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In the pavilion in front, Jing Yan suddenly sneezed, “Ah!”

Ye He rubbed his nose and looked at him: “Are you allergic too?”

Jing Yan: “My nose is not as delicate as yours.”

Ye He raised his eyebrows.

Xing Luo suddenly felt something, glanced into the distance, got up and smiled at the other people: “I’ll leave first.”

After that, he left the pavilion.

Xing Luo walked thoughtfully through the path, skipped the lush bushes, and almost collided with the rookie chicken running on his tiny legs.

“Qiao Xi? You finished talking so soon?” he asked in surprise.

“There is still more time, I, I will come back later.” Qiao Xi said guiltily.

Xing Luo laughed, took a closer look, squatted down, and slid his fingertips lightly under the chick’s eyes: “Have you cried?”

Qiao Xi reacted, rubbed his eyes and said, “It’s nothing, just chatting with my brother. It’s a little bit…”

When talking to the fourth brother about life in the forest, he couldn’t help but think of the days when he was in the bird tribe, so he shed two tears, and was almost discovered by his brother.

But Qiao Xi quickly sorted out his mood.

He didn’t expect Xing Luo to be able to see that, he was really a very careful person.

Xing Luo scratched his forehead, and with a smile on his brows, said: “It’s really sentimental, but don’t cry next time, it will hurt people, ok Xiaoxi.”

Qiao Xi blinked and shrank his neck.

He felt that Xing Luo’s casual words were so flirtatious, worthy of being a fox clan member…

Qiao Xin replied: “…Well.”

Xing Luo stood up and said: “Go, your friends are right in front.”

When the little chicken had run away, Xing Luo approached the treatment cabin, and the screen was still scrolling frantically.

“Don’t go!!! Stop!!! Big brother doesn’t allow you to fall in love!!! Qiao Xiaoxi——”

Xing Luo said with a smile: “It turns out that this happened, no wonder it scared Qiao Xi away. His eyes were still red. Yes.”

Hearing Xing Luo’s voice, the display paused for two seconds, and then said: “I heard your chat, his eyes were very red?”

Xing Luo said warmly: “That’s not it, it’s okay.”

Qiao Yue: “Hey, that kid doesn’t know that I can still hear at this distance, and he was rude to me just now!”

Xing Luo raised his eyebrows.    

Qiao Yue scolded a few more words about the fact that Qiao Xi had fallen in love without telling him. After venting, he breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “Why did you come here?”

Xing Luo: “I keep saying that the two of us have telepathy, don’t you still believe it?”

Qiao Yue: “So you came here because you felt that I was angry?”

“Of course,” Seeing the other party chatting along with him, Xing Luo’s smile became gentler, “A Yue, I hope you can be happy every day, so as long as you are angry, I will be by your side.”

“Haha, is that right?”

Just then Xing Luo’s smile deepened, the display screen showed a sentence indifferently: “Then do you think I am happy now?”


Xing Luo smiled.

He thought for a moment and asked carefully, “…Aren’t you happy?”

…Have you not finished venting yet? Or is there something else…

Qiao Yue: “Huh.”

“…” Xing Luo started the daily reflection process, after reflection, he sincerely said, “Do you care about what I said to Xiaoxi just now? You have said Xiaoxi several times. Xiaoxi is very cute, I think you are right. Also, if Xiao Xi sheds tears, you will definitely feel distressed, won’t you?”

He looked at the man in the treatment cabin who had his eyes closed.

The display continued to be indifferent: “That’s not what I’m angry with.”

Although after listening to Qiao Xi’s little answer, he could almost guess that the little guy was beaten by Xing Luo, but this kind of trivial matter no longer mattered.

This fox was accustomed to hooking people with every move, but now he had restrained himself a lot, probably because Qiao Xi was his younger brother, he accidentally let it out.

Not to mention that Qiao Xiaoxi now had a dog, even if there was no dog, with his understanding of Qiao Xi, that little guy couldn’t bear Xing Luo’s type.

But Qiao Yue didn’t expect that His Royal Highness Prince Xing Luo had restrained his charm to people, but he could still make strange news in other aspects.

“…Then what do you mean?” Xing Luo was attentive and had a premonition that what Qiao Yue wanted to settle probably happened before Qiao Xi and the others came.    

Sure enough, Qiao Yue said, “I heard from the cleaning attendant this morning that you licked the rabbit in your sister’s palace two days ago, and the rabbit not only leaned on you, but also went into q[1] when you went back.”

Suddenly there was sileny.

After Xing Luo left the palace in the morning, Qiao Yue heard the attendant about biting his ears, and three question marks appeared above his head.

He vaguely remembered that the rabbit sneaked into this garden several times to nibble on the flowers and plants near his treatment cabin, and even bit the attendant, very cruel!

Given that the rabbit had even swallowed a flower growing in his cabin that he liked and planned to raise himself when he woke up, Qiao Yue firmly regarded it as an enemy!

And now, not only had Xing Luo licked this rabbit, but this cruel rabbit had even licked him back!

At that time, Qiao Yue was very angry, very angry.

He had been thinking about this wonderful thing in his heart all morning, how could it be so unpleasant?

Now that Qiao Xi’s incident had been added, he just wanted to explode in place.

“…” Xing Luo watched Qiao Yue babble for a while, and was in a trance for a while, then he slowed down and asked, “…Why didn’t you tell me that you had a grudge against it?”

Qiao Yue replied fiercely: “…It has nothing to do with this.!” Who dared to say that!!

Qiao Yue emphasized: “The point is that you made it q! You made it q!”

Xing Luo coughed and said solemnly: “I really don’t know about this, and I just touched it normally, it must have happened accidentally, it has already reached the q phase itself, right?”

Qiao Yue: “The attendant also said that the last q period of this rabbit had just passed three days ago, and even the princess said that the prince is too charming.”

Xing Luo: “…”

Qiao Yue: “Heh, the fox clan.”

Xing Luo: “A Yue—”

Qiao Yue: “Heh, the fox clan has nowhere to put their charm.”

Xing Luo: “A Yue, listen to my explanation.”

Qiao Yue: “You fox clan won’t have that kind of online novel, that kind of pheromone in ABO text?”

Xing Luo humbly asked for advice: “What is that?”

Qiao Yue: “Oh, stinky fox.”

Xing Luo asked seriously: “…A Yue, are you eating vinegar from small animals now?”

Qiao Yue: “You have been blocked by the other party, please send a friend application first. Before the other party passes the application, don’t think about chatting with the other party :)”

Xing Luo: “…”

Qiao Xi ran into the pavilion.

Seeing him, Jing Yan stretched out his arms and hugged him, looking surprised: “You’re back so soon?”

Qiao Xi was still embarrassed: “Yeah.”

His brother was going crazy, and Qiao Xi was very doubtful that his brother would be able to open the lid on the spot, come down and bring a knife to see him.

Fortunately, Xing Luo arrived in time, he should be able to stabilize his brother, cough.

Jing Yan noticed Qiao Xi’s eyes and asked softly, “Crying?”

Qiao Xi was stunned, Jing Yan looked so off-line, did he even notice this?

A warm feeling surged in his heart, and he smiled and said, “It’s okay, I thought about the past when I was chatting with my brother, so… a little sad. It’s alright!”

Jing Yan was silent for a moment, then he hugged Qiao Xi tightly. After a bit, his voice was very low: “Well, it’s all over, it’s all right.”

It so happened that a guard was filling water for them, and Chris and Jing Yi were chatting with him. Jing Yi said, “Qiao Xi, this is your brother’s guard!”

Qiao Xi looked over, and the other party smiled at him and said, “Hello, Your Highness Qiao Xi.”

This was a fox guard, and Qiao Xi knew this person originally should have served by Xing Luo, so he nodded to him and said gently: “Thank you for taking care of my brother!”

Chris asked a question curiously: “By the way, if brother Qiao Xi has been lying in the treatment cabin, if so, wouldn’t it mean that he hasn’t been able to take a bath for five years?”

“This kind of treatment cabin has an automatic cleaning function, which makes the body even cleaner than you do it yourself.” Ye He pinched his ears and said.

Hmm, that’s right.

But Qiao Xi also thought of another point dully at this moment.

It was true that the treatment cabin had a cleaning function, but it did not have a shaving and hair cutting function, and that needed help.

His brother’s face was super clean just now, his haircut was fresh and refreshing, and he looked as if he was taken care of super well!

Thinking of this, he asked the guard, “Did you help trim my brother’s beard and hair?”

The guard hesitated when he heard this: “This… this is not my responsibility.”

Huh? A little hesitant?

It seemed suspicious all of a sudden.

Qiao Xi looked puzzled.

He didn’t know how his mind turned, but suddenly, he asked with a flash of light, “Wouldn’t it be that Prince Xing Luo personally helped?”

Everyone was stunned.

The guard was at a loss, and it was even harder to answer.

However, his reaction had already given the answer, and the people in the pavilion were startled, and they all thought about it after the surprise.

…Prince Xing Luo personally helped Qiao Yue shave his beard and cut his hair??

Qiao Xi’s small eyes lit up, he stretched his neck and asked, “Every day? Xing Luo shaves my brother’s beard every day?!”

Qiao Xi suddenly became fierce: “Humph!”

This uncommon hum surprised everyone.

Jing Yan was attracted, his Adam’s apple rolled down, and he asked in a hoarse voice: “What’s wrong?”

Chris felt that there was some gossip, and excitedly said: “What’s going on? Qiao Xi, are you angry?”

Qiao Xi drummed his fingers on his chicken face, his original guilty conscience had all been astigmatized, and now it had become self-righteousness.

He thought about how Xing Luo let his brother sleep in this palace and how it was a bit too romantic under a flower tree like that!

As a result, in addition to these, Xing Luo actually shaved his brother’s beard and cut his hair, taking care of him so refreshingly and carefully! How could friends do this for friends?

Looking back now, every time Xing Luo mentioned his brother in the past, his tone was very different.

And fourth brother!

He obviously accepted Xing Luo’s kindness to him. The fourth brother was so smart, wouldn’t he understand what this means?

——Falling in love!

——The fourth brother was clearly in love himself!


T/N: I ship fourth brother × Xing Luo

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[1] I think it’s like going into heat 😊

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