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The accident came as a surprise, everyone was stunned. When the fire ignited, someone shouted: “The fire has gone out of control! Hurry up, get the fire extinguisher!”

The shout was like pouring oil into a fire. After pouring a barrel of oil, the crowd started jumping on the pan in an instant, screaming and running away, making a chaos.

Director Liang was furious by this accident. He had always pursued perfection. Therefore, the shots and props of his scenes were always realistic. But the safety inspections of their crew were based on the strictest standards. He had been in the industry for more than 20 years, and he had never had such accident!

But he couldn’t get angry now, Liang Dao took a breath, raised the loudspeaker, and directed the people on the scene to evacuate.

Because this was an underground scene, Siyu was located in the innermost part of the room. When the crowd was in a mess, it was difficult for her to squeeze out of this position. After a few breaths, she felt the approaching heat, and the entire room had flammable substances, and the fire became a bit uncontrollable immediately.

It was at this time that Siyu discovered that the hem of her skirt was also stained with oil droplets. She wondered if Xu Qingwan splashed it too hard just now. The props prepared by the crew had always been relatively safe, but the barrel of oil spilled on the ground burned quickly. Siyu was sure that if a spark splashed on the skirt, the entire skirt would ignite in an instant.

So she immediately took off the oil-stained cover, carefully avoided the oil spilled place on the ground, and squeezed out the door.

The whole crew was in chaos for a while, and almost no one noticed Xu Qingwan in the corner. She clenched her fists in excitement and tension, panting quickly, with fire reflected in her eyes, and she watched the fire burn all the way to Siyu’s direction. Seeing Siyu dodging embarrassedly, her eyes flickered.

Half an hour ago, Xu Qingwan passed by the warehouse where the props were stored, and accidentally saw a strange man whispering to the Ku Guan sneakily, and suddenly became suspicious. Xu Qingwan learned the exquisite methods from Duan Rulan. Every time she entered a crew, she had to send something to the staff. She was very sure that she had never seen the stranger before. Director Liang’s crew was strictly controlled and basically prevented people outside the crew from entering or leaving the crew at will. Then, how did this person get in?

In the dark, Xu Qingwan seemed to have a premonition, so instead of screaming out, she hid quietly and listened carefully to the conversation between the two. Because the distance was not too close, she only vaguely heard “Change props.” “, “Zhou Siyu” and “fire” these keywords.

Immediately afterwards, the warehouseman opened the locked warehouse door and brought the strange man in. The man was carrying a bucket of something that she did not know what was in it. It looked heavy. In less than two minutes, he turned back and went to Ku Guan and stuffed a wad of money in his hand.

“You pretend that someone has picked the lock, if you’re asked about it later, and act as if you never knew anything.” Xu Qingwan finally heard the man say this.

She didn’t dare to come out, until the two of them left, then slowly backed away, and fled the place as if nothing had happened. Xu Qingwan was not stupid. Through a few key words, she could already guess that someone secretly replaced the props for the filming, and the edible oil used to burn the underground palace of Yun Meng at the end of the scene should be replaced, and the target person was Zhou Siyu.

Someone wanted to harm Zhou Siyu!

She should have reported this kind of thing to the director. After all, an accident in the crew would cause a series of chain reactions, but Xu Qingwan somehow concealed it, pretending that she didn’t know anything, she still acted and used that barrel of oil to dump, and casually lit a fire.

She didn’t hear anything. She didn’t change the props. It wasn’t her who wanted to harm Siyu. She didn’t know anything, but was filming the movie step by step. The fire accident had nothing to do with her.

Xu Qingwan told herself like this, as if she could hypnotize her to forget everything she had seen outside the warehouse. Seeing the fire getting bigger and bigger, Xu Qingwan glanced at Siyu who was choked by the smoke and coughing constantly. Her physique was weaker than ordinary people. The room was enveloped by heavy smoke. She could hardly breathe. Her throat and chest were sore. She coughed and vomited blood. Later, it was so painful that she couldn’t walk at all, so she could only hold a side pillar and bend over and gasp.

The fleeing crowd was mixed with people who came to help the firefighter. The blackness suddenly drowned Siyu who was half-bent over. Only Xu Qingwan had been staring at her firmly, so she could find her place.

If no one found Siyu, would something happen to her? This thought flashed through Xu Qingwan’s mind, and then it seemed as if it had taken root, and could no longer be erased.

There was another person who wanted to harm Siyu. If something happened to her, she could only blame her own life… The flame in Xu Qingwan’s eyes ignited faintly, she gritted her teeth, and when no one was paying attention, she rolled up her sleeve and stretched out her left hand into the fire. She let the burn marks on the forearm appear, and then reluctantly grabbed the bucket and started pouring water into it, pretending to be busy fighting the fire all the time.

Now Siyu was not able to speak, her eyes had become dark, and her hands and feet had gone soft, she didn’t even have the strength to hold herself up, and slowly fell on the ground against the pillars. In the dim room, she could feel the flames that surrounding her……, it hurt ……

She was thinking vaguely, her consciousness fell into the darkness chaotically, just the next second when she was about to lose consciousness, her ears seemed to catch a burst of exclamation, as if someone was stopping something loudly, but she didn’t really hear it. After a few seconds, she felt someone approach her.

A familiar cold scent of sandalwood enveloped her, and in an instant dispelled the scorching air around her.

Immediately afterwards, she was lifted from the ground and was moved away. Siyu felt a little more awake. She managed to open her eyes, lifted her eyes and looked up in the face of Fifth Master Lu who looked like a person in the painting had become alive.

How could he appear… No, there was a fire here, why did he rush in?!

Siyu subconsciously wanted to ask, but her throat was so injured due to the smoke that she couldn’t speak. As if he had a premonition, Fifth Master Lu lowered his head and glanced down, and saw the little girl in his arms looking at him with a pale face, her eyes full of fear.

Recalling that when he first rushed in, the little girl curled up on the ground, hugging herself tightly like a hedgehog, her sleeves covered with blood, Fifth Master Lu couldn’t control his hostility.

“Be obedient, close your eyes.” Afraid that Siyu would be blinded by the smoke, Lu Wuye simply placed a hand to cover her eyelids. The little girl was obviously terrified, her eyelids trembled and her eyes felt heavy. The eyelashes were scraped across his palm, like a small brush.

A second before the eyes were covered, Siyu’s eyes seemed to see that the evil spirit on Fifth Master Lu’s body became stronger, almost turning into a solid body, enveloping the two of them in an airtight manner, and what was even stranger was that, the flames all over the room hadn’t even touched the corner of Fifth Master Lu’s clothes, as if they were forced to stop entering by this strong evil spirit.

What was this, a humanoid firewall?

She didn’t know if it was because of someone being by her side, but Siyu’s panic faded a little bit. Her fingers weakly grasped Fifth Master Lu’s clothes. Before she passed out, her last conscious feeling was Fifth Master Lu’s string of Buddhist beads rubbing against her face, as if it had the power to calm people’s hearts.

It took only ten seconds for Fifth Master Lu to rush in and walk out holding Siyu. Although the fire on the set was very strong, he was unharmed. If Siyu was still awake, she would be surprised to see the evil spirit on his body had slowly receded.

Lu Xingzhou came with him. After Siyu left Jiangcheng, Fifth Master Lu didn’t know what to think, and he chased her here. Fortunately, he followed. Otherwise, if something would have happened to Siyu just now… Lu Xingzhou was the nearest who had felt Fifth Master Lu’s terrifying hostility, and he immediately trembled in reflex.

For many years, this master had been in self-cultivation and had never gotten angry easily. The last time his emotions were so exposed, was it when his parents passed away?

Lu Xingzhou had just not had time to stop Fifth Master Lu from rushing in. He was relieved to see him coming out safely. Then he glanced at Siyu, who was firmly guarded by Fifth Master Lu. Lu Xingzhou forcefully resisted the fear in his heart.

He stepped forward and said, “Fifth Master, I’ve already made arrangements, so let’s take her to the hospital.” Fifth Master Lu narrowed his eyes and slowly swept the crowd around him, his eyes causing people to feel chills and cold. It was so frightening that all those who were swept by him dared not look directly at him. Xu Qingwan hid in the crowd, clutching her forearm that was intentionally burned. She was guilty and afraid, and her feet could not stop shaking.

Would she be discovered? No, none of this was planned by her, it had nothing to do with her…

Fortunately, Fifth Master Lu remembered Siyu’s situation and did not delay time here. After scanning around, he withdrew his gaze. When they saw this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and secretly tried to figure out from where this man came from and how his aura was so horrible, and what was his relationship with Siyu, such that he rushed in to save people alone?

“Xingzhou, check it out for me, and don’t let anyone go.” Lu Wuye hugged Siyu and stepped onto the special car of Lu family. His tone was obviously calm, but Lu Xingzhou felt the storm that was brewing, “If you can’t find out, you just never have to go back to Lu’s house.” Lu Xingzhou quickly agreed.

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