SLDH Ch. 69.2: Auspicious Deer

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When the news that the sika deer woke up spread all over the corner of Huaxia with the Internet, there was a demon who knew the news before all of them, and he was quietly floating in the sky above M University.

Fan Chen knew that the sika deer was about to wake up at the moment that wish force fell into her Dantian, and he rushed over at the first moment. But because the experts in the laboratory were still checking the body of the sika deer, he had been waiting outside and had not entered.

Finally, the experts in the laboratory finished being busy, and they left the ward one after another, allowing the sika deer to rest quietly. And after confirming that there was no one around, the sika deer woke up again, and the demon power of her body began to condense, trying to change into human form.

“Don’t move.” With the sound, there was an oppression belonging to the high-level demon clan coming at the same time.

“Who are you?” The little sika deer subconsciously stopped the movement to transform into her human form.

Fan Chen’s figure fell from the sky and appeared in front of the sika deer’s bed.

“Lord~~” When she saw Fan Chen, the sika deer felt an extremely powerful and intimate atmosphere, and she couldn’t help but shout respectfully.

“What do you want to do?” Fan Chen asked softly.

“I want to leave here and go back to the forest.” Sika deer replied.

“You can’t go back temporarily.”

“Why?” Sika deer felt puzzled. “I don’t like places where there are too many humans.”

“You were supposed to die from the crack of the demon bead. It was the human will that saved you.” Fan Chen said softly. “You should have felt it when you woke up.”

“Those voices were all human voices?” Sika deer’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Yes, that is their blessing to you.” Fan Chen nodded and reminded, “So, stay here with peace of mind and slow down the demon power repairing the body. When the humans think you can return to the forest, they will let you go back.”

The sika deer was born again because of human wish. So, people paid too much attention to her. If she disappeared suddenly, it would inevitably cause a huge sensation. In order to prevent this, Fan Chen came here to remind her, and obviously, the deer was really planning to leave quietly.

“Well, okay.” The sika deer nodded cleverly, not knowing why. After waking up this time, she was not as scared of humans as before, but felt they were a little kind. After thinking for a while, the sika deer asked again, “Lord, I think after I wake up this time, it seems to have changed a little bit.”

“What’s different?” Fan Chen asked.

“I feel that my demon power attributes are different. I feel that I have a lot of abilities that I didn’t have before. It seems that … it seems that I can do whatever I want.” Sika Deer said.

Fan Chen didn’t seem to be surprised by the change in the sika deer. He smiled and said: “Your original demon core has been shattered in the earthquake. Today’s demon core is reorganized by the wish of tens of millions of people. Naturally it will be different. How to say, your current demon power system is similar to the Brahma Tree and can be used to make a wish.”

“I have become an auspicious deer that can grant wishes?” Sika deer couldn’t understand.

“Yes, your future practice can also be like the Brahma Tree, by fulfilling human desires to improve your cultivation.” This was a rare qualification. In today’s thin aura, with the huge desire of human beings, it would allow the sika deer to quickly improve her cultivation practice without bottlenecks. Fan Chen thought that if there was no accident, this little sika deer could probably successfully cultivate into a demon of order eight or above. And the mountain forest where she lived, under her shelter, would get better and better.

“You are very lucky, practice well.” After the instructions, Fan Chen left the ward.

The sika deer, who was too obedient, didn’t think of running away anymore, she just obediently stayed in the laboratory, waiting for these humans in white coats to think she could leave before leaving. During this time, she got a nice name called Lu Xinyuan, because she survived by the wishes of people across the country, so she was given this name. There was an old expert with white hair who planned to call her Lu Jianqiang, but because she was a girl, the name was not good, and it was rejected by everyone. For this matter, the old expert with white hair was angry.

After the sika deer incident, Xu Zhuang became the most famous veterinarian in the country. As the employer of Xu Zhuang, Mi Wan’s pet shop had become a well-known online celebrity shop because of Xu Zhuang’s relationship.

From time to time, someone brought a pet to the store and specified that the man who took the sika deer should treat their pet. After a period of time, Mi Wan’s pet shop finally started turning out profit, earning the first pot of gold since its opening, which was as much as 10,000 yuan. (Cough, compared with the previous loss state, it was indeed more.)

“Old Xu, you’re doing a beautiful job. I will give you a bonus this month.” Mi Wan was so happy. In the future, that little idiot Mi would never dare to say that her shop lost money.

“Boss, this 10,000 yuan is not enough for you to lose. I don’t need any bonuses.” Xu Zhuang was very tired. His boss lost more than him. She lost hundreds of thousands of dollars before earning. Yet a bonus of 10,000 yuan would be given to him.

“What’s the matter, you see, thirty days of this month, the first twenty-five days are losing money, and within five days you turned it into a profit and earned me 10,000 yuan back. I will definitely make more next month, as long as you are here, our pet shop will definitely not lose money again.” Mi Wan explained.

Xu Zhuang listened to Mi Wan’s words, and suddenly felt she was correct, so he promised to be very serious: “Boss, don’t worry, I will definitely not change jobs.”

“Huh? Are you going to change jobs?” Mi Wan wondered.

“No, I have already said no to them, absolutely will not change jobs.” Xu Zhuang promised again.

“They?” Mi Wan was even more dazed.

“Oh, after Old Xu caught fire, many people came to dig corners, rushing to offer a high salary to let Old Xu join them as a veterinarian. But I can testify that every time he received a call, old Xu decisively refused,” The sparrow demon explained.

In fact, the sparrow demon had some hope for him leaving, because there were too many guests who had come here recently, so that he couldn’t receive customers from outside, his salary as a cashier was only 5000, how could a demon live like this? The demon clan’s medical treatment had a high commission, and he really couldn’t help it. It was a pity that Old Xu was so stubborn that he was reluctant to leave here even with three times the salary, and he could only follow the busy schedule.

“High salary? How high?” Mi Wan curiously asked.

“Relax, boss, I won’t leave our shop no matter how high it is.” Xu Zhuang reassured her, where would he go to find a boss who let him treat stray animals casually, so he would never resign.

“It seems to be three times the salary.” The sparrow demon replied.

“Well, then I will triple it for you?” Mi Wan asked.

“Boss!” Xu Zhuang was anxious. He stood up from the chair and said sadly, “Are you forcing me to leave?”

“No, no, I’m raising your salary.”

“You raising my salary is forcing me to resign in disguise.” Xu Zhuang said sadly, he was a bit disheartened with the current salary, if it was raised, he couldn’t stay any longer.

“Then … I won’t raise?”

“Well, we won’t mention raising wages in the future, and then I’m in a hurry. I’m going to be busy first.” After that, Xu Zhuang stood up and went back to work in the medical room. He wanted to take advantage of the business in the store and make some money for the boss.

Mi Wan and Sparrow demon looked at each other without knowing what to say.

“Good staff.”

“Yeah.” The sparrow confessed that he was indeed not as good as Old Xu was when he was an employee.

Another week passed in the blink of an eye, and this day was Wednesday. There were only two classes in the morning for the landscape design major. It was still early in class, when Mi Wan was thinking about whether to go to the library to do classwork, she suddenly received a message from Xu Zhuang that the children of her relatives had come to meet her, and the sparrow demon was not there. He couldn’t handle it alone, so let her go there quickly.

Children of relatives?

Mi Wan stared at this line for a long time, where was her relative? The Mi family had some relatives, but most of those relatives were abroad, and they were not familiar with her.

With this doubt, Mi Wan returned to the pet shop, and when she was still at the door, she heard the chattering sound inside, which was very lively.

“Brother Xu, don’t pinch its ears when you hold the rabbit, the rabbit doesn’t like it.”

“Yes, is it?”

“Brother Xu, and this cat, it says you don’t scratch its chin every time you touch it.”

“Yes, is it?”

“And this dog, it said it wanted to take a bath…”

“Its wounds haven’t been cured and can’t be washed.”

When he heard these sounds, some uncontrollable small frys appeared in Mi Wan’s mind, and when she walked into the store, it was … weren’t these the five familiar frys?

“Sister ~~” Without waiting for Mi Wan to speak, the five little frys surrounded her warmly. Xu Zhuang saw that the five bear children had finally stopped lingering beside him. So, after breathing a sigh of relief, he decisively hid in the treatment room.

“Why are you here?” Mi Wan frowned.

“We came to find sister to play with.” One of the tallest and most beautiful fish fry replied. Mi Wan remembered that this fish fry seemed to be called Yaya.

Play? Mi Wan glanced at the five little frys, and she always felt something was wrong, and then she found that all five little frys were carrying a schoolbag behind them. Mi Wan suddenly turned black: “You came out of class.”

“We …” The five little frys suddenly became uneasy and dared not to look at Mi Wan with their heads down.

“Didn’t you all like to go to school at first? Why are you skipping classes now?” Mi Wan remembered that when she treated these little frys, these little frys were nagging every day to go to kindergarten. How long had this been, was it even a month? They even started skipping classes.

“Also, even if you skip class, just skip class. What are you doing with me?” Mi Wan didn’t think she knew these little fish frys very well, she just collected money to raise them for half a month.

“I’m sorry … we, we …” Yaya’s pretty little face was almost crying. “We don’t know anyone except sister, so we wanted to come to sister.”

Children could always arouse the sympathy of adults, especially the kind of long-looking and beautiful children, even Mi Wan, couldn’t bear to look at the five pitiful little faces. It would be nice if they were still fish, and if you let them cry then, Mi Wan promised not to be soft.

“Okay, don’t cry, I’ll invite you to eat delicious food, and then I’ll send you home.”

After finishing the meal, the sparrow demon should be almost done and come back, then she would let the sparrow demon send these little frys back.

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Old Professor: In fact, Lu Jianqiang is really nice, such a powerful name

Everyone: Our little deer must not have the same name as Pig Qiang.

Old professor: …

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