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In the end, Chi Fang was taken back to the villa by Chi Zheng, and Chi Zheng sent Yu Mo back to Yu house on the way. Along the way the car was very silent. When he got home, Yu Mo got out of the car. Chi Fang shook his head and looked at Yu Mo. “I troubled you yesterday. You have a good rest. I will come to play with you when I have time.”

Yu Mo nodded, watching the car drive away.

When only Chi Fang and Chi Zheng were left in the car, Chi Fang didn’t dare to speak anymore, and silently nestled into the seat. Chi Zheng parked the car at the door of the villa and looked back at his pitiful appearance. His anger was more than half gone, and he could only say helplessly, “You didn’t tell the family if you were sick? And let outsiders help?”

Chi Fang retorted in a low voice, “Yu Mo is not an outsider.”

Chi Zheng laughed angrily, “Why, Yu Mo is not an outsider, your brother is an outsider, right?”

Chi Fang didn’t dare to speak with Chi Zheng, and silently shrank into a ball. Chi Zheng saw that Chi Fang was ill and hiding from them. But seeing his face flushed abnormally, his heart felt more distressed.

“It’s okay, our mother is not here tonight, you go home and have a good rest.” Chi Zheng was also reluctant to toss him and let Chi Fang hurry to rest.

After sleeping for one night, Chi Fang looked much better the next day, and the fever subsided. He got up at six o’clock in the morning habitually, and after a while, he remembered that he had finished the exams. After lying on the bed for a while, Chi Fang turned over and found his mobile phone.

There were a few unread messages on the phone. Chi Fang clicked and took a look. It was Pang Zifei and Yu Mo. Pang Zifei asked how Chi Fang was, and it was actually a message sent at two o’clock in the middle of the night. After the exam, he went to play games all night, and he just remembered it accidentally on the way home.

Chi Fang replied that it was okay, then went to see Yu Mo’s messages, and was stunned.

Yu Mo: I went back to my hometown for three days.

Chi Fang glanced at the time of the message. It was sent at 10:30 last night, so he didn’t know if something happened at home in such a hurry.

Chi Fang: Well, I see.

There was no reply from Yu Mo, and he didn’t know if he was still busy or not. Chi Fang put away his mobile phone, got up silently, and opened the curtains, only to realize that it was snowing outside.

This time the snow was bigger than the one before Christmas, and the whole ground was covered with white snow, and it was even fluttering down.

After the snow passed, the temperature dropped suddenly.

It took three days for the exam results to be released, and Chi Fang was recuperating at home for those three days. Mother Chi had a rare opportunity to cook soup for Chi Fang three times a day, which made Chi Fang scared when he saw Mother Chi carrying anything.

Yu Mo’s family didn’t know what was going on, and he never responded to Chi Fang. Chi Fang asked Chi Zheng quietly. Although Chi Zheng was uncomfortable with Yu Mo, he couldn’t bear to refuse his younger brother. He also sent someone to inquire about it, but he didn’t find anything.

Chi Fang stayed at home and suddenly missed Yu Mo a little bit. Although Yu Mo didn’t speak much, he could make you feel that he was paying attention to you.

After returning to the bedroom, Chi Fang opened the website, where bits and pieces had begun to record Chi Fang’s mood, but on Yu Mo’s side it was deserted, with only a few occasional symbols.

After thinking about it, Chi Fang sent a message.


When the results were posted, Chi Fang got up early and asked the driver to take him to school after breakfast. Although Chi Fang went out early, it was almost school time when he arrived at school. As soon as Chi Fang walked in, he saw Yu Mo sitting in the last row.

Chi Fang’s first reaction was that Yu Mo became thinner, and even inexplicably could feel that Yu Mo’s aura was much lower, but the teacher had followed Chi Fang into the classroom, and Chi Fang had to go back to his seat and sit down.

The class teacher didn’t say much, but just told them what happened after the holiday and about the parent teacher meeting. Chi Fang took the opportunity to slip back to the seat beside Yu Mo.

“You…” Chi Fang didn’t know what to ask for a while, always feeling that after these three days, the sense of distance between him and Yu Mo had increased again.

Yu Mo returned to his senses when he heard Chi Fang’s voice. He glanced at Chi Fang silently but did not speak.

“The report cards have arrived!” The Sports Committee put the paper in his hand on the bulletin board and slipped out of the crowd before everyone came around.

The classroom became noisy for a while.

“Are you okay?” Chi Fang didn’t look at the transcript but lay on the table and asked Yu Mo in a low voice.

Yu Mo nodded, then shook his head for a while.

Chi Fang looked at him worriedly.

“Wow, Chi Xiaofang, you have done it!” Pang Zifei didn’t pay attention to his own results. After reading Chi Fang’s results, he squeezed out, “Okay, Wang Pengyu must surely lose this time…”

“What about me? Yes?” Wang Pengyu stood at the back door, looking at Pang Zifei with a sneer.

The class calmed down. When Chi Fang made the bet, many people were there, so they knew the stakes between the two. Those who had seen the results had excitement in their eyes, and those who hadn’t seen them looked at Chi Fang anxiously.

Chi Fang glanced at him silently and didn’t even have the intention to pay attention to him, he was more concerned about what happened to Yu Mo these three days.

Wang Pengyu was ignored, his face turned ugly, and he looked at Chi Fang without a smile, “What? Are you scared?”

“You’re noisy.” Chi Fang was in a bad mood and his tone was even worse. He turned his head coldly. Staring at Wang Pengyu coldly, he said, “If you have something to say, say it or just shut up.”

“You!” Wang Pengyu was furious.

“Brother Yu, don’t be angry, this kid is just stubborn, and he will talk after his results are discussed, and then we will see what else he has to say.” After speaking so, a kid behind Wang Pengyu, went front to look at the report card.

It’s just that his face was a bit wrong.

A few people felt a little bit of a bad feeling in their hearts.

Probably not, this Chi Fang’s last exam was the bottom of the school year. What kind of genius was required to beat so many people at once, not to mention that if he was really so smart, how could he get the bottom earlier?

Those who went to look at the transcript were also a little skeptical, but he had read the line four or five times and was sure that he had read it correctly.

Wang Pengyu watched him hesitating and felt a little flustered, but he still tried to calm down. He also read books this month, and his test score had improved a lot compared to the last midterm. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t pass the second-to-last one in the academic year.

“Chi Fang … 426 in the school year.” The student whispered.

Wang Pengyu, who was in the 543rd place, had a pale face.

“How is it possible?!” Wang Pengyu didn’t believe it at all, and took a few steps forward, and the people standing next to the transcript stepped aside. He looked on the report card and he saw Chi Fang’s name in the 34th place.

Mathematics 56, Chinese 78, Physics 34, Chemistry 65, Politics 62, Biology 54, History 61, Geography 72…

Wang Pengyu moved to the last subject and could hardly believe his eyes.

English 99.

“How is it possible…” Wang Pengyu clearly remembered that Chi Fang’s English test had only scored a dozen points last time. How could it be possible that it had become almost full marks after two months?!

“Haha,” Pang Zifei exaggerated, “I knew, how could Chi Xiaofang not beat you.” It was as if the person who was worried before was not him.

Wang Pengyu was not in the mood to quarrel with him, and took two steps back, “No, I don’t believe it.”

Pang Zifei frowned, “Yeah, are you accusing him of cheating?”

“You must be cheating…no,” Wang Pengyu had just finished speaking, then he thought that Chi Fang was in the last examination room, let alone cheating, he didn’t even have anyone who he could copy from, “You must have seen the test paper in advance! I’m going to report you!”

“Hey,” Pang Zifei was irritated by him, “Why are you talking nonsense, believe it or not, I will hit you.”

Wang Pengyu was anxious, but the ranking on the report card was shining brightly on his face.

“It’s easy for you to believe it? One person can advance six hundred ranks in two months?!” Wang Pengyu sneered, “Don’t think that everyone has no brains, I think 80% is from copying, right?”

“You…” Pang Zifei was furious and just wanted to hit someone.

A hand stretched out from the side, and almost no one could see how he moved, and immediately threw Wang Pengyu to the ground. Everyone who heard the bang shuddered subconsciously.

Yu Mo looked at Wang Pengyu coldly, as if he was looking at a crap, “Go away.”

Wang Pengyu was smashed to pieces, stood up and looked at Yu Mo as if he was about to eat him, “Hit him!”

“Stop it.” Chi Fang stood up from his seat and opened his mouth.

Just now when Yu Mo stood up suddenly, he couldn’t even react.

When Wang Pengyu saw Chi Fang, he took a step back, “What do you want to do?”

Chi Fang smiled very well and gently. A trace of complacency flashed across Wang Pengyu’s face, “What? I guessed it and you want to beg for mercy, yes, as long as you…”

“I remember, we still have a bet.” Chi Fang said with a smile.

Wang Pengyu’s face turned dark.

“Chi Fang, I advise you to think about it, do not regret this incident ……”

“You lost.” Chi Fang’s face had a smile, but his eyes were very cold, “Why? Is it possible that Wang Pengyu wants to back out?”

The look changed in Wang Pengyu’s eyes, he swept his gaze around the surrounding students, gritted his teeth and squeezed out a few words from their teeth, “You said.”

“Actually, it’s not a big deal, it’s…” Chi Fang smiled, “Trouble you to go away, don’t let me see you.”


“Ah, one more thing,” Chi Fang approached Wang Pengyu, whispering a word in his ear.

Wang Pengyu, who was still very angry, suddenly went dumb, as if his anger was extinguished by a basin of water. He took two steps back in horror, “How did you know?! Who told you?!”

Chi Fang still smiled cleverly, but in Wang Pengyu’s eyes, he was no different from a demon.

“I guessed.” Chi Fang smiled slightly.

Wang Pengyu didn’t believe his nonsense at all! How could he think that Chi Fang’s soft temper was easy to bully, this person could even swallow you whole, even the bones without blinking. Was he blind before?!

Chi Fang frowned slightly at Wang Pengyu looking as if he had seen a ghost, but still smiled, and said in a low voice, “You say, if this matter is known, what will happen?”

Wang Pengyu looked at it with trepidation. Chi Fang didn’t look so aggressive when he came.

Chi Fang stepped back a few steps and said with a smile: “Then it’s settled.”

The other people didn’t hear their previous conversation and looked around blankly. Wang Pengyu was drenched a cold sweat and took two steps back. The people around him looked at him in disbelief, “Wang, Brother Wang, are you still fighting?”

Wang Pengyu suddenly regained his senses, didn’t even dare to say anything, turned around and ran away.

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