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Fang Qing and Ji Tong formed a family group, and in the group there was Ji Wenfeng’s WeChat account with Xingkong as his profile picture, and Lu Rong sent him a friend request. He didn’t expect Ji Wenfeng to accept his request as soon as he arrived, but this was his only way of contacting him. He wrote in the verification message: See you on the rooftop at 1 pm. To be on the safe side, he also added: whoever does not come is a dog. In this way, Ji Wenfeng would definitely arrive as promised.

After class at noon, Lu Rong went to the Internet cafe to find the boss and took an idle bank card from him. He was underage, and there was no bank account to apply for a card. For the sake of convenience, he had asked the internet café boss to apply for a card.

Lu Rong glanced at the ordinary ICBC card: “How much money is in it?”

Boss B: “Not much, more than 600 – how about I get you some more?”

Lu Rong: “Enough.” It’s just bait, he didn’t need much.

He put the card in his trouser pocket, pulled up his trouser chain properly, and asked Boss B to help him find short-term jobs available recently.

The Boss raised his head from the display screen: “Who wants to work?”

Lu Rong: “Me.”

Boss B shook his head: “Boss, it’s hard for me to find the kind of part-time job you want. I only have distributing leaflets and cleaning jobs here. Jobs like this are bitter, tiring, and earn little, which doesn’t fit your status.”

Lu Rong: “I just want to be bitter, tiring, and earn little.”

Old B held his breath and looked at him for a while: “Boss, did your mother fight with someone in the Internet cafe?” Otherwise, he really couldn’t figure out why Lu Rong was so short of money.

The old b said heartbrokenly: “I said you let her come here to play games, I can cover her.”

Lu Rong: “…”

How bad was Fang Qing’s personal image? Was there any bottom line?

Lu Rong asked old B to pay attention to some part-time work, took the bank card and went back to school then went straight to the rooftop, when he reached, it was five minutes before one o’clock.

He fingered his hair on the iron gate and messed it up. His half-length hair fell loose, and his aura seemed much weaker. He tried his eyes and expressions again, controlled his facial muscles, and tried to act like a weak chicken who was ignorant of the world and had a bookish spirit. When he was taking a look in the mirror and gradually entering the scene, Ji Wenfeng suddenly pushed the door open and walked out. He was in his school uniform, with his hands in his trouser pocket, and wore a bright red beast earphones in his ear. He was full of rebellious teen spirit.

Lu Rong took two steps back in fright, met Ji Wenfeng’s playful eyes, and realized that his retreat just now had inexplicably achieved a good performance. Taking advantage of the trend, he lowered his head and stared at his toes, and successfully hypnotized himself into the play, playing the role of a “noble scholar who has troubles and embarrassment in front of the gentleman who wanted him to wear small shoes”.

Long before meeting each other yesterday, Ji Wenfeng had had a strong impression of Lu Rong. This kid looked inconspicuous at first glance, but on the basketball court, he “defended” himself very well. Appearing quietly on every occasion against him, that’s enough.

Ji Wenfeng had no interest in Ji Tong finding another person, nor did he care about it. Who cared about an extra old woman in the family? But this younger brother who came out of thin air was different.

The eyes with which Lu Rong looked at him in the basement at that time, the eyes mixed with surprise, regret, embarrassment, and awe, satisfied all of Ji Wenfeng’s bad tastes.

At that moment, Ji Wenfeng was extremely happy to get that kind of look from this cheap little brother once again, as if he was facing a big enemy. He lazily turned back and closed the door, walked slowly to stand in front of Lu Rong, took off the earphone with one hand and hung it around his neck, then he casually put his hand on Lu Rong’s side: “What? Called me out and turned dumb again?”

Lu Rong turned his face away in shame and said in a low voice: “…I rode my bike to school this morning, and I was late.”

Ji Wenfeng let out a long oh, and looked down lazily at him from above: “You are not an emperor, but is general Ning kind? It turned out that you just couldn’t stand it after going to school since it is a little far away, and are not as kind.”

Lu Rong looked more and more ashamed and angry, then he took out the bank card from his trouser pocket and handed it to him.

Ji Wenfeng narrowed his eyes, not quite understanding which song was being sung.

Lu Rong raised his head, his eyes were firm and he said: “I won’t waste your family’s money for nothing!”

Ji Wenfeng: “…?”

Lu Rong: “I know, you don’t want me to live in your mansion and ride in your luxury car, I also don’t want to, but I don’t want to embarrass my mother and Uncle Ji! I can only live with you for the next few years, and I will pay the rent by myself!”

Ji Wenfeng’s pupils dilated, and the playful smile on his face gradually deepened.

Lu Rong: Plan is working.

In order to play a noble white lotus, he cramped his feet this morning and asked the rotten girl how many danmei novels she had read.

Ji Wenfeng stretched out his slender index finger, clamped his bank card calmly, and asked pretendingly, “How much money is in it?”

Lu Rong: “600…”

Ji Wenfeng held up the card and sneered: “Do you think 600 is enough for you to live in my house and ride in my car? It’s not even enough for gas money.”

Lu Rong: That’s wrong. It was 14 kilometers, carpooling came up to 30, they had to go to school 20 days a month, 600 yuan was just right, and he could ride a bicycle by himself when he went home to exercise.    

But he couldn’t argue with Ji Wenfeng at this time, so he just puffed up his chest and said: “This is all my savings!”

He was broke, after all his house of 35 square meters had now risen to 4 million suddenly.

“I will earn it!” Lu Rong swore.

The earning method was distributing leaflets and posters at 50 yuan per hour.

Lu Rong’s pretended strong expression greatly pleased Ji Wenfeng. Ji Wenfeng naturally didn’t care about this little money, Lu Rong and his mother were spending his father’s money, what did it matter to him? But since Lu Rong came up and invited him to play a game of cat and mouse, why not do it?

Ji Wenfeng smiled “kindly” and offered a price that he would never be able to meet: “If you want to do this, it’s fine, just give me 30,000 rent per month.”

Lu Rong was stunned: “What did you say?” His expression was not fake.

According to plan A, once he gave the bank card to Ji Wenfeng, Ji Wenfeng would be moved by his integrity, and he would pat him on the shoulder and say, “What are we brothers doing talking about money?” This was the best result.

Although Lu Rong was also prepared for the fact that the reality would not be so smooth, Ji Wenfeng asking him for 30,000 yuan, this he did not expect—had his conscience been eaten by a dog?

Ji Wenfeng said lightly: “Eat my food, live in my house, and take my car, 30,000 yuan a month.”

Lu Rong’s mask couldn’t hold up: “… May I ask how this is calculated.”

Ji Wenfeng just wanted to bully him, but unexpectedly he even bargained and calculated for him: “My luxury house cost 120 million yuan, and the decoration cost more than 20 million yuan. The rent alone is more than that. In addition to eating and drinking water, electricity, car fare, nanny fee, wouldn’t it come to more than 30,000 yuan?”

Lu Rong said: This statement is wrong.

The price could not be calculated according to the cost, but only according to the supply and demand. His own room was only 60 square meters, and it was located in such a remote place. If it was rented out on the market, the rent would be 3,000 a month and not one yuan higher. Other rooms like the game room, billiard hall, and audio-visual rooms were all public spaces and shared areas. He couldn’t use them more than a few times a year. Plus two meals a day – how much could he eat by himself? 1000 per month was more than enough. He didn’t need nanny services either. He could do his own laundry, mop the floor, and cook by himself—in terms of accommodating all the nannies in their family, they were not as capable as him. They would even have to pay tuition fees for themselves, 1,999 yuan per class. Apart from the rent, the biggest expense should be gas money. He would be carpooling with Ji Wenfeng for a month, and if they came to and from school together, the top price would be 1200.

Then purely based on the market price, 3,000 rent + 1,200 gas + 1,000 food = 5,200 a month, and if the water and electricity were divided at a friendship price, 6,000 was enough.

Ji Wenfeng said that it was 30,000. Did he know that at this price, he could find a five-star hotel in the city and book a room for a long-term stay?

Lu Rong silently shook his head Dumbledore-style in his heart: Ji Wenfeng had to be beaten up.

However, since he had already decided to kill him and not pay, he did not bargain.

Lu Rong brewed his emotions for a while, turned his head and stared at him with hatred: “Okay, 30,000 is 30,000, and I will work hard to make money!” The way to earn 50 yuan an hour was to distribute flyers and posters.

Ji Wenfeng nodded: “I’m looking forward to it.”

He turned to leave, but Lu Rong stopped him: “Wait!”

Ji Wenfeng said he was all ears.

Lu Rong said shamelessly: “I may not earn that much for a while…” Under Ji Wenfeng’s playful eyes, he said weakly, “If I can’t afford it, can I put it on credit first? In the future, I will definitely pay you back, I can’t run away anyway.”

Lu Rong’s plan B: Ji Wenfeng coldly accepted the bank card and asked him to make money to pay back the rent. He would crazily distribute leaflets to move Ji Wenfeng with his posture of moving bricks. Ji Wenfeng would forget this rental clause that did not meet the market price, and would pat him on the shoulder and say, “What are we brothers doing talking about money?” The implementation of this plan would take some time, but he had to communicate with Ji Wenfeng about the fact that he had no money.

Of course Ji Wenfeng knew that he couldn’t afford it, and he had made the request just because he couldn’t afford it. He pretended to think about it and smiled kindly: “If you don’t pay the rent, it’s fine, but you have to promise me one condition.”

Lu Rong’s eyes lit up: He’s hooked!

Lu Rong: “What conditions.”

Ji Wenfeng raised his chin proudly: “If you can’t pay off the debt, then sell yourself to pay off. I will support you, you listen to me, and you must do everything I ask. That is, from now on, I will be your master.”

Lu Rong: The plan is clear.

Lu Rong’s plan C: Ji Wenfeng deliberately raised the price, and he deliberately couldn’t afford it, so Ji Wenfeng took advantage of the opportunity to sign “a domineering young master and small slave contract” with him.

If he could live in Ji’s house until he graduated from university smoothly as long as he did not have to deal with Ji Wenfeng being a demon every month, he was willing to be Ji Wenfeng’s slave. This was Lu Rong’s realization of being under the fence.

Lu Rong was still more cautious and safety-conscious: “I won’t break the law.”

Ji Wenfeng: “Of course.”

Ji Wenfeng hid the bank card in the chest pocket of his shirt and parted the corner of his eyes. He just gave it to his cheap brother, thinking to himself: It’s really interesting.

Lu Rong was shrouded in Ji Wenfeng’s meaningful eyes, thinking: He thinks this is very interesting, really interesting.

After school that day, the two tacitly walked to the intersection one after the other, and Lao Song was waiting there.

Ji Wenfeng got into the Bentley first, and Lao Song looked at him from the rearview mirror, asking with his eyes if he should go first. He had already seen the young master walking quickly not far away.

Ji Wenfeng opened WeChat and approved his friend request: “Call me brother.”

Lu Rong didn’t reply.

Ji Wenfeng told Lao Song: “Drive over.”

Lao Song thought to himself: Poor young master, he stepped on the accelerator.

In order to satisfy the young master’s bad taste, Lao Song controlled the Bentley to slide slowly past Lu Rong at a speed of 5 yards.

Ji Wenfeng: “Stop.”

Lao Song was so startled that he slammed on the brakes.

Lu Rong opened the car door with low eyebrows.

Ji Wenfeng sat on the seat, leaning against the back of the chair as he looked up at him.

Lu Rong showed a look of forbearance, resentment, and shame, and said in a low voice: “Hello, brother.”

Ji Wenfeng gave a long hum, gave up his seat in satisfaction, and Lu Rong got into the car.

Lao Song: “…”

The speed of the development of the teenage brotherhood made him, a middle-aged man, unable to keep up with the rhythm.

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