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Lu Chengyu changed into the costume, sat in front of the mirror and waited for the makeup artist to remove his makeup. The makeup artist knew that he was uncomfortable after using the crew’s makeup remover yesterday, and his skin was even slightly allergic, so he brought a bottle of his own high-end makeup remover. Seeing that Lu Chengyu had already sat down, she turned around and opened her cosmetic bag.

After opening the cosmetic bag, she found that the contents inside seemed to have been touched, and there was also a three-finger-wide glass bottle. She curiously picked up the glass bottle and took a look, and suddenly screamed with fright, the bottle in her hand also rolled to the root of the wall.

“What’s the matter?” Lu Chengyu was frightened by the scream and was in a cold sweat. Looking back, he saw that the makeup artist was sitting softly on the ground, his whole body still trembling, obviously falling into a mood of extreme fear. He stepped forward and helped the person to sit down on the chair, “What happened?”

“There…” The makeup artist covered his face, not daring to look at the things at the root of the wall. Seeing her panic, Lu Chengyu turned to look at the corner of the wall and found that there was a glass bottle lying there, which seemed to contain something. After hesitating, he took a few tissues from the dressing table and held them in his hand, walked to the root of the wall, and picked up the glass bottle through the tissues.

At this sight, he almost dropped the glass bottle to the ground, because there was a finger and eyeballs in the sealed glass bottle. He took a deep breath, enduring the strong nausea, and put the glass bottle back in the corner. Turning around, the makeup artist was already crying. As soon as he turned around and poured a cup of hot water, he saw Yan Mu, Zhong Zhenghan, and He Long rushing in. He hurriedly said, “Don’t destroy the scene, He Long, call the police right away.”

“What’s the matter?” Yan Mu saw that Lu Chengyu’s face was ugly, and he stood in front of the makeup artist, as if blocking something for the makeup artist, knowing that there must be something extraordinary in the dressing room, and he turned to the clock beside him. He said, “Let Zhang Dao stop the others and don’t let them in.” He glanced around the room and found something like eyebrow pencils and eye shadow boxes scattered on the floor, frowning even more tightly.

Zhong Zhenghan also knew the seriousness of the matter, so he turned around and hurried to find Zhang Dao.

“Sister Zhao, let’s go out first,” Lu Chengyu handed the water to the makeup artist Sister Zhao and helped her out of the chair to the door. Seeing that Zhang Dao and others came over, he handed Sister Zhao to other female crew members. After all, there are differences between men and women, and there are some things that are difficult for him to do as a man.

He turned around and closed the door of the dressing room to prevent others from entering the dressing room so as not to spoil the scene.

“Mr. Lu, the police call has been dialled, and the police there asked what happened?” He Long handed the phone to Lu Chengyu.

Others present also looked at Lu Chengyu curiously, because everyone could see that Lu Chengyu’s complexion was very bad, and the makeup artist’s mental state was also very bad. It was obvious that the matter was not small.

“Hello, this is No. X, Village X, the third suburb of Beijing. Our crew is filming here. Just now we found a bottle with human eyes and fingers in the dressing room.” Lu Chengyu watched when the other party asked him about the scene. He closed the closed door behind him, “Yes, the scene has been protected.”

Director Zhang and others heard the words like eyes and fingers, and their complexion changed suddenly. This was just a few days before their crew started, and they made a fuss. This kind of thing, if it was known by the media, wouldn’t it be another bloody storm? Zhang Shuo looked at Lu Chengyu and then at the makeup artist who was emotionally broken, and couldn’t help sighing.

Because the dressing room was next to another dressing room, there was no monitoring system installed here, but one was installed on the door of this house. After all, there were some props of the crew inside. Losing it would not only cause economic losses, but also delay shooting progress.

After Lu Chengyu hung up the phone, Yan Mu took the drink He Long brought over, unscrewed it, and handed it to Lu Chengyu: “You drink your saliva first.” After Lu Chengyu drank several sips of the slightly sweet drink, he felt that the nausea in his heart was reduced quite a lot. When he looked up and saw Yan Mu looking at him worriedly, he smiled: “I’m fine, don’t worry.” Although he thought he is tough, he hadn’t practiced to be calm in the face of such things.

Yan Mu nodded: “When the police arrives; it will be fine.” Someone put this kind of thing on the set, which shows that this person is maliciously targeting the crew and that he has chosen such cruel methods. It also shows that this person has no basic knowledge of life or any respect for life, so this is a very dangerous person.

Probably because this report may involve a homicide, several policemen arrived at the scene within 15 minutes.

As soon as the lead officer Zhang entered the crew, he knew that the case was a bit troublesome. After all, people from the crew came and went, and there were many villagers and reporters and fans who visited the crew. In addition, the relationships between the entertainment industry were inherently complicated and needed to be investigated. It was not easy to find out suspicious persons.

When he saw the informant, he was a little surprised. Even if he was someone who did not read entertainment newspapers, he could recognize that this person was Lu Chengyu, a top student of Q university who made a lot of noise some time ago. He took a minute and then stepped forward and said, “Hello, Mr. Lu, where is the scene where the suspicious object was found?”

Lu Chengyu’s mood at this time had been calmed down a lot. He explained to the police the process of discovering these things, and the door of the dressing room opened, allowing the police officers to go in and collect evidence.

“When I found something, I was the only one with the makeup artist eldest sister in the room, and no one was there anymore.” Lu Chengyu thought of the white fingers and eyeballs in the glass bottle, and his face suddenly became ugly. “Outside the gate, the crew has installed a surveillance head. If you need it, you can call at any time.”

“Thank you, Mr. Lu, for your support to our work.” As a policeman, he was most afraid of encountering situations where civilians did not cooperate. The attitude of the other party made him feel relieved. If the crew dealt with these things silently for their own benefit, then when they discovered the case, it would be more difficult to investigate the case. They had also investigated some cases in the entertainment industry before, and many times some crews will try their best to confuse them in order not to affect their reputation. A cooperative attitude like Lu Chengyu’s, for Officer Zhang, was simply a matter of thankfulness.

In addition, Police Officer Zhang discovered that although Lu Chengyu was frightened, his speech was very clear, and he knew to protect the scene after the incident. He was obviously a very calm person. He motioned to several colleagues behind him to go in for evidence. Instead of rushing in, he asked, “However, before entering the dressing room, did you find anything unusual?”

Lu Chengyu thought about it carefully, then shook his head, “There are several makeup artists in our crew. Sister Zhang is mainly responsible for the makeup for me and the other two starring actors. Before I entered the dressing room, Sister Zhang was chatting with another makeup artist, and then another makeup artist was going to make up for the other actors on-site. So, when we found something, only the two of us were there.”

Officer Zhang thanked him again after hearing this, and turned to the dressing room. After a while, he walked out with an unpleasant face, and when he saw Lu Chengyu standing with a man in a suit and leather shoes, he stepped forward and said, “Mr. Lu, after forensic identification, these things are indeed part of the human body, but what exactly are they? The situation needs to be confirmed by a forensic doctor after returning to the police station. I hope that you can cooperate with our investigation, and my other colleagues will come over soon.”

Lu Chengyu understood that this matter was not easy, so he talked Zhang Shuo. After speaking, he asked the staff to make list of crew members, and by the way, see if there was anyone on leave or anybody who had taken leave without any reason.

Yan Mu was a little worried. He wondered, if this person was targeting the crew, the makeup artist, or the investor Lu Chengyu? He stepped aside to call Mu Qihua and asked him to find a way to suppress any news about the crew today, otherwise the whole matter would become more complicated.

After he finished the phone call, the police and Lu Chengyu had finished talking. He walked to Lu Chengyu and said, “Call Zeyun to come to our house to change your dressing at night.” He knew that there would be a delay in this matter today, and he would not be able to go to the hospital. But Lu Chengyu rolled in sewage in the afternoon. He was worried that the gauze was soiled. He had to change the gauze and medicine so that he could be relieved.

“Okay.” Lu Chengyu smiled at him, stretched out his hand and patted the back of his hand to let him not worry about himself. Although Zhang Zeyun was not a well-known doctor in the country, he was still trustworthy in medical skills. The two went to one side and sat down, and saw a policewoman making notes from the statement of Sister Zhang. Sister Zhang’s mood had gradually stabilized, and she was talking to the policewoman about the whole process.

Withdrawing his gaze, Lu Chengyu hesitated and said to Yan Mu: “I think the person behind the scenes seems to be targeting me or warning me.” Thinking of the strange reporter he met on the day he started up, he subconsciously felt that it was one of the two. There was a connection between them. But he couldn’t figure out who would specifically target him. Except for the Liang family, he seemed to have not encountered anyone who would want to specifically target him.

Yan Mu frowned. This was exactly what he was worried about, but he was afraid that Lu Chengyu would become even more worried, so he didn’t express these thoughts, “Maybe people who are jealous of you do such crazy things. The entertainment industry is so complicated. Who would know what those people are thinking?”

The second group of police arrived quickly, and then quickly surrounded the scene with a cordon, and only allowed everyone to leave after the police had recorded a statement of everyone on the scene. As the victims of the case, Lu Chengyu and Zhang Jie were also asked many questions. Finally, when Lu Chengyu successfully left the crew, several hours had passed.

He was now in a hungry state but had no appetite. After returning to Yan Mu’s villa, he lay down on a comfortable sofa and didn’t want to move at all.

As a result, after he lay for less than five minutes, Zhang Zeyun came over with the medicine kit, followed by Zhuang Yu who liked to join in the fun. When the two saw Lu Chengyu lying on the sofa, they thought that Lu Chengyu was frightened by what happened at the crew, Zhuang Yu stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder, “Hey, buddy, haven’t you relaxed yet?”

Lu Chengyu glanced at him quietly. “I’m hungry.”

“I eat when I am hungry. Brother Mu is short of food here?” Zhuang Yu took an apple from the table and handed it to Lu Chengyu.

He shook his head, “I don’t want to eat it, it’s disgusting.”

Seeing that he didn’t want it, Zhuang Yu took a big bite and said, “Isn’t it just a small part of the human body? Is there anything to be afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid of it when it is growing on the body. It will be different when it is removed. You are speaking very calmly, looks like you are very courageous.” Lu Chengyu got up from the sofa, sat cross-legged with a pillow, rolled his eyes at Zhuang Yu, turned on the TV and found a comedy to put on. Zhuang Yu shrugged and said, “I’m not as unlucky as you.”

“Okay, Lao Zhuang, stop making trouble,” Zhang Zeyun put the medicine box on the coffee table, and saw Yan Mu looking at him with burning eyes, knowing that the other party was waiting for him to change Lu Chengyu’s dressing, and said, “Xiao Lu, take your hand and stretch it out.” After removing the gauze, he saw that the wound was recovering well, there was no infection or inflammation, and he said: “The wound is recovering well.” He took the medicine and put it on a clean gauze for Lu Chengyu. He looked back at Yan Mu and found that he stood silently behind him, and his hands shook in fright, “Mu Ge, if you stand behind me like this, I will be scared and have a psychological shadow.”

Yan Mu heard that Lu Chengyu’s wounds healed very well, so he was in a good mood, and didn’t care about Zhang Zeyun’s complaint at all. Instead, he said, “You sit for a while, I’ll cook something, and we will eat it as supper.”

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