KHSW Ch. 290

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Hearing the captain’s order, Ling Xi couldn’t help but feel frustrated. She originally thought that her grades should be better than Chi Jingyu’s, but alas~ what a mistake.

“Chi Jingyu” also frowned slightly, Ling Xi should not even be able to hit the 20th ring.

After Ling Xi was in position, she was waiting for the captain to give the command to shoot, but unexpectedly the captain walked to the edge of the target position.

The class monitor, Li Ming and others were all wondering why the captain personally…

However, when the squad leader saw the captain’s special gesture, he immediately understood and walked out of the queue.

Shen Bingqian deliberately said: “Just now I heard Ling Xi firing five shots in a row, does our captain feel that Ling Xi’s grades are too poor, so he personally demonstrated?”

Liming and Yu Jiayin were worried in their hearts.

“Chi Jingyu” looked nervously at Ling Xi who was lying down.

“Put the safety on and shoot yourself.”

As soon as the squad leader finished speaking, Ling Xi turned her head in surprise, “Report, there is a problem.”


“Squad leader, do I have to shoot the ring target next to the shooting captain?”

“Yes, execute the order.”

Shen Bingqian suspected that she had heard it wrong, “Could it be that Ling Xi missed all five shots? The captain wants to check it himself?”

When Bing Yanyan heard this, she opened her lips slightly, “What if the bullet…”

What if someone dies?

But the idea of “Chi Jingyu” was exactly the opposite. A person would not easily give his life to others. There was a kind of trust training in the special department~ maybe…

“Chi Jingyu” showed a hint of pampering and pride in his eyes.

Ling Xi was worried, but she remembered the words “obey orders, obey commands”, aimed at the bull’s-eye with the tip of her heart, took a deep breath, and fired five shots in a row just like before.

Everyone was sweating for her, but luckily Ling Xi didn’t shoot the captain.

The captain was standing right next to the ring target, so she could see it clearly. Every shot she took hit the bull’s-eye, and…it was still in the continuous shooting situation.

When Ling Xi returned to the team, the captain also came over, and the serious and stern expression on his face finally changed, “Ling Xi, have you ever learned how to shoot before?”

“Report to the captain, no, this is the first time I have been exposed to live ammunition, and I have only done simple prop training during filming before.”

“First contact?” The surprise in the captain’s eyes was undisguised. The first contact could achieve such a heaven-defying result?

Could this be the legendary “talent”?

“Do you know how many rings you have played?”

Ling Xi raised her eyebrows lightly. Judging from his tone, she shouldn’t be too bad, maybe her grades are really better than Chi Jingyu’s, “47 rings?”

There was a faint smile in the captain’s eyes, “No, it’s 50 rings, hitting the bull’s-eye five times.”

When Bing Yanyan heard about Ling Xi’s results, she opened her mouth in surprise. Wasn’t Ling Xi too good? She could actually achieve ten rings five times. Was she sure this was the first contact?

A flash of displeasure flashed in Shen Bingqian’s eyes, but she had to show an expression of envy and congratulations, and applauded proudly because there was a camera here.

When Liming and Yu Jiayin heard the results reported by the captain, they looked at Ling Xi in shock. They were indeed not ordinary people, the legendary “King of Soldiers”!

The corners of “Chi Jingyu’s” mouth moved up to both sides, he knew Ling Xi could do it.

“Now, I’m giving you the reward for the first place in the shooting training. In the next training, you will have a privilege…”

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