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Chi Zheng lay on the table, but he kept glancing at Xu Guang who was sitting in the fourth row. He was wearing a white half-sleeves shirt, and he felt that Xu Guang’s complexion was even whiter than his clothes. He didn’t know what problems he had encountered. Xu Guang frowned and looked at the paper for a long time without writing anything down.

Why was he so angry… Chi Zheng sighed deeply. In the past two days, he tried almost everything he could think of, but Xu Guang was still sulking. It was not that Xu Guang ignored him. It was just that… It was just that Chi Zheng knew how gentle Xu Guang could be. Now Xu Guang was not so gentle to him, it was as if his own things had been snatched away.

“Eh, boss, do you want to go out to play?” a boy behind Chi Zheng leaned over and asked.

Chi Zheng had been very honest in recent days and never skipped class, although he just lay motionless during class. He didn’t leave, and other people didn’t dare to skip class. After all, the teacher turned a blind eye to their skipping class only for the sake of the Chi family’s second son. If they ran away by themselves, it was estimated that they would see their parents in the office in seconds.

“No.” Chi Zheng replied casually, continuing to stare at Xu Guang.

The boy followed his gaze, and after seeing Xu Guang, his expression was a little strange. He hesitated for a while, and then whispered to Chi Zheng: “Big Brother…I heard…that Xu Guang seems to be a bad person.”

Chi Zheng frowned, turned around and looked at the boy coldly.

The boy panicked and wanted to swallow the words back. He had known that he should not be greedy for such a small amount of money.

Chi Zheng frowned and looked back at the classroom, only to discover what he had been neglecting these days.

No one went to talk to Xu Guang.

When Xu Guang first transferred, the people in their class had a pretty good attitude towards him. Coupled with Xu Guang’s outstanding appearance, Chi Zheng was angry about the number of girls around Xu Guang for a long time.

But now, Xu Guang sat quietly in his seat alone, and even his tablemate didn’t say a word to him.

Chi Zheng suddenly thought of the two people that day, and his expression became grimmer. But he didn’t get angry directly, but looked at the back table coldly and said, “Come out with me.”

After finishing speaking, he didn’t look at the boy’s expression and walked out by himself.

The boy’s back was chilled by Chi Zheng’s gaze, and when he tried to stand to go out, he realized that his legs had gone soft. He hesitated, then gritted his teeth and stood up. He didn’t want to offend the Xu family, but he knew that if he didn’t go out now, he would definitely offend the Chi family. This person Chi Zheng, don’t look at his usual fun and easygoing demeanor with them, if they really provoked him, he could bite off a piece of meat off them.

When Chi Zheng was still in the first year of junior high school, he didn’t know how but he had a feud with a big brother in the third year of junior high school. The boy called four or five people to stop Chi Zheng. Chi Zheng not only resisted the beating of the several people, but also pressed the third grader under him, and gave him a severe beating.

Although Chi Zheng suffered terrible injuries afterwards, the boy never dared to provoke Chi Zheng again.

After Chi Zheng went out, Xu Guang breathed a sigh of relief. Although he didn’t look back, he could still feel Chi Zheng’s eyes falling on him, and he was so nervous that he couldn’t see what was written in the book.

As soon as he left the door, the boy saw Chi Zheng standing by the back door, his face expressionless, looking at the playground through the window.

“Big brother…”

“Let’s talk, what did they say.” Chi Zheng asked calmly.

The boy shrank his neck and whispered: “That is to say… Xu Guang is a lost star, and anyone who comes close to him will be unlucky, and he still…” He swallowed, “He also stole from his cousin. He’s a thief…” The boy couldn’t say a word afterwards.

Chi Zheng suppressed his urge to hit, and continued to ask: “What else?”

“And…” The boy hesitated for a moment, and looked up at Chi Zheng’s icy gaze, he shook with fright, and hurriedly said: “Yes. They let me tell the others about Xu Guang’s true colors, but I didn’t say a word, it’s all…Wang Zhi…”

“Wang Zhi?” Chi Zheng asked coldly. It was this person who didn’t dare to deal with him in the class.

The boy fell silent.

Chi Zheng nodded, turned his head and kicked the door of the classroom. He used a bit of strength, and the door slammed into the wall with a thump, which shocked the classmates who were studying in the class. Chi Zheng wasn’t in the mood to care whether kicking the door hurt or not, anyway, he felt a lot of pain in his heart now, and he still felt a little unclear.

He walked up to a boy in the third row. When Wang Zhi saw Chi Zheng walking in front of him, he barely squeezed out a smile, “Chi, Chi Zheng, you… …”

Wang Zhi couldn’t finish what he wanted to say, and Chi Zheng didn’t want to listen to him. He directly grabbed Wang Zhi by the collar, dragged him and walked out the door. If Xu Guang wasn’t there, it wouldn’t matter if he hit this guy, but now Xu Guang was on the side, Chi Zheng didn’t want Xu Guang to have a bad impression of him.

Although the impression already might not have been so good…

Chi Zheng was a head taller than his peers, and his physical fitness was good. Wang Zhi was dragged by him, and he couldn’t free himself.

The people in the class looked at each other and were quiet for nearly half a minute before they suddenly reacted. The monitor hurriedly went to the head teacher, but after such a delay, Chi Zheng had done everything he wanted to do.

Wang Zhi was dragged by Chi Zheng under the tree on the side of the playground and given a vicious beating, then he disappeared.

Xu Guang was startled when Chi Zheng kicked the door. He hadn’t seen Chi Zheng’s ferocious look. He looked like he had become a wolf dog. He sat in his seat for a few seconds worried, then got up and sneaked out. He has always had no sense of presence in the class, and no one noticed that he was not there.

However, he was still a step late. Xu Guang hid on the side, watching the teacher ask the monitor to take Wang Zhi to the school hospital, but there was no trace of Chi Zheng nearby.

Where would he go…?

Xu Guang realized something, he turned his head and wanted to go to the pool hall to find Chi Zheng, but he hesitated after taking a step. He had been hiding from Chi Zheng these days, and now Chi Zheng was no longer sticking to him. If he found Chi Zheng now, would his efforts in these few days have been wasted…

But what if he was injured? That guy will never get bandaged, maybe he will even think that the scar was a man’s medal.

Xu Guang felt pain in his heart when he thought of Chi Zheng’s body being blue and purple, but no one applying medicine to him.

Forget it, it’s not a big deal, just wait until Chi Zheng has alienated him before he left.

Thinking about it this way, his depression from the past few days improved a lot, and Xu Guang no longer hesitated, he sped up his pace and ran to the billiard hall.

Chi Zheng was really there.

Xu Guang stood at the door of the private room, breathing a sigh of relief. There was a slight wound on the corner of Chi Zheng’s mouth and some redness and swelling on his arm. Xu Guang felt distressed. Seeing Chi Zheng concentrating on playing billiards, he thought that there was a hospital next to the billiard hall, so he turned around and ran to buy medicine for Chi Zheng.

Chi Zheng: ……

Chi Zheng directly threw the pool cue in his hand away. Xu Guang came to him on the initiative. Chi Zheng was happy, but in order to save face, he thought that Xu Guang left him cold for so long and he wanted Xu Guang to speak first.

But Xu Guang turned around and ran away! Just ran away! Ran away!!!

Chi Zheng nearly spat out blood, standing still and didn’t know whether he was mad at himself or at Xu Guang. He didn’t want to play billiards anymore. He turned around and was about to leave, but he ran into Xu Guang who had bought medicine at the door of the private room.

He didn’t dare to pretend not to see him anymore, and he took Xu Guang’s arm after taking two steps forward, “Don’t be angry…”

When did Chi Zheng talk to others so quietly, but Xu Guang had ignored him these days. He was too anxious, but he was stupid and couldn’t think of anything that could make Xu Guang happy.

Xu Guang was stunned for a moment, and then he recovered and smiled and calmed the little milk dog in front of him, “I’m not angry.” After finishing speaking, he took the initiative to grab Chi Zheng’s hand and led him to sit on the sofa in the private room. He opened the plastic bag in his hand and took out the ointment inside.

Chi Zheng realized that Xu Guang went out just now to buy medicine for him. With a big smile on his face, he obediently stretched out his injured arm and asked Xu Guang to apply medicine to him. He was still coaxing Xu Guang hard.

“I know that I was wrong, do not be angry ……”

Xu Guang looked helpless, his did not know why he gave him the cold shoulder these days, but Chi Zheng still thought it was his own fault, “I really did not get angry.”

Chi Zheng didn’t believe it in his heart, but he didn’t dare to ask more, so he turned his head and said, “Then, if I make you angry in the future, you can tell me directly, I will definitely change it!” Then feeling wronged, he continued, “Don’t ignore me…”

Xu Guang pursed his lips, paying attention to the movement of his hands when applying the medicine lightly, while responding: “Okay, I won’t ignore you.” Unless you ignore me first.

“Then later I’ll teach you play pool!”


“I can also accompany you to play basketball.”

“Ah, well.”

“When will we go to drink milk tea, there is a new store at the intersection that sells the unsweetened kind?”

“Okay, we’ll go later.”

Chi Zheng couldn’t stop the smile appearing on his face. Xu Guang finished applying the medicine to him. He looked up and saw Chi Zheng’s expression. After that, he couldn’t hold back and touched Chi Zheng’s hair. Chi Zheng was taken aback for a moment, and then reached out and touched Xu Guang’s hair.

“By the way, why did you hit Wang Zhi?” Xu Guang put his things away, but still asked with some curiosity.

Chi Zheng hesitated for a moment, and didn’t want to tell Xu Guang about the mess, so he made up an excuse casually, “He said something bad about me and I heard it.”

Xu Guang nodded suddenly.

“Let’s go,” Chi Zheng said, “Let’s have milk tea.”

Xu Guang smiled and nodded.

He looked at Chi Zheng who was walking in front. Although he thought that Chi Zheng might break up with him in the future, no matter what, he was still reluctant to leave first. So, let’s just continue as it is, and thinking so Xu Guang obediently followed Chi Zheng.

Whenever Chi Zheng wouldn’t want him anymore, he would leave quietly.

And he waited for ten years.

Chi Zheng never let go of his hand, and he never left.


Later, Xu Guang still got to know the truth of what happened with Wang Zhi back then. At that time, he had been with Chi Zheng for a long time. Xu Guang was a little curious, and asked Chi Zheng why he was so kind to him back then. Chi Zheng smiled like a fox and said, “Because I am smart, I could tell at a glance that you were my future wife.”

Then he was kicked to sleep in the study room by Xu Guang.

Of course, Chi Zheng came crawling back in the middle of the night. As soon as he lay down, Xu Guang habitually nested in his arms.

Chi Zheng looked at Xu Guang in his arms, slightly stunned, bowed his head for a while and kissed the corner of Xu Guang’s eye.

Because he liked him.

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