APY Ch. 198.3

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Charming bar.

It was already ten o’clock in the evening, and Shen Qinglan and the others were planning to go home.

“Little sister-in-law, I’ll take Yu Xiaoxuan back home, it is just on the way.” Walking to the door, Han Yi said that his apartment was in the same direction as Yu Xiaoxuan’s family home, so it was true that it was on the way.

“I don’t want it, I’ll take a taxi back by myself.” Yu Xiaoxuan flatly refused.

Yu Xiaoxuan’s home was in a different direction from Shen Qinglan, Fang Tong and Shen Qinglan however lived in the same direction, Shen Qinglan glanced at Han Yi, met his eyes and her beautiful eyes flickered, “Xiaoxuan, it’s not safe to take a taxi at night, ask Han Yi to take you back, and call me when you get home.”

“Qinglan, I’ll just take a taxi, don’t bother Mr. Han, Mr. Han takes care of everything every day, so it’s inappropriate to ask him to take me back.” Yu Xiaoxuan grinning.

Shen Qinglan glanced at Han Yi and gave him a helpless look. Han Yi gritted his teeth, glared at Yu Xiaoxuan, then grabbed her wrist, and stuffed her into the car regardless of her willingness or not.

“Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I will definitely send her home safely for you.” Han Yi left a sentence and drove away.

Fang Tong worriedly looked at the direction they left, “Qinglan, will she really be okay?”

Han Yi wouldn’t do anything to Xiaoxuan, would he?

Shen Qinglan shook her head lightly. “Let’s go, it’s okay, Han Yi has a sense of propriety.” Although Han Yi was a playboy, his character was still passable.

Fang Tong felt relieved and got into Shen Qinglan’s car.

“Let me down at the intersection, I can take a taxi back by myself.” Sitting on the co-pilot seat, Yu Xiaoxuan said reluctantly to Han Yi, she really didn’t like being alone with Han Yi, this man was a big carrot with a big heart, showing mercy everywhere, and being a scumbag, making girl’s belly bigger and being irresponsible, it could be said that he was everything she hated.

Han Yi’s face was a little cold, because of the disgust in Yu Xiaoxuan’s tone, “Does being with me make you feel so uncomfortable?”

Yu Xiaoxuan was taken aback, “What?”

“Where did I provoke you that you hate me so much?”

“I don’t hate you, you are my boss, my food and clothing parent, how could I hate you.” Yu Xiaoxuan refused to admit it, even if she really hated him, she couldn’t say it in front of the other.

Han Yi sneered, “Yu Xiaoxuan, you really don’t feel guilty when you say this?”

She felt a little guilty. Yu Xiaoxuan thought to herself, but she absolutely couldn’t admit this. She had heard her colleagues in the company secretly discussing that this boss, despite his appearance, was the one who held grudges the most. If anyone offended him, he would blatantly leave you speechless, and he was insidious.

Han Yi didn’t know what was going on in Yu Xiaoxuan’s mind, if he knew, he would vomit three litres of blood in anger. With her like this, if he really held grudges, she would have no idea what she would be made into by him.

“Why am I guilty, I’m telling the truth.”

Han Yi sneered, and didn’t expose her. If you are not guilty, why are your eyes being so evasive.

“Yu Xiaoxuan, I’m not a man-eating tiger, can you just not hide every time you see me?” Han Yi said this with a touch of helplessness in his tone. Yu Xiaoxuan saw him now, not hiding an expression that says ‘I don’t want to talk to you, and you don’t talk to me either’.

Yu Xiaoxuan felt even more guilty, and smiled dryly, “Boss, you must be wrong, I didn’t hide from you.”

Han Yi gave her a sideways glance, “Yu Xiaoxuan, your smile is really ugly, stop smiling.”

Yu Xiaoxuan stopped smiling immediately, and Han Yi didn’t want to discuss this issue with her, so instead he said sternly, “Linda came to see me today, and said that she hoped to let you play the second female role in the movie starring Andre, it’s the role of the hero’s younger sister, and I agreed.”

Yu Xiaoxuan was stunned for a while, “You think I can play Andre’s younger sister?”

Seeing her surprised look, Han Yi regretted it again. He shouldn’t have agreed, seeing the nympho look on her face was really an eyesore.

“Yes.” A hard word.

Yu Xiaoxuan’s face was full of joy, but suddenly her expression changed, “Is it because of Qinglan’s relationship that you agreed?” She knew that her resources were better than ordinary new artists, and many new artists would encounter shady scenes, but she never encountered it once.

No, she actually met it once. When participating in the audition, Tang Mina put medicine in her tea, which made her throat hoarse. But this matter was also investigated later. Originally, Yu Xiaoxuan thought that the person in charge of Shengxuan was very detail-oriented. Later, when she learned about the relationship between Han Yi and Shen Qinglan, she realized in her heart that it was probably because of Shen Qinglan’s relationship.

“Is it important?” Han Yi asked her.

Yu Xiaoxuan was silent for a while, and then said, “It’s important. I hope that I get the role by virtue of my own strength, not by relationships. I don’t want to be called a person who uses the back door by others or that I only rely on the protection of my friends to be in this circle.” Her expression was very serious.

She knew that what she said was very hypocritical. If there was no relationship between Shen Qinglan and Han Yi, she would not be able to become Linda’s star, nor would she be able to get these enviable resources. She had listened to others talking behind her back more than once. They said that she relied on Han Yi to get her position and was ruled by Han Yi.

She hadn’t said these words to others, but it didn’t mean that she had no thoughts in her heart. She worked so hard to prove to others that even if she was related, but she also had strength.

Han Yi also looked serious, “Yu Xiaoxuan, having relationships is also a part of strength, you can get good resources, that is your ability, and it is also an affirmation of your strength.” He did not deny this role this time, it was because of his relationship that it fell on Xiaoxuan.

“I don’t want to always be called a related family.” Yu Xiaoxuan’s expression suddenly became a little depressed. Han Yi had never seen her so depressed. The Yu Xiaoxuan that Han Yi saw was always alive and well, although she would yell at him, bite him, and even ignore him altogether, but each of her expression was full of life.

Distress flashed across Han Yi’s eyes, and he said slowly, “Since this is the case, then you have to work harder, take every opportunity seriously, tell others that you are excellent, and be worthy of those hard-won resources.”

For the first time, Yu Xiaoxuan turned her head and looked at Han Yi seriously. Because of the traffic lights, Han Yi was not driving at this time, but was also looking at her, with their eyes facing each other. For the first time, Yu Xiaoxuan felt that Han Yi was actually not so bad, “Han Yi, I will work hard.”

She didn’t say no to this opportunity, she was not a naive little girl who knew nothing about the world, and she would definitely grasp the opportunity that she could grasp.

Han Yi smiled, “Yu Xiaoxuan, in fact, you don’t need to belittle yourself, you are very good, you work much harder than the average person, and you are more malleable, otherwise you think you can get so many resources relying on my relationship with my sister-in-law?”

When Yu Xiaoxuan heard this, a gleam of joy appeared in her eyes, “Really?”

Han Yi looked at her eyes that instantly regained vitality, and there was a smile in his peach blossom eyes, as he nodded, “It’s true, your flexibility is indeed very strong, because I was very optimistic about your future, I knew it from the beginning. Assigning you to Linda was because good jade also needs to meet a good carver to bloom with its unique light. But in this process, you will meet more than ordinary people, and you will pay more than others. There are not many such people in general.”

Although I can protect you well, I can’t work hard for you, so Yu Xiaoxuan, the only one you can rely on is yourself.

Yu Xiaoxuan nodded solemnly, “I will work hard, for Qinglan and Sister Linda.”

Han Yi couldn’t help but turn dark, for Shen Qinglan and Linda, and for him, all the encouragement just now went to the dog, right?

“Hmph.” Han Yi turned his head and snorted coldly. He refused to talk to Yu Xiaoxuan now, otherwise he might accidentally strangle her to death.

Yu Xiaoxuan glanced at Han Yi inexplicably. Others said that a woman turned her face faster than a book. According to her, this man’s face was not too much, especially the man in front of her, as if his aunt had come.

The two of them were silent all the way, and when they arrived at their destination, before Yu Xiaoxuan opened the door and got off the car, she glanced at Han Yi who was silent, hesitated, and said, “Han Yi, thank you for taking me back, and please drive carefully.”

Han Yi didn’t respond, but his face softened, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up, he lowered his head to look at his chest, and smiled, Han Yi didn’t expect that one day his heart would live for a person, or a woman.

Han Yi was in a very good mood at the moment, and drove back to the old house of the Han family, but just as he entered the door, he heard laughter from the living room, his footsteps paused, and the smile on his face cooled.

“Hey, you guys don’t sleep in the middle of the night, are you having a party here?” Han Yi held the car key in his hand, and there was a round keychain on the car key, which was put on his finger, as he flicked it. These words, plus his casual smile, the whole body language showed the persona of a playboy brother.

Han Zhengshan was furious when he saw it, “You came back so late, where have you been fooling around?”

“You said I was going to fool around, so it’s naturally a good place to linger on.”

Han Yi raised his watch and glanced, “And it’s only after eleven o’clock, you haven’t slept yet, why looking at your little wife, are you planning to stage a restricted rating scene in the living room? Tsk…tsk…tsk…, then you have to take it easy. When you get old, you have to be careful. If one accidentally overplays, you will become a joke in the whole capital, and when the ancestors of the Han family pop out from the ground, I won’t intercede for you.”

Han Zhengshan’s face was livid, as he stared at Han Yi, “Presumptuous, you rebellious son, this is your attitude when talking to your father? Your upbringing has been fed to the dogs, right?”

Han Yi smiled cheerfully, “My upbringing? It’s my father’s fault. I have no upbringing. You should ask yourself.”

There was a woman sitting beside him, she looked about twenty-seven or twenty-eight, but in fact she was over thirty, she looked very young just because of the good maintenance, and her complexion was also very ugly at the moment, she was Han Zhengshan’s second wife, Xia Fei.

Han Zhengshan’s chest violently heaved after listening to Han Yi’s few words, so Xia Fei quickly stroked Han Zhengshan’s chest, “Okay, don’t be angry. It’s not like you don’t know his temper.”

Then she looked at Han Yi, speaking earnestly, “Han Yi, don’t be angry with your father as soon as you come back. He is not in good health and cannot withstand your stimulation.” The implication was that Han Yi was not filial.

Han Yi looked at her coldly, “In what capacity are you saying this?”

“In what capacity, she is my wife and I am your father. In what capacity do you think she said this? She is not your own mother, but you should also call her auntie, has no one taught you the respect you should have for your elders?” Han Zhengshan glared at Han Yi angrily, very dissatisfied with Han Yi’s attitude towards Xia Fei.

Han Yi smiled lightly, and his peach blossom eyes were shining brightly, “I want to ask if this ‘auntie’ is even five years older than me?”

In one sentence, the expressions of the two people present changed.

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