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Siyu didn’t have the energy to entangle with Xu Qingwan, not to mention that there was no one else in the dressing room, so what was the use of arguing there and making people see a joke, as a result after a few words, Xu Qingwan was left frozen in place in embarrassment.

“Didn’t Xu Qingwan still say that she had a good relationship with Zhou Siyu before? It doesn’t look like it?”

“Do you believe what a celebrity says? I think it was Xu Qingwan who kept coming up but was pushed away by her.”

“That’s right, you see her talking while hiding needles in the cotton[1], isn’t she deliberately picking on things?”

Although other people spoke very quietly, but how big was the dressing room, Xu Qingwan still heard a lot of words, and she was immediately embarrassed. It was terrible, but the makeup on her face hadn’t been put on well, and she couldn’t leave right away, so, she could only stay on the chair and fidget, and the feeling of hatred buckling in her heart became more and more intense.

Sure enough, Zhou Siyu was her archnemesis in life. In the last life, Zhou Siyu, the vicious woman, madly took revenge against everyone related to the Ji family. Xu Qingwan was scared by her. She really avoided her like a snake. In this life, Xu Qingwan thought she would get together with Ji Lin and could completely suppress Siyu before she became powerful, but she didn’t know why, Siyu suddenly became normal, and didn’t go crazy or take revenge on Ji’s family. Ji Lin also defended her everywhere and made Xu Qingwan suffer again and again.

Xu Qingwan had already lost too much because of Siyu. She thought that it would be better to forget her, but after thinking about it, she felt unwilling. Whatever she had in her previous life, whether it was fame, wealth or love, was because of Siyu. When she became normal, she had to discard everything!

Those things belonged to her in the first place, she deserved it!

As a result, Xu Qingwan became more and more resentful. Every time she saw Siyu, she became less and less able to control herself. She looked in the mirror and took a deep breath, admonishing herself to calm down. This live interview was very important. She didn’t care about others, but she must and should stand out!

Otherwise, it would be really difficult for her to stay in the circle…

Compared with Xu Qingwan’s determination, Siyu seemed very relaxed. Anyway, she didn’t rely on this business to eat, so it was fine as long as she responded with a calm mind.

After leaving the dressing room, Shen Yue frowned and said to her, “Sister Siyu, this Xu Qingwan is really getting more and more unreasonable. However, I feel that she has been targeting you specifically?”

Siyu shrugged, “Who knows.” In her opinion, Xu Qingwan always talked to her and unilaterally released hostility towards her. She was also very helpless.

After all the leading actors were ready, the director trotted over to tell them that they were ready to shoot. The order of appearance was arranged in advance. Ji Lin and Han Tiantian, as the heroes and heroines of “Qin Guo”, were of course ranked first. They went up, then it was Siyu’s turn, and then Xu Qingwan.

Originally, when the official announcement was made, Xu Qingwan’s role was the second female lead, but Director Liang cut her role a lot in the later period, which caused Xu Qingwan to drop directly from the position of second female lead to third female lead, although the crew had not exposed the change of the script. It was not announced, but the movie poster was released long ago. In it, Xu Qingwan’s position was farther back than Siyu’s, and anyone with a discerning eye could see her status in the film, so the program team took advantage of the trend and ranked her third.

Seeing this sorting, Xu Qingwan’s face was slightly stagnant, and she understood the deep meaning in an instant. But the situation was different now, there was no place for her to speak here. Xu Qingwan had to suppress her reluctance and adjust her smile to the best of her ability. Under the urging of the director, she walked onto the stage facing the lights.

All the guests were in place, then there was the regular introduction of all the attendees. The host of the show was very active, and it didn’t take long for him to stir up the atmosphere of the scene and move on to the next segment without a trace.

The questions at the beginning were very common, such as interesting things that happened during the shooting, what were the gains, etc., but slowly, when the host’s words changed, the problem suddenly became apparent, and it was clear that the gun/cannon was aimed at Siyu.

“I heard that Director Liang has shown special attention to you since the audition, and has repeatedly praised you on Weibo for your diligence and talent. Siyu, I would like to ask about your relationship with Director Liang. Is it okay?” The host smiled, but he threw it out, like it was a hot potato.

The program group would naturally think about some tricky and explosive questions for the ratings, but this was also a two-way street, as long as the celebrity’s emotional intelligence was online, it would quickly attract a wave of fans, but if the answer was not good…

Zhou Siyu quietly raised her eyes and glanced at the camera.

This talk show was live broadcast throughout, which meant that all the words she said here would be simultaneously available on the Internet for fans to watch. There would be no editing. If something went wrong, the consequences would be quite bad.

“Director Liang is my mentor, and I respect him very much in my heart.” A few seconds later, Siyu said quietly and tenderly. Her eyes showed reminiscences, her speech rate involuntarily slowed down, and the corners of her mouth were slightly soft and a little smile appeared.

The host asked, “Do you think Director Liang has given you a lot of opportunities? I heard that your role was originally only a small part, but because of Director Liang’s preference, the script was specially modified?”

Siyu didn’t change her face: “As the saying goes, the master shows the way, and the practice depends on the individual. As a teacher, Director Liang is willing to give opportunities to students like us. It is because he cherishes talents, but it is impossible for him to really teach me how to do it. Every opportunity has challenges. I think Director Liang is willing to let me try more, perhaps because in his eyes, I have been able to complete these challenges, and I have not let down his reputation.”

The host boasted a few words along the way, but looked at Siyu’s eyes. It was already very different. He couldn’t see it earlier, the little girl was soft and weak, but she didn’t let the wind fall at all when she picked up the words. Her words were so secure that nothing could be picked out of it.

The host didn’t want to bully her. Seeing that Siyu answered naturally, he would accept it but before he could say anything, Xu Qingwan suddenly jumped into the conversation and said with a smile: “No, Director Liang likes Siyu. Yes, people in our crew sometimes joked that Director Liang was too eccentric. If others made mistakes during the shooting, Director Liang scolded them vigorously. But if Siyu made a mistake, Director Liang was still smiling, and even made a small change to make it easier for her.”

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere on the stage instantly solidified for a few seconds. The host didn’t expect Xu Qingwan to speak suddenly. He was obviously asking Siyu, what was she interrupting? What’s more, what she said was still unclear. He didn’t know but he thought she was implicitly saying that Siyu always had NG’s when filming, and Director Liang helped her to drag down the progress of the whole group!

Not only the host, but the faces of Ji Lin and Han Tiantian were not very good. Han Tiantian was the first to speak out with a sweet smile, but there was anger hidden in her eyes: “I have the impression that Siyu had a high fever that day, and the scene was outdoor. She was dizzy and couldn’t stand still. Director Liang was almost so scared that he called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Why would he scold her? Siyu insisted on finishing the filming, so Director Liang changed the exterior scene to the interior scene and let Siyu sit down and shoot. Is it possible that you still want Director Liang to use a big voice to curse at a patient?”

What the hell was this Xu Qingwan doing? Today, everyone was here to promote, a crew member was not friendly, but was here with a gun and a stick, was she trying to reduce the reputation of “Qin Guo”, did she have any brains? Han Tiantian was very dissatisfied, and she herself liked Siyu very much. She didn’t want to see others criticizing her, so she naturally stood up immediately.

Xu Qingwan never expected that Han Tiantian would jump out and speak for Siyu. Wasn’t there not much overlap between the two?

“Tiantian, I was just saying that Director Liang takes good care of Siyu…” Xu Qingwan said quickly, but was interrupted by Ji Lin.

“Let’s not talk about that scene. Siyu is also the person who has the least number of NGs in the entire crew. You don’t know the character of Director Liang. He always values good actors. Siyu has this ability, and Director Liang has a more polite attitude towards her. Is there any problem with this?”

Ji Lin kept frowning in his heart. Knowing that, he should have found a way to prevent Xu Qingwan from even being on the show!

The two leading actors were besieging Xu Qingwan and saying good things for Siyu. The host was amazed by watching this scene. He had seen a lot of scenes where even good sisters turned against each other, but he had never seen actors like Ji Lin and Han Tiantian who unanimously told the outside world that Zhou Siyu did a good job on the crew they were protecting her!

Siyu was sitting calmly, and seeing Xu Qingwan faintly sweating by the words of the two leads, there was a look of regret in her eyes, as if she was regretting that she couldn’t control her mouth, she smiled slightly: “I don’t dare to talk about Director Liang again. If he sees the show, maybe he will think that we arranged behind the scenes and talked about his big voice, so please forgive me.”

The host was amused by her and quickly followed Siyu, and cleverly led the topic to another place. Although, it was necessary to create a hot topic, it was really impossible for the guests to be stumped, otherwise the fans would drown the program group in curses. This girl did not chase this topic, she was really smart.

In comparison, this person named Xu Qingwan was too ignorant… The host looked at Xu Qingwan and shook his head in his heart.

As a result, the scene resumed as if nothing had happened. The host had a bad impression of Xu Qingwan, and naturally did not give her too many opportunities to speak. During the whole interview session, Xu Qingwan said no more than ten sentences. The others were chatting happily, but she seemed to be squeezed out, and she couldn’t even get a word in.

Where the camera couldn’t shoot, Xu Qingwan’s hand was placed behind her back, almost bleeding from her nails embedded into her palm.

“Okay, it’s almost done. Now, it’s time to enter the highly anticipated questioning session of netizens. Our staff will randomly select ten questions from the live broadcast barrage, and those who are asked must answer honestly.” The host said enthusiastically that there was no tampering in this place. They were all randomly selected by machines. Netizens had many strange questions, and this was the easiest part to play with.

The big screen at the back flashed, and it switched directly to the live broadcast interface. Soon, the first question was selected. The host read from the screen: “This netizen’s question is for our brother Ji and Siyu, she asks, do you two really have a hidden relationship?” As soon as this question was asked, the barrage of the live broadcast interface immediately exploded. Fans swept the screen almost frantically, drowning the entire large screen.

The host actually heard some rumours about the two of them, so he asked with a little curiosity: “This is a good question, Brother Ji, you have to satisfy our gossiping heart.”

Xu Qingwan slowly relaxed and even raised her eyebrows. She was sure that neither Ji Lin nor Siyu would really dare to disclose their blood relationship to the public, so this question was very difficult for them, and as long as she could see Siyu getting embarrassed, she would love it.

Unexpectedly, Ji Lin replied with a relaxed look: “There is indeed a hidden relationship.”

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[1] Hiding barbs by speaking in a congenial tone.

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