JHTW Ch. 43

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Xiao Yan stared cautiously at the small figure who suddenly changed the gas field. This feeling was too familiar, like a sign that he was about to kill.

Xiao Jing’s fists clenched, as long as you take a closer look, it was not hard to see the crooked blue tendons at her fists.

“What do you want to do?” Xiao Yan endured the pain in his body, stood up, and solemnly said, “You don’t want to kill me?”

“The fifth brother is wrong. No matter physical strength or force, I am not your opponent. Although I have a simple mind, I am not stupid. I can’t do anything so futile.” Xiao Jing innocently spread her hands, looking naive.

Xiao Yan looked in her eyes, but he didn’t think this guy was as simple as he seemed, otherwise how could he and his mother stay safe in this kind of confused father-in-law brother-in-law family.

“I don’t want to say a few more words, so please do it for yourself.” Xiao Yan put on his dress and took another meaningful look at the small body that was one head shorter than himself.

Xiao Jing sat back on the bed and kept alert.

The ward door opened and closed, and the whole room turned quiet.

She raised her hand and stroked her lips. The incident happened too suddenly. No matter at the time or afterwards, she was in a state of ignorance, even now she felt awkward after waking up, as if it was just a dream.

Well, a bit like an illusion!

“Ah, ah, what am I thinking?” Xiao Jing embraced the quilt with both hands and buried herself in the quilt, crying and laughing.

The night was foggy, in the solemn military region headquarters, a series of leading special vehicles drove in, in an orderly manner. After confirming their identities, the guards in charge gave a military salute and looked at the special cars seriously.

“Wow.” Several powerful footsteps echoed endlessly in the quiet corridor, and dozens of trained sentries were stationed on both sides along the way, convinced that there was no interference from idlers.

Once a month, the eight generals had a general meeting.

The deep black color of the conference room gave the whole space a deeper solemn feeling.

Shen Chengfeng noticed a scorching line of sight behind him, and turned his head back, looking at Xiao Yan who was also unabashedly looking at him, and met his eyes, as if the two had been fighting for three hundred rounds.

Xiao Yan stepped forward and opened the door: “I heard that something interesting happened today, and the grand Shen Yanwang couldn’t even fight a recruit, sure enough, this sharp blade has rusted because of not coming out of the sheath for a long time.”

Shen Chengfeng sat on the chair, glanced at the generals who were present at the scene, and his tone was usually tepid, “Today’s occasion is not suitable for talking about private affairs.”

“Okay, let’s talk about business, do you know the exercise grouping between the special teams? I’m honored to tell you that we will be opponents.” Xiao Yan crossed his arms around his chest, apparently doing nothing.

Shen Chengfeng picked the teacup, took a sip of tea, and replied, “Don’t you know why you won the exercise last year?”

The smile on Xiao Yan’s face froze slightly. Everyone knew that one of the biggest bugs last year was that Shen Chengfeng suddenly received a mission. Tie Ying without Shen Chengfeng still won the third place which was a good result, of course, they all knew about Shen Chengfeng’s ability, especially his abnormal body, so no one dared to confront him directly.

Suddenly, Xiao Yan felt that he was too happy for himself.

“I will wait and see this year. I hope that General Xiao Shen will not be taken lightly by then. After all, I am a straight person and like to play well.”

“I’m looking forward to competing with Tie Ying.” A voice sounded from behind them.

Xiao Yan turned this side and looked at Peng Minyi, the fourth detachment of the imperial army who uninvitedly want to brush his sense of existence. He was currently the captain of the SS302 Yi Hong team.

Peng Minyi chuckled and said, “Last year, I had the opportunity to compete with General Shen. It is really my regret that General Shen took the task temporarily.”

“You will all have a chance this year.” Shen Chengfeng lowered his teacup and stared at the eight generals present one by one.

Such arrogant words really only Shen Chengfeng dared to say. After all, each unit here was considered to be the most powerful elite special team in the empire, and any team was the strongest one who could face one hundred enemies alone.

No one here dared to bluntly say that you can let the horses come and you would still get a flat horse, wasn’t it because they didn’t want to be beaten by a group?

But think about Shen Chengfeng’s body that was abnormal.

Keke, what is lost, it is a skill to live!

“It seems that there is no need to continue to participate in this meeting today. I will wait for the notice. We will go all out to get up and down.” Shen Chengfeng stood up and left proudly.

Leaving a group of face-to-face leaders alone, with an expression of what to do, I really wanted to hit him, but I couldn’t.

Shen Chengfeng got into the car without squinting all the way, and said bluntly, “Back to the barracks.”

The car drove away.

The camp area at midnight was a little sad, and the whole dormitory was quiet inside and out.

Xiao Jing returned to the camp in the evening. She carefully observed the movement of the dormitory building. After making sure everyone was asleep, she crept out of the room.

She pushed the door of the bathhouse lightly, and after being convinced that there was no one in it, she locked the whole bathhouse door, clapped her hands proudly, and hummed to the inside.

Xiao Jing took off her coat, opened the shower, and enjoyed the most relaxed time of the day.

“Wow.” The sound of water from the shower obscured the knock on the door.

“Well.” Knocking at the door became more frequent.

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