SLDH Ch. 83.2: Boss in Love

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In the Pet Shop in University City, Mi Wan had just cured a calf demon that couldn’t transform. Because Xu Zhuang went out to treat stray cats again, Sparrow Jing didn’t have so many scruples and asked Father Cow to pay the bill directly at the front desk.

“Demon poison removal, the standard fee is one million, just transfer the money.” The sparrow spirit showed his account number.

“Okay.” The cow father was a tall, muscular man. He held his calf that had not yet woken up in one hand and took out his mobile phone to transfer money with the other.

“Little sparrow, give him a discount.” At this time, Mi Wan also came out of the backyard, and happened to hear the sound of the sparrow collecting money.

“Ah?” The little sparrow was stunned for a moment before asking, “How much discount?”

“Twenty percent off,” Mi Wan said casually.

20% off? A 20% discount meant a loss of 200,000 yuan, and 200,000 yuan was not 20 yuan!

“Thank you, Master Mi.” Without waiting for the sparrow to say anything, Dad Cow smiled, decisively reduced the amount of his transfer, transferred 800,000, and then showed the transfer voucher to the sparrow.

“…” I can’t help it. Boss, do you know that a few thousand of your two hundred thousand dollars are mine? Aren’t they mine?

“Are there any customers?” At this time, Xu Zhuang came back from outside carrying a cat bag. He looked at the smiling father Cow standing in front of the cashier and asked enthusiastically, “Sir, what kind of pet do you have? What’s the problem?”

Pet? The cow father winked.

“Hey, it’s a cow?” Xu Zhuang was stunned when he found the calf in the arms of the cow’s father. He had been a pet doctor for so many years, he had seen people raising pigs, dogs, cats, and foxes before, but this was the first time he had seen a cow being kept as a pet. But it didn’t matter, he could also treat cows.

“Sir, is your baby cow uncomfortable?” Xu Zhuang put aside his surprise and asked with concern.

“He…their baby cow is not sick,” the sparrow spirit replied. Originally there was, but it was cured by the boss just now.

“Then why is he here?” Xu Zhuang wondered, why would he come to the pet hospital if he wasn’t sick?

“He’s here to take a bath, yes, he’s here to give his baby cow a bath.” The sparrow’s eagerness gave rise to wisdom.

“Take a bath?!” This request was really strange. It seemed that although this strong man had some special hobbies, he still treated his pet very lovingly. Xu Zhuang’s impression of Father Cow suddenly improved, “Our pet hospital no longer accepts the job of bathing pets.”

“Yes, I was about to tell him.” Sparrow Jing nodded repeatedly. Because of Xu Zhuang’s relationship, their store had been very busy recently, so many value-added services had been stopped.

“But there are not many customers in the store today, so I will make an exception and wash your baby cow once. The little sparrow will take the payment.” After saying that, Xu Zhuang put down the cat bag and reached out to pick up the baby cow from the strong man’s hand.

The cow father was completely confused, and subconsciously gave the baby cow in his arms to Xu Zhuang.

Was this some kind of invisible consumption in Master Mi’s store?

“One hundred yuan.” Sparrow Spirit said weakly.

“What?” Dad Cow came to his senses.

“Money for your son’s bath.” The sparrow spirit gritted her teeth.

“…” Dad Cow took out his mobile phone and scanned the QR code to pay a hundred yuan. He breathed a sigh of relief at the same time. Fortunately, it was not expensive.

After collecting the money, Little Sparrow asked Father Cow to visit his son’s bath. Then he ran to the rest area to ask his boss about the discount: “Boss, why are you suddenly offering a discount? 20% off is a lot of money.”

“Just in a good mood. So gave a discount.” Mi Wan chuckled.

A good mood? His boss seemed to be in a good mood in recent days, so he asked again: “Boss, did something good happen?”

Mi Wan smiled and took a sip of juice but did not answer directly.

“How long do you plan to have this discount event last?” the little sparrow asked again.

“Let’s try it for a month first.” Mi Wan thought for a while and replied.

A month? Then wouldn’t he make tens of thousands less this month? The sparrow spirit was a little worried.

“It’s half past five. I’m going back.” After looking at the time, Mi Wan left the pet shop with her schoolbag.

Looking at the happy figure of his boss, the sparrow spirit snorted coldly: Do you think I won’t know why you are happy without you telling me? With those pink bubbles, it’s not like I, the sparrow spirit, have never been in love.

After snorting coldly, the sparrow spirit took out his mobile phone and posted a promotional advertisement in the registration group: (To celebrate the boss’s successful love relationship, our hospital will offer a 20% discount for a month starting from today. Don’t miss it if you pass by!) So, within a few minutes, the entire demon world knew that Master Mi was in love.

Then, the entire demon world was asking the same question: Who is the male protagonist?

“Hahaha…” In the office of Wanwu Group, Quan Juncai laughed crazily. He found that this sparrow spirit was pretty good. Although his cultivation level was a little low, he could still be regarded as a demon. But the boss lady had given discounts, didn’t their company have to keep up?

Quan Juncai picked up the keyboard and informed the sales department: To celebrate the boss’s successful love relationship, all the parks under our company will give a discount of 20% for one month.


At night, a small vine sneakily climbed up the window sill of the opposite courtyard wall, and when it tried to knock on the window, the window was opened in advance.

Mi Wan poked the vine that was too late to knock on the window and asked, “Sneaky, what are you doing?”

After being poked, the small vine grew a purple bud, and then Fan Chen’s voice came from inside: “I’ll come to find you.”

“No.” Mi Wan looked up and looked across. Fan Chen also stood at the window and looked here. “You are not allowed to come over. If you get excited again, the flowers in my garden will bloom again. Last time, my housekeeper was almost scared to death.”

This was the case for the past two days. As soon as the two of them kissed, all the flowers in the garden bloomed. In the middle of the night, Butler Ye couldn’t sleep, so he woke up and took a walk. When he saw the scene of flowers blooming in the garden, he was so frightened that he passed out.

The first thing he did when he woke up the next day was to check the flowers in the garden. After he found that the flowers and plants had not changed much, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, “I saw the garden full of flowers blooming yesterday. It was indeed an illusion, so is the end approaching?”

It turned out that there was a legend in Butler Ye’s hometown that when a good person was about to die, he could see the beautiful scenery of hundreds of flowers blooming before his death.

“…I want to take you to a place.” Fan Chen sighed. He didn’t know that humans still had such weird legends. Shouldn’t you see the God of Death or the face of a bull-headed horse before you die? Why do you see a beautiful garden full of flowers blooming?

“Where?” Mi Wan asked curiously.

“A place with no one.” After saying this, Fan Chen felt something was wrong. He didn’t sound like a good person.

“Okay, then come over.” The girl who was about to be abducted not only did not feel the crisis, but her eyes actually lit up.

Fan Chen chuckled, teleported over, and flew from the window sill to the sky with the girl in his arms. After the two flew in the air for a while, they stopped over a dark forest.

“Hey, isn’t this the Wanwu Park?” Mi Wan recognized this place.

“Well.” Fan Chen landed, and the two of them landed on a lawn in the center of the forest, “There is no one here, it doesn’t matter even if the flowers bloom, and… if I practice a few more times, I might be able to… control it. Yes.”

When talking about the latter part, Fan Chen avoided Mi Wan’s eyes with some embarrassment.

“So that’s what you had in mind.” Mi Wan crossed her arms fiercely.

“If you don’t agree, then… let’s not kiss?” Fan Chen discussed. At worst, he would just fly over here if he didn’t want to think about anything else.

“Then what are you waiting for?” Mi Wan was speechless. She had never seen anyone doing this kind of thing after discussing it first. The fun was gone.

Fan Chen’s eyes lit up, he lowered his head and kissed her, and then his elated skill was successfully activated again.

After a long time, the two reluctantly separated.

Mi Wan’s almond-shaped eyes were blurred, and she licked her lips with unfinished thoughts and said, “I think your idea just now is quite good. Let’s practice it a few more times.”

Fan Chen couldn’t refuse.

So that night, the flowers in Wanwu Park bloomed and withered, bloomed again after withering, and felt several years older overnight.

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