5BKCM Ch. 35

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After Nie Yu sent Gu Yuan to the audition site, he sat in the car for a while and then got out of the car.

This Xingying Entertainment was actually an entertainment company under Hezong Tianxia Media. The general manager of Xingying Entertainment had told him that he wanted to give an annual report a few days ago. Since he was here, let’s go to the general manager for tea.

Nie Yu directly contacted Chen Mingzhi, the general manager of Xingying Entertainment. When Chen Mingzhi heard that Nie Yu was coming, he acted as if he was bluffing. He thought there was something wrong with the company, so he quickly said that he would come to greet him in person.

Old God Nie Yu was sitting there, thinking about the show his mother was going to be in.

What kind of mother was this, like a child, eager to participate in some audition, since he said to provide her with opportunities, it would naturally be the best resources with the best director, even if she didn’t listen, she must be drunk.

Just as he was thinking, a WeChat message came in, and when he looked down, it turned out to be Ji Qisen’s stereotyped and boring avatar.

Nie Yu nodded in disgust.

JQS: “My mother is living with you these days?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Hehe, your mother? It seems that she is also my mother.”

JQS: “I don’t want to have this kind of unnecessary verbal dispute with you.”

Riding on an ant to see the sea: “Do you think I want to talk to you?”

JQS: “Since my mother is with you, please be careful not to cause any trouble.”

Riding on an ant to see the sea: “What do you mean? What trouble?”

JQS: “You don’t know?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Speak up if you have something to say, let go if you have fart, don’t sell lawsuits!”

JQS: “You should check who is investigating Mom recently.”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Is someone investigating mom?”

JQS: “She is with you, and you don’t even know this?”

Riding an ant to see the sea: “Okay, I know, I will find out as soon as possible.”

After finishing the conversation, Nie Yu decided to check on what Ji Qisen told him over the phone.

He was actually looked down upon by Ji Qisen.

He propped his chin with the thumb of one hand, pondered for a moment, then began to pick up the phone again and issue orders.

What he wanted to see was who dared to investigate his mother, had he eaten a bear’s heart or a leopard’s courage.

After he had given the orders, Chen Mingzhi, the general manager of Xingying Entertainment, had already come to pick him up. He got out of the car, with his hands in his pocket, looking very chic.

Chen Mingzhi enthusiastically came forward to shake hands with him, exchanged pleasantries, and hurriedly invited Nie Yu into the office.

Nie Yu briefly learned about the current operating status of Xingying Entertainment, and then casually asked about the latest project. The latest project was called “Xuanji Palace”. It was the project for the audition.

Holding the piece of paper, Nie Yu was thoughtful, wondering how the fucking audition was going, did she get selected? As a son, should he open a back door for his mother?

There was also the one who was investigating his mother, he didn’t know who it was, hehe, when it was found out, he must make that person look good, otherwise Ji Qisen would definitely laugh at him from the side lines.

And Chen Mingzhi, who was next to him, saw Nie Yu staring at the “Xuanji Palace” plan, and was a little nervous for a while, so he hurriedly asked with an apologetic smile, “Young Master Nie, is there something wrong with this plan?”

Nie Yu who was lost his thoughts suddenly woke up in middle, looked at Chen Mingzhi next to him, coughed lightly, and asked in a low voice: “Is the heroine audition for this project today?”

Chen Mingzhi nodded hurriedly: “Yes. Today’s audition is being conducted by Ning Sanyue and Teacher Hu Yuejing in person to choose.”

Nie Yu: “Then call them over and ask if there is any suitable candidate.”

Chen Mingzhi saw that Nie Yu was paying so much attention to such a project, so he naturally didn’t dare to ignore it, and he quickly asked his assistant to call director Ning Sanyue and Hu Yuejing over.

After the audition, Ning Sanyue was immersed in Gu Yuan’s performance. The more he thought about it, the more he felt satisfied. He had already planned to choose this actor, and Hu Yuejing should have left after the audition, but she was not at ease, she said that she would accompany Ning Sanyue to review the actors who came to audition today.

“There’s nothing to look at. You still have to rely on your feelings when choosing an actor. I just fell in love with the little girl who is a sophomore today. She’s good, she has aura!”

“That little girl looks good and has good acting skills, but I…I always feel that the choice of actors still depends on character, her character is not—”

Hu Yuejing just said this, when they saw Assistant Wang coming over. Assistant Wang was the special assistant to the general manager of Xingying.

Assistant Wang respected Ning Sanyue and Hu Yuejing very much, and immediately talked to them politely about today’s events: “Mr. Nie came here to ask about this audition, and wants to know the situation. He is waiting for you two go over and have a chat with him.”

Ning Sanyue and Hu Yuejing naturally nodded their heads when they heard this.

Hu Yuejing had been in this circle for so many years, of course she knew the status of Mr. Nie in the circle, that was, the God of Wealth for all actors and stars.

Such a person, of course, could not be offended, not only could not be offended, but also had to be carefully flattered.

Usually, when everyone gathered together, but it was extremely difficult to invite someone like Nie Yu. Now that Nie Yu was calling them over, this was naturally an opportunity, so they must seize it.

Ning Sanyue and Hu Yuejing hurriedly followed Assistant Wang to Chen Mingzhi’s office. After entering, they saw Nie Yu there.

This Mr. Nie was very famous, a big celebrity on the Internet platform, and his influence was no less than that of the traffic small fresh meats. She had also seen him from a distance in some charity occasions. When they saw him, they rushed forward to shake hands enthusiastically.

Nie Yu didn’t smile much, he just greeted everyone with a serious face, and then asked about the project.

Of course, Chen Mingzhi was looking forward to the smooth progress of this project, and he also wanted to show it in front of Nie Yu, so he asked Ning Sanyue to talk about today’s audition.

Ning Sanyue talked about today’s events, and finally mentioned his target: “It’s a little girl, she looks pure, of course she looks good, the key is her temperament, as soon as she walks in, she looked different from the usual.”

If Ning Sanyue was asked to explain why she was different, he couldn’t say for a while, what he could mention was that this little girl didn’t have too much make up on like other girls. Her skin looked really good naturally, but this was not the key, the key was the temperament.

“This is how it is, you are walking on the street, where there are feasting lights, girls and boys, and you are surrounded by now. Suddenly, you saw a mountain with trees and water, and it was raining mistily. That girl stood standing there with an umbrella, independent from the world, that’s how it feels!”

Ning Sanyue danced and slapped his thighs, but made Chen Mingzhi next to him laugh: “It seems that this time, old Ning, you really found someone interesting!”

Nie Yu tapped on the table lightly, raising his eyebrows: “Oh, what does she look like?”

He hadn’t looked here yet, the old man had already found a suitable one, so what the hell should he do?

Meaning his mother was not good enough to play this…

Did she have to play this TV show?

When Nie Yu asked, Ning Sanyue hurriedly handed over Gu Yuan’s resume photo: “Mr. Nie, here it is. This is the photo of the little girl, a sophomore student at the Capital Film Academy.”

Chen Mingzhi saw Nie Yu tense. His face was completely different from the usual playful smile, so he couldn’t help feeling a little worried, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong with this project?

After Nie Yu took it over, he saw the resume and the photo attached to the resume, after a glance, he quickly gave it back.

You are an old man with good eyesight, and you actually chose my mother.

Thinking of how Ning Sanyue praised his mother just now, Nie Yu seemed happy on the inside.

That’s not someone else, that’s my mother, of course she looks good? If my mother is not good-looking, how could there be such a handsome Mr. Nie?

Just when Nie Yu was feeling a little complacent, he suddenly heard a voice beside him laughing and saying, “This little girl does indeed have quite an aura, but I’m afraid her private life is not appropriate. This time, she should be a newcomer. Considering the risk, we should choose an actor with a flawless private life, so that if she becomes popular, there will be no negative news, Mr. Nie, what do you think?”

When Chen Mingzhi heard this, he immediately felt that what she said made sense, and Mr. Nie had unexpectedly come here to inquire about this project in person. It seemed that he attached great importance to this project. In this case, of course, they must be cautious. It was absolutely impossible to choose based on temporary likes and dislikes. If there was a problem at that time, the risk control was not good, it would be a crushing defeat and then big trouble.

Immediately, he hurriedly asked: “This little girl has a problem with her private life?”

Ning Sanyue’s eyes were rounded: “Why do you say that? You don’t know her, so how can you directly say that she has a problem with her private life?”

Hu Yuejing laughed suddenly: “Not necessarily, it’s just my personal guess.”

Ning Sanyue was so angry that his beard was about to stand up: “There is no evidence, how did you guess, you just guessed and said that her private life is not good?”

Ning Sanyue’s tone was quite aggressive, and everyone knew that when he was impatient he did not even recognize his relatives, but this was here with Chen Mingzhi, and it was impossible for a big director to break up with a big star in his office, so he was busy trying to smooth things over: “If you have something to say. Tell us, Yuejing, how did you see it, tell us, Lao Ning, don’t worry, just listen to Yuejing explain what’s going on.”

Ning Sanyue: “Yes, tell me!”

Nie Yu looked at this Hu Yuejing calmly, waiting for this person to talk.

He wanted to see what kind of fucking private life this Hu Yuejing could figure out.

Hu Yuejing raised her eyes and looked at Nie Yu next to her with a smile, only to see that the famous Mr. Nie was also waiting for her to continue talking.

Although she was a well-known star and a goddess of immortality, she was too old to be compared to young people, but she couldn’t just stop working like this, she had to work hard, and to be appreciated by this Mr. Nie, then her road ahead would be better.

So she smiled gracefully and said, “That girl is only eighteen or nineteen years old, a sophomore at the Film Academy, but do you know what brand of suit she is wearing?”

Ning Sanyue didn’t understand at all; “What brand is that? Huh?”

In his eyes, clothes could only be good-looking or not, there was no high or low, no brand.

But Chen Mingzhi thought of something: “What brand?”

Nie Yu narrowed his eyes, sneered in his heart, and asked, “What brand?”

Unexpectedly, Mr. Nie was also waiting for her answer, and there was something in Hu Yuejing’s elegant and decent smile. She felt a little proud: “That girl was wearing the latest autumn-road series suit of SL this year.”

As soon as she said this, Chen Mingzhi raised his eyebrows: “A suit of autumn-road series?”

Hu Yuejing nodded: “Yes, it is the suit that SL released this year. The new limited edition.”

At this moment, not only Chen Mingzhi understood, but even Ning Sanyue somewhat understood.

SL was the top brand in the French fashion industry, it was known for its expensive luxury goods, even celebrities had to often be sponsored by the brand for their new suits, and their latest autumn-road series suits were even more unbearable for ordinary people.

Such an expensive suit was casually worn by a girl who came to participate in the audition.

The point was, the girl wore that outfit like someone else would casually wear a white T-shirt and jeans, and she didn’t feel it was precious at all. In other words, it was people who controlled clothes and regarded clothes as nothing, rather than clothes controlling people.

It can be seen that the girl’s usual life was so luxurious that she didn’t care about these expensive suits at all.

But people in the social circle of celebrities, everyone knew to some extent that such a number one person does not exist.

So there was only one possibility, this girl was being taken care of by someone, and she was already living a luxurious life at a young age.

Ning Sanyue frowned tightly. He admired this girl today and was amazed by her acting skills, but he didn’t expect Hu Yuejing to say that? What did it mean, she didn’t want to use that girl?

Chen Mingzhi shook his head and sighed: “Young people nowadays are really frivolous. This kind of person must not be used. It is better for Ms. Hu to observe carefully—”

Just halfway through speaking, they heard Nie Yu suddenly say: “Just by relying on her clothes, you conclude that there is something wrong with her private life? Maybe her outfit is innocent?”

Hu Yuejing smiled confidently: “Mr. Nie, I’m afraid you don’t know. I went back to class a few days ago and saw her with a few of her classmates, that girl is just an ordinary girl, she doesn’t look like she comes from a wealthy family.”

Maybe it was not that exaggerated, but Hu Yuejing knew that she had to kill Gu Yuan’s hope of taking off, and she had to be strangled to death in the cradle, twenty-five years ago, Gu Yuan didn’t fly, and twenty-five years later, she won’t let her even think about it.

So she went all out to smear her in front of Xingying’s high-level executives, just to let her be crucified in the darkness forever, never to see the light and get a chance.

Thinking of this, her lips that were shiny with lip gloss said softly: “I don’t know which man bought her outfit for her.”

The voice was contemptuous.

Chen Mingzhi fell silent. Such a girl was obviously not suitable.

Ning Sanyue stared at Hu Yuejing, he didn’t care about anything else, that was the little girl he liked, and he just wanted to use her as the lead actress!

But what Hu Yuejing said, what if the upper-level investors were moved by what he said?

Ning Sanyue looked at Nie Yu anxiously.

But at this moment, they heard Mr. Nie beside him sneer: “Coincidentally, I know who set it up for her.”

As soon as these words came out, the three of them looked at Nie Yu with six pairs of eyes.

He knows?

He knew that little girl?

Hu Yuejing suddenly felt suffocated.

What did it mean?

Nie Yu sneered: “Her outfits are all arranged by me myself.”

Looking at Hu Yuejing, he who always had a playful smile on his face, and at this moment there was a hint of coercion: “Why, is there a problem?”

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