TBLF Extra 10 (Ch. 110.1): Soft Master × Testy Disciple

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Yunhua Mountain was a fairy mountain that rose into the sky. It was rumored to be a bridge between heaven and earth.

On Yunhua Mountain, there was Yunhua Palace, the largest cultivation sect in the cultivation world, and it had produced several seniors in the past few hundred years who had demonstrated great abilities. Now there were three big towns in the palace, and there were thousands of disciples under them.

At the foot of Yunhua Mountain, there were tens of thousands of cave houses. Anyone who achieved the cultivation level of Foundation Building could choose to live in the cave house, which was equivalent to having a private residence of their own, where they could practice with great concentration.

Some were lucky and got caves where their predecessors had stayed, and picked up the exercises left by their predecessors, which could make a lot of money.

All in all, Yunhua Mountain was very high, Yunhua Palace was very large, and there were many Yunhua disciples.

Because of the tens of thousands of cave houses at the foot of the mountain, a very humane ecosystem had been formed. In addition to cultivating in the cave, the disciples would occasionally go out to the market to exchange resources with those who could make the best use of them.

Qi Ying started practicing at the age of nine, and it took sixteen years for her to reach the foundation-building stage. Holding a small jade medallion that could prove her identity, she looked excitedly at the grand cultivation situation around her and was ready to choose her own cave.

As we all know, Qi Ying was a waste of resources.

From the line of her master Xuanqing Zhen, she was the first to get started but had the lowest cultivation base, and the slowest cultivation. The younger brothers and sisters all entered the pill formation stage early, and she was the only one who had been struggling in the Qi refining stage for more than ten years.

The key point was that she worked very hard and was never playful.

But her aptitude was so bad that she struggled for 16 years.

Others would have long given up on cultivation and become ordinary people.

But she didn’t, she persisted.

She insisted and her reason was because she had good luck.

Yunhua Mountain was surrounded by immortal energy and spiritual energy, and there were many natural treasures growing in the mountain. These treasures were very useful for entry-level comprehension disciples. Eating a spiritual grass could increase spiritual power by at least ten years.

But the treasures of heaven and earth were hard to find, and fierce beasts often guarded them. The fairy grass on the market was very expensive, and ordinary disciples couldn’t afford it.

But Qi Ying could find every time she went into the mountains.

Those treasures of heaven and earth, just as if they didn’t need to be sold for money, appeared in front of her eyes. So, Qi Ying ate a lot of immortal grass elixir, and it paid off. After eating for 16 years, she finally used the immortal grass to build a foundation.

Qi Ying: “Master! I did it! I knew I could!”

Xuanqing: “…Of course, after all, the fairy grass of Yunhua Mountain was almost eaten by you.”

Today, Qi Ying who was in the foundation building stage could finally have her own cave.

She was very happy, holding the small jade card to choose among those no master caves, she finally selected a cave with green vine flowers at the door, and inserted the small jade card into the stone trough.

The golden light flashed, and the cave home recognized its master, and she was the new master here from now on. Unless she entered the Nascent Soul Stage and left automatically, this place would be hers till death.

The enchantment opened, and as soon as Qi Ying walked in, the stone wall suddenly glowed, and a white shadow slowly appeared in the air: “This is my cave house, and those who enter are destined. I have a copy of the heavenly-level exercises I will give it to the junior. Good luck.”

Qi Ying: “Wow.”

Onlookers behind her: “!!!”

Damn this overwhelming luck.

Qi Ying stayed there just like that, and also named her cave house Liuying Fu. She still often went into the mountains to collect medicine. She had good luck as always. She always encountered fairy grass that was a rare treasure. Sometimes she exchanged these fairy grass with low-level exercises that suited her.

Then one day, Qi Ying picked up an apprentice and returned.

In fact, she didn’t intend to do that.

When she went into the mountain to collect medicine, she met a young man in black clothes covered in blood. She was a kind-hearted girl, and since she met him, there was no reason to watch him die.

Qi Ying wanted to bring him back to the Dong Mansion for treatment, but Yunhua Palace had an order that non-Yunhua Palace disciples could not enter the Yunhua Palace cultivation realm.

She rummaged through the young man’s body but did not find an object proving that he was Yunhua’s disciple.

There was no way, she had to unilaterally announce her acceptance of him as a disciple and split the master-disciple token that she thought she would never be able to send out in two and put it into his spiritual consciousness.

With her mentorship relation, she successfully passed the enchantment of Yunhua Palace with the young man, and brought him back to her Liuying Fu.

When Qi Ying carried the man back, his blood dripped all the way, and the neighbors in the next cave came to watch.

She sealed her cave with a barrier, cut off the discussion outside, put the young man on her bed, and began to stop the bleeding and heal his injuries. Fortunately, there were a lot of immortal herbs stored in her mansion, and she didn’t feel distressed when she used it. She also used the fairy grass to find a fellow cultivator to exchange it with holy medicine for healing and gave it to the youth every day.

Five days later, the youth finally woke up.

The first thing he did after waking up was to pinch Qi Ying’s neck and ask fiercely: “Who are you?!”

Qi Ying, who was dozing off by the bed, was strangled and rolled her eyes.

Her palm condensed, and she struck him in the chest, and then the young man was stunned.

Qi Ying: “…”

The next morning, the young man woke up again.

His internal injuries were serious, there seemed to be a fire in his body, and every inch of his muscles and veins were broken. He struggled to sit up from the bed and saw a woman in a white dress standing in the corner not far away, holding a sword in both hands, staring at him vigilantly.

Seeing him look over, she tried to straighten her chest, and said cruelly: “I warn you, you do it again, I, I, I… I will not show mercy this time!”

The voice was so soft that there was no threat at all.

The young man rubbed his stinging head, his voice was low and weak: “I was not awake last night, sorry I offended you. You put down the sword first, and we can speak well.”

Qi Ying observed for a while and felt that his weak body should have no offensive power. He fainted with a hit from her palm last night, maybe he was just on Qi Refining stage.

After thinking for a while, Qi Ying put away her sword and walked over.

The young man’s face was bloodstained, and when she approached, he squinted his eyes up and down and asked, “Who are you? What is this place?”

Qi Ying said, “This is the foot of Yunhua Mountain. I am a disciple of Yunhua Palace. I rescued you from the mountain.” After that, she asked, “Who are you again?”

The youth frowned: “I can’t remember.”

Qi Ying suddenly felt that he was a bit pitiful.

Having suffered such a serious injury, he also lost his memory.

So, she comforted him earnestly: “You don’t have to worry, you can live here. You have lost your memory; you should have hurt your head. There are many elixirs in my house, which will surely heal your injury. When you are healed, it will all naturally come back to you.”

The young man didn’t comment, only staring at her with dark eyes.

Qi Ying felt that he was fierce, and quietly stepped back two steps, then further two steps back, and then saw the young man stretch out his hand, offering a mentorship token floating in the air in his palm, and asked her coldly: “What does this mean?”

Qi Ying became even guiltier.

She stammered and said, “Master… Master and disciple token.”

The young man stared at her for a long time: “Are you my master?”

Qi Ying dryly said: “Yes…Yes.” The youth’s expression was obviously filled with disbelief. She drooped her head, sighed, told the whole story, and then anxiously explained: “I was desperate at the time. If I wouldn’t have done this, I won’t have been able to bring you back to heal your wounds. Surely you can understand, right?”

The youth did not speak.

Qi Ying consciously took advantage of others so she was very sincere: “Although this thing cannot be eliminated, putting it in the sea of knowledge will have no effect on you. You don’t have to worry about it, just treat it as a dew[1] master-discipline relationship. You can go anytime.”

Youth: “…”

She took out a clean man’s clothing from her storage space, carefully placed it on the head of the bed, pointed at the back of the cave, and said softly, “There is a water pool there where you can take a bath if you want to wash… “

Before she finished speaking, the young man jumped off the bed, picked up the clothes and walked in.

Qi Ying: “…”

Oh, so scared, what kind of grumpy brother had she saved back.

The youth quickly washed away all the blood and he looked very seductive, more beautiful than anyone she had ever seen. Qi Ying couldn’t help but stare at him, and heard him say: “Master, I’m hungry.”

Qi Ying immediately reacted: “Okay, okay, I’ll go get food for you…” She paused, and asked in disbelief, “What did you call me?”

The youth looked impatient: “Master is so young, has she become deaf so soon?”

Qi Ying: “…”

Feeling wronged, she went to cook.

She was good at cooking, and the young man ate all the food, looking very hungry. A cultivator had to enter the pill formation period to be able to enter grain liberation. It seemed that he, like her was below the Foundation formation stage.

Qi Ying held the bowl and turned her head to look at him. After he swallowed his last bite of rice, she deliberately asked, “Do you remember your name?”

The young man got a headache when he thought about it, and his eyebrows were furrowed. Qi Ying quickly touched his head and smoothed his hair: “Okay, you don’t have to. It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember it. My master taught me how to be kind. Can I call you Arang?”

Youth: “Giving your hand to this old man… Take it away!”

Qi Ying withdrew her hand.

The cultivating disciples near Liuying Fu knew that Qi Ying had accepted a very grumpy apprentice.

While Arang was leaning on the entrance of the cave to meditate, he heard someone say, “Yingying, when will the apprentice you picked up leave?”

Qi Ying said: “When he recovers, he will leave if he wants to.”

The man said again: “I think he has a serious background, and he has suffered such a serious injury. He must have been chased by the enemy. He usually treats you badly. He is always screaming. I think you should let him go. If one day the enemy comes to seek him, he might kill you together with him.”

She had a soft and cute voice, and when she got angry, she didn’t seem to be aggressive when arguing with others: “You are speaking nonsense! My apprentice is obedient, and he is only on Qi refining stage. Where does the enemy come from? Even if there is, I, as his master, should protect him!”

The people around laughed: “You really think you are a genius master. After more than ten years of cultivation, you entered the Foundation building by eating lot of fairy grass, I guess you can’t even beat a cultivator in the Qi-refining period, and you want to protect the apprentice…”

Before the words were finished, a sword light like a broken wind, smashed through the air, if it weren’t for the person moving fast, it was estimated that he would be split in half on the spot.

A young man dressed in black came out of Liuying Fu with a gloomy expression, staring at them coldly and said, “Is your mouth open for farting? You talk nonsense all day long, why don’t you fuck off for me to see?!”

The look in his eyes was too hot, like a fire that could burn everything in his eyes, and the joking crowd around hurriedly dispersed.

Qi Ying took the medicine that she had just exchanged for the fairy grass and looked at him eagerly.

He finished reprimanding the people around him, then turned his head and shouted her: “Not coming in yet!”

She obediently said “Oh” and ran over with the wound medicine. After entering the cave, she smiled and said, “Apprentice, you were so powerful just now.”

A Rang let out a hmm.

Qi Ying handed him the wound medicine: “This is the top healing medicine I asked for from my third younger brother at the Yunhua Palace today. After you take this, you may be able to restore your memory soon.”

He had a pause.

Qi Ying waited for a while and urged him: “Hurry up and eat.”

He looked up at her and said calmly: “Master, if I recover my memory, I won’t stay here.”

A frustration flashed through her clear eyes, and she smiled at him again in a flash: “Of course, you can leave anytime you want. I just saved you, not imprisoned you.”

When she smiled, her eyes were like crescent moons, crooked and beautiful: “Hurry up, eat, then let’s practice together. I have a lot of immortal herbs and elixir here. You try to reach the Foundation building stage before you leave. When you encounter an enemy, you will also have the power to fight.”

A Rang’s expression was a bit unnatural for a moment.

But he said nothing, silently took the medicine, and followed her to meditate and practice.

Qi Ying was famous for her hard work and earnestness.

After she entered the concentration, Arang opened his eyes, and his divine sense expanded quietly and observed around. His temples jumped suddenly. He woke up Qi Ying with a grumpy expression: “What are you doing? Are you cultivating? You are holding back your spiritual energy, right?”

Qi Ying: “…”

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[1] Non-existent or easily ignored.

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