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The voices of the workers interrupted Xie Ruheng’s thoughts. Xie Ruheng looked up and saw a suspension vehicle followed by a huge transport ship.

There were many omegas sitting on the suspension car. Their clothes were not ostentatious, but the material looked very soft and comfortable, and their delicate skin glowed with a healthy luster. Everyone had an elegant demeanor, which was completely different from the people in the slums.

When the suspension vehicle stopped, the person in charge of supervising the construction process respectfully came to the group of omegas and reported the progress to a blond-haired green-eyed omega.

Many workers hurriedly arranged their clothes. The weather was too hot. Some of them were shirtless, and some had lifted their clothes up to expose their stomachs. It was fine to do this normally, but it was impolite to do so in front of this group of noble omegas.

These beautiful and elegant omegas helped their children build schools for free and gave them generous wages and food. They were grateful, and even if they couldn’t return anything in return, they shouldn’t let themselves dirty the eyes of these noble omegas.

Tang Bai got out of the car holding an umbrella. Today, he made an appointment with a group of omega ladies in the reader group to deliver supplies and see the construction progress of the school.

What he didn’t expect was that he saw that child Lu Xiaoshan was also staying on the construction site. The child seemed to be looking for something, his whole body was exposed to the sun, and his dark skin was slightly red.

“Xiaoshan!” Tang Bai waved at Lu Xiaoshan.

Hearing the sound, Lu Xiaoshan turned his head and saw Tang Bai standing among a group of noble omegas, so he hurried towards Tang Bai.

“Why are you here? You’re sweating from the heat.” Tang Bai squatted down, took out a handkerchief and gently wiped the sweat off Lu Xiaoshan’s face.

“I’m looking for my dad. He didn’t come home yesterday. Mom said he might have come here to work.” Lu Xiaoshan felt a little uncomfortable when Tang Bai wiped his sweat.

“Let me look for him with you.” Tang Bai comforted: “Don’t worry.”

“Don’t bother Brother Tangtang, my dad probably didn’t come home because he was busy last night. He should be back today.” Lu Xiaoshan bowed deeply to Tang Bai and the other omegas who came over. He was not used to getting along with strangers, especially standing next to these noble ladies.

After declining Tang Bai’s kindness, Lu Xiaoshan turned around and ran away. Although he was small, he ran very fast and disappeared in a flash.

“Is this the kid who appeared in your live broadcast room last time?” A military officer’s wife said with a smile: “He runs really fast.”

“Too thin.” Another lady frowned distressedly: “The arms are so thin that there is no flesh.”

“But the eyes are very bright.” An older lady sighed.

“Just now when Xiao Tang squatted down to wipe the child’s sweat, the child’s face turned red all of a sudden, and he was very shy.”

“Oh, it’s not that the child is easy to turn shy, but Xiao Tang is so beautiful. Let me tell you, children are more face-con than adults. My boy watches Xiao Tang’s live broadcast every day. He kept talking about seeing this beautiful brother every day and said that he would marry Xiao Tang when he grows up!”

“Hey, Xiao Tang is not married yet?”

“Yes, Xiao Tang, you are still single now, that’s really great, I must match you…”

Tang Bai: “…”

Tang Bai was caught in the middle of a group of wives who wanted to introduce him to people, and he felt his head was getting bigger.

“You all called Xiao Tang shy. Our Xiao Tang already has someone he likes.” A lady who had a close personal relationship with Mother Tang said.

Those wives who had seen Tang Bai’s video of imitation makeup of gland scars in that period also meaningfully ohed.

Tang Bai: “?”

What are you making eye contact with? Would it be the one he thought? Xie Ruheng and him were really just sisters!

Thinking of his relationship with Xie Ruheng being misunderstood again, Tang Bai felt tired for a while. Yesterday, X also misunderstood his relationship with Xie Ruheng.

He specifically explained it to X, but the description became more and more teasing. X was explained by him and shut himself up in place, and he didn’t even chat with him today.

The previous “X” was like a little angel who would say good morning, good afternoon and good night to him!

For some reason, Tang Bai felt a little empty in his heart.

He shook his head and walked to the construction site with the wives beside him. At this moment, a crying “Brother Tang Bai” made Tang Bai stop.

He turned around and saw a thin child running towards him with red eyes. The child was wearing worn-out long-sleeved trousers, a hole in his shoe, and had a lot of mud on his face. It was all sunken in, and it would make people feel distressed just by looking at it.

Tang Bai was stunned for a moment, then he quickly comforted the dirty-faced child: “What’s the matter? What happened? Don’t worry, just speak slowly.”

The child stood in front of Tang Bai panting, tremblingly said: “Brother Tang Bai, Mr. Ling is looking in a hurry for you.”

Mr. Ling was looking in a hurry for him?

“I, I just ran over and accidentally fell, I must have delayed Mr. Ling’s affairs…” The child seemed to be overwhelmed by guilt in the middle of speaking, and he couldn’t help crying.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, brother will go with you right away.” Tang Bai comforted the child, then turned to the other noble wives and said, “I’m sorry, something happened to a friend of mine, I won’t go with you first. Everyone is doing activities together.”

“What happened, do you want us to go there to help?”

“Is it safe for you to go with a child?”

“I, I know the way! I will protect Brother Tang Bai, Yes!” The sobbing child promised as if eager to atone for his sins: “If there are bad guys, I will hug their thighs and let my brother run first!” The child who was so thin that a gust of wind could blow him down said so, which let these Madams’ heart melt.

“Brother, Mr. Ling said that it was fine as long as my brother doesn’t pass by alone, but if two brothers pass by together, does it mean that I have failed to complete the task that Mr. Ling gave me?” Eyes soaked in tears looked at Tang Bai timidly, making Tang Bai feel sad. So, he said: “It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t cry, my brother will go with you to find Mr. Ling.”

Tang Bai carried a bunch of life-saving weapons on his body, and he was not worried about his own safety. After thanking the wives for their kindness, Tang Bai walked out with the child.

This child was thinner than the average child, so thin that he felt top-heavy, and Tang Bai always worried that this child would fall if he walked fast.

He was still wearing long-sleeved T-shirt in the summer, probably because his family was too poor and had no money to buy summer clothes. Tang Bai looked at the back of the child with distress. When his eyes fell on the neck that was not covered by the cloth, Tang Bai looked at the traces of festering.

Tang Bai took a breath.

He seemed to have seen similar skin…

By the way, when he and Xie Ruheng went to the black market in the slums for the first time, he saw a few drug addicts in the dark corridor, the naked skin of those people had similar pus festering in front of their eyes.

“Brother, why don’t you move?” the child turned his head and stared at Tang Bai.

Tang Bai put his hand into his pocket calmly, held the drill energy gun, and said softly: “Your face is covered with mud, wipe it off.”

The child smiled shyly. He smiled with the cuteness and innocence that he should have at this age, like weeds growing from the soil. His little hand reached into the schoolbag, as if he was about to take out a tissue.

For a moment, Tang Bai thought he was overthinking. This looked like a very ordinary kid from the slums. His skin might have been allergic, or he was injured in some other accident.

But then, Tang Bai suddenly realized a problem.

He had come into contact with many children in slums. These children never carried tissues and handkerchiefs with them. When they sweated or got dirty, they just wiped it with their sleeves and hands. Instead of tissues, what else should he be taking out of his schoolbag?

“Get down!!!” A hoot sounded from behind, the words were shouted too quickly, for a moment Tang Bai couldn’t hear what the owner of the voice was saying, he just felt inexplicably familiar.

When the child in front of him took out an energy gun from his schoolbag, Tang Bai, who was pointed at by the gun, realized in a daze that the voice might be telling him to get down.

The sound of bullets pouring loudly resounded, and the huge contrast brought about by the combination of the supposedly innocent child and the cold gun made Tang Bai’s mind go blank. Some of his beliefs seemed to be pierced by invisible bullets, and they were riddled with holes in an instant.


The dazed Tang Bai was instantly thrown down by a strong and powerful body, and the world spun in an instant. He was hugged by the opponent and fell to the ground and rolled twice.

The man pressed his face in his arms, his wide palm firmly protected the back of his head, his fingertips ran through his hair, and when the rough fingertips rubbed against his scalp, it brought a numb itching, as if an electric current was flowing through his brain.

“Stay here and don’t move.” A hoarse voice that was deliberately lowered sounded in his ears.

Tang Bai raised his head, and met a pair of dark eyes, those eyes were indifferent and alienated, but mixed with hot desire, which caught Tang Bai’s heartstrings unexpectedly.

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