RCFS Ch. 132: Who Cheated Whom? 3

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After dealing with the video game city, Ye Yunxi notified Ye Junpo directly, and her father was so excited that he was dying.

“It turned out to be true? It was sponsored by a Sword of the Empire’s family again? That’s great. Our Yunxi, is so powerful, we couldn’t get the sponsorship no matter what and Yunxi solved it as soon as she came out!”

“But it’s only three days, Dad, get ready!”


Ye Junpo turned around and started preparing for the scene.

Smashing the video game city was the climax of the movie. The undercover Hoshino and the policeman Nan Shao met there. Hoshino’s undercover identity had been exposed, and the villains were going to retaliate. Not only did they smash the video game city, but they also wanted to kill Hoshino and Nan Shao. The two fought and ran, but they were outnumbered. Hoshino knew that it was useless to expose himself, so he simply used his flesh and blood to cover Nan Shao and asked him to leave quickly with the evidence.

The whole scene revealed a tragic and heroic sense of righteousness. In order to make this one shot, Ye Junpo even invited his senior brother, the director Chunfeng who was considered the most proficient in pushing, pulling and following the camera in the showbiz circle.

The business hours of the video game city were usually from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. As soon as Zhang Le closed, Ye Junpo rushed over with people and equipment to set up overnight.

Chunfeng was not idle either, and cooperated with his junior to explain where the cameras should be placed and how to shoot, and by the way, he also called all the actors over, and instructed every stuck point.

But in fact, Ye Yunxi and Di Junxie were the ones who should be explained the most. These two were the protagonists, it would be fine as long as the punks stayed out of the way.

After a whole night of explanations, there was no rest in the morning. After all the equipment was ready, Ye Junpo first asked the actors to warm up the whole process, not really smashing it, but simulating it.

In this way, many mistakes were still found. Ye Junpo and Chunfeng guided them one by one, and continued to improve the whole smashing process, striving to achieve the most shocking and perfect emotional effect!

After the rehearsals were done over and over again, the shooting officially began!

Several cameras were set up together, and even in the dark, there were still cameras to capture and shoot.

In the video game city in the middle of the night, the flow of people was still good. Hoshino teased the beautiful waiter at the bar, while blowing a hooligan-like whistle, with his lips going up and down, his eyes seemed to glance over the video game city inadvertently, but actually fell on the last man with a cold and handsome face near the car simulator.

He turned around and exchanged a large bag of game coins with the waiter, and walked slowly towards the car simulator.

As long as the evidence was given to Nan Shao today, his undercover task would be over, and he would be able to go home and spend time with his wife and children.

Inadvertently colliding, Hoshino had already stuffed a bag of things into Nan Shao’s pocket, but he was cursing: “Don’t you have eyes? You can’t see me…” Before he could finish speaking, someone rushed over and bumped into Hoshino, and then turned around and left.

The man left, but a gleaming knife was stuck in Hoshino’s lower abdomen. Scarlet blood snaked down his body like a poisonous snake, staining the ground red.

Nan Shao was taken aback and wanted to come over, but a group of gangsters with machetes and sticks poured in at the door at some point.

“Found him!”

Someone yelled, a group of people rushed over ferociously, the baseball bat overturned the game console, and smashed everything intact!

People screamed and avoided, but they were laid down by sticks from nowhere, blood was everywhere, and this group of people still forced their way in aggressively.

“Grass mud horse Hoshino, as an undercover agent, I will give you a knife. Give it to me, and I will take it as a sacrificial knife!”

Hoshino held his wound, the knife wound had penetrated deep into his internal organs. The pain was so much that he almost fainted. His face had turned pale, but he still forced Nan Shao towards the fire escape.


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