CFCS Ch. 206: Apocalypse World (10)

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The construction site had returned to normal. Because Zhao Gang made such a fuss just now, the soldiers were even more vigilant. People from above had given orders. Now was an extraordinary period. For those who deliberately made trouble, they must not stay.

There were dozens of people doing things in this place. After the soldiers contained the situation, except for Qi Yun and his group, the others all started to work seriously again. After seeing Jing Yang, the group of people could no longer concentrate on their work and kept looking at Jing Yang from time to time.

Jing Yang asked the guards to bring a sunshade fan and a chair, and sat under the sunshade with the fan, watching those people work, while leisurely eating fruits and drinks.

Although those soldiers didn’t understand why Jing Yang stayed there when there so many comfortable places in the military area. But they all knew that Jing Yang was a privileged person and could do whatever he wanted, and no soldier could ask him to leave.

Because of the hatred in his heart, Qi Yun couldn’t ignore Jing Yang’s existence, but even if he trembled because of anger, because there were so many soldiers watching, he didn’t dare to act rashly. And he knew very well in his heart that facing Jing Yang, who already possessed supernatural powers, he could not be his opponent now.

After Wu Hao saw Jing Yang, his mood was very complicated, because in his heart, he always felt that Qiu Jin was a good friend to him. But he didn’t understand why he suddenly became a different person, first blowing off one of Qi Yun’s palms, and then shooting him in the chest. This was not just disregarding the previous affection, it was clearly treating them as enemies, he couldn’t figure out why. It was difficult because the world had changed, so had he also changed? Or was it that he was always like this, but he hid his true character before?

Wu Hao slowly recovered from the shock just now, and the resentment in his heart reappeared, he thought about how they were working hard here, while Jing Yang was sitting leisurely under the sun umbrella, which made him even angrier.

Although the other people didn’t have so many complicated emotions, they were somewhat uncomfortable. They felt that they were friends who played together before anyway, why was he the only one who was enjoying life so much. After they had finally accepted the fact that it was the end of the world, they had been constantly enduring hardships.

Qi Yun was defeated one after another by Jing Yang, and now he had naturally guessed that Jing Yang was also reborn. Although he did not want to accept this fact, the repeated blows forced him to face the reality.

He knew that in front of Jing Yang, he could no longer take advantage of rebirth, because Jing Yang knew everything he did. But even so, he didn’t want to give up the idea of taking revenge. He felt that he would definitely find a way to take revenge. Once the time came, he would definitely seize the opportunity. And before the time came, he could only grit his teeth to hold back the anger in his heart, and he absolutely could not be impulsive.

Shang Yue sometimes took several days to come back when he went out to perform a mission. Therefore, Jing Yang’s daily fun changed from sleeping in the room and being bored to going to the construction site to watch Qi Yun and the others do their work, and then enjoy all kinds of things next to them.

After a long time, Qi Yun and his group discovered that Jing Yang was being treated preferentially in the military region, and those soldiers were very polite when they saw him. This made people who were originally unbalanced in their hearts become even more unbalanced, and those who originally had anger and hatred in their hearts, even angrier.

Jing Yang just wanted to provoke them on purpose to see how long they could endure. According to his observation, Qi Yun, who hated him the most, could endure this time. It seemed that he guessed that he was also reborn and knew that he already had supernatural abilities, so he didn’t dare to act rashly.

But Zhao Gang, who had always been hot-tempered, looked like he couldn’t bear it, Jing Yang was waiting for him to get angry again.

In the middle of the night, Jing Yang was sleeping deeply and suddenly had a strange dream. In the dream, someone was kissing his ass, the wet tongue slid back and forth across his groin and the numbness and itchiness made him tremble.

Then he felt something between his legs wrapped in something warm and moist, and that thing was constantly sucking on his most sensitive parts, causing a heat flow in his lower abdomen to burst out.

Something rough was swimming around his body, kneading on his chest, causing him to frown in pain in the dream, and protest with dissatisfaction. It finally slid off his chest but stopped to rub on his hips again.

Because the dream was too real, Jing Yang thought about how much he wanted to have sex, that he had such a spring dream.

When he forcibly resisted sleepiness, pulled himself out of his sleep, and opened his eyes with difficulty, what he saw was that his legs were being opened, his waist was being lifted, and that huge thing was slowly moving into his body.

“Ah! Pain…” Jing Yang’s place was used for the first time in his life, and the tight and small place was suddenly propped up by a huge object, causing him to exclaim in pain.

Shang Yue didn’t stop because of Jing Yang’s painful cry but filled Jing Yang’s body with all his thing at a faster speed and with greater strength, causing him to scream again.

When Shang Yue was pressing on him, Jing Yang grabbed his shoulders and endured his fast and powerful impact. The feeling of his inner wall being quickly rubbed was already very unbearable for him. A particularly sensitive point was hit all at once, causing him to struggle. But with his body limp, he didn’t have much strength at all, and his struggles were negligible for Shang Yue.

Shang Yue turned Jing Yang’s body over, then picked him up, let him sit on his lap, and moved his waist up and down.

Jing Yang had nowhere to support himself, so he could only lean on his strong chest, spread his legs and let him move in and out of his body.

After the first round was finally over, Jing Yang never thought that he would only do it once but had thought that he would at least take a break. Unexpectedly, he directly started the second round of impact movement before he pulled away from his body and completely softened.

Jing Yang couldn’t do anything other than scream, his body was completely under the control of Shang Yue, and he was rammed back and forth in various poses.

He didn’t remember how many times it had been done, but Jing Yang couldn’t hold back and fell asleep before it was over.

When he woke up the next day, Jing Yang found himself lying in Shang Yue’s arms, he thought that what happened last night was a dream, because he was not fully awake from beginning to end.

In fact, it was noon now, Shang Yue had already gone out for a trip in the morning and came back. When he came back, he saw Jing Yang was still sleeping, so he lay down with him.

Shang Yue didn’t fall asleep. As soon as Jing Yang woke up, he opened his eyes and looked down at Jing Yang who was rubbing his eyes and asked, “It’s noon, are you hungry?”

“Well.” Jing Yang wanted to sit up, but when he got up, he fell back as soon as he propped up his body. His lower back was sore, and he couldn’t use any strength.

Jing Yang was lying on the bed and humming dissatisfiedly. After Shang Yue kissed him silently, he got up and went out to get him something to eat.

Shang Yue came back in the middle of the night last night. He originally wanted to come over to see Jing Yang, who was already asleep, but he couldn’t help pulling off Jing Yang’s pajama pants.

It was rare for Shang Yue to have a rest for two days, and where he didn’t have to do anything, so the two stayed in the room like newlyweds. Jing Yang had hardly been able to get out of bed for the past two days. He felt that he was about to die in bed, but fortunately, even if Shang Yue didn’t go out to perform tasks, there were still many other things for him to do.

After Shang Yue got busy with his own affairs, Jing Yang was finally able to relax and rest well while regaining his physical strength. He didn’t have to lie paralyzed on the bed like he was hit by bone-melting pain.

When Shang Yue was busy, Jing Yang could sit under the umbrella and watch Qi Yun and the others work when he had nothing to do.

Qi Yun and the others didn’t see Jing Yang for two or three days, so they thought he was tired, but they didn’t expect him to reappear again, which made their hearts even more uncomfortable.

After Shang Yue finished his work, he went back to find Jing Yang, but found that Jing Yang was not in the room. After contacting the guards he had arranged for Jing Yang, he realized that Jing Yang often went to the construction site to watch those people work during this time.

Shang Yue drove to pick up Jing Yang. In his opinion, the construction site was dirty and messy, which was not a place Jing Yang should stay.

He got out of the car and walked to Jing Yang’s side, looked down at Jing Yang and asked, “What are you doing sitting here?”

Jing Yang raised his head and replied, “It’s too boring to stay in the room, watching them do things helps me pass the time.”

“What’s so good about this.” Shang Yue stretched out his hand and pulled Jing Yang up, “If you’re bored, we can go back and do something else.”

“I don’t want it.” Jing Yang refused, “It took me a long time to get my waist up. I’m done.”

“I won’t do that kind of thing, it’s really something else, let’s go.” Seeing Jing Yang’s resistance, Shang Yue coaxed him and said.

Jing Yang hesitated for a while, but did not resist much, and was pulled by Shang Yue into the car and taken away.

Wu Hao and the others watched the scene of the two pushing and pulling at each other, and they were all wondering about the relationship between the two. They could tell that Shang Yue was a high-ranking officer by the manner in which he was dressed.

When Qi Yun saw Shang Yue, he immediately felt that even his soul had been taken away. After he saw Shang Yue’s intimate attitude towards Jing Yang, an unprecedented sense of jealousy broke out in his heart. He didn’t understand why God was so unfair, why he was so biased towards someone who already had a lot of money. And a person like him who had nothing in the first place had such a bumpy fate. Why was this?

Jing Yang was coaxed back by Shang Yue. At first, Shang Yue was quite honest, chatting with him while helping him massage his waist and legs. Jing Yang could have very easily fallen asleep originally, since Shang Yue pressed him very comfortably. After chatting and chatting, he became drowsy, and then Shang Yue took advantage of it.

It was already the time to fall asleep at night, but Qi Yun couldn’t fall asleep. Shang Yue’s face kept appearing in his mind. He really wanted to get close to that person, and hoped that God would give him this opportunity, and he would definitely prove that he was more suitable for him than anyone else. Now he was even more eager for his ability to be activated earlier, because only after his ability was activated could he prove himself.

In the room of ten people, he didn’t know who first started talking about the scene they saw today, and then begun to speculate about the relationship between Jing Yang and Shang Yue.

Qi Yun came back to his senses because of their discussion, and then participated in their conversation. He threw around all kinds of sarcasm, saying that Jing Yang must be treated so well because Shang Yue and him had some unclean relationship, so he was able to enjoy special care in the military region.

Others also agreed with Qi Yun’s statement in their hearts. Otherwise, why was Jing Yang the only one who didn’t have to do anything all day? If it was not because of improper relationships, there was no other reason to explain it.

Only Qi Yun knew very well that Jing Yang not only possessed supernatural powers now, but as a reborn wealthy person, he must have made a lot of preparations early. But of course he wouldn’t say these things, and when he heard other people cursing Jing Yang, he felt a little more comfortable, and of course he wouldn’t help Jing Yang explain.

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