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Cui Ling went on hunger strike, failed, fainted and was then carried to the dragon couch by Her Majesty the Queen herself. He was greatly shaken in his heart, and coupled with the persuasion of the maid Cen Baoqian, he no longer stubbornly said the words of seeking death.

It was as if this had never happened, and the two returned to their previous state. The Queen took him wherever she went, and he followed with a low eyebrow, like the Queen’s shadow.

The weather was good that day, and Tang Qinlan said that she wanted to go for a walk in the river valley. Cen Baoqian hurriedly asked people to go to the river valley to build a pavilion, with Shu brocade cushions and wine from the far western regions on the lacquered table. The white pavilion was surrounded by three sides, the mountain wind was blowing, and the gauze curtains were flying, it looked just like a fairyland on earth.

Tang Qinlan sat upright on the soft cushions, Cui Ling knelt on her left, and a jade cup was placed in front of him.

“Although pear blossoms are beautiful, one will also get tired of seeing it too much.” Tang Qinlan rested her chin on her hand lazily, “It is said that there is a cave in the neighboring country with a very narrow entrance and a huge cave inside. There dancing with your echoing voice is a spectacle.”

After she finished speaking, she looked at Cui Ling, “Does Cui Ling know?”

Cui Ling cupped his hands and said, “Getting back to Your Majesty. This commoner doesn’t know.”

Cen Baoqian laughed secretly. This Cui Ling was really a dumb goose. Her Majesty was afraid to see him detained in the palace and missing his hometown, so she intended to take him out to enjoy the scenery and relax.

Tang Qinlan said as expected: “I just called the leader of the neighboring country to come to Kang Yanchuan and you can listen to him.”

Cui Ling was startled and looked up to see a tall and thin man in gorgeous clothes walking over, with a shrinking boy beside him.

He just glanced and lowered his head.

As usual, the two knelt down and shouted long live Her Majesty, bowing their heads and not daring to look up at Her Majesty the charming Queen.

Tang Qinlan got up, walked out from behind the veil, and looked down at the two of them, “Cui Ling, your brother is not like you.”

Cui Ling didn’t dare to say a word. The kid kneeling at the bottom was still on the ground and didn’t dare to move.

When the leader of the neighboring country heard that Her Majesty was very interested in the strange cave in the neighboring country, he was excited to talk about it.

Cui Ling looked down with his nose pointed at his heart and acted as if he was listening while his mind seemed to be wandering.

After the meeting, Her Majesty asked the leader of the neighboring country to accompany her to see the scenery, leaving Cui Ling and his brother alone to relieve the pain of homesickness.

As soon as there was no one around, the “little brother” changed his timid appearance, raised his eyebrows and said with a smile: “Cui Ling?”

Cui Ling pursed his lips and said nothing.

“Brother”: “I heard that the new queen of the Dongnu Country suddenly has a male favorite, and she stays with him day and night, but it’s actually Cui Changshi.”

Cui Ling frowned, “This is the boundary of the Dongnu Country! Feng Canjun, please be careful.”

This younger brother was obviously not Cui Ling’s younger brother, and Cui Ling was also not a peddler from a neighboring country. Both of them were the staff of Jiedushi of Jiannan Dao of the Tang Dynasty, where the Yizhou government was located. Cui Ling served as the Chief History Officer, and Chen Gang served in the army.

It was a coincidence that Cui Ling rescued Tang Qinlan at the watchtower under Cen Baoqian’s house that day. He sneaked to the Dongnu Country because his younger sister was dying of a long-term illness. He heard that there was a magic medicine known as the snow lotus in the Mordor Sacred Mountain, which could cure the disease of his younger sister. He asked the Jiedu envoy for leave to come to the Dongnu Country, set up a shop in Kang Yanchuan to hide his identity, and secretly searched for the snow lotus. As a result, before he could find the snow lotus, he was forcibly imprisoned in the palace tower by Tang Qinlan.

Chen Gang sneered, “The day you came to the Dongnu Country, the Jiedu envoy sent me to protect you secretly. You haven’t returned to the shop for half a month. I waited for you to come but I was brought here from the shop.”

Cui Ling glanced into the distance, he did not know what Tang Qinlan said, but the leader of the neighboring country was kneeling down and kowtowing, as if thanking her.

Chen Gang hurriedly said: “Could it be that Cui Changshi really wants to be the husband of this female barbarian? Don’t lose the face of the Tang Dynasty.”

Cui Ling raised his eyes, “I will find a way to get out of here.”

Chen Gang snorted, “Don’t worry. Lord Jiedushi already knows that you have become the woman’s sweetheart. He asked me to tell you something.”

Cui Ling looked at him quietly, and sure enough, this person pretending to be his younger brother was definitely not here to just enjoy the view of this royal city.

“The Dongnu Kingdom exists between Tubo and our Tang Dynasty, using the gap between the two sides of the conflict, they survive by flattering both the left and the right, and this two-sided attitude makes people sick,” Chen Gang said with a sullen face: “Recently, Tubo has been pressing step by step into the Ganzhou and Longzhou areas. Lord Jiedushi intends to seize Kang Yanchuan, move our Tang territory to the west, and keep Tubo out of Xishan, so as to relieve Ganlong’s worries.”

Before Cui Ling sneaked into Dongnu Country, he also thought that the people of Dongnu Country were just like barbarians, ignoring etiquette and untamed. But since getting along with them in recent months, this Dongnu Country seemed like a paradise, with flowers, forests and people, which was not in line with the barbarian theory at all.

“Cui Ling!” Chen Gang said in a low voice: “The reason why the Dongnu Kingdom has stood proudly in the world for a hundred years depends on the golden sand in this weak river. Lord Jiedushi asked you to take the golden map back to Yizhou and be promoted. Not to mention making a fortune, your little sister has also been transferred to the Jiedu Envoy’s Mansion, where the madam is taking care of her personally. The lord also invited the old imperial doctor to treat your little sister. Even I am jealous of the kindness the lord is showing to you.”

Cui Ling’s eyes turned cold. What kind of grace was this, it was clearly to force him to steal the golden map in the name of his little sister. The high mountains and valleys where Dongnu Country was located had thin soil, which was not suitable for cultivation. If it wasn’t for the gold scouring out of the Ruoshui River to go to the Tang Dynasty in exchange for food, it would never have been possible for them to establish a country. It was said that the wealth of the Dongnu Kingdom was all marked down in a golden map, and if you get it, you can know where the gold is hidden. Lord Jiedushi did not ask him to steal the golden map to relieve the siege of Ganlong at all, but he only wanted to embezzle the treasure house of the Dongnu Kingdom.

When Chen Gang was leaving, he hugged Cui Ling and cried so hard that Cui Ling watched him silently for a while, then stretched out his hand and patted his back, and said softly: “Please take care of my little sister.”

Chen Gang choked and said, “Brother, I’ll see you again when I’m free.” Tang Qinlan gave Cen Baoqian a look when she saw the brothers’ love.

Cen Baoqian smiled and said, “Cui Xiaoling, don’t cry. If you want to meet your brother, he can enter the palace at any time.”

Chen Gang hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed, pretending to be overwhelmed.

When the leader of the neighboring country left, in addition to bowing to Her Majesty the Queen, he also gave Cui Ling a deep look.

Cui Ling looked puzzled.

Tang Qinlan said casually, “I found a foster father for you, and that’s him.”

Cui Ling was stunned.

Cen Baoqian lowered her head and dared not let out her anger. The three-day performance of the foreign ministers turned into one-day performance, urging Her Majesty to choose a husband as soon as possible. According to the custom, the husband must be selected from among noble young people with good background, good looks, good character, virtue and talent from the Dongnu Country and its eight affiliated countries.

But Her Majesty liked Cui Ling. Today, the leader of the neighboring country was forced to recognize Cui Ling as his adopted son. Cui Ling suddenly changed from a peddler to a prince, and in one step jumped to the sky.

Tang Qinlan asked Cui Ling to accompany her to walk between the river valleys. Perhaps because she had arranged important things, she felt quite comfortable, and even her expression was much more relaxed.

Cui Ling was trembling, his heart beating like a drum. Thinking of what Chen Gang said and thinking of the little girl who was imprisoned in Jiedu’s residence, his fingers curled up again and again.

Tang Qinlan stopped to look at the mountains in the distance and the sound of the Ruoshui River nearby. The warmth rising from the valleys enveloped people’s hearts comfortably. Everything looked so beautiful.

She turned her head and spoke softly for the first time with a smile on her face, “Cui Ling, would you like to be with me on the banks of this weak water, wandering through the flower forest in your spare time, and getting drunk with flower candles in the long night?”

The light in Jiang Zheng’s eyes went deep into Ji Muye’s heart. Such a tender tone, and the sincere love exuding from her body, made his mind instantly enter into a trance.

He opened his mouth, and a ghost said: “I do!”

Jiang Zheng was taken aback, “Teacher Ji, you said the wrong line.”

Ji Muye: “.”

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