MTaFB Ch. 53.2

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After listening to Lu Chengyu’s words, Zhong Zhenghan looked at the other a few more times. As far as his personality was concerned, he also appreciated Lu Chengyu’s kind of thoughts: “What you said is very reasonable. People must first live for themselves. Have fun.”

“You two are preparing for the next scene,” Zhang Shuo saw the two of them chatting happily. He almost treated the set as a teahouse, knowing that he walked to the two of them and said, “You two, there are still a few more shots this afternoon. Let’s hurry up, otherwise the crew will have to stay up late tonight.”

When Lu Chengyu heard this, he pulled up Zhong Zhenghan, “Director Zhong, let’s start now.”

Zhong Zhenghan watched as he was easily picked up by Lu Chengyu’s left hand, and now he wondered whether he succeeded in losing weight or because Lu Chengyu’s hands were too strong.

“Look at your delicate skin and tender flesh. You have to wipe it three or four times when you sit on a stool. What, if you go out, you will forget your ancestors and dislike our Chen Jiazhen for being poor?” He said at the table, “Don’t look at my little master, I don’t know how to read your behaviour, even if it is full of books, that’s the same?” He stretched out his thumb to the opposite person, then flipped his hand and pointed his thumb to the ground.

The white knuckles of the young man wearing the glasses gently pushed down his glasses, and his eyes were full of disdain: “It’s not full of books, but full of economy.”

“I don’t care about books or economy.” The young man gave an awkward cough before saying, “Anyway, no matter what you say, you can’t stop letting your family come to the school just because the child made a little mistake. If you don’t correct your fault, be careful or I will beat you.” The young man glanced at him, then bowed his head. Looking at the book in hand, he almost regarded the people around him as non-existent.

“Hey!” Seeing that the other party ignored him, the young man rushed forward and was about to punch someone. As a result, he raised his fist for a long time and didn’t do anything. In the end, he just slammed the door angrily.

“Very good!” Zhang Shuo motioned to pass this set of shots, then turned his head and said to Yan Mu who had just rushed to the crew, “Mr. Yan, Mr. Lu’s shots are finished today.”

Yan Mu turned and looked at the previous section of Lu Chengyu in the sewage. The rolling shot made him frown a bit tightly, and he was a bit fussy, “This water is so dirty, what should I do, if Xiao Yu’s wound is infected?”

“Mr. Yan, don’t worry, our crew has taken protective measures to prevent such accidents.” Although Zhang Shuo had a rough demeanour, but he still felt pressure from the stern look in Yan Mu’s eyes.

Just then, Lu Chengyu came over, “Brother Mu is here, so early today?”

Yan Mu looked at Lu Chengyu. Because of the plot needs, Lu Chengyu’s entire left arm was hidden in his coat, and he was dressed in this outfit which carried the taste of a scholar teaching in high school, “The company does not have too many things, I will take you to the hospital to change the medicine.”

When was Huading not busy? Lu Chengyu knew that Yan Mu lied to him, but did not reveal it, just turned around and went to the dressing room.

Not far away, Zhong Zhenghan saw this scene, walked to a place two steps away from Yan Mu, stood still, and said with a smile: “Mr. Yan is very concerned about Xiao Yu.”

“Hello,” Yan Mu was reserved with Zhong Zhenghan. He nodded and said, “Xiao Yu mentioned you to me in the past few days, and he said that you are his new friend. Since, you are Xiao Yu’s friend, you are my friend. When you have time, visit our house.”

Obviously the other party was very polite in every sentence, but why did he hear something wrong after the combination?

“Thank you for the invitation, Mr. Yan. I will definitely come if I have the opportunity,” Zhong Zhenghan said with a smile. “Although Xiao Yu is young, many people can’t compare with him. So, you have to treat him better than others. “

“Of course,” Yan Mu said very seriously, “In my eyes, he is better than anyone.” In just a few words, he determined that Zhong Zhenghan had no other thoughts on Xiao Yu, and even more, took him as a good friend, otherwise he won’t warn him vaguely.

“Anyone?” Zhong Zheng said with a smile, “Excuse me, can I ask you a question?”

Yan Mu nodded silently.

“If he and your family fall into the river, who will you save first?” There was a moment of silence.

“Maybe my family will be saved by Xiao Yu before they fall.” Yan Mu said, “I don’t know how to swim. In order to avoid this situation in the future, I will try to take two bodyguards out of the house as much as possible.”

Zhong Zhenghan : “…” This scenario seemed to be wrong.

At this time, Wang Song on one side rushed out and said, “Mr. Lu can swim, so amazing.”

“Swimming is amazing?” Zhang Shuo, who only heard this sentence, interrupted, “I can also swim. When we will all be together again, let’s all go to the swimming pool!”

Wang Song:…

This was really a failed case of flattery.

As a result, Yan Mu nodded seriously, “Well, Xiao Yu is very good at it and knows a lot.”

Zhong Zhenghan was speechless again. Maybe he didn’t need to worry that Lu Chengyu would suffer. He should be worried that the employees of Huading International would suffer with their boss in love after all. They had such a boss, was there really no problem?

Just when several people were defaming each other, suddenly there was a horrified and stern scream from the dressing room. Yan Mu and the others suddenly changed their complexions, turned and ran in the direction of the dressing room.

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