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The three of them returned to their unit after they had eaten.

As soon as Jiang Lan sat down, the phone rang. He glanced at it and found that it was actually news from Wang Qing.

Wang Qing was the young policeman. They exchanged WeChat messages when they parted yesterday.

Wang Qing had sent him several messages in a row.

[The case has been handed over, and the captain said that the case is about to be closed. However, because of the unnatural factors involved, it will be modified when the case closure notice is issued.]

[Zhao Qunfang also confessed everything, she did have contact with Tai Sui. According to her account, she bought bracelets in that store accidentally. She usually has the habit of buying lottery tickets. It so happened that after buying bracelets that day, she bought lottery tickets and won a big prize. At first she felt that she was lucky, but that night in her dream she dreamed of Tai Sui and the other party asked her to make a wish, but she was alert and did not make a wish right away. Instead, after seeing the effectiveness of the transfer stone, she revealed the store to Li Chunhua and asked Li Chunhua to verify it.]

[And after Li Chunhua divorced from her ex-husband. She had always held a grudge against her ex-husband’s current wife. Not long after she was introduced by Zhao Qunfang to buy the transfer stone, she made a wish to Tai Sui, hoping that her ex-husband’s current wife would die.]

[We went to Li Chunhua’s ex-husband’s house overnight to investigate and found out that her ex-husband’s current wife had a car accident two days before Li Chunhua’s death, and they almost failed to rescue her. After Li Chunhua learned the news, she told Zhao Qunfang, but within two days, Li Chunhua died strangely at home. Zhao Qunfang was afraid in her heart, but even more dared not make a wish easily. But she couldn’t bear to leave the benefits of transfer stone, so she made a deal with Tai Sui, promising to help it develop more believers.]

Written till here, Wang Qing’s tone became very indignant.

[Sometimes it feels that people’s hearts are actually more terrifying than monsters. Most of the people who bought transfer stones in their community were introduced by Zhao Qunfang. If it weren’t for you subduing Tai Sui, I don’t know how many people would have suffered. Now that Zhao Qunfang has been detained in the detention center, the city leaders are discussing a serious conviction for her.]

After reading the news, Jiang Lan was a little bit sorrowful for a while.

Although he had long guessed that Zhao Qunfang was an accomplice, he did not expect that she would take the initiative to help Tai Sui develop believers. How was this behavior different from helping Tai Sui murder?

No wonder Wang Qing would be so indignant.

He returned with a piece of news: [There is a **** who raises the head three feet, if you do too many bad things, you will always get retribution. Although we cannot control people’s hearts, we can do our best to stop crime. Don’t be discouraged, let’s cheer/struggle together]

Wang Qing was really inspired.

[Brother Lan, your consciousness is much higher than mine! I’ll remember, if there is another case next time, I will find you again. The captain is calling me, let’s talk next time.]

Finally, he also sent an emoticon package for the boss to beat his legs.

Putting the phone away, Jiang Lan couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth gently. Suan Ni jumped onto him from the nest, meowed angrily, crawled down his legs with his tail crossed, and started to take a nap with a small snore.

Jiang Lan gently squeezed his round ears, his eyes bright and warm.

He wasn’t filling Wang Qing with chicken soup. Although the gods had fallen, the way of heaven still existed. Just like Tai Sui, even if it was the darling of Heaven, once there were too many evildoings, in the end, the first one to clean it was the Heaven.

The ancients often said that the law of heaven re-cycled and retribution was unhappy.

This sentence was true.

Not only Tai Sui, or people like Zhao Qunfang and Li Chunhua, even those who were greedy for petty gains, and those who bought the transfer stones and got benefits by relying on the transfer stones, would be punished without exception.

This was the warning given by God.

Jiang Lan curled his eyebrows slightly and sent a message in his circle of friends to warn.

[Try to be a good person with integrity, serve the masses, and contribute/struggle for society]

The picture was Suan Ni taking a nap.

Jiang Lan did not have many friends on WeChat. Originally, there were only a few relatives, but recently there had been several new friends such as Ying Qiao, Xue Meng, and Wang Qing.

The first brother’s like and comment: Is Xiao Ba getting fat?

Then there was Jiao Tu: Fifth brother, I woke up, I will come to play with you in a while QAQ

Even Director Cheng came to join in the fun: The young people today have a very high level of mental consciousness, yes/thumbs up.

When Ying Qiao saw the Moments, half an hour had passed since it was posted. He rarely commented on Moments, but this time he gave Jiang Lan a like, and hesitated to leave a comment.

[Ying Qiao: Are you still angry? I’ll invite you to dinner to apologize?]

After Jiang Lan woke up from a nap, he took out his mobile phone to check the time and found that there were many more WeChat notifications. He went through the comments one by one and saw Ying Qiao’s comments.

After a night, he was actually not so aggrieved and angry anymore.

After all, Ying Yao didn’t know that he was Taotie, he was probably just like other monsters and had only heard the rumors.

As a generous demon, since Ying Qiao took the initiative to admit his mistake, Jiang Lan didn’t care about him.

So he took the initiative to send a WeChat message to Ying Qiao.

[Not angry anymore. Where to eat at night?]

Ying Qiao looked at the WeChat message, and the corners of his mouth pursed slightly, turning into a subtle arc of laughter.

Sure enough, what the book said was still useful.

The book said: If parents accidentally hurt the cub in the rebellious period, they should have the courage to admit their mistakes and apologize to the cubs, so that the cubs can open their hearts and will not push the relationship between the two parties into a state of alienation.

He apologized, and the little monster did not get angry anymore.

The counter shopping guide saw that his expression suddenly softened, and his cold eyebrows were dyed with warmth. So, he couldn’t help but blush as he asked, “Sir, should I wrap these shoes for you?”

This handsome guy was noticed by a few shopping guides as soon as he walked in. The opponent’s height was 1.9 meters tall, with long legs, and a handsome face that was very recognizable, not worse than a star. It was just that the eyebrows were very cold, and they also had a high-spirited aura, which made it difficult to get close. Not to mention that although the clothes he wore did not have a striking LOGO, it could be seen with a sharp eye that this was a new luxury brand, which added up to six figures.

Although their counters were not cheap, they were generally geared toward ordinary consumer groups.

So that when the other party first entered the door, no one dared to come forward to receive him. It wasn’t until the handsome guy glanced at the phone and his expression suddenly turned warm that the shopping guide tentatively stepped forward to sell.

The handsome guy really nodded coldly: “Wrap it up.”

The shopping guide wrapped the shoes neatly with his hands and feet, Ying Qiao swiped his card, and then strode away with the bag.

He came to the mall to buy shoes for Jiang Lan. Although he was inexplicably unhappy last night, he promised to buy new shoes for the little monster, so he couldn’t break his promise.

Putting the shopping bag in the co-pilot seat, he originally wanted to drive directly to Jiang Lan’s unit to wait for him to get off work, but suddenly remembered that this car was too public to drive in front of the little monster.

Since the shoes were bought at the mall specially, the car had to be changed too.

Yesterday’s misunderstanding had not been resolved, so he couldn’t make it worse.

Ying Qiao thought for a while, then drove back to the villa. He first called and ordered a black Honda with the familiar 4S store manager, then picked up the shopping bags and got on the subway to the street office.

After getting off work in the afternoon, Jiang Lan briskly walked out of the gate after saying goodbye to everyone in his arms.

Ying Qiao was waiting at the door with some shopping bags, and when he saw him coming out, he smiled and waved at him.

Jiang Lan walked to him: “Let’s go, where are we going to eat?”

Ying Qiao handed him the shopping bags, and took out a peach-flavored lollipop from his pocket: “Apology for you.”

Jiang Lan took the lollipop but didn’t take the shopping bag. He recognized this brand, and a pair of shoes could cost several hundred big ones.

It was almost equivalent to one-third of Ying Qiao’s salary.

“This is too expensive, I’m not angry anymore.” Jiang Lan shook his head, pushed the shopping bag back, and told him to go back quickly.

Ying Qiao laughed and couldn’t help rubbing his head: “I said last night that I want to buy you new shoes. Don’t worry, I got paid out the bonus today.”

Jiang Lan tilted his head to look at him, as if he was judging whether he was coaxing him.

Ying Qiao leaned on his shoulder and walked straight forward: “Your bonus has also been applied for, for you, but the process will be slower, it should be around 10,000. Mine will only be more than you.”

Jiang Lan accepted the gift now, biting the lollipop in his mouth, he said vaguely: “Then once the bonus is paid, I will also give you a courtesy gift.”

Ying Qiao responded with a smile.

The two of them finally ate the hot pot that they failed to eat last time. Because pets were not allowed in the store, Suan Ni could only hide in the bag, feeling aggrieved.

Jiang Lan comforted his younger brother and couldn’t help smiling while watching his younger brother hum.

In the end, Ying Qiao took out another orange-flavored lollipop from his pocket to coax the unhappy Suan Ni.

Jiang Lan stretched his head and looked into his pocket, his eyes slightly widening, “How much sugar did you buy?”


This candy was originally bought at a convenience store when he left the subway station.

Seeing that he seemed to like to eat candy, Ying Qiao casually said: “But there is other candy in my house, if you like to eat it, I will bring it to you next time.”

Sure enough, he was still a kid, and he liked to eat sweets.

Jiang Lan’s smile suddenly became brighter: “Okay.”

When the bottom of the pot came up, Jiang Lan picked his favorite hairy belly and duck intestines and blanched them and put them in a plate for Ying Qiao: “The hairy belly and duck intestines in this store are the best, fresh and crispy. You can try it.”

He didn’t even bother to eat it himself and blanched for Ying Qiao first.

Ying Qiao’s original plan was to accompany him to eat, and he didn’t plan to use his chopsticks. But at this moment, facing Jiang Lan’s expectant gaze, he slightly pursed his lips, hesitated, and moved his chopsticks to pick up the slightly hot hairy belly.

He didn’t taste the hairy belly, but he saw the smiley eyebrows of the little monster on the opposite side, brighter than warm spring flowers.

He looked down quickly and finished the dishes on the plate, but he thought: It’s no wonder that so many parents who raise cubs can’t help spoiling the cubs. It turns out that the parents are not unreasonable, but the cubs are too cute.

If the cubs were as cute as the little monster, proper doting was not incomprehensible.

The author has something to say:

#Secret Service Group Chat Record#

Ying Long who is addicted to raising cubs:

Which one of you cubs is as cute as mine? No.

Whose cub is capable of my cub? No.

With all due respect, all of you here are spicy chickens. I suggest you read more books about raising cubs and raise cubs scientifically.

(After a minute…)

‘Ying Long who is addicted to raising cubs’ was removed from the group chat.


The total hatred value of Ying Qiao is very stable, and the achievement of “Big Demon Public Enemy” is also given…

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