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Content Warning; a lot of bloody drama

Lu Rong ran all the way downstairs, stood up holding the tree, and struck a sad pose. Deep down in his heart, he began to regret that the script he chose was a bit too bloody.

“You came to rent a house with another man behind my back!” The plan was for him to accuse Ji Wenfeng for looking at the house with Deng Te. The storyline was so gay that it made him look like a bi**h.

It would have been nice if he had just said, “You actually want to rent my house!” In this case, the solution would have become Ji Wenfeng spending money to rent his house, and the conflict would have changed from a bi**hy one to a class antagonism, highlighting how Ji Wenfeng did whatever he wanted with his money, and regardless of his and Fang Qing’s mood, he seemed to be forcing them to occupy a house and humiliating them.

Obviously the latter script was much better, Lu Rong regretted that he should have thought of it in the first place. But if he said it out loud, it would throw water away. Now there was no way to force the script to be changed. He could only work hard to get himself into the role and play the role of Lu Pinru well.

As soon as he found some feeling, Ji Wenfeng caught up with him.

Ji Wenfeng grabbed his arm, pulled him in front of him, and said in a low voice: “Things are not what you think.”

Lu Rong: Although I don’t really want to continue, but… the plan worked.

Sure enough, no matter how outrageous the script, Master Ji would jump right into the scene and cooperate with him to continue acting it out! Lu Rong strongly suspected that after three years of high school, he and Ji Wenfeng could both apply to the Central Academy of Drama and were admitted without taking the exam because of their excellent acting skills.

Lu Rong shook off Ji Wenfeng’s hand and roared: “What is that?! You are all looking at a house together, what do you want me to think?”

Ji Wenfeng looked into his eyes and said in a deep voice: “I just wanted to rent a house for a nap.”

Lu Rong’s eyes widened: “You want to take a nap with him?!”

Ji Wenfeng: “I’ll only take a nap with you.”

Lu Rong pushed him away: “You are wishful thinking!”

Ji Wenfeng tightened his pushing hand, put a palm on the tree trunk behind him, and told him condescendingly: “You can’t refuse me.”

Lu Rong: “…”

He…he couldn’t take this line anymore!!!

Too bloody!

Lu Rong felt ashamed and lowered his head. This silence unexpectedly had the effect of showing that he was in a state of confusion.

But Lu Rong was by no means someone who would give up easily. Ji Wenfeng resorted to a bloody show. So, he also quickly searched for lines from the bloody TV series he had watched with Fang Qing in the past 16 years and looked up after locking in a few famous scenes. Then he said excitedly: “Then how do you explain what happened today? You abandoned me, canceled all our activities, and ended up looking at houses with others outside? Who are you fooling?!”

Ji Wenfeng looked at Lu Rong with resentment, admiration, and tears. On the complaining face, the original solemn expression relaxed, and the eyebrows were no longer frowning. He looked at Lu Rong carefully, and raised his eyebrows: “Are you jealous from just now?”

Lu Rong quickly turned around and supported himself on the tree trunk.

Ji Wenfeng chuckled lightly and explained from behind: “I just boxed with him.”

Lu Rong said, “Yeah, you boxed so hard that you brought people home to yell!” He used a Taiwanese accent when saying this.

“He is different from you. He is my friend, but you are my…”

Ji Wenfeng’s words stopped abruptly, and Lu Rong’s ears twitched.

Suddenly there was a source of heat behind him, and Lu Rong felt the back of his ears heat up. It was Ji Wenfeng who said in his ear in a voice that only two people could hear: “… little slave.”

Lu Rong: “…” On acting skills, it turned out to be true, Mr. Ji, you are still better. I, Lu Rong, have no choice but to accept the defeat and take my leave!

Lu Rong turned back and ran home again, unexpectedly expressing the complicated emotions of a rich and charming wife after her cheating husband made lewd remarks.

Deng Te and the real estate agent stood blankly at the door of Lu Rong’s house.

Deng Te couldn’t understand why things turned out like this. He accompanied Ji Wenfeng to look at the house, but the boss greeted them. When the boss saw the two of them, he yelled, “You came to look at the house with another man” and ran away. Then Ji Wenfeng chased after him…

Deng Te stood there and thought for a long time: Did the boss say that to me? Doesn’t he like me accompanying others to look at houses? This in the end but why? Wasn’t he the one who asked me to accompany Ji Wenfeng… Ah, there is a cute little kitten outside the window!

Deng Te watched the kitten lying on the tree with great interest for a while. By the time the kitten ran away, he had forgotten what happened before.

The real estate agent relied on his many years of social experience to judge that he was involved in a Shura scene, but because the three protagonists seemed to be male high school students, he was not so sure about his proud intuition. Were today’s high school students too naughty, or was his real estate agent mind too dirty? Was the relationship between these three people the same as in “The Temptation of Going Home”?

The real estate agent glanced at the open door, regained his professionalism, and raised a business smile to Deng Te beside him: “Do you want to see the house?”

Deng Te said coolly: “Okay.”

The real estate agent led him inside with a smile and Deng Te looked around Lu Rong’s house.

Deng Te: “Is the sound insulation effect of this house really good?”

The real estate agent smiled confidently: “I told you, if you imprison a person here, no one will hear him even if he screams.”

Lao Wang was wandering around in Lu Rong’s bedroom. He didn’t know why Lu Rong suddenly locked him up and told him to be silent. There seemed to be two strangers walking around outside. After eating three small fish cakes, he had added too much salt and his mouth was dry. There was no water in the room. So, he knocked hard on the door: “Is there anyone there?”

Deng Te and the real estate agent were frightened at the same time.

Deng Te: “It’s true that people are imprisoned here.”

Real estate agent: “…I just said that the sound insulation here is good.”

The real estate agent walked to Lu Rong’s door, held the door handle and put his ear against the door panel. Then he called Lao Wang through the door: “Are you okay?!”

Lao Wang: “I’m so thirsty!”

The real estate agent said to Deng Te with a pale face: “I don’t know how long the person inside has been locked up. He hasn’t drunk water for several days…Listen, we have to rescue him before the landlord comes back. Your friend and the landlord know each other, so maybe they are in a group, and they might kill us and silence us!”

Deng Te said coolly: “The boss won’t kill me.”

The real estate agent said with a sad face: “Are you in a group with them too?! That’s right, the three of you still have that kind of triangle relationship…” He thought for a moment, then solemnly held Deng Te’s shoulders, “Young man, I know you are not the mastermind of this matter. Your life has just begun, if you help me rescue the people inside now, you can still turn back. Come and find the key with me.”

Deng Te was confused, but he knew where the key was: “The key is in the boss’s hand.” Lu Rong did things properly, so he always carried his keys with them so that he would never lose them.

At this time, Lu Rong’s footsteps came from the corridor. Because Ji Wenfeng was following behind him, the footsteps of the two of them were particularly tight and powerful, stepping on the real estate agent’s heart.

Lao Wang: “Are you ready?!”

The real estate agent was sweating like rain. He rushed up and tried to open the door but failed.

Deng Te glanced at him coolly: “Do I have to get you out of the way?”

The real estate agent sat on the ground holding his dislocated arm and gasped: “It’s too late! Hurry!”

Deng Te shook his head: “I can’t betray the boss.”

Real estate agent: “Do you want to visit him in prison in the future? You can only visit him once a month.”

Deng Te: “Get out of my way.”

He took a few steps back and took out the pink hairpin given to him by the fujoshi from his pocket. He clamped his bangs, exposed his sealed left eye, and then stepped forward and kicked!

There was a “bang” sound – when Lu Rong came home, he happened to witness Deng Te kicking down his door. The entire door fell off the hinges and fell to the ground, revealing the person with an unshaven beard, thin hair, beer belly, and who was picking his nose, his overall appearance was similar to that of Duan Yanqing, but he was wearing a vest and flip-flops.

Ji Wenfeng then appeared behind him: “…Who is this man? Why is he in your room?”

Lu Rong: “…”

Lao Wang carefully stepped over the collapsed door and stepped forward to talk to Ji Wenfeng, shook hands and said, “I’m Lao Wang from next door.”

Ji Wenfeng looked at Lu Rong with a look that was almost murderous.

Lao Wang realized that he had misunderstood and hurriedly explained: “I live next door and my surname is Wang.”

Ji Wenfeng said sternly: “I know what Lao Wang next door means.” After that, he turned and left.

Lu Rong sighed deeply and chased after him, shouting as he walked: “Wait, let me explain!”

Only Deng Te, Lao Wang and the real estate agent were left in the room.

The real estate agent was the first to break the silence: “Do you want to see the house?”

Lao Wang: “Okay, I will make small fish cakes for you to eat.”

Although a door had collapsed, the room was filled with a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

It was easy for Ji Wenfeng to chase Lu Rong, so it was equally easy for Lu Rong to chase Ji Wenfeng, because Ji Wenfeng also ran to the tree where Lu Rong stopped to pose just now and posed – but he punched the tree, his chest heaved and he supported the tree trunk to calm down his anger.

Hearing the footsteps behind him, Ji Wenfeng turned around and said in a deep voice: “I wondered why as soon as I came to your house, you were so busy attacking me and leading me away. It turned out to be the hidden beauty in the golden house!”

Lu Rong: “…” Do you call Lao Wang a beauty?!

He originally thought that Ji Wenfeng was just an ordinary jealous person, but now it seemed that he was too naive. How could Ji Wenfeng be considered a vinegar vat? He was the largest vinegar brewing factory in S City. He didn’t even need to take over Ji company, he could list A shares just by making vinegar.

Seeing Lu Rong’s silence, Ji Wenfeng sneered: “I imagined that you would reflect on yourself at home today, but I didn’t expect that you wouldn’t be able to hold on for even a day. Our Ji family doesn’t need a man like you who is so frivolous, so get out of here.” Just leave.

Lu Rong was forced into a desperate situation, and his mind was running rapidly. He must not tell Ji Wenfeng that Lao Wang was his partner or one of those idle retailers. It seemed… there was no other better way than following Ji Wenfeng’s script.

He shouted at Ji Wenfeng’s back: “Ji Wenfeng!”

Ji Wenfeng stopped, but still refused to turn around.

Lu Rong: “Why did you leave me when you say you’re going to leave me, and find someone else when you say you’re going to find someone else, but I can’t even meet and reminisce with others? Don’t you think you’re going too far!!!” As he spoke, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket. Then he wiped it on his eyelids, as tears welled up in his eyes.

This kind of rhetoric seemed to be a crusade against Ji Wenfeng, but in fact it was saying that Ji Wenfeng left him to meet Deng Te which became an inducement for him to meet Lao Wang. He forcibly assigned the two events a causal relationship and found a way to be jealous of his actions. Excuses such as anger, arrogance, and testing all revealed that he was actually having negative emotions because of Ji Wenfeng’s departure! Moreover, he calmly stated that he and Lao Wang were just old neighbors who met and talked, achieving the effect of strong whitewashing!

As expected, Ji Wenfeng turned around for him, frowning and looking at him suspiciously: “Are you really just meeting him to reminisce about old times?”

“I did it on purpose.” Lu Rong did not clarify himself, but instead threw dirty water on himself. He tried his best to stare at those spicy eyes and stubbornly let the tears fall, “After you left, I deliberately made an appointment with him.”

Ji Wenfeng had never seen such a stubborn and embarrassed Lu Rong, and Lu Rong’s messiness made him calm down: “Why.”

“Maybe I wanted to prove that even if you don’t want me, I still have a place to go.” Lu Rong laughed at himself, looking at the grass aside, using the corner of his eye to capture the warmth that touched Ji Wenfeng’s expression at that moment.

Strategy bar: 30%.

Lu Rong kept up his efforts, with tears in his eyes, he raised his head at a 45° angle to face the sun, choked up and said stubbornly: “He and I were chatting about the wedding of my mother and uncle, but I was thinking in my mind, how great it would be if I could let you see this scene. But when you really appeared in front of me, I was suddenly very scared, afraid that you would be angry.”

This specific description of the scene was paired with a literary and fresh style, which once again strengthened the causal relationship between Ji Wenfeng leaving him and him meeting Lao Wang, and also presented the specific communication process between him and Lao Wang, completely dispelling the strange misunderstanding Ji Wenfeng had in his mind! The most important thing was that the delicate psychological process made it easier for Ji Wenfeng to understand his inner entanglements and conflicts, and to understand what an excessive thing he did this morning! Everything was Ji Wenfeng’s fault, and he, Lu Rong, was just a little white flower that was messed up and tangled because of him!

After hearing these words, Ji Wenfeng lowered his head! Ji Wenfeng lowered his proud head! He also cast his gaze on the grass beside him and snorted arrogantly: “You are the one who should take the blame for what happened in the morning.”

Lu Rong secretly raised the corners of his lips: 60% of the strategy bar was filled by Ji Wenfeng at this moment.

Everything that happened this afternoon was a misunderstanding! When he mentioned the incident from this morning, it proved that he had believed that his departure had caused him to be messy, tangled, and lacking in confidence, so he stubbornly went to Lao Wang. He also believed in his ambivalence of hoping and fearing to be broken by him, because this was logically seamless!

The situation was reversed and things were looking great, and Lu Rong was not disappointed. He knew that he had to be cautious when dealing with Ji Wenfeng. He raised his head pretending to be confused: “What happened in the morning…?”

Ji Wenfeng walked up to him and said with a frosty face: “Did you forget what you said to others?”

Lu Rong’s face instantly turned pale: “You…you heard everything?”

Ji Wenfeng: “I was downstairs at the time.”

Lu Rong blushed. Blushing was the most legitimate reaction for a little slave who was caught by his master while talking dirty words behind his back! And he didn’t even have to pretend, every word he said since he came downstairs was so shameful that it exceeded his limit!

Blushing, Lu Rong clenched his fists and gently hammered Ji Wenfeng’s chest. He closed his eyes and yelled at him in a Japanese drama-style line: “Is it wrong to want others to know about our relationship…?”

Ji Wenfeng was stunned.

Awesome! Lu Rong applauded himself crazily in his heart. This sentence suddenly connected with the sentence “I don’t want others to know about our relationship” said by Ji Wenfeng at the wedding in Chapter 25. It could be said that there were thousands of miles of grass and snakes lying in wait! All of a sudden, the old accounts were turned over to a long time ago where Ji Wenfeng’s memory could never defeat him. It profoundly demonstrated the huge harm Ji Wenfeng had caused to him. It was all Ji Wenfeng’s fault that he would become like this! He was just an innocent, melancholy and angry little white lotus!

Strategy bar 80%!

Now he just needed to strengthen this meaning from the front and that was it!

Success or failure depended on this!

Lu Rong grabbed Ji Wenfeng’s open coat with both hands and put his head against his heart: “I just want others to see me as an ordinary person… standing next to you!”

The stiff Lu Rong hugged the stiff Ji Wenfeng, until he could hear his rumbling heartbeat through his chest.

After a long silence, Ji Wenfeng’s clenched fists relaxed. Lu Rong felt Ji Wenfeng chuckle above his head and put his big hands on his hair: “Okay. I will give you an identity.”

Lu Rong buried himself in Ji Wenfeng’s chest and raised the corner of his mouth sinisterly: Strategy bar 100%.

Ji Wenfeng, completely defeated!

Sure enough, people wouldn’t know how much potential they had if they didn’t work hard.

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