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After returning, Yan Han started the learning mode.

His foundation was already weak, and his knowledge of the first semester of high school was completely unknown. Now it was quite difficult to catch up.

What’s more, he was still a scumbag, who didn’t even have a learning method, and his starting point was lower than others. At this moment, all he could rely on was willpower.

Fortunately, today was Friday, and tomorrow was the weekend, he could leave school to complete the hidden mission that Li Hongqing had just given him.

There were many ways to give love to the orphanage, and donating money was the fastest way.

But there was a problem-he had no money.

It was also at this time that Yan Han realized that there was another question that he had overlooked. He asked Xiao Wu: “Well…you don’t seem to have told me, what about my expenses in school?”

Generally speaking, high school students should still use family money to pay for tuition and living expenses, but from yesterday to today, it seemed that no one had ever mentioned to him that he had a family?

When Yan Han was still Yan Han, he had been fighting with his family since a long time ago. For him, family affection was a very illusory thing, because he hadn’t had much before, so he didn’t think about it until now.

But I’m Yan Han now, and Yan Han’s family was not mentioned in the settings. Could it be…

[‘Yan Han’s’ parents died early, and there is a pair of elderly grandfather and grandmother in the country who give him money every month.]

It was as if a new map was found by pushing away the fog. When Yan Han asked about this, the memory of this segment appeared in his mind.

It could be regarded as a hidden plot, the elderly lost their children, and the elderly couple could only rely on the meager pension to raise their granddaughter.

“Yan Han” had good grades in the high school entrance examination, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to enter this school.

However, the cost of living in Luze High School was too high. The school had scholarships to encourage good students to study. They could also make money by participating in some competitions. Compared with other people, Yan Han’s psychological quality and ability were still far from enough. She could not earn a scholarship with her current grades, but she had to face high tuition and fees.

The old couple’s place was actually a small county in the country, and the pension was not high. It was actually very difficult to support a high school student.

“Yan Han” knew this very well. She was under a lot of pressure and had become increasingly inferior due to poverty.

The higher the inferiority complex, the worse the performance, and now it had become a vicious circle.

…What the **** was this!

Why give a person who only exists in the setting such a hard background! Yan Han re-examined the content of his tasks, disguise as a woman, complete the pentathlon achievement, and obtain the X degree, but none of them had anything to do with life pressure.

But there was no way to live without money. Compared with those tasks, Yan Han felt that he had to be able to eat before he could talk about other things.

…He would leave school tomorrow and see if there was a job that could make money.


The next day was Saturday.

There were no make-up classes on the weekend of the first year of high school. They had two days of complete freedom except for a lot of homework.

Many classmates from this city had returned home, but “Yan Han’s” grandfather’s family was out of town. In order to save travel expenses and spare time for study, he usually didn’t go home except for long vacations.

Yan Han just followed this habit, planning to use the weekend time to complete the task of the orphanage.

The school life on the previous day had exhausted him, and he was half tortured to go back to the dormitory to do homework at night. But on Saturday morning, he still got up early to wash and clean up.

Considering that he didn’t need to wear school uniforms on the rest days, Yan Han simply pulled out a set of the most neutral clothes from the closet and put them on.

A sweater with dark red letters and well-designed jeans, a pair of white-washed sneakers underneath, and a baseball cap, standing in front of the mirror, his expression was unsatisfactory, his eyes were arrogant, despite the skeleton, he looked thinner than before, but he had completely recovered his own male qualities. No one would think he was still a “man in women’s clothing” as in school without him telling it.

After turning around in front of the mirror twice, Yan Han looked at himself carefully, and he was also relieved when he was satisfied.

The system said that he could not reveal his identity during high school but did not say that he had to maintain the image of women’s clothing outside high school.

Since he wanted to live in this world, he had to plan for the future.

Even if it was g*y, Yan Han did not have any dissatisfaction or opinion about his male body. Sexual orientation and gender recognition were completely different. He would still live as a man in the future.

This was also the reason why Xiao Wu suggested that he change his **** and was rejected by him.

Feeling that he was still that brother Yan, Yan Han felt relieved, and pulled out the backpack he had packed last night and went out.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion. It seems that the air outside was much fresher than that on campus.

In the morning the sun had just come out, the morning light was faint, and the air was humid and a bit cold.

But there was no need to wear a skirt, so Yan Han’s mood seemed to be flying, and his whole body felt light and relaxed.

On this late morning of the week when no one was dispatched, he was so excited that he could not wait to run two laps on the playground.

He just found a snack bar and bought two steamed buns, and then went to the bus stop that he checked in advance to wait for the bus.

Although he was not familiar with this city, there was navigation on the mobile phone and Xiao Wu was also there. Going to the orphanage would not bother him.

He chewed the sweet buns with crispy bones and chicken sauce, and as Yan Han squatted at the station gnawing on the buns, he made plans for today’s schedule.

He studied yesterday that in addition to directly donating money to the orphanage, he could also go there to be a volunteer. All of them were based on the contribution to earn the love value. The exact amount of love would be determined by the system.

In short, he had to do more.

Soon the bus came, Yan Han swallowed the last bun, threw the plastic bag into the trash can next to the bus stop sign, and got on the bus.

The place he was going to was at the terminal of this train, a government-run orphanage, located on the fringe of the city.

Because the history was also long, many volunteers would come to volunteer on weekends or holidays. Yan Han came early. He was a newcomer, and he had to register when he arrived.

Registration originally required showing an ID card, but Yan Han didn’t have that thing yet, so he had to show his student ID card to prove his identity.

“It turned out to be a baby girl?”

Yan Han: “…”

The registering old man looked very old, and his face was full of gullies, but he smiled very kindly.

Recording the basic information of Yan Han, he said it was okay. First, he thanked Yan Han and asked Yan Han to wait in the courtyard to see where he needed manpower before arranging it for him.

The site of the orphanage was originally an old church that was almost deserted. After the children moved in, it was not renovated. Many places still retained the original appearance of the church.

The room where Yan Han entered was the place where the saints used to pray. The cross and **** Christ standing in front added a religious atmosphere to this place.

He didn’t have to sit for long, at about nine o’clock in the morning, the old man who had registered for him came over to look for him.

Only then did Yan Han get to know that the old man was the dean here.

“Little girl…”

Although he was a kindly dean, when he heard someone calling him little girl, Yan Han couldn’t help but begin to feel uncomfortable.

“Oh.” He answered dryly.

The old dean said: “The chores here have all been assigned. I think you are still a high school student? Can you help our younger children make up lessons? The teacher who came to teach the children before is also a high school student. but she can’t do it today…”

Yan Han: “Make up, make up lessons?!”

Three steps back in life, Yan Han waved his hand again and again and said, “Don’t, I can’t study well, you should let me do rough work!”

He wasn’t a volunteer, but he was picky and thin, and he really knew his own level. He was really afraid of misleading the children. If he accidentally harmed the children, wouldn’t it be over?

Yan Han subconsciously pushed back. At this time, Xiao Wu, who had been silent, said: [Teaching and educating people is a very good way to earn contribution, it is faster than doing other activities to earn contribution, you have never heard that it is better to teach people how to fish then to give them a fish?]

The old dean also said: “Hahaha, it doesn’t matter, most of them are preschool children. You can teach them to write or draw, whatever is good.”

Yan Han: “…Then, I’ll try it first?”

In order to complete the hidden mission earlier… Oh no, in order to teach people how to fish!

Even if he learnt to teach handwriting or add and subtract within ten, he could still do it. Anyway, it was all for the sake of children!

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