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The atmosphere in the office froze because of this sentence.

Yan Yan was startled by Ji Juechuan’s cold voice, but he didn’t understand the meaning of his words, so he blinked his eyes helplessly, thinking that he really didn’t hear clearly.    

Just as he was about to repeat it again, Ji Juechuan looked at Lu Ji who was standing at the door with a nervous expression on his face: “Close the door.”

Yan Yan looked blankly at the door being closed, then turned his head to look at Ji Juechuan: “Aren’t we going to eat?”

Why did Lu Ji and Sheng Mowen have to go out again? Could it be that he had something to whisper to him?

It was just that the current atmosphere seemed a bit strange. He was standing in front of the desk, and Ji Juechuan was sitting behind the desk, which looked a bit like the dean giving a lecture to a bad student.

Yan Yan had never been scolded by a teacher when he was studying, but he often went to the office to help the teacher, and he had also seen the bad students being scolded, which was exactly the same as the atmosphere between him and Ji Juechuan now.

The obedient student Yan Yan swallowed unconsciously and his eyes widened slightly, as he was waiting for Ji Juechuan to speak.

There was silence in the air for a long time, and finally he heard Ji Juechuan say:

“Who is he?”

Yan Yan let go of his hanging heart. It turned out that he was interested in the protagonist Shou, and here he was thinking that he had done something wrong.

“He is Sheng Mowen. I heard Assistant Lu call him director. He seems to be a very powerful person.”

He remembered that the protagonist described in the book was indeed very powerful. He had outstanding abilities and took the position of director not long after graduation.

Although he couldn’t remember the details clearly but in short, it was right to say that the protagonist suffered a lot.

After hearing this, Ji Juechuan’s complexion became even worse.

Sheng Mowen was indeed a very talented person, and Ji Juechuan was not completely unimpressed with him, but he felt uncomfortable hearing these words coming out of Yan Yan’s mouth.

Even though those words were just stating the facts, he just felt that Yan Yan was overpraising Sheng Mowen.

He was just a director, but Yan Yan’s eyes were full of stars as he praised him for being amazing.

Ji Juechuan paused for a moment, and then asked, “Do you know him?”

He remembered that Sheng Mowen’s family background was ordinary, and he probably had nothing to do with the Yan family, so how did the two know each other?

“That’s right.” Yan Yan nodded repeatedly.

Not only did he follow his live account, but he also saw through the meaning of his avatar, and his words were so gentle. As expected of the protagonist Shou, he was really a good person.

Although he knew that he had already asked too many questions, Ji Juechuan frowned and asked, “How do you know him?”

Yan Yan was unaware of his emotions, and replied without thinking, “This afternoon, we met in the company.”

After finishing speaking, he went around the desk and walked to Ji Juechuan, while tugging on his sleeve: “When are we going to eat, I’m hungry.”

He was used to acting like a baby with Ji Juechuan these days, so now he unconsciously softened his voice and his moist eyes drooped slightly, with a hint of coquettishness.

Ji Juechuan pursed his thin lips tightly, and there was a hint of anger in his dark eyes.

They met at the company in the afternoon, that means the two had known each other for less than a day?

They had only known each other for a short while, but he had become so fascinated by that person, that he even brought that person here, will they be able to get even closer in a few days?

If Yan Yan could call him husband the second day he met him, wouldn’t he be the same towards others?

“Didn’t I tell you not to talk to others casually?”

Yan Yan was taken aback by his tone, so he let go of his sleeve, and carefully looked at his face.

Of course he remembered that Ji Juechuan told him not to talk to others casually at noon, but wasn’t that because he was worried that he would tell about the engagement, and he didn’t tell anyone.

After hesitating for a while, he explained in a low voice: “I didn’t say we have a marriage contract.”

The veins on Ji Juechuan’s forehead twitched, and he felt anger rising to the top of his head.

You even have to hide your marriage contract with me, just because of that man you’ve only known for an afternoon?

Although he didn’t know why he was angry about Yan Yan concealing their engagement, if no one in the company knew about his engagement with Yan Yan that would be better, but he just couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart, and for some reason he was feeling sour in his heart.

As if reining back his anger, he raised his eyebrows, and the coldness on his face faded, “Then why did you bring him up here?”

Seeing his calm face, Yan Yan thought the coldness he felt just now was an illusion, and in his heart he sighed with relief, “He invited me to dinner, so I asked him to come with us later.” The air suddenly became quiet.

Yan Yan felt a little uneasy, did he say something wrong again?

After a while, he heard Ji Juechuan’s voice.

“Yan Yan.”

There was no emotion in the voice, but Yan Yan took a step back subconsciously, and the alarm bell in his heart started sounding.

This was the first time Ji Juechuan called his name, but it was obviously not a good omen.

“Will you go to dinner with him, or come with me?”

Yan Yan was startled for a moment, then looked in the direction of the door.

Couldn’t they go together?

His action was obviously misunderstood by Ji Juechuan.

As soon as the office chair retreated, Ji Juechuan stood up, then without giving him another look, he walked straight to the door.

Yan Yan had never seen such a posture since he was a child. He was startled by Ji Juechuan’s icy face, and his face turned pale.

No matter how dull he was, he could still feel that Ji Juechuan was angry.

Although he didn’t know why Ji Juechuan was suddenly angry, he couldn’t help being a little scared. He bit his lip and chased after him, grabbing Ji Juechuan’s clothes.

“I’ll go with you.”

Ji Juechuan paused, didn’t speak, but slowed down so that he could keep up.

The office door opened, and the two people who were waiting outside the door immediately looked over.

When Lu Ji saw Yan Yan with red eye circles following behind Ji Juechuan, his heart skipped a beat.

He remembered that he had been scolded and made to cry several times by Ji Juechuan when he had just graduated and hadn’t become an old fox.

At that time, the company had just started, and Ji Juechuan was strict with everything, and the employees would be reprimanded by him even if they made a slight mistake. At that time, Lu Ji had just entered society, and his psychological endurance was extremely weak. Many times, he had to hide in the bathroom and cry for a while.

They were obviously the same age, but Ji Juechuan had  a sense of coercion about him, and he was merciless when he spoke.

Now seeing Yan Yan’s beautiful eyes turning red and pitiful, Lu Ji’s first reaction was sympathy.

Mr. Ji wouldn’t have scolded his wife like a subordinate, right?

Sheng Mowen also noticed that Yan Yan’s condition was not right, so he frowned, and stepped forward: “Yan Yan, you…”

Before he could say the rest, he saw Ji Juechuan take a few steps forward, whether it was intentional or not, but Yan Yan was blocked behind him.

Yan Yan poked his head out from behind Ji Juechuan and said with water in his eyes: “Mowen, I can’t go to dinner with you today, I’m sorry.”

Hearing Yan Yan’s address to Sheng Mowen, Ji Juechuan’s anger which had just descended started to flare up again.

Just now he called Mr. Ji to him, but now he called so intimately to others. Who actually was his fiancé?

Sheng Mowen frowned even more. He felt that something was wrong with the atmosphere between Yan Yan and Ji Juechuan. He wanted to say something more but was interrupted by another voice.

“Director Sheng, do you have anything else to do?”

The unhappiness in the man’s voice was obvious. Sheng Mowen glanced at Ji Juechuan in surprise, thought for a while, and then stepped aside, “It’s okay.”

Lu Ji heaved a sigh of relief, and hurriedly stepped forward to smooth things over: “Director Sheng, I’ll take you down.”

He took Sheng Mowen into the elevator, and quickly pressed the close button under Sheng Mowen’s puzzled eyes, separating Ji Juechuan and Yan Yan outside the door. It was then that he felt completely relieved and rubbed his arms again.

What kind of hell-level scene was that just now, if he didn’t withdraw, he would have lost half his life.

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