JHTW Ch. 44

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“Slap!” Xiao Jing turned off the faucet with a slap, but listening, she could only hear a fierce knocking sound in the air.

She hurriedly held her clothes in her arms and looked around. The whole bathhouse was unobstructed, not to mention covering herself, there was not even a place where she could hide herself.

“Well.” The knock on the door became more intense.

Listening to the squeaking slamming door, Xiao Jing looked up at the ceiling. Although the ceiling was also clean but fortunately there was an overhang, the space was a little narrow, but it was feasible to cover her thin body.

Xiao Jing casually put on her clothes, stepped on the shower, and jumped into small space on the ceiling.

“Papapa, what’s the matter?” Outside the door, a man cursed secretly, then slammed hard, and the locked bathhouse door was pushed open brutally.

Mu Xichi gave a glance at the door that had been broken by him and frowned slightly. There was no one inside. How was this door locked?

“What are you doing here?” The cold bass sounded from the corridor, and the light hit him all around, seeming a little dim.

Mu Xichi turned back, gave a military salute, and said vigorously: “I just heard a sound from the bathhouse and came over to see that the door was locked.”

“So you hit open the door?” Shen Chengfeng glanced at the rickety door lock, looked at Mu Xichi slowly, and skipped over him directly. Then his eyes fell on the dripping shower without blinking.

Mu Xichi nodded his head, “It’s weird. There was still a voice coming from inside. After the door was opened, there was no one. The tap might be broken and dripping.”

“Tomorrow you have tasks, go back to rest.” Shen Chenfeng’s gloved hands gently knocked on the broken door lock, then went straight inside.

Mu Xichi saw his captain walk into the bathhouse like a meteor. But he didn’t know: “Captain, are you ready to take a shower?”

“Um.” Shen Chenfeng spit out a word in a concise manner, and then closed the door of the bathhouse with a snap.

Mu Xichi was scratching his head. Didn’t the Captain’s dormitory have all the necessary washing equipment? Why did he like to squeeze into the big bathhouse with them these days?

Was it just for them to see his angular figure proportion?

Or was it to show them that he could naturally generate heat?

He had to say that the captain was really a man with intentions, good or bad.

Shen Chenfeng stood in front of the dripping water shower and looked up thoughtfully at the seeping shower head.

Xiao Jing looked at Shen Chenfeng’s back, her hands clenched into fists involuntarily, and she couldn’t figure out the other’s intentions at this moment. Did he intend to strip himself here at this time to take a bath!

Shen Chenfeng casually took off his shirt, and just hung it on the clothes rack, unbuckled his belt with one hand, and gently pulled it.

Xiao Jing instinctively lowered her head but couldn’t help but glance up. It was clear that the space of the bathhouse was too large to be covered with water mist, but Xiao Jing felt the mist in the surrounding area silently, and a hazy figure appearing in the mist looking special and lively, such that it made people wonder.

Shen Chenfeng pressed the faucet switch lightly, and the cold water droplets boiled and became smoky like it was hot water when it touched his body.

Xiao Jing stared at it like a movie with special effects. She had seen water drip into ice, but she had never seen such a scene where the cold water began to boil in the blink of an eye.

“Seen enough?” The overbearing and powerful man’s voice echoed in the empty bathhouse.

Xiao Jing was a little stunned in her heart, before she could hide herself, a dagger rushed towards her.

With a bang, the blade was inserted into the wood of the ceiling, only one centimeter away from Xiao Jing’s small body.

Xiao Jing smiled and shrank back, trying to fool him like in the past.

“What are you doing here?” Shen Chenfeng stared intently at the ceiling, as if he had seen Xiao Jing who had been hiding.

Xiao Jing didn’t want to expose herself so soon and was hesitating whether she could continue to pretend to be invisible.

Unfortunately, she clearly underestimated the ability of her captain.

Shen Chenfeng leapt forward and grabbed the ceiling with his bare hands.

The next moment, the small cubes made of wood quickly corroded at a rate that was visible to the naked eye, and after half a minute, Xiao Jing, who thought that she was seamless, was completely exposed.

“I don’t want to play like this.” Xiao Jing struggled to grab the wall. However, the smooth wall surface was like a layer of oil, and she just slipped out from it.

“Oh!” Xiao Jing smashed on the floor and lay there staring at him with a smile.

“Captain, what a coincidence, you are here to take a bath, too.” Xiao Jing rolled over and lay on her side with a smile on her face.

Shen Chenfeng took a cloak and hung it on his waist, staring vaguely at the guy who smiled at him with a false impression.

Xiao Jing coughed, “Captain, I’ve already washed up, you can wash up slowly.”

“What are you doing here?” Shen Chenfeng asked again.

Xiao Jing covered her mouth with her hat and looked at him with her eyes wide open. Then she said, “I heard someone smashing the door, so I thought that there was someone embarrassing into the camp. But it was the captain who came to take a shower in person. In order not to disturb you while taking a shower, I just continued to hide.”

“Continued hiding? So you saw it all?”

Hearing that Xiao Jing couldn’t help but look at the man who was half naked. Should she answer truthfully, she saw it, she saw it, the captain was indeed the captain, the body was awesome, and even came with special effects, so arrogant, so bullying.

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