5BKCM Ch. 27: Son No. 2

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Nie Yu ran out so suddenly, seeing this Nie Nanqing’s face turned livid with anger: “This scoundrel is getting more and more outrageous!”

Ji Zhentian was a little embarrassed, and hurriedly persuaded: “Nie Yu and Qisen are different. Qisen knew about his mother since he was a child, so he naturally understood what was going on and found it easy to accept. But this news was too sudden for Nie Yu, and he couldn’t accept it for a while, but he understood. You have to give that child time to let him slowly accept the situation.”

These words were to comfort Nie Nanqing and also to comfort Gu Yuan.

Gu Yan finally came to her senses from the bewilderment, and a realization slowly came to her mind: Nie Yu was also her son?

Nie Yu was also her son!

At this moment, she actually remembered that when she saw Nie Yu’s flirtatious face that day, she felt more than once in her heart that this Nie Yu was far worse than her son Qisen, and she didn’t know how his mother taught him.

In the end, Nie Yu was also her son!

So, she herself was the unlucky mother who didn’t educate her son well!

Ji Qisen saw her shock, so he walked up to her, and explained in a low voice: “He is indeed your son, and I just got the news that he and I came to the world on the same day.”

Nie Nanqing turned to look at Gu Yuan, sighed softly, and said apologetically: “Miss Gu, I am really sorry. I am the one who didn’t teach him well. That dog has always been like this. When I go back, I will definitely teach him strictly and ask him to apologize to you again.”

Gu Yan’s original thoughts had been spread all over the ground. Hearing this, she quickly waved her hands: “No, no! Don’t say that, it’s normal for him to be unacceptable for a while, as for the other-“

Uh, other…. What should I say? Nie Yu turned out to be her own son, shouldn’t she be ashamed that he turned out to be her son?

The scene suddenly fell into embarrassment…

In the end, Ji Zhentian smoothed things over from the side: “Then, let’s persuade him first, and talk about the rest later, let’s talk later! Hahaha, talk later!”

He laughed a few times to himself, only to realize that everyone looked serious, and no one was laughing except himself.

Forget it, hurry up and leave!

The apology meeting ended in a hurry. Gu Yuan went back to the room alone, lying on the big comfortable bed, and couldn’t help but think of Nie Yu’s actions.

Objectively speaking, Nie Yu was a typical rich second-generation, tall and handsome, with a flamboyant dress style and very much like a peacock. If he hadn’t been born in a top rich family, he would have been able to enter the entertainment circle with his appearance. He could easily be a traffic star. Now, he had a strong sense of presence on the Internet platform, and his humorous and sharp style had also attracted a large number of fans.

He had had countless girlfriends, each of whom was a top-notch beauty, and all his previous girlfriends could form a model team, but even so, there were still countless girls who fell for him, and looked forward to being favoured by him. He was even known as the husband of the nation.

Such a person turned out to be her own son?

Nie Yu broke Gu Yuan’s perception of her son.

Perhaps it was because the first son Gu Yuan met was Ji Qisen, and Ji Qisen was good enough, worry-free, and mature enough, so Gu Yuan subconsciously felt that this was how a grown-up son should be, that at this time she was unexpectedly caught off guard when she actually harvested a prodigal son.

Nie Yu’s various slightly hateful behaviours, when Gu Yuan thought of them before, she was indignant, but now she was heartbroken.

It was supposed to be a narcissistic vacancy to spread the screen everywhere to provoke romantic debts, but it became a class drama to catch his old mother’s bad intentions?

What kind of drama was this!

Gu Yuan held her forehead with a headache. She felt that her son couldn’t go on like this. A good young man with a good background and a bright future, how could he be addicted to flirting with women from a good family?

No, it must be broken!

She must find a way in the future to make him correct his values and his outlook on life, to be a beautiful young man with five stresses and four principles, not to play with others feelings, not to play with the world, and not to play with the feelings of little girls.

That’s it!

When Gu Yuan was thinking this way, she turned on her phone again and began to search frantically for how to guide her son to the right path. After searching a lot, she reopened the previous parent-child forum and started posting: Help, my first son and I have a good parent-child relationship, so there is no need to worry, but my other son has a big problem, what should I do?

Reply below: How many good sons do you have?

Repost: Did your family not plan to have children back then?

Gu Yuan was caught off guard by the question, and was not sure how to answer when she suddenly received a message on WeChat.

JQS: “Mommy, are you asleep?”

Yuanyuan quickly replied: “No! What’s wrong with my son? Is there something wrong?”

After a while, JQS replied: “It’s nothing, it’s just that don’t think too much about what happened today, Nie Yu may not be able to accept it for a while.”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Don’t worry, I won’t worry about it. For him, it is normal for him to suddenly not be able to accept having a mother who is younger than him, I won’t be angry!”

Sitting on the office chair, JQS looked at the reply on the phone.

Mom’s reply was cheerful, and she really didn’t seem to care. He could even imagine her tone.

This made Ji Qisen somewhat uncomfortable. What his mother meant was to recognize Nie Yu.

Ji Qisen pursed his lips slightly, leaned his body back, leaned on the back of the comfortable leather chair, and closed his eyes slightly.

He didn’t know what he was thinking now. He didn’t get along with Nie Yu since he was a child. Now he knew that Nie Yu was his brother, and they were even born in the same incubator. In a sense, they could also be said to be medical twins.

After 18 years of dealing with each other, Ji Qisen couldn’t accept such news in one day.

But besides being unacceptable, he actually felt a little sympathetic to Nie Yu.

No one knew Nie Yu better than Ji Qisen. He could feel what Nie Yu was thinking when he slammed the door out angrily.

Nie Yu was afraid, afraid that his mother would not recognize him because of his previous bad behaviour.

Ji Qisen rubbed his slightly tired face, finally picked up his phone again, and sent a WeChat message to his mother: “Mom, next Saturday is my birthday.”

This message was replied quickly.

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Really? That’s great, I will write it down, and I will definitely prepare a gift for you!”

Through the screen, Ji Qisen felt the expectation in his mother’s tone, and he was silent for a while, then he typed another line, paused for a while, and finally sent it: “What about Nie Yu?”

This message fell into Gu Yuan’s eyes, and Gu Yuan thought of it immediately.

That’s right, her sons Qisen and Nie Yu were born on the same day. Saturday was both her sons’ birthday, so it should also be Nie Yu’s birthday.

Although that Nie Yu was very ignorant, mischievous and annoying, but that was also her own son, shouldn’t she also prepare a gift for Nie Yu?

But Nie Yu didn’t call her mother at all, and even slammed the door?

After thinking about it for a while, Gu Yan finally replied: “I will prepare a gift for him, but it’s up to him whether he wants it or not, hmm!”

Ji Qisen looked at the last hmm…, with a little smile in his eyes, he replied, “Well, if he doesn’t want it, I will take both.”

After sending the WeChat message, Gu Yuan looked at the messages in the WeChat message, silently opened the forum again, and posted a post: Help, it’s both my son’s birthday, what birthday present should I prepare.

After posting the post, she quickly sent a WeChat message to Camille for help: Camille, I want to give my son a birthday present, what should I give, help please!

In the bar on the basement floor of the busiest mall in the city, Nie Yu was drinking and chatting with a few friends. Chen Shuo was enthusiastically planning his birthday. With a cigarette in his mouth, he was slowly exhaling smoke rings, a smile appeared on his lips, and there was no smile at all in his narrow and light brown eyes, but a trace of irony and sadness.

When asked who should he invite for his birthday, he flicked the cigarette butt in the ashtray and said calmly: “What kind of birthday is it? It’s not interesting.”

Several friends were puzzled: “Master Nie, what’s the matter? The last two days you have been the same as the eggplant beaten by Shuang?”

Bian Jinyun came over and the two brothers hugged his shoulders: “Mr. Nie is now in the window period, so it’s boring without a goal? Why don’t you just go after Ji Qisen’s little beauty. It will be energetic and challenging!”

Chen Shuo burst out laughing, nodding wildly while laughing: “That’s a good idea, chasing that little girl, didn’t Ji Qisen say that it was his mother? Chase her, if you get her, let Ji Qisen call you daddy!”

After saying this, the brothers in the bar all laughed.

Everyone knew that Ji Qisen had recognized a young girl as his mother, everyone laughed so hard, everyone knew what the little girl looked like and how old she was, but Ji Qisen actually said that was his mother?

Since he dared to recognize his mother, he couldn’t blame Young Master Nie for chasing his mother and pretending to be his father!

Bian Jinyun laughed until tears came out: “I can laugh about this for the rest of my life, Ji Qisen said it was his mother, hahaha!”

Who knew that he was laughing when he suddenly felt his neck being pinched.

Looking over suddenly, it was Nie Yu standing in front of him.

Nie Yu pinched his cigarette with one hand, and pinched his throat with the other. There was a cold light in his long and narrow eyes, and his thin lips were pursed, without the slightest intention of joking.

“Cough, cough, Brother Yu, cough, cough…” What the hell was Nie Yu doing, why was he going crazy, this would kill people!

“Brother Yu, let go, what if he dies, let go!” The others were also frightened, and hurried over to pull Nie Yu away.

However, Nie Yu narrowed his eyes, a cold light appeared in his eyes, he gritted his teeth and said, “What did you just say, say it again!”

“I said chase his mother and let him call Lao Tzu… father.”

Was this wrong? Was this wrong?

Ji Qisen and Nie Yu had always been at odds, and Nie Yu came to strangle him because of this, was he sick?

However, upon hearing this sentence, Nie Yu’s face became even colder.

With a snow-white shirt, thin lips, and sharp phoenix eyes, Nie Yu’s voice seemed to come out from between his teeth: “Anyone who dares to say such a thing is my enemy!”

Bian Jinyun was suddenly let go, he grabbed the wine bottle next to him, slammed it there with a bang, and kicked it, causing the whole table to rattle.

The guests around looked over, only to see a young man in white clothes who seemed to be on fire, exuding a gloomy fire all over his body, and everyone was terrified, leaving and running for their lives.

The waiter hurried over, saw him, and knew that he was the prince of the entertainment industry. His family’s money could buy a thousand malls, and he knew that he couldn’t afford to offend him. He quickly called the manager and persuaded him cautiously from the side.

Bian Jinyun and Nie Yu had been friends since childhood, and they were also children of rich families. After suffering this kind of grievance, he also got angry at the moment. He said, “What the hell happened with Ji Qisen? What did I say that provoked you?”

Nie Yu sneered: “Yes, you provoked me, please remember, whoever dares to say anything about his mother in the future is equivalent to talking bad about my mother! I’m going to kill him directly!”

After speaking, he kicked a table flying again and left.

Everyone present was stunned, and after looking at each other, everyone didn’t understand, Young Master Nie, what kind of madness was this?

He obviously laughed at Ji Qisen and Ji Qisen’s mother with them a few days ago, why was it like this now?

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