KHSW Ch. 288

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“Chi Jingyu” took off the quilt on his body, and slightly evoked a touch of evil, “Well, it’s quite unusual.”

Liming suddenly opened his eyes wide, thinking of the child he saw with Sister Xi earlier, could it be that that child belonged to Sister Xi and this man?

Liming’s eyes gradually slipped a touch of gloom, and his head lay on the pillow again.

Yu Jiayin also vaguely guessed something, but kept silent.

When Ling Xi returned to the dormitory, Shen Bingqian and Bing Yanyan hadn’t come back yet, so she quickly put down the quilt to relax her thighs, and after running for five kilometres, her legs were naturally a little weak. After a long time, she heard the door movement from outside, “It’s so inhuman, ah—” It was Shen Bingqian’s voice.

“Bingqian, hold on a little longer, we’ll be in the dormitory soon!”

When Ling Xi turned her head, it turned out that Bing Yanyan had helped Shen Bingqian back.

Bing Yanyan looked at Ling Xi in surprise, “Ling Xi, why did you arrive so soon?”

Saying that, she helped Shen Bingqian onto the bed, “Bingqian, lie down for a while, and I’ll call you after the training whistle sounds.”

Shen Bingqian didn’t even have the energy to say “thank you”, and she just lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

Bing Yanyan was also panting from exhaustion.

Ling Xi had wanted to remind her a long time ago that Shen Bingqian was not a person who knew how to reciprocate kindness, and would even bite back at critical moments.

“Yanyan, go out and move your legs and feet together, otherwise you won’t be able to carry out the training later.”

“Ling Xi, I’m very tired now, you go first!”

Ling Xi opened her lips slightly, and she could clearly feel that Bing Yanyan’s attitude towards her had begun to change. She was fine yesterday, but today she became like this… It must be something Shen Bingqian said.

“Oh well!”

Since Bing Yanyan believed in Shen Bingqian so easily, let her experience it for herself, and then she would know what kind of person Shen Bingqian was!

Half an hour later…

A new round of training started again, with 30 meters of barbed wire going back and forth twice.

Shen Bingqian’s face was full of resistance and despair, and she blamed Ling Xi for signing up for such a show, which made her suffer as well. If Ling Xi couldn’t die in the end, wouldn’t her hard work be in vain?

“Captain, can I not participate?”

Shen Bingqian put on a cute and charming appearance, but it was a pity… the captain didn’t have a heart of pity, he only had soldiers in his eyes, “No, this is training, no matter how special you are, you have to bear with it.”

Ling Xi raised her eyebrows lightly. This captain was indeed quite fierce. If he dared to treat his wife like this, she would probably be frightened and divorce him.

Ling Xi just silently watched the three boys pass under the barbed wire. Among them…Jingyu’s strength was the strongest, and Yu Jiayin followed closely behind Jingyu. He specialized in hip-hop dancing, so his strength was naturally stronger. The body was also relatively flexible, but Liming was a bit behind, “Liming, Jiayou!”

After Ling Xi yelled, “Chi Jingyu” suddenly paused, and a trace of dissatisfaction flashed in his eyes. He was obviously the strongest one, but she actually went to shout “Jiayou” for other men.

When Liming heard Ling Xi’s voice cheering him on, his heart warmed slightly, and his arms and waist gradually became stronger…

Both boys and girls passed the barbed wire training, and just when they thought they could go back to rest, the captain’s magic voice came to their ears again.

“Next, we will conduct live ammunition training, turn right…”

Live ammunition? There was a “click” in the hearts of the six people.

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