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The dark phoenix pupils collapsed, Xie Ruheng only felt dizzy for a while, the beautiful love between him and Tang Bai was greatly impacted, Xie Ruheng took a deep breath, and said stubbornly: “Impossible.”

Impossible, Tang Bai must have made a mistake!

If he didn’t love him, weren’t those elaborate lunches, ambiguous etiquette teachings, his words and deeds defending him, and the sweet memories of this time all fake?!

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “Tang Bai said in the live broadcast before that he and Xie Ruheng are like-minded good friends. Sending lunch as fake makeup is a normal interaction between close friends. Tang Bai also said that he and Gu Tunan have never had an engagement.

Xie Ruheng: “…”

Xie Ruheng thought that the worst ending would be that he would end up being a cuckold, but he never expected that he would not even wear something. He was not even eligible to wear a hat!

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “As for you saying that Tang Bai gave Gu Tunan a lunch today, Omega’s gift of a lunch to Alpha does not necessarily mean love. It may be that Gu Tunan did something, so Tang Bai sent a lunch to express his gratitude?”

Don’t fall in love and engage in business: “[Cat smiling eyes.jpg]”

Xie Ruheng: “……”

Green tea tips 12: You can’t just plant two tea trees in a tea garden, you must always replenish high-quality spare green tires out of the forest



“It’s ‘Mouse’!”

“It really is the trump card of the underground arena…”

The audience wearing ball masks in the stands pointed at the black mecha on the stage screamed wildly, and the screams almost converged into a huge wave, overturning the entire underground arena.

The revealingly clad flower O commentator was even shivering from the crushing operation of the “Mouse” on the field. He screamed: “Who else?! Who else dares to challenge the “Mouse” next?!” No one dares to challenge him on stage.”

Within five minutes of the opening, the rookie king who was the first to rush onto the stage was defeated, and the humanoid mech that had just been warmed up for a long time was knocked down to the ground.

The head of the mecha corresponded to the position of the cockpit. At this time, the twisted head of the mecha seeped out the energy fluid.

The other three mecha masters who originally wanted to challenge “Mouse” had pale faces. They originally waited for the opportunity to challenge “Mouse” once a month, preparing to defeat “Mouse” in a round-to-face battle, but at this moment they were staring stiffly at the pitch-black mecha on the martial arts arena.

It was the Changye of Mouse.

In just five minutes, “Mouse” performed a perfect massacre on the martial arts arena. They saw Changye spread its wings, and the bat-wing-like aircraft endowed it with ghostly speed.

In the face of absolute power suppression, all resistance looked so ridiculous.

“Hahahaha, these mecha masters are scared again!” “Ma De is a fool!” “You soft-footed shrimps, go home and find your mother!” Amidst the laughter of the audience, these deserter mech masters left in despair. They were afraid of “Mouse’s” superb fighting skills, and even more afraid of “Mouse’s” ruthless fighting style. If they overestimated their capabilities and challenged “Mouse”, the price they paid would be their lives.

Amidst the cheers of the audience, the pitch-black mech stood silently on the lifting platform and left.

Although he didn’t say a word, the flower O commentator was still full of nympho feelings, “So handsome, so handsome, ‘Mouse’ is so strong that he is impeccable, as long as he succeeds in defending the ring next time, he can become the real ‘King’.”

The mecha was parked in the room, Xie Ruheng jumped down from Changye, he successfully defended this month’s arena, and he didn’t have to come to the underground arena for a month now, thinking this he changed into his regular clothes, and took out the lucky stone from the mech combat uniform.

This lucky stone was only half the size of a fingernail, and its surface was bumpy, but it was radiant under the light, even if it was uncut, it was hard to hide its beauty.

Xie Ruheng looked down at the lucky stone for a while.

This was a relic left to him by his mother, maybe it was a psychological effect, sometimes he could think of his dead mother when he looked at this stone, so when he first played in the underground arena, he brought this stone with the feeling that he might die.

Because he heard that if a person cared too much about the world after death, those reluctance would be turned into wish power and stored in the relics, silently guarding the loved ones.

Later, he won and developed a habit of taking this stone with him every time he went to the underground arena for competitions.

In his heart, he regarded this unknown ore stone as a lucky stone, representing his mother’s protection for him.

Xie Ruheng turned the small stone into a lucky charm, and then put it in the pocket of his uniform.

After doing all this and after he confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the human/skin mask on his face, Xie Ruheng walked out of the mech parking room, turned around and left the underground arena.

He didn’t want to show his true face in the underground arena. Although his real appearance was not a secret to some powerful noble spectators and the person in charge of the underground arena, most people didn’t know that the “Mouse” was Xie Ruheng.

The reason for doing this was initially because of the fear of getting rotten.

Xie Ruheng entered the underground arena competition for the first time at the age of fourteen. Because of this face, he encountered many troubles. For example, some difficult audiences chased him backstage to socialize with him, threw him flowers when he was on stage, and some even offered to keep him… At that time, he was too young, his facial features had not matured, and he did not have the daunting aura he had now.

Later, he changed his code name and put on an ordinary human/leather mask every time he competed, so he didn’t have such troubles anymore.

The black-haired and black-eyed Alpha walked on the streets of the slums in dark clothes. He didn’t look outstanding, but passers-by still couldn’t help but take a second look.

This kind of attractiveness may only be explained by temperament, cold and alienated, aloof and indifferent, when the rich and colorful beauty was covered, Xie Ruheng’s unique temperament was highlighted instead.

Xie Ruheng walked from the bustling Ziyang District to the dilapidated Garbage Street, and saw that the Garbage Street was extremely lively, and a school building that had just taken shape had replaced the stinky garbage mountain.

In order to complete the school drawings carefully designed by the wife of the professor of architecture, the ladies’ group hired 500 construction workers from the slums, and it took a week to build the prototype of the teaching building, cafeteria, gymnasium, library and playground. It was expected to take more than a week to complete the entire school.

In order to welcome the new school, the rubbish on the nearby ground was cleaned up spontaneously. Although the workers were tired, they couldn’t hide their joy when they saw all this.

Every time Xie Ruheng passed by here, he witnessed the progress of the building where all the painstaking efforts were devoted to, but even so, he was still in a daze when he stopped here today.

The garbage mountain surrounded by flies and cockroaches in the past still didn’t leave much memory in his mind. Tall buildings were now rigorously arranged on the muddy ground, each of which was much more beautiful than the low bungalow wooden houses around. Vigorous vitality seemed to have appeared, as if flowers blooming in the mud.

“Look! They are coming!”

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