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Lu Rong and Ji Wenfeng finished a performance of “The wealthy young man and the young wife both cheated on each other. In the end, the two hugged each other and cried in the pouring rain. They talked to each other and resolved the suspicion and worries about gains and losses in love.”, and then reconciled as before.

After that, Ji Wenfeng asked ambiguously: “Where do you want to go this afternoon, huh?”

Lu Rong tilted his head slightly, played with the zipper of his coat and smiled obediently: “Repair the door.”

Ji Wenfeng’s expression turned cold: “This is not a matter of course. They should do it.”

Ji Wenfeng took Lu Rong to the door of the house and gave orders to the three uninvited guests who were sitting on the sofa eating small fish cakes: “We will not rent this house anymore.”

Real estate agent: “You do not want to take a moment to consider it? The sound insulation effect is really good. The price can also be negotiated.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Sorry, I am the homeowner.”

Real estate agent: “…” Nowadays, high school students become homeowners too quickly. Bar!

Ji Wenfeng pointed at the real estate agent and then at Lao Wang: “You two, fix the door.”

The real estate agent and Lao Wang said: “Why the two of us! He was obviously the one who kicked down the door!” They also pointed at Deng Te.

Deng Te looked at Ji Wenfeng coolly with his remaining right eye.

Ji Wenfeng: “No, he’s one of our own.”

Deng Te said coolly: “Thank you.”

Ji Wenfeng ordered Lao Wang and the real estate agent: “You should repair it today.” After that, he took Lu Rong away.

“Did you hear that?” Deng Te ate the small fish cakes, stared at the real estate agent and Lao Wang coolly, and acted as a supervisor.

After Lao Wang finished repairing the door, Lu Rong sent him a WeChat message, asking him to quickly familiarize himself with the process of making small fish cakes before starting work on the salted fish account: “For these two projects, I have sacrificed myself.”

Lao Wang: “Boss, are you okay?”

Lu Rong: “It’s okay. It’s just best to transfer that batch of goods to your house.” Ji Wenfeng knew that his house was near the school, and he might have to go to his home for lunch every day.

Lao Wang: “I don’t have room to put it. I have to stock up on small fish cakes every night.”

Lu Rong: “Okay, do as you find convenient. You first ask the real estate agent and take back the spare key, and then go to my house to deliver the goods.” He would take care of Ji Wenfeng’s matter. There would always be a way to keep Ji Wenfeng away.

Lu Rong had always been able to take care of things well, so Lao Wang reciprocated: “I will pack up on Monday and go to the school gate to sell fish cakes.”

Lu Rong: “Don’t be in a hurry. You practice first.”

Lao Wang was surprised: “Why??”

Lu Rong: “I want you to become a hit.”

Lao Wang: “What, now I have to sell a bunch of skewers and also debut as an idol?”

Yes, Lu Rong’s thinking was really like this.

The product of small fish cakes was very good, but Lao Wang’s external conditions made it difficult to attract people to consume at his stall. The competition among the kebab stalls in front of the school was fierce. With a master like Chen Yulian in charge, who had both a reputation and a fan base, it was not easy for Lao Wang to get a piece of the pie.

Lu Rong wanted to completely transform Lao Wang, manipulate his personality, and let Li Nanbian do a wave of marketing in advance to increase traffic and momentum. It would be much better than him being disgraced and just sitting there frying skewers. However, he still needed to think about how to design the character and make a plan.

“What are you looking at?” Ji Wenfeng sat down opposite him and handed him the marked English test paper.

After today’s fierce quarrel-reconciliation-quarrel-reconciliation-quarrel-reconciliation, Ji Wenfeng and Lu Rong went home to do their homework.

At this time, they were sitting on the carpet in Ji Wenfeng’s living room wearing home clothes while Ji Wenfeng tutored him in English. When he was not asking him to take off a piece of clothing for teaching a sentence of grammar, Ji Wenfeng was still a pretty good teacher.

Lu Rong put away his phone and asked tentatively: “You just said… you want to give me an identity. What kind of identity will it be?” Although he had sacrificed himself for business, he was still very concerned about what public execution Ji Wenfeng was going to do.

Ji Wenfeng raised his head and glanced at him: “I will make our relationship public.”

“What kind of relationship is it specifically?” Lu Rong asked, turning his pen.

Ji Wenfeng: “Brotherly relationship.”

The last thing Lu Rong wanted to make public was the brotherly relationship. This would affect his prestige in the all-villain group and would also expose the fact that he wore women’s clothing in Boyue Longhua that day. What would happen next? It would bring about a lot of chaos, affecting his personal positioning of making a fortune in silence.

He tried his best to dispel Ji Wenfeng’s idea: “We are not brothers. My aunt married your father, and my aunt is only my temporary guardian. We are not brothers by blood or legal relationship.”

Ji Wenfeng glanced at him meaningfully: “Well, the relationship between brothers is indeed very inconvenient.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng threw away the pen, lazily spread out on the lazy sofa, and looked at Lu Rong with squinted eyes: “In this case, I can only tell the truth – you are my little slave.”

Lu Rong: “This is a people’s democratic dictatorship country, and slavery is illegal.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Since Ji Wenfeng came back from the United States, he really didn’t know much about the current situation of the domestic legal system. In this way, he was deceived by Lu Rong in just a few words, and he sat on the lazy sofa while immersed in deep thought.

After pondering for a moment, he pretended to be casual and said: “Then I can only tell them that you are my boyfriend.”

Lu Rong: “No!”

Ji Wenfeng was displeased: “Do I have to publicly declare that we are married before you can give up?”

Lu Rong felt that the script was progressing so fast that it was uncontrollable: “No, no, I don’t think it has reached that point yet. Our domestic environment is very unfriendly to the LGBT community. If we make it public rashly, it will be harmful to your personal image and might even have a devastating impact. I’m just a nobody, it doesn’t matter to me, but you are the school idol, and you will become the target of everyone’s attack! Do you know the fandom culture in China? Married idols are worse than dogs.”

Ji Wenfeng looked at him in astonishment for a long time, closed his eyes and chuckled: “In this way, we should be more open.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “If you are so considerate of me, but I am timid, I will suspect you want me too much. Do you know what I’m thinking now? I can’t let you be wronged.” He held Lu Rong’s hand.

Lu Rong was very moved, and then withdrew his hand and hid it deeply in his trouser pocket: “The key is that we are not in this kind of relationship, why do we have to sacrifice so much to make it public.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…That’s true.”

Neither of them could think of a way to disclose their relationship openly.

Ji Wenfeng comforted Lu Rong and said, “I will find a way.”

He would definitely do what he had promised Lu Rong. He also didn’t want him and Lu Rong to act like the most familiar strangers outside. If others knew that Lu Rong was his, Lu Rong would have more friends, a higher status on campus, and it would also be able to prevent characters like Ling Ren from extending their evil hands towards Lu Rong.

Lu Rong nodded meekly: “Okay.”

He already had some ideas. They could not disclose the fact that they had reorganized their family, and they could not follow the old path of gay people. In fact, they should work hard on developing a working relationship. He walked out of the room gently facing Ji Wenfeng’s firm eyes, turned his back, and his face instantly changed to a scheming, deep and reserved expression – he would help Ji Wenfeng handle this matter.

After the weekend, Lu Rong returned to school, thinking about how to create a new character for Lao Wang. With everyone adding fuel to the flames, he posted this question to the entire villain group: What is the most attractive thing for high school students?

Liang Wendao: Copying homework.

Yan Gou: Skating

Li Nanbian: Sneakers

Lu Rong: Copying homework is good, but we already have a whole industry chain. Ice skating is relatively niche, so please don’t substitute your own interests and hobbies. How do you say sneakers?

Li Nanbian: My work account has the WeChat accounts of almost all our classmates in school, and sneakers are what everyone posts the most in their WeChat Moments. You have to buy even when you have no money, you still have to buy even if you have to borrow money, you still have to buy when you fall out of love, and you still have to buy when you are single. You can have bad grades, you can be ugly, you can be bad at sports, you can have no sense of presence, but you must have brand-name sneakers. Because many styles are very expensive in China, there is a huge demand for high-quality and low-priced authentic products.

Lu Rong: Lao Li has a great sense of the market. Yan Gou, please help Lao Li do a survey to see how big the market is for purchasing sneakers on behalf of others.

Yan Gou: Okay boss, yes boss

Lu Rong: Then let’s continue discussing what attracts high school students the most

Liang Wendao: Ji Wenfeng

Lu Rong: Ji Wenfeng can open a separate business line, pass

Yan Gou: Daily horoscope

Lu Rong’s eyes lit up: Feudal superstition! Although they were in the 21st century, fortune telling, horoscopes, tarot cards, jumping rope, and burning incense business were all still booming. Maybe they could give Lao Wang a fortune teller persona?

The more he thought about it, the more he thought it was feasible. He asked several people: Is there any goddess/divine calculator that can be used as a reference?

Yan Gou, Li Nanbian and Liang Wendao blurted out: The person who sits before you.

Lu Rong: “…that fujoshi?”

Li Nanbian: “Every day, many people gather around Xiao Zhuqing to express their love!”

Lu Rong felt that he needed to put aside his prejudices to observe, investigate and even ask for advice from the fujoshi in front of him.

Lu Rong put down his phone and tapped the shoulder of the fugitive girl in the front seat. The fujoshi immediately turned around with bright eyes: “Answer me a question first: Is your husband still your husband?”

Lu Rong: “He has never been my husband.”

The fujoshi: “If he is not your husband, there is no moth like you for me! I don’t need a moth like you who can’t even tie up a husband!”

Lu Rong: “…I am very good with him.”

The fujoshi turned around and lay on his desk: “How can I believe what you say? He has already made an appointment with that man to go to that place.” After saying that, she glanced at “that man” Fang Chang.

The fujoshi’s timeline was still stuck on Friday when Fang Chang, the little bi**h robbed her son-in-law.

Lu Rong said calmly: “It was me he was going to date. He was the man I put the blame on.”

The rotten girl admired Lu Rong very much: “I know you won’t lose when it comes to the love triangle between wealthy families.”

Lu Rong: “By the way, congratulations, your CP has come true.”

Fujoshi: “You and your husband?”

Lu Rong turned his attention to Fang Chang: “Ling Ren and Fang Chang.”

Fujoshi said indifferently: “Those two are just hanging on my wall, you and your husband are my destined CP – what happened between you?”

Lu Rong: “We reconciled, but we encountered a little difficulty.”

The fujoshi crossed her arms and looked at him for a while: “emmmmm, let me think about it. …Is it because after experiencing the ‘that man’ incident, you want to have a relationship in school that is different from a couple but close to a couple so that others will no longer interfere between you?”

Lu Rong folded his arms and leaned against her seriously, then he narrowed his eyes: “How did you know it?”

The fujoshi smiled mysteriously: “Nothing but familiarity.”

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