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Rarely had this Wek cub stayed in a certain embrace for such a long time, he had been held by Xie Luan for a period of time and had gradually become familiar with this feeling, and his body had become more relaxed as compared to the beginning.

Under Xie Luan’s adjustment, the cub was well nestled in his arms.

With his unseeing eyes open, the youth did not let go of the cub and put it on the ground, and the Wek cub also continued to nest in his arms contentedly.

Most of the cubs still liked to be held by adults. The behavior of picking up the cubs itself had a little meaning to the cubs, and the sensitive cubs could feel the intention of the person who was picking them.

If he wanted to bring the cub adopted by another branch back to his own branch, he must first obtain the consent of the former. When this idea came in, Xie Luan had already begun to think in his heart how to discuss this with the president of the Kalia branch.

Seeing that it was almost time to go to the dining room to have a meal, he felt that after the meal was a convenient opportunity to speak, thinking of this, Xie Luan basically made up his mind.

Unable to hold the cub in his arms, Xie Luan walked a few steps closer to a place where there were no obstacles, squatted down and gently placed the cub, who was quiet and barely moving in his arms, to the ground.

Although it was warmer and longer than other embraces, this embrace also had a time limit.

When being placed from the young man’s arms to the ground, the Wek cub first subconsciously lifted his left front paw and took a step closer to the young man, but quickly backed away.

Of course, Xie Luan noticed the cub’s movements. He did not take such small movements seriously. He reached out and touched the cub’s back and said in a softly coaxing tone: “I’ll take a while. Until I come back, Ain has to walk more carefully so as not to get hurt.”

Hearing his name and the words “come back”, Ain’s quietly hanging fluffy tail moved imperceptibly.

After a pause on the spot, the Wek cub lifted the front paw that had just been retracted, and really took a step closer to Xie Luan.


Not knowing the meaning of repeated smelling in the Wek tribe, Xie Luan looked down and saw the cub smelling his body lightly again and couldn’t help wondering if it was because of the lack of credibility in what he just said.

But Xie Luan still patiently opened his palm to the Wek cub[1]. The cub lowered his head slightly to sniff the palm of his hand. It looked like a little milk dog that had just been born. But Xie Luan didn’t let himself hold the cub back into his arms now.

After waiting for the cub to stop sniffing, Xie Luan stood up.

From the time the youth stood up, the Wek cub, who was put down by the youth, did not go anywhere else, facing the direction of the youth’s footsteps as he left, and his eyes were also open and looking towards that side.

He stayed where he was and started waiting.

Xie Luan came there for friendly exchange on behalf of the Yunbao branch. In this process, things like being invited to dinner together were naturally indispensable.

The president of the Kalia branch was a relatively neat and up-to-date person, and there were fewer polite parts in this exchange, and this was exactly what Xie Luan intended.

Although there was something about Ain in his heart, Xie Luan still fully exchanged the experience of branch construction with the president of the Kalia branch and several high-level personnel at this dinner table.

After the meal was over, Xie Luan found the right time to mention what he was thinking to the other party.

“Do you want that cub of the Wek clan to be transferred to your branch?” Unexpectedly, the youth suddenly made such a request. Barry, the president of the Kalia branch, did not conceal the surprise in his expression at all.

Xie Luan nodded affirmatively and said sincerely: “I’m sorry that this request is a bit abrupt, but I did make it to you only after serious consideration.”

According to his age and seniority, Barry was considered Xie Luan’s senior among his peers. Xie Luan was not exaggerating by using a respectful address for him.

A capable younger generation who was not arrogant at all. After this exchange, Barry actually had a good impression of the young man sitting next to him, so when he first heard this unexpected request, he didn’t think the other party had any bad intentions.

The president of a cub raising branch offered to transfer a cub from another branch. Barry had never heard of such a request before but looking at the sincere attitude of the young man next to him, he was still willing to think about it.

There were a lot of cubs living in the Kalia branch. Barry couldn’t remember every cub in the branch, but he had an impression of the blind Wek cub that the youth had mentioned.

This cub was adopted by their branch. The blind cub was of course harder to take care of. In response to this, Barry asked Xie Luan about his thoughts.

“It’s because it’s not easy to take care of it. There was a little mermaid who couldn’t talk before in my branch. This blind cub made me feel the same way, so I really hope to take care of it.” Xie Luan said this for the sake of easing the other party’s suspicion, but the sentence was not completely fake. Xie Luan really felt his heart soften when he saw those eyes that had lost their brilliance.

When the young man said this, he mentioned the mermaid cub in the Yunbao Branch. Barry knew that there was such a thing, so he was more persuaded in his heart.

The fact that the young man in front of him confronted the Huodi family at the Supreme Court of the Star League for the mermaid cub was spread among his colleagues.

Many clubs admire the courage of the other party and his attitude towards the cubs, where he was willing to offend a big family for a cub in his club.

“You just want to take the cub back because you want to take care of this cub, so you can be sure that this cub will be better taken care of in your branch, right?” Barry asked with a straight face.

And Xie Luan nodded without hesitation and said firmly: “Yes.”

He deliberately lowered his expression. Barry didn’t feel embarrassed when he heard the answer from the young man next to him. He just wanted to see if the other party had any confidence in his heart.

The Cub Raising Branches would adopt all the cubs it adopted free of charge. The youth was willing to take a cub adopted by their branch. In fact, it did no harm to the Kalia branch. If he had to speak about benefits, it would save a lot of expenses.

Since they would save money and the cub could be better taken care of, this was a cost-effective business no matter what.

Confirming that the young man was confident in his heart, Barry also nodded and said, “I can promise you.”

When he got the answer, Xie Luan’s eyebrows relaxed a bit more, and the stone in his heart was completely put down.

Generally, cubs adopted by clubs were only adopted by their parents or they would not be transferred, but there were always exceptions.

Xie Luan followed the staff to complete the normal transfer procedures for the Wek cub. After confirming that all the information was entered, he walked to the cub activity area on the far right of the living room.

Dining and exchanges, together with the transfer procedures, all these things together took a lot of time.

When Xie Luan walked back to this activity area, he was stunned to find that the cub he was looking for was still obediently staying in place, not moving at all.

The Wek cub had very sensitive hearing and smell. He heard the memorized footsteps and at the same time smelled the light breath of the youth. The cub looked at the place where the sound was coming from.

When he heard the footsteps approaching to his side, the Wek cub also raised his front paws and tentatively approached slowly a few steps in the direction of the footsteps.

No obstacle was encountered, but when the cub reached the third step, Xie Luan bent down and picked it up.

Once again in this warm embrace, he didn’t know if he could be held longer this time. After being picked up by the young man, Ain no longer moved, and he nestled in a quiet and obedient manner.

“You didn’t need to come close just now.” Xie Luan lowered his head to meet those eyes that couldn’t see the world, and said warmly, “I will come to you.”

If it was inconvenient for the cub to move, there were still caretakers.

This invitation and exchange had ended. Xie Luan also bid farewell to the president of the Kalia branch and determined the friendly alliance between the two branches. Now Xie Luan could take Ain back to Gaia Star.

The cub didn’t know that he was going to change his living environment. After walking out of the Kalia branch’s gate, Xie Luan hugged the nox, who was in the zipper opening of his coat, to the left, and carried the Wek cub to the right.

Holding the world-destroying combination in the parallel world line in this way, Xie Luan slowed down and said to the cub on the right: “Ain will be given a new home soon. The new home is smaller than the place where you lived before, but there is ample space for activities.”

When Xie Luan returned to Yunbao branch with the cub they had never seen before, everyone in the living room was clearly covered with question marks.

Why did the young man go out and bring back one more cub??

It was not a complicated matter, Xie Luan explained it easily. When he mentioned that the Wek cub he was holding was blind, everyone in the room became serious.

This cub couldn’t see, so they had to take care of him more carefully…

All the way, he carried the cub in his arms to the hall where there were many cubs moving, Xie Luan squatted down and took this cub, who was very quiet along the way. Then, the cub was placed on the ground covered with a soft blanket and told, “This is Ain’s new home.”

Xie Luan put the Wek cub from his arms on the ground but did not leave. He stayed by and guarded the cub. He wanted to accompany the other cub to get familiar with the new environment.

But before the cub went to get acquainted with the new environment, Xie Luan suddenly heard the cub’s voice, and immediately felt a little warm and soft touch in the palm of his hand.

“Wang Wu.” In response, the cub licked lightly at Xie Luan’s palm.

T/N: My heart… I just think the author wants to kill me… The line that he was waiting on the same place just broke my heart and highlighted how much the Wek cub needs love and companionship… I’m so happy he met XL

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