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Watching Yan Mu enter the kitchen, Zhuang Yu sighed and said, “With Mu Ge as a role model, I will find a good-tempered, and honest woman who knows cooking to be my wife.”

“You can just find a nanny,” Zhang Zeyun packed up the medicine box, “It’s just you change your girlfriends like clothes, don’t spoil a good woman.”

Zhuang Yu had a painful expression on his face after hearing Zhang Zeyun’s words, so he said, “Are you still one of my good buddies?”

“So what?” Zhang Zeyun said calmly, while putting the medicine box aside, “But I like women more, so a man like you is the enemy in my view of love.”

Lu Chengyu nodded beside him and said: “Brother Zhang is right, someone like you is really a waste to match a good woman with.” He felt that Zhuang Yu was good in other aspects, but there was a big problem with his concept of love. With behaviours like this, if his wife was a fierce woman in the future, Zhuang Yu would probably have a very difficult life.

“Scram, you bastards who cut brothers for women…”

“Xiao Yu respects women.” Yan Mu leaned out half of his body from the kitchen and said blankly, “I didn’t target you specifically for women.” At some point, he must resolutely defend his unshakable position.

Zhuang Yu gaped and watched Yan Mu suddenly stretch out half of his body from the kitchen, and then suddenly retract his head. It took him a long time to say to Lu Chengyu, “Brother, are you under pressure by Mu Ge?” Although he and Yan Mu had been together since childhood but there had been many times that he felt pressured by Yan Mu.

“What pressure can there be?” Lu Chengyu raised his eyebrows, “I think he is pretty good.”

Zhuang Yu was silent for a moment, and then sighed, “You really are a natural pair.” Although he didn’t believe in love, because he was scum, but he still had hope that people around him would meet a reliable love. Instead of marrying a man like his mother did and being ruined for a lifetime.

Zhang Zeyun smiled when he heard the words, because he himself felt the same as Zhuang Yu when facing Yan Mu. Now, seeing that Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu got along so comfortably. As Yan Mu’s friend, he was very happy for Yan Mu. The only thing he was worried about was… the possibility of Mu Ge becoming a husband slave was too great.

Soon, Yan Mu brought out the prepared things. Each person had a bowl of very fragrant chicken noodle soup and some fried green side dishes. Yan Mu had avoided the red, white and slimy foods that would easily cause Lu Chengyu to associate with blood.

Lu Chengyu looked at the things on the table, his heart moved slightly, how much does one person value another person, so that he would even consider such small things? He immersed himself in the noodles with chopsticks, the taste was so good, he even had the urge to eat another bowl of noodles.

“Brother Mu, you are feeding rabbits,” Zhuang Yu just complained, and then quickly reacted, so he smiled and picked a dish into his bowl, “I haven’t eaten such a delicious dish for a long time.” He moved the mushroom stir-fried vegetables in front of Lu Chengyu, “Xiao Lu, eat more of the dishes you like.”

“Thank you,” Lu Chengyu picked a dish, smiled at Zhuang Yu, and continued to eat.

Yan Mu felt relieved when he saw that he had an appetite. He heard from He Long that Lu Chengyu hadn’t eaten since noon today. The filming was already exhausting, but as a result, he encountered these things again. It hurt his stomach not to eat, how could he not worry.

After eating, Zhang Zeyun and Zhuang Yu were too embarrassed to be light bulbs, and soon left. That night, Yan Mu was worried that Lu Chengyu’s sleep might be affected by things during the day, so he got up several times at night to listen to the noise outside Lu Chengyu’s door. He was relieved to see that Lu Chengyu had been sleeping well.


Because of Mu Qihua’s pressure on the crew, the media did not report much, but some people in the circle knew that a criminal case had occurred in a certain crew, but no one was talking too much. So, all night after this matter, no one discussed it without thinking.

Early the next morning, because the crew was temporarily unable to film, Lu Chengyu found boring to stay at home alone, so he simply proposed to go to the company with Yan Mu.

After Yan Mu heard about it, he disagreed, “There are many people in the company, and many people like to work with you. What if it affects the injury on your hand?”

Because Lu Chengyu was very popular in the company, the management in the company sometimes called him to deal with some employee disputes. In the past, Lu Chengyu had good skills and he was not worried. But now he was worried that the conflicting parties would start a fight, which will hurt Lu Chengyu. What if the injury got worse?

“There is no such exaggerated things. The colleagues in the company know that I am injured, and they will definitely not ask me to do these troublesome things,” Lu Chengyu said. “It doesn’t make sense for me to stay at home alone. If you don’t worry about me, I can handle the work in your office, right?” He knew that there were many things in the company, but because Yan Mu didn’t want to tire him, he kept working overtime secretly. Now that he was free to go to the company, he could more or less reduce his workload.

Yan Mu was helpless. He knew Lu Chengyu’s temperament, so he had to say, “Okay, but before you do anything, you must get my consent.”

“Yes, I will strictly follow the orders of the superior,” Lu Chengyu smiled and followed Yan Mu out the door. After the two got into the car, he suddenly remembered that he still had something to move in from his home, so he said, “Boss, after work in the afternoon, let’s go to my house to get some things.”

Yan Mu nodded, sat down and said to He Long who was sitting in front, “Let’s go.” He was anxious for Lu Chengyu to move everything in with him. This would show that Lu Chengyu would not have the idea of moving back to his own home.

When the car drove to the company, Yan Mu led Lu Chengyu through the main entrance of the company as usual. Under the attention of the staff, the two entered the elevator.

“President Yan, Assistant Lu,” a few company employees in the elevator greeted them politely after seeing them. It happened that Tang Xuan was also in the elevator. After greeting Yan Mu, she said to Lu Chengyu, “Xiao Lu, your luck is so good, you are about to become an injured professional.”

“Sister Xuan, don’t make fun of me.” Lu Chengyu smiled bitterly, “It sounds like I am Sister Lin.”

“Sister Lin doesn’t get hurt very often,” Tang Xuan said. Although, it was not easy for Tang Xuan to continue joking with Lu Chengyu because of the presence of the president. “You came to the company today. In the past few days, there were still people spreading rumours that you are going to quit your job and concentrate on being an actor.”

“Who said this? I just go take small roles in movies occasionally, and I am not a professional actor. Is it not like eating this bowl of rice, but waiting to be starved to death?” He said half-jokingly and half-seriously, “It is more practical to be an assistant to the president, right?” He tilted his head and smiled at Yan Mu.

The corner of Yan Mu’s mouth bent, and he said in a deep voice: “Well, follow me, I won’t starve you to death, but can also help you fatten up to be slaughtered.”

Tang Xuan and the other people in the elevator looked sideways. He’s joking, Assistant Lu must have made the president crooked.

The people in the elevator went out very quickly, and when they got to the floor of the president’s room, only Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu were left.

Lu Chengyu kept his promise and carried the computer into Yan Mu’s office. After adjusting into a comfortable posture on the sofa, he started to operate the computer with one hand.

In the morning, there were several managers who came up to report their work. After entering the president’s room and seeing this scene, they thought in their hearts that Secretary-General Cao’s position in the president’s heart might have dropped.

Lu Chengyu didn’t care what these people thought. While listening to these people’s reports, he quickly called up the report content with his left hand to see if it was true. The speed of the hand was so fast that almost everyone in the room felt like worshipping him. He was so powerful at a young age, and he would go against the sky in a few years.

“I know what you said,” Yan Mu glanced at the financial manager. “The company’s fiscal budget in the first half of the year exceeded the standard a lot. I hope that this problem will not occur again when I get the report at the end of the year.”

Lu Chengyu checked the computer. The data shown above made him frown slightly. There seemed to be something wrong with this financial data table. He looked up at Yan Mu and saw that Yan Mu’s expression was much more serious than usual, knowing that Yan Mu might know this in his heart, he continued to listen in silence.


Cao Jingshen felt that he had it very hard lately. Although the overtime pay was very generous, he was almost always exhausted. When he went to eat at noon, there were people who said in front of him about how good Lu Chengyu was, this was such an obvious instigation. If he could still be fooled, it would simply be a pig’s brain. And these people didn’t know that he found Lu Chengyu very pleasing to his eyes?

“Assistant Lu is young, and the president will inevitably take care of him more. It is said that the president specially ordered a takeaway for Assistant Lu at noon, and it was from Baiweixuan.” The other took the conversation and said with emotion, “We are over 40 years old. We are not as motivated as young people anymore. Oh, yes, what Secretary-General Cao would like to eat, I will treat you at noon today.”

“I will eat by myself, thank you,” Cao Jingshen sighed. Such a straight fishing hook used to lure him was embarrassing. Was this despising his IQ or despising him?

After eating, Cao Jingshen returned to his office and did not sit for a while. He saw Lu Chengyu holding a pile of documents down. His relaxed appearance was nothing like an injured person. Looking at his arm, Cao Jingshen said, “How is your wound, has it healed? You only had an operation a few days ago. You came to work today. You don’t need your hands?”

“My wound is recovering well, and I stay home every day. It’s not interesting at home,” Lu Chengyu gave Cao Jingshen the information, “These are some things I found, I think you may need it.”

“Thanks,” Cao Jingshen took the information, “I heard that you have been staying in President’s office from morning?”

“Yes,” Lu Chengyu sat down on the sofa, “what’s the matter?”

“Probably some people are envious and jealous of you,” Cao Jingshen sighed and didn’t know what was going on. He felt that the boss was really kind to Lu Chengyu. “The fire has burned to me.”

Lu Chengyu sneered, “Somewhat. People are really enthusiastic.” He looked at Cao Jingshen helplessly, a little speechless, “I am an assistant to the president and staying in Mu Ge’s office to handle work, what’s wrong?”

“Probably because they are worried that my position as secretary-general will be affected.” Cao Jingshen pushed his glasses, and sneered like Lu Chengyu, “It makes it look like we are fighting for favour.”

Lu Chengyu silently glanced at Cao Jingshen, “I don’t need to fight for favour, I’m already together with Brother Mu, now.” He felt that with the working relationship of the three, Cao Jingshen would know this sooner or later. Rather than let the other party suspect that they didn’t treat him as a friend, it was better to take the initiative to tell the other party, anyway, it was not a shameful secret.

“That’s definitely not necessary. We are not women. What are we fighting for…” Cao Jingshen almost flicked the glasses off his face, “What! Together?!” Did he hear something wrong?

Editor: The mental image of CJ and LC fighting for YM’s favour like ancient women in harems….

P.S. LC did make YM crooked….ahem..

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