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Ying Qiao had already called Jiang Lan five or six times, but the other party didn’t answer even once.

Chen Hua asked: “Is he outside and didn’t hear it?”

They were in Qingyang Lake Park at this time. They came over after hearing that something happened at Qingyang Lake today. It so happened that Jiang Lan also lived nearby, so Ying Qiao called Jiang Lan in order to take him with him to complete the task.

Who knew, he called several times in a row, but no one answered.

“I’ll try another time.”

Ying Qiao frowned and walked to the Nine-hole Bridge and made another phone call.

The familiar incoming call ringtone sounded from the handset of the mobile phone, and at the same time, there sounded another bout of cheerful incoming call ringtone from somewhere.

Ying Qiao moved the phone away from his ear and looked at the rock that seemed to be making the sound. He strode over and saw the familiar backpack hidden behind the stone.

He was just thinking about why the little monster’s backpack was here when he heard a splash of water next to him. Jiang Lan suddenly emerged from the water and lay on the bank looking at him.

Ying Qiao’s eyes lingered on his dazzling white skin before he asked, “What are you doing?”

Jiang Lan stared at him for a long time, then found his voice and said calmly: “Catching the water ghost, I saw a water ghost in the river yesterday.”

His voice was filled with guilt.

Of course that thing wasn’t a water ghost, but he couldn’t tell Ying Qiao that he was very brave, and there was something that he didn’t know what it was that came to trouble him, so he knocked on the other person’s door! Not only did he knock off its teeth, but he also twisted off its head, but he was too careless and let it run away.

This was not what a little monster should do.

As expected, Ying Qiao frowned and looked a little stern. But after all, he couldn’t do anything. So, he took his bag and found a towel and some clean clothes.

His lips forming a straight line, he said: “Come up first and put on new clothes.”

Jiang Lan: “Oh.”

He was still feeling guilty, so he climbed up obediently, wiped off the water droplets, and then put on dry clothes.

Ying Qiao was here, so he didn’t dare to use any small magic for fear of accidentally exposing his flaws. After changing his clothes, he could only wipe his wet hair with a towel.

“I’m coming.”

Ying Qiao took the towel from his hand and ran his fingers through his hair, quickly drying it.

The soft hair became fluffy again, and the silent little monster looked more and more cute and harmless. Ying Qiao’s heart softened first when he saw him hanging his head.

He should already know that he was wrong.

He softened his tone and said slowly: “You shouldn’t have gone down by yourself, it’s too dangerous.”

Jiang Lan acted very realistically, muttering in a low voice: “It’s just a water ghost.”

“Not necessarily.” Ying Qiao denied his statement and asked, “First of all, can you tell me what the water ghost looks like?”

Jiang Lan described the appearance of the thing and asked with an innocent expression: “What else can it be if it’s not a water ghost?”

Ying Qiao sighed and deeply felt that it was not easy to be a parent.

He pointed at Chen Hua: “Do you know what the boss and I are doing here?”

Jiang Lan: “I don’t know.”

Ying Qiao: “A few days ago, several young men disappeared in the Xunyang Lake area. The bodies were finally fished out from the bottom of the lake. Only the skeletons were left after being eaten. This morning, the boss received news saying that another devoured corpse was recovered from Qingyang Lake.”

Because the body was found in a remote place, it did not attract public attention. The identity of the body was quickly confirmed. The police found that he had been to Qingyang Lake Park yesterday morning and had fallen into the water and almost drowned. He was later rescued and taken to the hospital.

No one knew how he left the hospital and died in Qingyang Lake.

“That’s why the boss brought me to Qingyang Lake to investigate.”

Jiang Lan said a short “Ah”, but not because he was afraid, then he said: “I was there when the man fell into the water yesterday, and I met the water ghost when he left.”

With his expression, Ying Qiao didn’t know whether to call him bold or ignorant.

He said helplessly: “It’s not a water ghost, it’s a Jinpo.”

Jinpo was a monster that only appeared in the Nanhai Province. The fishing industry in Nanhai Province was developed, and many fishermen often travelled to the sea. But the sea was unpredictable, and it was common for fishermen who go out to sea to be unable to come back. The corpses of fishermen who died at sea sank to the bottom of the sea without anyone taking them away. They were gathered together in one place by the undercurrent, and resentment gradually grew there.

This resentment attracted large carrion-eating fish. These fish ate the flesh and at the same time ate the resentment of the deceased. Over time, these big fish become monsters.

There was not a sufficient and stable supply of corpses on the seabed. The strange fish thus had no food and began to hunt living people.

Their bones had a strange fragrance, and they were good at illusions. They could transform into beautiful women and hunt living people, and not just living people, but any living creature they could hunt, whether human or animal, or even monsters.

The more spiritual energy contained in one’s flesh and blood, the more they coveted it.

Many ordinary people or little demons with insufficient cultivation were easily deceived and thought they had met a beautiful mermaid, but in fact it was a monster who wanted to eat their flesh and blood. By the time they reacted, they were already in the Jinpo’s mouth.

That’s why Ying Qiao was angry at Jiang Lan’s boldness. There was probably more than one Jinpo appearing in the inland rivers and lakes this time. If the little monster had encountered it, he might not be able to defeat it.

“Aren’t the Jinpo limited to the sea? How did she come inland?”

Jiang Lan thought to himself that it was really an illusion. He should be careful next time he encountered it, so that it wasn’t able to run away again.

But there was an expression of fear on his face: “I thought it was a water ghost. I met it at the bottom of the lake just now. But I ran away because I couldn’t fight it.”

Ying Qiao no longer knew what to say.

He could only frown and say seriously: “Don’t be so reckless next time.”

Jiang Lan nodded quickly.

Ying Qiao then relaxed his expression: “The boss is now in charge of this case. Since you have met the Jinpo, you just come with us.”

Jiang Lan was thinking about hus bonus running away again, but when he heard what he said, he immediately became happy again: “Okay.”

After saying that, he realized that Chen Hua was the one who made the decision, and quickly looked at Chen Hua to confirm.

“May I?”

Chen Hua faced Ying Qiao’s x-ray gaze and said with a fake smile: “Of course.”

Did he dare say no?

After knowing that this thing was Jinpo, Jiang Lan told them the whole process of meeting the Jinpo from yesterday to today. Of course, he ignored the part where he beat the Jinpo.

Ying Qiao’s face turned dark when he heard that Jinpo seemed to have gone to see him at night.

Jiang Lan didn’t notice his expression, and was thinking to himself: “Jinpo, it’s still a fish, right? Can it go ashore?”

Chen Hua said: “No. That’s why they are all good at illusions. Whether it’s beauty or fragrance, it is all part of the illusion. The unlucky guy found today was probably deceived. At night, he ran out of the hospital to meet the beauty by the lake, and in the end, all that was left for the other party to eat was the bones.”

Jiang Lan thought thoughtfully: “The young man was obviously rescued and sent to the hospital, but he still didn’t escape. Does this mean that they are also selective in their hunting?”

Whether it was looks, meat quality, or any other reason, there must be some criterion.

And once Jinpo took a fancy to them, the other party would definitely find a way to eat them.

Jiang Lan’s eyes lit up: “That Jinpo didn’t catch me today, maybe it will come again.”

After all, he twisted off the opponent’s head. Such creatures usually held grudges, right?

Chen Hua looked at Ying Qiao’s dark face and laughed twice: “So you can’t rush into the water again.”

Then he took out a magic weapon and gave it to him: “Take this with you, and Jinpo’s illusion will not be able to do anything to you.”

Jiang Lan waved his hands repeatedly: “How embarrassing.”

“It’s okay, you can just take the worthless little thing.” With a false smile on his face, Chen Hua forced the thing onto Jiang Lan.

He thought he wouldn’t be the one paying for it anyway.

Chen Hua glanced at Ying Qiao secretly and was already trying to figure out what price to write down when reimbursing.

The three of them exchanged information and confirmed that most of the Jinpo were currently active in Xunyang Lake and Qingyang Lake.

Qingyang Lake and Xunyang Lake were both larger lakes in Jiangcheng. The two lakes were adjacent to each other, and their tributaries extended in all directions. Xunyang Lake flowed directly into the Yangtze River and eventually into the East China Sea.

These Jinpo must have arrived in Jiangcheng after they traveled up the Yangtze River.

It was just that the rivers in Jiangcheng were criss-crossed, and Jinpo were good at hiding. So, it was really troublesome to find them.

Jiang Lan suggested: “It’s better to wait passively than to take the initiative. How about we use me as bait and catch it.”

Chen Hua rejected it without thinking: “No!”

After he finished speaking, Jiang Lan looked stunned, so he remedied: “I mean it’s too risky. Although arresting these Jinpo is very important, the safety of our grassroots comrades is also very important.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Ying Qiao’s expression and said thoughtfully: “Xiao Ying is from the snake tribe and very good in water. Why not let him go search in the lake first, maybe he can find some traces. Right?”

He said the last three words while looking at Ying Qiao.

For the little monster to not go, you have to go alone. Of course that was Father Yinglong who loved water!

Chen Hua saw that he had a sullen face, but had to nod in the end, and felt happy.

The feeling of making your boss work was really addictive such that he couldn’t extricate himself.

The author has something to say:

Film Emperor Taotie: I met a Jinpo, it was so fierce, I couldn’t beat it, and I almost got bitten by it qaq

Longlong: Don’t be afraid, I will help you take revenge!

The Jinpo who had her teeth knocked out and her head twisted off: ??? mmp


Longlong is really as loving as a father

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