by the cream.

Qiu Li let go of her, and the corners of his creamy lips raised up.

Jiang Yu was robbed of food and also taken advantage of by him. She was particularly upset. She glanced at him: “Didn’t you say that we have broken up!”

“It’s broken up.”

“After breaking up, you still eat something from someone’s mouth!”

Qiu Li said frankly: “Then you broke up and forced me to sleep.”

“Who…who forced you!”

He raised the hands of the two handcuffed together: “They are all shackles.”

Jiang Yu kicked away the gravel under her feet and said in a dull voice, “That’s also you… coveting beauty, you can’t walk by yourself.”


After a long time, Qiu Li rubbed her head vigorously: “My sister is really grown up, she will seduce people.”

Jiang Yu turned his head: “Then how much does Ah Li give to sister?”


“Just passed?”


“Why?” Jiang Yu held his hand calmly: “Is your sister not beautiful, or not good enough?”

Qiu Li recalled the back of the girl when she changed clothes last night, that figure… He didn’t dare to think about it, and quickly switched thinking: “I didn’t see clearly.”

“Oh, all right.” She said casually: “I’ll let you see clearly tonight.”


She reached out and touched his eyes: “Not only can you see.”

Qiu Li closed his eyes, feeling the little girl’s hand moving down the bridge of her nose, her voice tempting, “Still alright…”

Her fingertips fell on his soft lips.

Qiu Li disrupted the atmosphere: “Your aunt is here.”

Jiang Yu slapped him.

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