5BKCM Ch. 36

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Mr. Nie liked to wear white clothes, but today he was wearing a silver-grey suit, wrapped around his slender and tall figure, he looked handsome and free-spirited, with outstanding temperament. He seemed to be able to beat all living beings. Slightly raising his jaw, Nie Yu narrowed his slender eyes, and the sense of coercion suffocated the people present. He asked lightly, “Do you have any opinions?”

Their minds exploded.

Hu Yuejing’s face turned pale instantly, and she looked at Nie Yu in disbelief.

So, that Gu Yuan was Nie Yu’s new girlfriend?

Chen Mingzhi was stunned: “Young Master Nie, you, you—”

Didn’t you always like Internet celebrities before? When did you change your taste? Why didn’t you say a word?

Ning Sanyue was completely confused. The fresh young actress he took fancy off had something to do with Young Master Nie. Could she be used or not?

Nie Yu’s well-maintained slender fingers gracefully pinched the resume in his hand, flicked his long fingers, and said lightly, “That’s her.”

The so-called final decision.

Young Master Nie said that it was her, and no one could doubt it.

Hu Yuejing didn’t dare to say a word from the beginning to the end.

What was Young Master Nie’s status in the circle? She knew that as long as Young Master Nie said a word, no matter whether you were a goddess of immortality or a top superstar, you would still be hidden in the snow. No one knew the power of capital better than her.

She dared not make a sound at all.

Just at this time, Nie Yu’s gaze swept over Hu Yuejing, and then he frowned slightly.

Hu Yuejing almost stopped breathing.

After a while, Nie Yu turned around and asked Chen Mingzhi, “Who is this?”

With just this sentence, the air in the office suddenly became quiet, and the sound of breathing could be heard.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than an actor being asked who they were?

You can hack her, you can fan her, but if you don’t know her, this was the biggest blow.

What’s more, she was Hu Yuejing, the goddess of immortality praised on the Internet, and a once-hot star. How can you, Mr. Nie, not know her?

Nie Yu spread his hands: “I’m really sorry. I’ve been paying attention to the young stars of the popular generation recently. I really don’t know this one very well.”

He looked as sorry and as innocent as possible.

Chen Mingzhi hurriedly came forward to laugh and say: “This is Hu Yuejing, the one who played the role of Miss Cherry in “I Don’t Know About Wine”, haha…, Mr. Nie is really a noble man who forgets things.”

Hearing this, Nie Yu nodded and smiled and said: “So that’s the case. I would have forgotten if President Chen didn’t mention it. I saw your TV series when I was a child. I didn’t expect that so many years have passed. Hello, Aunt Hu.”

Well, you really can’t open which pot you want to mention. She is eighteen years old and will always be eighteen years old. Goddess of immortality, why do you mention when you were young, and who are you calling aunt?

Chen Mingzhi began to suspect that Mr. Nie was doing it on purpose… Was he intentionally avenging his new girlfriend?

Hu Yuejing’s lips twitched, and she smiled hard, until her face became stiff, she was about to cry, but she still smiled hard.

Until later, when Ning Sanyue and Hu Yuejing walked out of the office and closed the door, then Ning Sanyue saw Hu Yuejing close the door, after which her feet went limp, and she almost fell there.

Ning Sanyue looked at Hu Yuejing, without any sympathy, and sighed: “It’s just a little girl, what about it?”

Ning Sanyue was obsessed with directing films, obsessed with art, and seemed unsophisticated, but of course he understood what Hu Yuejing said just now.

It was really self-inflicted, and she deserved it when she kicked the steel plate all at once.

Hu Yuejing didn’t have time to talk to Ning Sanyue, her hands were trembling.

She clutched the phone tightly, left in a hurry, and finally came to a corner, then she lowered her voice and said, “Is there any news about the person I asked you to check…OK, I ask…to find out for me as soon as possible!”

And Nie Yu, who had also left the office, also received a report from his subordinates.

When he saw the name Hu Yuejing, he couldn’t help but sneer and said, “Coincidentally, it’s her again. What kind of hatred does this person have with my mother, bullying a little girl like this?”

After laughing, he picked up his phone again, and a sharp light flashed in his long and narrow eyes.

Bullying my mother, right? You will go far.

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan finally got a taxi after a long time of effort, and greeted Gu Yuan to go with them. Gu Yuan still thanked them politely: “I saw a friend just now, and I want to wait for him.”

Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan took it for granted that Gu Yuan would return with other friends who were participating in the audition: “What if you can’t get a taxi, I think the rain outside will not stop for a while.”

Gu Yuan felt that the appearance of her two roommates worrying about her was cute, and she couldn’t help it but smile as she said: “My friend drove here, and I will ask him to take me home.”

The two roommates were relieved, and they gave her some instructions, and finally Chen Yuting whispered: “Be careful, stay away from Huo Sijia and the others. I think they are angry, so don’t let them take the opportunity to beat you up.”

Gu Yuan was a little surprised, but nodded quickly: “Okay, I know, I must be careful.”

After the two roommates left, Gu Yuan sent her son a WeChat message.

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Son, are you still there?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “No, I left early.”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “Eh, then I will take a taxi by myself.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “On this kind of day, can you get a taxi?”

Yuanyuan loves to eat grass: “I don’t know, I’ll give it a try.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Stupid, don’t run around, wait for me on the steps outside the western restaurant opposite.”

Gu Yuan: “…”

This son was such a liar!

After a while, a luxury car stopped in front of Gu Yuan, and Gu Yuan quickly put away her umbrella and got into the car.

Nie Yu: “How was it?”

Gu Yuan: “I don’t know, anyway, if you ask me, I will answer, if you ask me to act, I will act.”

There was a traffic jam on the road as it was a rainy day, then there was another traffic jam ahead. Nie Yu raised his hair handsomely: “How were the examiners today?”

Gu Yuan: “People were very nice!”

Nie Yu glanced at her contemptuously. She thought they were nice people?

Someone stabbed her in the back, and she called her “very nice.” Nie Yu couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. Fortunately, he was her son and could escort her, otherwise, would she know how she died? How did this kind of mother survive the past twenty years?

Nie Yu suddenly felt that she had a long way to go, and this mother was not easy to take care of.

Nie Yu and Gu Yuan returned home, Butler Zhuge came to greet them, and said: “Master, Master Bian and Master Chen are here to look for you. “

When Nie Yu heard the names of the two of them, he suddenly remembered that he had ridiculed Ji Qisen for having a young mother with them, and his face turned ugly.

Although Ji Qisen was his enemy for twenty years, but he and Ji Qisen shared a mother, and wasn’t laughing at Ji Qisen the same as laughing at him, Nie Yu?

Seeing his son’s handsome face darken, Gu Yuan wondered: “Who is Master Bian and Young Master Chen?

Nie Yu snorted, “You saw them at the restaurant that day.”

Gu Yuan suddenly realized, it must be those two accomplices who helped Nie Yu’s son beat Ji Qisen?

These two friends of Nie Yu had also played together with him since they were young, so their relationship was naturally extraordinary, but now that Nie Yu thought of the tone of their comments on his mother, he felt unhappy, and immediately said in a muffled voice: “Mom, they are not good people, don’t talk to them.”

Gu Yuan of course agreed: “Nie Yu, this is what I want to tell you too. When making friends, you must pay attention to character and morality, if you make friends who are not serious at first glance, of course it is easy to learn bad things, and you have to stay away from them in the future, and you can’t be led astray by them.”

Nie Yu looked up at his mother, the young mother’s eyes were clear and her slightly childish face was full of girlishness.

It’s rare for the mother and son to reach a consensus. Nie Yu raised his eyebrows and said seriously: “Yes, I can’t make bad friends!”

The two people who had reached a consensus walked into the living room. As soon as they entered, they saw Chen Shuo and Bian Jinyun sitting playing games with a tablet on the sofa in the living room, the two of them saw Nie Yu coming in, and raised their heads to say hello, “Brother Yu, why are you only here now? We’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

But after this greeting, Chen Shuo and Bian Jinyun fell silent at the same time.

They all saw Gu Yuan.

Of course, they recognized her at a glance. This was the girl Ji Qisen took to dinner at that time. Later, there was a lot of buzz on the hot search, and Ji Qisen directly stated that she was his own mother.

She was also the culprit that caused Nie Yu to directly deny his six relatives and punch his brother.

The two brothers were a little uncomfortable. After all, they had talked about her behind her backs at the time. They didn’t expect that after only a few days, Nie Yu would have already led the little girl home.

What this meant was beyond comprehension.

Facing the two brothers, Nie Yu was very at ease. After entering the house, he even took the umbrella from Gu Yuan filially: “Go upstairs first.”

Gu Yuan nodded: “It’s raining today, remember to take a hot bath later, it’s easy to catch a cold, you know? Don’t drink cold water, drink more hot water, take a hot bath! Go to bed early after taking a bath, don’t stay up late!”

Nie Yu was a little impatient, but still said in a calm manner: “I know!”

Looking at this scene, Chen Shuo and Bian Jinyun who were feeling ashamed, still admired and sighed.

Ashamed because they joked about the little girl a few days ago, but they didn’t expect that she was actually Brother Yu’s girlfriend.

Admiration was admiration, Brother Yu was awesome, he chased after her, and he chased this little girl successfully in just a few days, let’s see what Ji Qisen will do now, call him dad online haha…

The reason for the sigh was that Brother Yu seemed to be a different person. In front of the girlfriends he had made before, Brother Yu’s nostrils were pulled up to the sky. Which girlfriend didn’t lie down and wait for Brother Yu carefully for fear of being dumped, but this one…

Brother Yu actually helped her hold the umbrella in person, not to mention the umbrella, as far as the middle-aged people’s health guides were mentioned by this person, Brother Yu usually dismissed them all, but now he listened obediently.

This was really too…, the two brothers looked at each other, and they both saw the meaning in each other’s eyes: Brother Yu has met true love.

Instantly, Bai Jinyun forgave Nie Yu for beating him, people really loved someone, but he was still there chattering about her, was this not looking for a beating?

The two stepped forward at the same time, about to say hello to Gu Yuan.

However, Nie Yu took a step forward faster than them, and used his body to protect Gu Yuan: “Hey, what are you two doing?”

He looked like an eagle protecting its chick.

Bian Jinyun smiled: “It’s nothing, we just want to say hello to our sister-in-law!”

Chen Shuo nodded repeatedly: “I didn’t expect that we will have a sister-in-law, hahaha, that’s great, congratulations brother Yu!”

However, when Nie Yu heard this, there was no joy on his face. Instead, he raised his chin, narrowed his eyes, and stared coldly at the two former brothers: “What did you say? Say it again.”

Chen Shuo stepped forward excitedly, this time he had seen true love, and true love was to make a playboy take care of her and become a good man: “Isn’t this our sister-in-law? Congratulations, congratulations Brother Yu on getting what you wanted!”

The answer to him was a roar: “Keep your mouth clean, this is my mother!”

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