KHSW Ch. 289

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When they arrived at the ammunition training ground, they were more or less nervous.

Unexpectedly, they skipped the practice of blank-loaded guns directly, and started with live-fired guns.

“The first place in shooting training will get the same reward… Do you all remember the requirements before shooting?”

“Remember.” The six replied in unison.

“Chi Jingyu, tell me the first one.”

“It is strictly forbidden to target people with a gun.”

“Shen Bingqian, tell me the fourth thing.”

Shen Bingqian was taken aback, she was distracted just now, only thinking about what reward the captain said, and did not hear the captain’s request.

“Report to the captain, I don’t remember!”

Hearing Shen Bingqian’s words, the captain’s already dark face became even darker, “Ling Xi, tell her what four requirements I just said.”

“First, it is strictly forbidden to target people with a gun; second, obey orders and obey instructions; third, carefully observe the essentials movements; fourth, concentrate your attention.”

The captain became more and more satisfied with her performance, but he didn’t show any signs on his face, and said sternly, “Shen Bingqian, do you remember?”

Shen Bingqian could not stop complaining, she was a singer, and now there was a camera car recording the show, so it would be too embarrassing to be named by him like this! “Remember.”

They spent an entire hour learning the shooting posture and method of the Type 95 automatic rifle…

The moment Ling Xi received the bullets, her heart was inexplicably excited. This was the first time she touched a real bullet. It was estimated that everyone who came into contact with a live ammunition gun for the first time would have this feeling.

“Advance to the shooting ground, aim at the corresponding target position, the security officer is already in place there… Reload in a prone position, open the safety, and shoot by yourself.”

When Li Ming aimed at the white center of the ring target, he shot the first shot, then blinked in embarrassment, um…he seemed to have missed the target with the first shot!

Yu Jiayin narrowed one eye and fired a second shot.

“Chi Jingyu” looked like a falcon aiming at its prey, tightly locked on the center of the target ring, “Pa——”

Bing Yanyan, on the other hand, was a little frightened by the sound of the gunshot. She didn’t even hit the target, she just fired five shots in a row. Suddenly she became dizzy and her ears were buzzing.

Shen Bingqian turned her face slightly, glanced at Ling Xi and then turned her head, why did Ling Xi perform so well in everything? Whether it was running five kilometres with a load, or training on a 30-meter barbed wire fence, she seemed to do it effortlessly?

She faintly developed a feeling of jealousy and comparison, and she did not believe that Ling Xi’s shooting could surpass her.

After Ling Xi aimed at the bull’s-eye, she fired five shots in a row just like Bing Yanyan.

The corner of Shen Bingqian’s mouth showed a hint of joy, it seemed that she was sure to win, at least she had played with it before, even though it was just a toy gun.

After the shooting, the captain looked at one of them with a strange look.

“Now, let me announce the shooting results just now. There are five bullet shots in total. Liming has 28 rings, Yu Jiayin has 35 rings, Chi Jingyu has 43 rings, Bing Yanyan has 20 rings, and Shen Bingqian has 37 rings.”

When it was the turn to read Ling Xi’s results, the captain’s serious expression seemed to become complicated.

Having not heard Ling Xi’s name for a long time, Shen Bingqian thought proudly, Ling Xi’s grades should not be the bottom one, right?

“Ling Xi.”

Ling Xi frowned slightly, her grades couldn’t be so bad, right?

“Ling Xi.”

The captain called her again, and she realized that the captain didn’t want to report the results, so she immediately called “here”.

“Go to the shooting ground line and aim at the No. 1 target.”

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