MTaFB Ch. 55.2

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In the president’s room, Yan Mu saw that Lu Chengyu had returned, so he stopped his work, “Is your friend asking you for something?”

“Just to talk to us about a joint venture plan. I took a look. This profit is for us. For Huading, it is not a big piece of meat, but there is still a lot of profit,” Lu Chengyu handed Yan Mu the planning book, “This piece of cake is too big for the other party to eat, so he came to us.”

Yan Mu heard Lu Chengyu. The words were only about business, and he knew that the other party was unwilling to affect the company’s profits for personal reasons, he said, “He is your friend.”

“Brothers must settle accounts clearly, and friends must do the same,” Lu Chengyu continued with a smile. On the sofa, “What’s more, I still have 2% of the company’s shares. I don’t want to make fun of my money.”

“I will take a good look. I will discuss whether to invest in the meeting tomorrow.” Yan Mu frowned when he saw him starting to play with the computer again. “Your wound is not healed. Don’t get too tired.”

“Don’t worry, I’m used to it . It’s the left hand.” Lu Chengyu stretched out his left arm, and then quickly controlled the keyboard to issue an offensive command to some software. What he found surprised him, “Boss, how is the relationship between Shengrong and us?”

“You mean Shengrong Company under the name of Sheng Yuyuan?” Yan Mu listened to Lu Chengyu’s mention of Sheng Yuyuan, and asked: “What happened to this company?”

“A while ago didn’t you say that Shengrong Company intends to enter the capital market after Liang’s vital injury?” Lu Chengyu looked at what he found with interest, “However, after I found out that Yao and Li’s family had been liquidated, the company’s advancement momentum stopped.”

“Sheng Yuyuan can catch up. The path of these two families is not strange,” Yan Mu said with a calm expression. “This person is very cunning. There is a name in the mall called Thousand-faced Fox. Yao and Li are his paths, but they are not his only ones. He has stopped his momentum now because the situation in the capital is tense. He doesn’t want to start rolling in the muddy water before he gets the profit.”

“The name of a Thousand-faced Fox is really vulgar,” Lu Chengyu told Yan Mu. He still had the impression of Sheng Yuyuan from the bidding in City M. Although the other party was very gentle and close, he could feel the person’s aggressiveness subconsciously, “If one can come out with this title, that person must have read a lot of novels.”

“Maybe, I heard that he himself likes this title.” Yan Mu didn’t hate Sheng Yuyuan’s style in the market, but he didn’t particularly like it either. For this person, he was more inclined to alienate him. “If you meet this person, you shouldn’t have any friendship with him.

“Worried that I will be cheated by him?” Lu Chengyu smiled and raised his head from the computer. “If I was cheated, you must remember to get him back for me.”

Yan Mu solemnly nodded, “No matter what or who you encounter, I won’t let you be alone.”

Lu Chengyu smiled, “I wrote this down, if you can’t do it, I will do it at my own risk.”

“No,” Yan Mu shook his head, “I won’t lie to you.”

Although this man was a little bit silent and couldn’t speak sweet words, but such a serious promise still touched people’s hearts. Lu Chengyu touched his chin, “Okay, if you are lost, I will find you too.”

“Yeah.” Yan Mu hooked his mouth, feeling unusually happy.

After the two got off work in the afternoon, He Long drove the car to Lu Chengyu’s apartment, and the three went upstairs to move things together.

Because there were no people living in the house for a few days, the house seemed exceptionally quiet. After Lu Chengyu opened the door, he found some things he used frequently from the room, and asked Yan Mu to help him move some things out of the study.

Looking at the packed suitcase, Lu Chengyu said, “I’m really not used to it without these things.” At the moment when the study door was closed, he also put the family photo on the desk into the suitcase, although his parents were no longer around, but there were some things that couldn’t be forgotten.

He Long dragged the suitcase and said with a smile, “Mr. Lu, this suitcase is really heavy.”

“I’ve put a few books in it,” Lu Chengyu glanced at the unoccupied house, “Let’s go, go home. “

Yan Mu shook his hand, “Ahh…, let’s go home.” A place full of companionship could only be called a home, otherwise it was only just a house.

He Long silently tried to lessen his sense of existence. Facing the employers’ behaviour of showing affection all the time, he felt a lot of pressure as a single dog.

When leaving the gate of the community, Lu Chengyu deliberately greeted a few familiar security guards, although the security guards were reluctant to have him leave. However, they also knew that Lu Chengyu was often troubled by the Liang family and living in their community was not safe enough, so they smiled and said goodbye to Lu Chengyu.

“Mr. Lu is very familiar with these security guards?” He Long did not expect that Lu Chengyu had a good relationship with those security guards. After all, in his perception, many owners would not even turn their heads when passing by the security guards.

“The security guards in the community are good. They know that I live by myself. When I go home, they will bring me some home-made vegetables and tell me a lot of the principles of the older generation.” Lu Chengyu said with a smile, “Everyone here is good.”

“That’s because Mr. Lu is kind to them, and they are close to you.” He Long was a veteran. When he was a child, his family conditions were not good. He looked at a lot of rich people with a low profile, and Lu Chengyu was like this. His behaviour was such that it was easy for him to get other people’s favour, “I can see that the security guards like you very much.”

Lu Chengyu smiled and did not continue to discuss the topic. For him, whoever treated him well, he would treat them well, which had nothing to do with money or status. In his eyes, those security guards were much lovelier and nobler than Liang Deyou and his ilk. Of course, he was not so lofty that he looked down on all the wealthy people. For example, those few friends of Yan Mu suited his appetite.

Yan Mu glanced at Lu Chengyu, saw him smiling, and said softly: “Will you go to the company tomorrow?”

“Why not?” Lu Chengyu looked at him and said, “With me, your work will be a lot easier.”

“Well,” not only did the work load ease a lot, but even the mood improved a lot. Yan Mu took his hand over, then put his hand on it, and buckled their fingers together, “Having you there is very good.” In the face of employers who were showing affection all the time, He Long had gradually gained the function of selective blindness and deafness. Perhaps in the near future, he would be able to live a good life with a raise.

When the car drove to a place not far from home, it was found that the road in front was blocked, and there were several traffic policemen standing in front. It seemed that there was a car accident.

“What’s the matter?” Yan Mu frowned, because there were many high-end communities here, so the traffic situation had always been very good. He had lived here for a year or two and had never heard of a car accident.

He Long got out of the car and went to the front to take a look, and then returned soon. His expression was a little strange and a little gratified, “Mr. Yan, there was a car accident ahead and a Maybach car was hit. The car that caused the accident was a speeding BMW, the owner of the car is dead. The traffic police are dealing with the scene of the accident. I glanced at the scene, and the crash was quite severe. The entire front of the car was sunken.”

“Maybach?” Lu Chengyu’s brows twitched. “It’s the same as the car we’re in?”

He Long’s expression became even more strange. “Yes, the car models are exactly the same, and when the accident happened, it was the time when Mr. Yan got off work in the past.”

Lu Chengyu frowned. When were there so many coincidences in the world, “The time has passed so long, why hasn’t the scene been dealt with?”

He Long got out of the car to inquire about it, and said after returning, “I heard that the owner of the Maybach is a certain official. The new car was driven out as soon as they got it. Who knew they would encounter this kind of thing, their identity is not simple, and of course the matter is not so easy to deal with.” Lu Chengyu faintly felt that something was wrong, he didn’t know why.

“Turn the car around and drive the car to my other villa.” Yan Mu took out his cell phone and called the relevant personnel to check if there was anything suspicious in the house he was now living in. If someone targeted him or Lu Chengyu, maybe they had put dangerous items in their home, and he couldn’t risk their lives.

Lu Chengyu looked at Yan Mu anxiously, knowing that it was not easy, and couldn’t help saying, “Brother Mu, the community security conditions are so strict, it shouldn’t be…”

“Anyone who can plan such a perfect car accident can also enter into the community and do tricks,” Yan Mu said solemnly. “What we need to do with this kind of thing is to be careful.”

Lu Chengyu fell silent when he heard this. Although he had life experience in his previous life, he did not have any contact with certain people. At this level, he was still a novice. Yan Mu was a person who was accustomed to this circle. He knew more about the dark side than him. He thought it was better to listen to Yan Mu’s opinions. Stubbornness was not one of his weaknesses.

It only took less than half an hour for the car to drive into Yan Mu’s other property. The new villa was very beautiful, it even had a swimming pool, spacious gardens and garages, and a fountain with statues. The level of luxury greatly surpassed the small villa where Yan Mu usually lived, and the whole property exuded the incomparable taste of a local tyrant. Even a person like Lu Chengyu who was not too new to money could not keep his eyes from sparkling.

“People come to clean here every week, and the furniture is all available, so there is no problem in staying overnight,” Yan Mu said to He Long, “you live here tonight as well.”

He Long nodded, if someone really targeted Mr. Yan, it’s always safer to have one more person with Mr. Lu. Within less than ten minutes after their arrival at the villa, they saw a few black Audi cars driving in, and then a group of black bodyguards got out of the car, carrying silver suitcases in their hands, walking with their heads high and chests expanded.

“Sir, you were frightened.” The front man in the black suit took off his black glasses and greeted Yan Mu, and then made a gesture to the dozen black-clothed bodyguards behind him. There was a loud noise, and these people opened the suitcase on the spot and began to fiddle with the various security equipment in the suitcase.

Lu Chengyu silently looked at the group of men in suits, and then at the magnificent building behind him. At this moment, he felt as if he was making a rich TV series, and he was the ugly duckling who had never seen the world.

Obviously, when he entered Huading, he just wanted to become a successful person, not short of money or contacts, and then cheat his former opponents. But, why did the whole direction of life become weird after only half a year?

Was it because he had a problem with his life trajectory, or was it because he found a tall, rich and handsome man with a very tall life trajectory?

After these people set up the equipment, they started to set it up in various places, and scanned them inside and outside the house with various instruments. They didn’t even let off the pumping valve of the swimming pool, and the grass was inspected inch by inch.

“Sir, there is no problem with the roof,” a man with a safety rope jumped down.

“Sir, there is no problem in the house.”

“Sir, there is no problem with the lawn and swimming pool.”

“Thank you, everyone,” Yan Mu nodded to these people.

“Sir, you are being polite!” The head bodyguard made another gesture. All these people quickly found where they should stand, and protected the entire villa without any dead ends.

The head bodyguard patrolled all the places and made sure that there were no mistakes in the place where everyone was standing. Then he walked to Yan Mu again and said, “Mr. Yan, you can come in and rest.” Yan Mu thanked him again and turned to Lu Chengyu: “Living here is only temporary. Tell me if you are not used to it.”

He was shocked by the behaviour of these bodyguards, then he shook his head for a while and said, “No, it’s good here.”

Yan Mu found him in a trance, thinking that he was still worried about what happened before, so he comforted, “Don’t be afraid, these people are special veterans, and they are very good in reconnaissance and skills. With them, we will not have security problems.”

“I know,” Lu Chengyu tried to adjust the expression on his face, and suddenly remembered one thing, “If we didn’t go to my house to pick up things today, would it be us who had the accident?”

Actually, this man calculated well. He even knew Yan Mu’s usual living habits, so he arranged an accident that could happen at any time early. The only omission was that the people behind the scenes did not expect Yan Mu to change the routine today, and the Maybach that appeared at this time was not Yan Mu’s car at all.

However, it could be inferred from this that at least no one followed them on their way home. This was also a major failure of the other party. Why did the other party believe in Yan Mu’s life so much? Did they deliberately investigate him? But even if the other party followed Yan Mu’s living habits, he still felt that this time the incident was directed at him.

Yan Mu frowned, “Don’t think too much. Maybe this is just a coincidence. “

At this moment, his cell phone rang, and the call was made by the person responsible for checking the indoor security of the villa.

“Mr. Yan, we found something wrong with the natural gas pipe in your kitchen. If it was not found in time, an explosion might have happened at night. There is nothing suspicious except for the natural gas leak in other places. “

This was actually the most suspicious thing. Yan Mu looked at his mobile phone and his face suddenly became extremely serious.

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