FPH Ch. 25

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For some reason, when Gu Nian thought about the possible relationship between Chu Zhaoyang and this lively and beautiful little doctor, something felt very wrong in her heart.

She didn’t want to look at Chu Zhaoyang anymore, and her eyes were fixed on Chu Tian’s face.

The two of them would be quite a couple.

Chu Tian obediently took out her mobile phone and handed it to Chu Zhaoyang, only to see Chu Zhaoyang tap a few times on the screen. Then, Gu Nian’s cell phone rang.

Gu Nian took it out and saw that it was a string of unfamiliar numbers. Before she could pick it up, the phone hung up.

When she was just wondering, Chu Zhaoyang’s voice came from above her head, “This is her number. If you have any problems with the wound, you can find her after going back.”

Chu Tian: “…” It was inhumane for him to treat his sister like this for his girlfriend!

Only then did Gu Nian realize that Chu Zhaoyang had asked her to find this little doctor when she had something to do.

Gu Nian opened her mouth, and her voice became a little colder: “It’s not good, we don’t know each other, it’s too troublesome.”

How could he just use someone’s mobile phone to make decisions for the other party? It seemed that the relationship between the two of them was really close.

Inexplicably, Gu Nian didn’t really want to deal with them more.

Chu Tian squinted her eyes and smiled brilliantly. She directly took the phone in Gu Nian’s hand and skilfully entered the number with her name and saved it.

She returned it to Gu Nian and said, “You’re welcome, you’re my brother’s… friend, it’s ok to ask me if you have anything.”

Chu Tian stuck out her tongue in her heart, and almost added “girl” in front of Gu Nian. But words could be very dangerous.

Gu Nian was stunned by what Chu Tian said, looked at Chu Tian stupidly, and asked dumbly, “Your brother?”

“Yeah!” Chu Tian squinted and nodded, “Ah yes, I haven’t introduced myself to you yet. Well, my name is Chu Tian, and I am his younger sister, biological.”

Seeing Chu Tian stretch out her hand, Gu Nian subconsciously held it, and said absently, “My name… is Gu Nian.”

Withdrawing her hand, Gu Nian looked down at the phone, and sure enough, the contact name had Chu Tian written on it.

Chu Tian bandaged Gu Nian, put away the medicine and gauze, and handed it to Gu Nian: “Take these back, disinfect with iodine every day and change the dressing. If there is any problem, just call me.”

Gu Nian was still surprised, when she heard Chu Tian say, “My brother is very good to you. I’ve never seen him say so much to anyone, and he still cares so much for you.”

Did Chu Zhaoyang say a lot?

Gu Nian glanced at Chu Zhaoyang and didn’t think so.

But when she heard that Chu Tian was Chu Zhaoyang’s younger sister, she was inexplicably relieved. Why she was relieved, she didn’t know?

And just now, when she misunderstood the relationship between the two, her heart was still dull. But now, her heart was happy, and even her face was much more relaxed.

Gu Nian’s heart was tight, and she didn’t want to think about her abnormality. She just wanted to leave quickly. When she was upset, she didn’t want to be with Chu Zhaoyang.

It was just that just as she said goodbye, not knowing whether it was intentional or not, Chu Zhaoyang just moved his body and blocked Gu Nian’s way.

He stood so close that his chest almost pressed against her shoulders, making Gu Nian unable to turn around, otherwise she would definitely slam into his arms.

Even with his suit between them, she still felt that his chest was hot and hard, hot air seemed to be gushing out from his chest, all burning one of her shoulders and arms.

The faint scent of mint came from his body, and Gu Nian’s face turned red, she had a feeling that her breathing was blocked, so she quickly stepped aside, trying to distance herself from him.

Who knew that Chu Tian just happened to meet her, hugged her arm, and pushed her back. By coincidence, she happened to crash directly into Chu Zhaoyang’s arms.

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