5BKCM Ch. 28: Choosing gifts for her sons!!!

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Gu Yuan had studied for a long time, but still had no idea.

The people on that forum actively offered suggestions and gave her many suggestions. Some suggested buying airplane models, some suggested buying fun high building blocks, some suggested buying an encyclopaedia, and some advised her to go to the playground outside for a day.

These were obviously things played by children or young teenagers. Could her two sons like this kind of thing that were used to fool children?

But even though she was an old mother, she still liked to play games, and she still liked to play with fun high building blocks, so it was possible, right?

She held her chin and her mobile phone, and tested her son one by one.

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Son, do you like airplanes?”

JQS: “Why do you ask about airplanes?”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “It’s nothing, I just suddenly remembered about flying.”

JQS: “Uh, before the private jet I ordered in two days has been delivered, if mother is interested, she can sit and go out for a ride on the weekend.”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “…Forget it, forget it, I don’t want to go on the weekend.” After a while, “Son, do you like building blocks? I heard that many adults like it too, and there are enthusiasts abroad who use building blocks to decorate their houses.”

JQS: “When I was young I like to play with building blocks, but now I only like to acquire the shares of Qugao. At present, I have 36% of the company’s holdings.” He said, attaching a screenshot, which was the current operation of Qugao status map.

Looking at those densely packed graphs, Yuanyuan loves to eat grass had a headache: “…Forget it, forget it, if you don’t like to play.”

JQS: “Smile.jpg”

Gu Yuan looked at the smiling picture sent by her son, and suddenly wanted to poke this smiling face.

Hey, a poor mother, still thinking about preparing a gift for her son!

Just when she was frowning and was troubled, the class got over, and her two roommates chattered about going shopping with Huo Sijia, and they asked Gu Yuan to go too.

“Last time we went to ASX Mall, ASX, you know, it’s the largest mall in our city, it’s an eye-opener after going there, all the latest models of top world brands are there, you can buy whatever you want, there is nothing you can’t buy, I heard that many celebrities shop there!”

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan’s eyes lit up, their faces full of anticipation.

Gu Yuan wondered: “Do you have the money to buy it?”

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan stopped talking immediately, Gu Yuan’s words really poked people’s hearts.

Yes, they didn’t have money to buy, they just went to see for a long time!

Chen Yuting clenched her fists: “Gu Yuan, you don’t understand, now you have to read more, read more to gain insight, and you will know what to buy when you have money in the future, otherwise, when you have money, you won’t know what you should buy, because you have no taste!”

Wang Yuehan: “Yes, the greatest tragedy in life is not that you have taste but no money, but that you have money but no taste. You have a pocketful of money, but you can only dress up like a nouveau riche. You don’t even know what to buy with money!”

Seemed to make sense…

Gu Yuan pondered, now that she had the filial respect of her son, she was quite rich, and she could buy whatever she wanted, but she couldn’t even pick out a birthday present for him. It was a matter of taste, so she should go and see, what suitable gifts could be bought for her two sons.

It was decided immediately that she would go to gain knowledge with Huo Sijia and the others.

When Huo Sijia heard that Gu Yuan was going to follow, Huo Sijia smiled: “That’s fine, but the small bag you’re carrying, when you get there, be careful not to let the logo show out, or people will notice it, I think it’s quite embarrassing.”

That kind of top brand, if it was seen by other counters when it went out and was found to be fake at a glance, it would make people laugh.

Gu Yuan’s mind was focused on choosing a gift for her sons, so she didn’t pay much attention to her words and nodded naturally.

So the group went to ASX Mall, the most prosperous and top-notch shopping center in the city. When they arrived, Gu Yuan suddenly realized that this was the one where Camille brought her before. At that time, she went around and bought a lot of things.

Gu Yuan thought about it, it seemed that she could take a look around today, if she couldn’t find a suitable one, she will ask Camille to help her think about it.

While she was thinking about this, everyone came to a counter of a certain top brand. When they arrived at that counter, the girls were obviously a little surprised. The bags inside were really expensive, even more expensive than what they found online. It’s expensive, it was a price they couldn’t even think of.

The shopping guide smiled very politely and said: “These are limited editions around the world, only ten of each style are made, and only about three are sent to Asia for sale, like this—”

She pointed to one of the unique style small bag inlaid with sparkling diamonds said: “Someone has already ordered this. If you want it, you can only go to City B to transfer it.” Everyone looked at that bag, full of longing.

But the price was too expensive, even if her family was very good, it was impossible for her family to buy her a bag at that price.

Huo Sijia couldn’t afford it, thus of course the other girls couldn’t afford it, so they could only be greedy.

She couldn’t afford it, and she was too embarrassed to keep looking here. After looking greedily, she was about to leave. Who knew that when she was about to leave, the shopping guide lady saw the small bag that Gu Yuan was carrying, and her eyes lit up and smiled: “This bag belongs to our brand.”

As soon as Chen Yuting heard this, everyone was stunned, and Huo Sijia was very embarrassed. She hurriedly moved her body to block the sight of the shopping guide: “You may have misremembered, her bag was not bought your brand, it was bought from somewhere else, and the style may be similar.”

The shopping guide lady was surprised, and said with a smile: “Impossible, I will not admit it wrong, this model is a limited new model of our brand, and it is more expensive than the current one. At that time, we only bought one in the store, I will not remember it wrongly.”

Huo Sijia blushed, not knowing what to say, she gave Gu Yuan a helpless look.

If you buy a counterfeit, you buy a counterfeit one. If you buy something that was so easy to be debunked, it’s not good. If you buy a limited edition, it’s still so expensive, and you even wander around in other people’s stores. Wouldn’t it be immediately seen through?

How embarrassing! Huo Sijia secretly decided not to bring this Gu Yuan out to meet the world again.

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan also lowered their heads in embarrassment to look at people, thinking they should hurry up, don’t be ashamed here.

When Gu Yuan heard this, she immediately understood that Camille brought her here to buy things that day. When she was tired and didn’t want to move, she was drinking juice in a store, and Camille ran over to brush a few bags for her.

Before she went to school, she picked the most low-key bag at random, but she didn’t expect this bag to be an expensive limited edition…

Gu Yuan looked at the faces of a few friends around her, and didn’t want to be too ostentatious, so she followed their wishes and smiled. “It’s definitely not mine. It’s a gift from a friend. It’s probably a bargain.”

Huo Sijia listened, and hurriedly agreed: “I’m really sorry, my classmate is ignorant and not knowledgeable, and she doesn’t understand this either. It’s a copy.”

However, when the words came out, the shopping guide lady was very serious.

“Miss, it’s impossible. I can tell the difference between our bags.”

As she spoke, she pointed to one of the places and said, “Look at the sutures here, they are all done by hidden needles, and here, not to mention ordinary cheap counterfeit products, even high imitations can’t be made, and this model is newly released by our brand. It is impossible to have high imitations outside so soon. Miss, this must be from our brand. I will not admit my mistake.”

Huo Sijia was stunned for a moment, and stopped talking, but her face was a little embarrassed.

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan looked at the bag in Gu Yuan’s hand curiously.

They had long thought that the bag was of good quality and style, but they didn’t think much about it. After all, Gu Yuan usually looked quite casual and didn’t look like she was super rich.

But now, the shopping guide lady actually said that, which made them think too much.

Several girls stared at Gu Yuan in unison: “Gu Yuan, is this bag of yours really genuine?”

Huo Sijia blushed: “How could it be real? Where did she get so much money to buy it…”

Miss shopping guide was definitely sure, and confidently said: “I don’t believe that someone can imitate exactly the same in such a short period of time, it is absolutely impossible. Miss, you still don’t know enough about our products.”

Both Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan were surprised. They always thought that Huo Sijia was very tasteful and understanding, but they didn’t expect her to be called out so directly?

Facing Chen Yuting’s and Wang Yuehan’s puzzled looks, Huo Sijia felt that her face had fallen into the ditch.

After coming out of that store, everyone was in a daze. The eyes Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan looked at Gu Yuan were completely different from before. They began to reconsider their roommate.

Looking at the unremarkable roommate, she turned out to be super rich, even richer than Huo Sijia?

And Huo Sijia looked at Gu Yuan, feeling unspeakable pain in her heart, felt aggrieved? Sour? A little shameful?

She remembered that when she was in the store, she kept thinking that Gu Yuan’s bag was a high imitation or a copycat, but was directly pointed out by the shopping guide that she didn’t understand, and she felt uncomfortable.

In front of these girls, she had always been very knowledgeable. Everyone asked her questions, so she never expected to be in such a mess.

Huo Sijia looked at Gu Yuan: “Gu Yuan, where did you get this bag?”

Gu Yuan: “It was a gift from a friend. I don’t know how much it is, and she didn’t tell me when she gave it.”

This was the truth. When Camille bought it, she didn’t tell the price!

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan looked at each other, and finally Chen Yuting asked: “Is it a male friend?”

Gu Yuan shook his head: “No, it’s a female.”

Huo Sijia had a mocking smile on her mouth when she heard this.

What kind of female friend would give such an expensive bag to a female friend of the same age, she wanted to laugh out loud when she said it, she wouldn’t believe it.

Gu Yuan looked very good, but she didn’t expect that while looking so innocent, she would hook up with a rich man who would give her such an expensive bag.

It was really a mistake.

For a moment, Huo Sijia looked at Gu Yuan with contempt.

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan didn’t expect it either, and they were a little embarrassed. In fact, there were quite a lot of such things in school, but they were only sophomores and relatively innocent. It was unacceptable to have such a situation around them.

Of course, Gu Yuan noticed the anomalies of several students.

After thinking about it for a while, she understood what they meant.

Originally, she really planned to keep a low profile. After all, her son had such an identity, and she would scare people to death if she said it. She didn’t want to be so popular, but she didn’t expect to be misunderstood like this.

No one wanted to be misunderstood like this, right? At the moment she didn’t care much and said: “Actually, it’s not a big deal, it’s just a random gift. There are quite a lot of such bags in my house, and I don’t take them seriously.”

Quite a lot?

As soon as these words came out, the two roommates were startled, and Huo Sijia’s eyes widened even more.

A bag was already worth a lot, but she still had a lot?

Even if they were sent by a man, then she had to find such a man, okay?

A man who could give her many bags was already a top rich man, and he must at least be richer than her father!

Gu Yuan looked at the staring eyes of her roommates who couldn’t believe it, and spread her hands helplessly: “It’s true, I didn’t pay much attention to these bags, isn’t it just a bag, anyway, if you want, I will I can give you one, who wants it?”

When Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan heard this, their eyes lit up, and they rushed over to look at Gu Yuan staringly: “Gu Yuan, you are so kind! We don’t want to be so good, if you have many, just give us an ordinary one! We can use it if you don’t want it!”

The two of them often went to the second-hand luxury goods market to see the bags that celebrities or rich people used once or twice. Their classmate was super-rich, and they subconsciously felt that Gu Yuan also had this kind of bag that she must have used twice and then didn’t want to use again.

Seeing that Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan were so spineless, Huo Sijia felt really uncomfortable for a moment, and her face turned pale.

Asking her to ask Gu Yuan for a bag, she couldn’t bear it, but how could it be possible to fight with Gu Yuan in giving away bags to classmates!

So what should she do? She suddenly felt that she had lost her sense of existence among her classmates!

Who was this Gu Yuan and what was she going to do? Was this to steal her limelight?

Huo Sijia was wondering, when she heard Gu Yuan say: “I have to go shopping again, just take a look, I have a card here, and I can buy whatever I want to buy.”

As she said this, Gu Yuan directly acted like magic, and brought out two cards.

As soon as the cards came out, the three girls all stared at the card, speechless.

At this moment, Huo Sijia’s heart that wanted to get rid of the signs turned to ashes in an instant, desperate, so desperate!

Although they did not have this kind of card, they still knew about this kind of card. They had never eaten pork, but they had still seen pigs running, and they knew that this was the kind of unlimited top VIP black gold card. That was not what ordinary people could possess!

Huo Sijia’s eyeballs were about to pop out. She always thought that Gu Yuan must be very poor. She thought that Gu Yuan was an ignorant person who used counterfeit goods. She didn’t expect that she would directly use genuine limited edition bags, and she could take out two of these black gold card.

What’s wrong with this world?

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan were almost speechless: “Gu Yuan, Gu Yuan, are you still our roommate Gu Yuan?”

Gu Yuan’s attack directly shocked several students to shatter their world view. Huo Sijia was obviously completely out of mood for shopping, and ran away in despair. Of course, Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan were embarrassed to use Gu Yuan’s card, so they drank juice together and blew rainbow farts on Gu Yuan, and then left.

It was getting late at this time, Gu Yuan originally planned to go home, but when she thought about the gift she was going to buy, she asked Camille, and Camille gave her some online guidance, and finally she came to a store selling men’s products, she planned to choose two cufflinks as gifts here.

Ji Qisen was domineering and forbearing, with a calm personality, so she chose a black square cufflink inlaid with agate, which looked low-key and luxurious, while Nie Yu was a big flirt, romantic and cynical, so she chose face-cut gold crystal cufflinks which were transparent and colourful, beautiful and eye-catching. Such a cufflink should look great when paired with Nie Yu’s dazzling personality.

After making the selection, Gu Yuan finally breathed a sigh of relief. After swiping the card, she was about to leave with these things.

Who knew that when she raised her eyes, she happened to see Nie Yu outside the store.

The slender Nie Yu was leaning against the guardrail of the shopping mall, his royal blue trousers wrapped around his legs in a slender and straight line. The shirt was snow-white, so white that it seemed to be shining, and the bright color that was extremely opposite to royal blue caused a strong visual impact.

He stood there, his skin as cold as jade, his long and narrow eyes were raised slightly, and there was a slightly mocking smile on his lips, just looking at her like that.

Gu Yuan was slightly startled, then smiled, and greeted Nie Yu as if nothing had happened: “What a coincidence, are you here shopping too?”

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