TK Ch. 26: Southwest

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In the past, when Bai Ze appeared in the human world, he always appeared in the shape of a beast, which was more powerful and domineering. Today the place was small and inconvenient, so he could only appear in human form.

Gu Zhengyun squinted his eyes, and a person gradually appeared in the white light. Previously, he had always hated people in white clothes, because the demon next to his father was wearing a snow-white Taoist robe all day long to play tricks. But now, he only felt that there was nothing more beautiful than the white fairy clothes in the world.

The wide-sleeved snow suit, brocade belt and fur collar, set off the gentle and jade-like handsome face, which was so beautiful. This was what a real fairy should look like!

It was just… the fairy was holding a three-foot-tall child in his arms, and that child was even more unusual looking, with a delicate and impeccable face, blue robes full of auspiciousness, and a crown that only adults wore on their head.

Bai Ze gritted his teeth and came out with the child in his arms, which was not domineering at all, but he couldn’t hide Fu Li, so that was the only way to go.

“Dare to ask the immortal master, what is your title?” Gu Zhengyun propped himself up and got up, thinking quickly in his mind, he adjusted himself to a kneeling position.

He also thought that it might be a trick played by the monster, but he was a dying person, and he was no longer worthy of those people’s concern. Then the person in front of him was 90% likely to be a real god.

“I don’t have a Taoist name, I’m Bai Ze.” Bai Ze smiled slightly, he always introduced himself like this, and the emperors in the world were often more excited when they heard this sentence than anything else, and Gu Zhengyun was no exception.

“Bai… Bai Ze!”

Bai Ze’s presence in the world proved that there was a wise and benevolent emperor in the world, and the current emperor was definitely not it, so he thought could that person be him? This kind of recognition made Gu Zhengyun tremble with excitement, and a slight blush appeared on his pale face.

Bai Ze reached into Tianzun’s arms, took out a jelly bean, and handed it to His Royal Highness, “This elixir can’t make you immortal, nor can it keep you immortal, but it can save your life.”

Gu Zhengyun took the elixir with both hands, held it over his head preciously, bowed down again and again, and then swallowed it without hesitation, because it was too rare, he even swallowed it in his mouth without hesitation. The sweet taste spread on the tip of the tongue, and it seemed to have a smell of wine. Was the real elixir actually sweet?

Swallowing the elixir, the spiritual energy spread instantly in his body, even the jelly beans refined by the younger Laojun, the spiritual energy in it was quite a lot for ordinary people. Gu Zhengyun fell down on the bed with a muffled groan, feeling that his internal organs were being crushed and reshaped, but he had extraordinary perseverance, biting the corner of the quilt tightly without making a sound.

After a few breaths, the pain disappeared without a trace, replaced by limbs full of strength. The originally pale face turned rosy, and the skinny limbs instantly plumped up. Gu Zhengyun quickly jumped off the ground and walked back and forth. The feeling of having all the power under his control finally returned.

Gu Zhengyun looked up to the sky and laughed out loud, he thought the situation was at an end, but unexpectedly, there was a bright future.

“Thank you!” Gu Zhengyun solemnly saluted and thanked Bai Ze. This was the ancient beast Bai Ze. If Bai Ze appeared, the world would be safe. He must find a way to keep him.

Bai Ze stretched out his hand and gave him a little support: “You don’t need to salute to me. If you need my help, just call me.” After saying that, he hugged Tianzun and disappeared.

Gu Zhengyun stared at the place where Bai Ze disappeared for a long time, and slowly held his right hand with his left hand to restrain his excitement. After calming down, the temperature in his eyes gradually cooled down. Since he was the Emperor chosen by the heavens, he could not let the demons and idiots destroy the country and society.

Sitting on the roof, Bai Ze watched the deposed prince summon the forces he had hidden in the palace. He met six groups of people in one day and arranged everything in detail. He was really a genius in planning. However, he only left two hidden guards in this side hall for self-defense, which made Bai Ze a little surprised.

“Isn’t he going to keep more people to protect himself?” Bai Ze asked softly while sitting on the beam.

Gu Zhengyun, who was reading the letter, shook his hands, and immediately looked up to the roof, but he saw nothing, however he knew that Bai Ze was in that direction, so he couldn’t help smiling slightly: “I know the immortal is there, so I’m not afraid.”

Fu Li sat with Bai Ze, with his short legs dangling. Hearing this, he couldn’t help frowning, and grabbed Bai Ze’s fur collar and stood up.

Bai Ze hurriedly stretched out his arms to hold him, fearing that he would fall. Facing Shang Fuli’s beautiful eyes, he wondered if it was because of the candlelight in the room. But there seemed to be dancing flames in them, which was very beautiful. Unable to hold back, Bai Ze leaned over and kissed those beautiful eyes.

After realizing what he had done, Bai Ze was a little embarrassed, feeling that the room was hot and dry, he dragged Fu Li out of the palace and floated up into the clouds.

Sitting in the clouds, he could see the complex world. The luck of the world had begun to gather in the imperial city. This was brought about by the resurrection of the golden dragon. Seeing this, he believed that the throne would change hands soon.

“After everything is settled, what do you want to do?” In the haze of blue light, Fu Li turned back into an adult.

“Of course I’m going back to Cangze Mountain. I’ll have to sleep well for a hundred years.” Bai Ze said and couldn’t help yawning. He was exhausted during this time.

Fu Li remained silent, just looked to the southwest, raised his eyebrows slightly, and raised his fingers to calculate: “In the southwest, there may be changes.”

“Huh?” Bai Ze turned his head to look to the southwest.

Fu Li pursed his lips: “Your Prince should know about it tomorrow, just wait for him to come and beg you.”

After finishing speaking, he became a child again and closed his eyes to meditate.

“Hello…” Bai Ze froze for a moment, tilted his head to look at little Fu Li, feeling that something was wrong, he lay down on his stomach, propped his head with one hand, and leaned in front of Fu Li, “Finish your words!”

Fu Li ignored him and sat in meditation. Bai Ze stared at him for some time, and then fell asleep.

The next day, a major event shocked the capital. There was a giant beast who had infested the southwest, and he had already destroyed two mountains, and he would be coming down to the capital to eat people soon.

Because the emperor named the Taoist priest as the national teacher, news from all over the country was conveyed with yellow paper birds made by Taoist priests, and they could reach Beijing in half a day. The portraits from Southwest County seemed unreal. It seemed to be a beast with spikes on its body and was ten feet high.

“How could there be a ten-foot-tall monster? It must be a misrepresentation.”

“It’s not a misrepresentation! The priest of Erlang Zhenjun Temple said that it was an ancient beast and told the people to avoid disaster.”

The news spread throughout the capital within a day, and the imperial court sent troops to investigate. Only then did the emperor start to panic, and hurriedly recruited the national teacher to discuss it.

“There must be some kind of monster haunting it,” the Taoist muttered, “There is nothing to be afraid of.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” The emperor held the censer and took a deep breath.

“Isn’t the eldest brother in good health recently? The Emperor can ask him to go and kill the demon.” The third prince had not yet held the crown prince ceremony, but he had already started regarding himself as the crown prince and listened in on the government matters by his father’s side every day.

When Gu Zhengyun was summoned by the emperor, he guessed what was going on, and accepted the order without changing his face: “My father’s order, this son is duty-bound to accept, but I don’t know magic power, and I would still need the help of the national teacher. This son will definitely do a good job of assisting, and I am even willing to give up my life, but I will keep the people safe.”

The Taoist priest’s eyes lit up when he heard this. The aura of the golden dragon had suddenly become stronger recently. If he could directly inhale the dragon aura outside, him being able to ascend to immortality would be just around the corner.

Twenty miles away from the mountain, there were several villages and towns.

Today, these villages and towns had been reduced to ashes.

Bai Ze looked at Gu Zhengyun’s group from a distance and frowned slightly. This place gave him a bad feeling, and he always felt that there was something that frightened him here.

Fu Li handed him a cup of Tianjun: “Drink some, to strengthen your courage.”

Bai Ze: “…” The joke Tianzun said was not funny at all, but he still drank the wine obediently. The divine beast’s intuition was very accurate, there must be a danger here that he could not handle.

After the Taoist fiddled with it for a while, a monster really rushed out from the forest. The monster had the body of a wild boar with four claws, but its head was that of an eagle with horns on top. In its huge beak, there were also fangs.

“Gu carving!” The national teacher exclaimed, but he was not afraid. This was a fierce beast from ancient times, it could eat people, but it was not scary to people who knew magic.

Gu Zhengyun stood on a high slope in the distance, and slowly raised his hand. The archers lying in ambush were ready to shoot him into a sieve when the monster was wiped out.

After a fight, the Taoist cut off the Gu carving’s head and put it in the cloth bag triumphantly, followed by the sound of the arrow piercing through the air. He immediately waved the wooden sword in his hand, “Ding Ding Ding” to block the arrows, then lightly tapped his toes, and appeared next to Gu Zhengyun in an instant, pinching his throat with his bare hands: “Hehe, you still want this master’s life? Little golden dragon, obediently let me suck you dry today!”

At this time, a knife was stabbed into the Taoist’s waist.

“Hmm… what kind of knife is this?” The Taoist looked at his wound in horror.

Before Gu Zhengyun could answer, the ground suddenly shook violently, and he took the opportunity to kick the Taoist priest, kicking him away.

“Roar—” The sky-shattering roar spread hundreds of miles away, and a dazzling red light shot up into the sky. A giant beast with a height of ten feet broke through the ground. Before the Taoist could react, it was reduced to ashes with a mouthful of golden flames.

With a body like a male lion, with huge wings on its back, gilded hair, and three feet of flames all over its body, it was the one that blinded Bai Ze back then, the red-flame golden beast!

Bai Ze only had time to throw Gu Zhengyun into the clouds, and the Scarlet Flame Golden Beast had already come up to him, blowing fire at him without hesitation. Using the water as a screen to block the golden flame, Bai Ze stared at the fierce beast closely through the water screen. Over the past thousand years, his immortal power had improved a lot, and he may be able to fight against the red flame golden beast.

However, the idea was good but the reality was not, he had practiced for a thousand years, while the red flame golden beast hid in the world, but he forgot that he had also practiced for a thousand years!

The golden flame quickly burned through the water curtain and came straight to Bai Ze’s eyes. Bai Ze turned into his beast form and rolled on the spot, hiding his figure with water mist. However, the overwhelming golden flames fell to the ground like meteors, attacking the sky and covering the sky, making it impossible for him to avoid it.

Bai Ze closed his eyes, then opened them again, and a cyan enchantment appeared in front of him. There was a man in the flames, wearing a blue fairy robe with wide sleeves, standing in front of him, blocking all dangers for him.

“Fu Li…”

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