What to do when the Campus Idol is too Overbearing? (WTDWCIO)


Lu Rong, the school bully, kept a low-profile as he made his fortune in silence. Using his diligence and intelligence, he successfully turned his school’s dark forces into a money-making machine. He was then known as the leading business figure at Southside High.

One day, a rich campus idol, Ji Wenfeng, appeared in the school out of nowhere. His excellent appearance and ridiculous monetary power stirred up commotion throughout the student body.

Lu Rong exclaimed, “Is he extraordinary just because he’s a rich-second-generation?!”

Then he went home and discovered that his aunt married Ji Wenfeng’s dad; he’s now living at the Ji family until he’s of age. He’s going to eat Ji Wenfeng’s food, ride Ji Wenfeng’s car, stay in Ji Wenfeng’s house…

Ji Wenfeng: “Are rich-second-generations extraordinary?”

Lu Rong: “Yes, incredibly extraordinary.”

Ji Wenfeng: “You’re just a little brother (note, slang for someone weak/of lower status).”

Lu Rong: “Hello, Gege.”

Ji Wenfeng: “In this house, you have to listen to me. Starting for now, you are my little s*ave.”

Lu Rong nodded obediently, appearing like a coward. “Understood, I’ll go wash your clothes then.”

And immediately turned around, mercilessly packing up Ji Wenfeng’s entire closet: “Official Campus Idol’s real branded jacket! Starting bid at ¥3500! Come take a look! Don’t miss the deal!”

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