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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

Luo Peng recently discovered that Yu Siyang was buying a lot of things. He didn’t have time himself, so he always asked him to help buy things or send couriers. When he took a closer look, he found they were all given to the boss.

Until he accidentally saw a post titled “How to Become a Good Boyfriend” on Yu Siyang’s cell phone, and Luo Peng was immediately enlightened.

Then… he became angry.

What’s the meaning! What’s the meaning! It’s great to fall in love!! Was he a manager or Cupid?!!

I don’t care if you sprinkle dog food, but now you’re so frantic that you are forcibly stuffing me with dog food. I am a single dog, not Magpie Bridge[1], okay!!!

Really abusing a single dog.

Luo Peng was very angry, and he decided to…leave.

He would rather go to the brand manager of the Emerald Hotel for discussing the endorsement fee, than be tainted by the sour smell of love around Yu Siyang.

That’s right, the endorsement of the Emerald Hotel had not yet been discussed, and the point where the two sides were deadlocked was the endorsement fee.

Emerald Hotel hoped that Yu Siyang could endorse their full range of products, but the endorsement fee given made it clear that they were bullying the other party as a newcomer. Luo Peng refused to give in, especially after the box office of “Pretending Overload” exceeded one billion yuan, the endorsement fee he proposed almost made the brand manager of Emerald Hotel go crazy with anger.

As for brand endorsements, Luo Peng still adhered to the principle of quality and not quantity, but as far as the current situation was concerned, the Emerald Hotel was really a bit suited to the taste of Yu Siyang, and celebrities who followed the fashion ICON route were more willing to endorse such luxury goods.

But since winning the endorsement of P&H, Yu Siyang’s resources in fashion were so good that the Emerald Hotel had become dispensable. If the endorsement fee was not satisfactory, there was no need to take it.

However, talking about cooperation could be used as an excuse at this moment, it was perfect.

“Tang Hang, I’ll leave it to you here.” Luo Peng solemnly patted Tang Hang on the shoulder and said in a very serious manner: “Don’t call me unless there is anything serious, and deal with it yourself.”

Tang Hang was steady and reliable. At this moment, he couldn’t help but give Luo Peng an eye roll.

Speaking so boldly, he also set the flag of “Don’t give up if you don’t talk about the endorsement fee of 10 million a year.” Wasn’t it just letting him eat dog food a few more times, and won’t there be more opportunities to eat in the future?

Luo Peng pretended not to see Tang Hang’s eyes and left with his luggage on his back.

Yu Siyang’s current role was mainly focused on his army scenes, and with the leather belt replaced by light armor, he looked heroic with a spear in his hand.

But only the glory was seen by others, and only he himself knew the actual suffering.

Yu Siyang was really handsome when wearing the light armor, but the weight of the armor also made him suffer a lot, especially when he sat down while waiting for the shot, as it took great effort for him to stand up.

But such a handsome self, of course, had to be shared with Mr. Xue.

Yu Siyang wore the armor and asked Tang Hang to take a picture of himself, and asked casually: “Brother Luo gone?”

“It hasn’t been long since he left.” Tang Hang took the mobile phone and snapped a photo from various angles.

“I don’t particularly want to endorse the Emerald Hotel,” Yu Siyang said: “Brother Luo doesn’t need to waste time on this fruitless thing. And…”

He didn’t say anything here, so Tang Hang couldn’t help asking: “And what?”

Yu Siyang shook his head without saying much.

Among the goals he planned for himself, one was “opening a restaurant”. This was the goal he set when he was learning to cook. Although it seemed that he has deviated far from the track now, he always had the thought of returning back to the original road. At that time, wouldn’t it conflict with the Emerald Hotel?

Although it seemed a bit too much to think about this now, it was necessary to plan ahead.

Tang Hang looked at him with a preoccupied look and couldn’t help but tear down Luo Peng’s desk. “Where is Luo brother going to struggle with the Emerald Hotel? He doesn’t want to help you buy things and send couriers.”

The truth was so unexpected that Yu Siyang was stunned.

Why? Did Brother Luo still have so little love for his colleagues?

Tang Hang patted the shoulder pads on Yu Siyang’s shoulders and said earnestly: “Single dogs are also dogs. We still have to take care of the physical and mental health of single dogs.”

“Tang Hang, Brother Luo said you must be in love.” Yu Siyang seemed to have discovered the New World, “Congratulations.”

Tang Hang: “…” Was this focus wrong?

After Yu Siyang finished speaking, he turned over the topic immediately, took his mobile phone, and sent his handsome photo to Xue Chengxiu, then he leaned on a pillar and smilingly waited for his respose.

Hello, why didn’t you continue to talk about this topic? Tang Hang was in a hurry and was about to refute Yu Siyang’s statement.

Didn’t he have no love interests at all? Where did these people get that he was in love? How could they mix in the entertainment industry with such bad eyes?!

It was a pity that Yu Siyang had entered a barrier called falling in love and had zero perception of everything outside.

Tang Hang was overwhelmed and missed Luo Peng immensely after he had been gone only for half an hour.

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[1] A bridge connecting lovers.

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