FPH Ch. 24

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At noon, Chu Zhaoyang and his sister Chu Tian made an appointment to have lunch together.

When the lunch break was approaching, he left the company ahead of schedule and went to the nearby Aihe Hospital to find Chu Tian.

Chu Tian was a doctor at Aihe Hospital. Although their family ran the best Chutian Hospital, Chu Tian expressed that she did not want to receive special treatment in Chutian Hospital, so she got a job at Aihe Hospital by her own hard work and became an ordinary little doctor.

From the hospital director to the cleaning staff, no one knew Chu Tian’s true identity.

When he got to the hospital, it was exactly five minutes before twelve o’clock.

He directly went to the consultation room of Chu Tian, the door of the consultation room was open, and inside Chu Tian was prescribing medicine to a patient.

Chu Zhaoyang felt that the patient’s back was familiar, and when he walked over, his eyes fell directly on the patient’s face.

It was Gu Nian.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Zhaoyang’s eyes fell on the three wounds on the back of her hand, it was as if they had been scratched, but somebody had applied medicine on it. However the three bright red bloodstains were particularly dazzling on the back of Gu Nian’s hand, which was so white that even the blue blood vessels could be seen.

Gu Nian didn’t expect that she could meet Chu Zhaoyang here, and suddenly thought of the “Nian Nian” he said last night, and she didn’t dare to face him at all.

Chu Tian didn’t know about the two of them, and thought that Chu Zhaoyang was asking her, so she explained, “She was scratched by a cat, so she came for an injection to clean up the wound.”

“How could you be scratched by a cat?” Chu Zhaoyang frowned, thinking she was too rash.

Seeing the bloodstain on the back of her hand, it was very dazzling, destroying the original flawless white jade like skin. Chu Zhaoyang almost wanted to pick up her hand and lick her wound.

Fortunately, he was still very restrained and clenched his fist on the side of his leg, and there was no tampering.

This time, Chu Tian finally heard something wrong. Did she dare to think that her eldest brother knew other girls?

Chu Tian was really surprised. She didn’t expect the elder brother, who had always been quiet, to speak so much.

In fact, it was obviously only a very short sentence, and in a normal person, these two sentences would be seen as normal. But it was very rare when put on Chu Zhaoyang. Chu Tian knew the temperament of her eldest brother. Where he could say one word, he would never say two words. This habit of his made people mad.

Unexpectedly, he could say so much to Gu Nian here, and the focus was all on Gu Nian, completely ignoring her as his sister.

Gu Nian felt that the injury was embarrassing, so she laughed dryly, looked up at Chu Zhaoyang and said, “A child’s cat in our area went to climb a tree. Now that there are no adults at home during the summer vacation, I went to help her, and hugged the cat, but I got scratched by the cat.”

Chu Zhaoyang frowned, as if scolding, “Why are you so careless?”

He was just displeased with her for getting injured, but he didn’t mean to look down on her work.

Gu Nian looked hotly at him and lowered her head. But her mood was inexplicably good. The recent past was really unsatisfactory, it seemed that everyone looked down on her work. However, Chu Zhaoyang, such an excellent person, did not despise her work in the slightest.

Chu Tian finally regained her senses, and asked with a gossipy smile, “You two know each other?”

“Well, that’s right.” Gu Nian nodded, but she really couldn’t understand her relationship with Chu Zhaoyang.

Chu Zhaoyang was very dissatisfied with her ambiguous answer, and looked at Chu Tian with a frown.

Chu Tian was shook for a while, but she didn’t say anything. Why was Gu Nian the one who upset him, but she was the one who was unlucky?

Chu Zhaoyang stretched out his hand and said, “Give me the phone.”

Gu Nian watched Chu Zhaoyang stretch out his hand towards Chu Tian, not knowing what their relationship was, but they seemed to be very close.

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