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Cao Jingshen cleaned his ears to make sure that what he heard just now was not his own illusion, so he said, “Xiao Lu, you mean being together…”

“It’s together,” Lu Chengyu smiled and stretched out his thumb, then bent it, “You understand.”

“I don’t want to understand at all,” Cao Jingshen wiped his face. “The rumours about you on the Internet were very vigorous. I thought it was the people on the internet who were talking nonsense. I didn’t expect it to be me who is too naive.” But, how could this be? The two people walked together so silently, so fast that he couldn’t react.

“This happened just a few days ago. I told you when I came to the company. Is it enough buddy?” Lu Chengyu lied on Cao Jingshen’s desk with a smile, “I haven’t come to work these days. Thank you for your hard work.”

“Who is your buddy?” Cao Jingshen snorted, then looked at Lu Chengyu with a sceptical look, “You tell me this, maybe you want me to prevent other women in the company from approaching the boss, right?” It’s not that he is too careful, but Lu Chengyu was really thinking too much.

“How is it possible that I am that kind of person?” Lu Chengyu sighed, “You really don’t know me, further with a self-disciplined person like Brother Mu, how could that happen.”

“Yeah, I just know too much. You’re here,” Although Cao Jingshen was not glaring at him, he still knew a little bit about Lu Chengyu. This person seemed to be personable, but in fact he was small-minded and loved to hold grudges. No matter how good his words were, he couldn’t hide his fox-like nature, “That’s why I doubted you.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and didn’t refute. He raised his wrist and looked at the time, “Forget it, I’ll go up and do things. Brother Mu stayed up late and worked overtime every night, and if he stayed up, I would be worried that it would affect his health.”

“Okay go,” Cao Jingshen drove Lu Chengyu out like a fly. He waited until the office door was closed and frowned.

“How come the two of them are together?” As a straight man, Cao Jingshen didn’t quite understand how people of the same gender fell in love, not to mention the resistance from the Yan family and the Mu family behind them. This kind of love affair that was not in line with secular values seems to be unopposed by many people on the internet, and even a large part of them were supportive. But in fact, after leaving the online world, many people could not accept homosexuality, and some even found it disgusting and perverted.

The reality was often more cruel and helpless than the internet, but no one could leave the herd and live alone[1].

“Boss, this is the revised travel schedule.” Tang Xuan came in with the report. Seeing Cao Jingshen’s face was not so good, she smiled and said, “Boss, your expression seems as if you owe someone five hundred yuan, why is it so stinky?”

Cao Jingshen went through the schedule. This was a new schedule formulated by their secretarial department regarding the inspection of the branch next month. Because Lu Chengyu was injured, the plan was postponed for one month.

“Small things,” Tang Xuan saw that Cao Jingshen didn’t want to mention anything else, so she said, “Then I will go out.”

“Wait a minute,” Cao Jingshen hesitated, then said, “Are there any strange rumours in the company recently?”

Tang Xuan raised her eyebrows and asked instead, “For example, what kind of rumours?” Did the boss really start to be jealous of Assistant Lu?

“For example… Mr. Yan and Assistant Lu?” Cao Jingshen gave a dry cough, “Are you there?”

“Boss, you don’t believe these messy rumours too?” Tang Xuan frowned, thinking of someone in the company talking. There were various internal battles between other people and Lu Chengyu, so she asked with some suspicion, “Boss, Assistant Lu is not that kind of person, don’t believe other people’s nonsense.”

Cao Jingshen looked at Tang Xuan speechlessly. He felt that the other party had misunderstood. He then helplessly said: “I am asking about the Boss and Assistant Lu, do you understand?”

Tang Xuan was stunned for a few seconds before she suddenly realized, “I understand, it’s all on the Internet. Don’t take it seriously boss, you will lose.” After saying this, she remembered what happened in the elevator in the morning. In the scene, although the relationship between Boss and Assistant Lu was really good, she would never believe that the two first-class men had automatically paired, which was not in line with her outlook on life.

“I see, you can go out.” Cao Jingshen was relieved, knowing that no one in the company believed that Lu Chengyu and the boss had a relationship. After all, Lu Chengyu would be the one who was most affected after the incident came out.

After Tang Xuan got out of Cao Jingshen’s office, she glanced behind her with suspicion. Could it be that she really used a villain’s heart to judge a gentleman’s belly[2]?


In the afternoon, Lu Chengyu stayed in Yan Mu’s office as usual. Every executive who came to Yan Mu would look at him a few more times, and then discuss some company decisions with Yan Mu in a very serious manner.

“Assistant Lu, there is a gentleman named Zhang Hong at the front desk who wants to see you.” The phone from the front desk called directly to the president’s office, which made Lu Chengyu a little unable to look directly at him. Dis everyone in the company know that he was in the president’s office all day?

“I see, he is my friend. Please lead him to the hospitality room and I will be there, right away.” Lu Chengyu knew that Zhang Hong was not a person who came to the company to find him without reason, so he logged out of the webpage and wiped his login traces.

“Your college friend?” Yan Mu still had an impression of Zhang Hong, so when the front desk mentioned this name, he knew who it was. “Go down and have a look.”

“Okay.” Lu Chengyu nodded and closed his notebook. He put the computer on the sofa, adjusted the collar and left the office. When he took the elevator to the reception room for foreign guests, he saw Zhang Hong sitting on the sofa holding a cup of coffee. He seemed to have a leisurely manner. He felt like he was thinking a little bit more.

“Why are you here?” Lu Chengyu walked to Zhang Hong and sat down, patted him on the shoulder, “I haven’t seen you for a while, you seem to be a lot darker.”

“It’s all because of going out for business,” Zhang Hong, a big man, didn’t care about his skin. He just saw Lu Chengyu’s beautiful appearance, and suddenly felt that his appearance scores had been compared a lot. He sighed, “Forget it, I don’t have to be handsome in front of you. I came today because we wanted to find Huading Investment for a project in our company. The manager knew that I was a classmate with you, so he sent me to the back door.”

“What project “Lu Chengyu did not want his buddy to embarrass himself,” I’ll take a look. “

Zhang Hong put the contracts in Lu Chengyu’s hand, “Even though we are brothers, you don’t have to make things difficult for yourself. Anyway, I am only being trained by the manager. It doesn’t matter if I don’t get this project.”

“You think I can open the back door for you, but I’m a good and honest young man.” Lu Chengyu smiled and took the planning book. After reading it through, he found this project and the development plan to be very innovative, and he remembered that Zhang Hong mentioned the cooperation with Huading in the previous life, and in the end both parties made a lot of money.

“This planning book is very well done. It is very innovative and close to life. I will show it to the boss for you. As for whether the boss can agree or not, it is not my decision.” Lu Chengyu closed the planning book. “How’s the company doing?”

“It’s not like that,” Zhang Hong said with a smile. Obviously, he was more comfortable at work. “It’s no big trouble. It’s not as good as your development, even the front desk downstairs. After the receptionist heard that I was your friend, she became more enthusiastic about me.”

“I am a genius, and most people are destined to get hurt more than I am,” Lu Chengyu joked, “So, it’s normal to be inferior to me.”

“You, this skin is thicker than riding on a rocket, but how could you grow so fast?” Zhang Hong knew that although Lu Chengyu was doing well now, he did not look down on his good buddies, so he didn’t care about Lu Chengyu’s jokes. In other words, he dispelled the uncomfortable feeling of asking for Lu Chengyu help, “Thank you for this matter today.”

“A word of thanks is fine. If the matter is settled, please invite me to dinner,” Lu Chengyu shook his head and said, “Everything is empty. It’s safe to eat until you eat it.”

When the two were talking and laughing, suddenly the door of the reception room was knocked, and Lu Chengyu said, “Come in.”

“Excuse me,” the new secretary in the secretarial department knocked on the door. She gave Lu Chengyu a timid smile. “Assistant Lu, Mr. Cao asked me to give this to you.”

“Thank you,” Lu Chengyu took the item and found it was a USB flash drive, so he put it in his pocket and said a thank you to the little one who brought it. The secretary smiled.

The little secretary left the hospitality room with a blushing face, and did not forget to close the door for the two of them.

“People like you are simply men’s enemies,” Zhang Hong knew that Lu Chengyu was busy with work, so he said, “Okay, I won’t delay your time. I will invite you to dinner when things are settled.”

“Okay.” Lu Chengyu was not polite to him, and stood up and said, “Then I will go up first, call me if I have anything else to do.”

Zhang Hong made a good gesture, turned around and left Huading. Friends for so many years, many times need not be so polite.

After he walked to the lobby downstairs, he saw the beautiful lady at the front desk smiling and saying goodbye to him. He was happy to walk out of the door of Huading Company. No wonder, Huading was more successful than their company, as even the smiles of their front desk sisters were gentler than their own company’s front desk.

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[1] Referring to humans as social animals.

[2] to be cynical; to be skeptical of the integrity, sincerity, or motives of others.

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