5BKCM Ch. 34: Superb Acting Skills

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Hu Yuejing stared at the girl in front of her. She was eighteen or nineteen years old and her skin was white and lively. When she smiled, her eyes seemed to be filled with sunlight, and her straight nose wrinkled slightly. She looked fresh and lovely.

Such a girl was surprisingly Gu Yuan, her roommate from twenty-five years ago.

At that time, in the dormitory, she and Gu Yuan were the only ones who had a good time together. Others said they were as good as one person, and Gu Yuan would tell her everything, but only she knew that there was a thorn in her heart, a thorn of jealousy.

Yes, jealousy.

They were all about the same age, but why did the performance teacher always notice Gu Yuan first, why did the teacher always praise Gu Yuan for her good foundation, obviously the one who practiced harder was herself.

During the day, she held hands with Gu Yuan, smiled at Gu Yuan, they took pictures together, went shopping together, bought clothes together, and ate together in class, but at night, jealous thorns would pop up from time to time, scratching her gentle heart off.

In fact, if it was just like this, it was fine, college was only a few years away, and they would eventually go their separate ways, but in their sophomore year, she participated in the audition for the heroine of “Immortal Love”, and the director seemed to admire her appearance very much, and others said that she was very likely to be selected. After returning, she told Gu Yuan the news, and pretended to be generous and suggested that Gu Yuan also try.

Gu Yuan would know once she tries it. If the director wanted to choose, he would choose her in the end. Gu Yuan would then understand the feeling of being rejected and defeated by herself. This was a battlefield where Hu Yuejing was about to win, and she wanted to pull Gu Yuan into it.

But unexpectedly, after going there, Gu Yuan came into the director’s sight, and he directly confirmed Gu Yuan as the heroine.

It could be said that when the director saw Gu Yuan, he had no one else in his eyes.

When Hu Yuejing was hit hard, she also heard a sentence from the director’s assistant, who said that the director had planned to choose Hu Yuejing at first, but who knew that Gu Yuan would come here, so he immediately changed to Gu Yuan.

It was like digging out her heart, she could hear the sound of her own heart bleeding.

Hu Yuejing clenched her fist lightly and raised her eyes.

She was no longer the Hu Yuejing who was hit by Gu Yuan twenty-five years ago and lost all confidence. She was Hu Yuejing who was popular all over the country, and the Hu Yuejing who married into a wealthy family and became famous. Although she was older, she was still well-maintained where everyone praised her as the goddess of immortality.

Hu Yuejing straightened up slightly, with a smile in her eyes and a look of scrutiny: “Is your name Gu Yuan? Are you a sophomore at the Capital Film Academy?”

Gu Yuan smiled: “Yes!”

Hu Yuejing took a light breath, the tone of this speech was exactly the same as that of the Gu Yuan she knew.

Were there clones in this world? Obviously that Gu Yuan would never wake up in this life, even if she woke up, she should be suffering from illness and dying, how could she be here?

But Ning Sanyue was already laughing: “Ms. Hu, is this your junior?”

Hu Yuejing smiled: “Yes. The primary school girl who is 25 years my junior. Looking at the little girl now, I really feel that I am old. It’s been so many years.”

If it were someone else, they would definitely say at this time, how could Ms. Hu be old, Ms. Hu is a goddess of immortality who will always be eighteen years old.

But Ning Sanyue was not that kind of person.

The so-called straight man was like, oh, you say you are old, it seems that you are not young then.

Ning Sanyue nodded: “That’s right, look at the young girl now, she is so fresh at a glance, this is incomparable to us, this is youth, and this is what we want for this TV series.”

The words were directly aimed at Hu Yuejing’s heart.

Hu Yuejing didn’t want to talk anymore.

Gu Yuan pursed her lips and smiled, while she waited for Ning Sanyue to arrange a topic for her.

Ning Sanyue asked her a few simple questions, and was very satisfied, but this girl looked too young and childish, so it was natural for her to play the heroine when she was a girl, but could she control the heroine once she was reborn from nirvana.

Well, Ning Sanyue looked at the girl with a smile and said: “It just so happens that Ms. Hu is here today, why don’t you just play a part of the story in “Immortal Love”, where Min Yi finds Shu Er, you know this story, right?”

At this point, she was a little dazed.

Of course she knew, she couldn’t know more.

Back then, the director of “Immortal Love” asked her to act in this scene, and directly decided to let her be the heroine.

Her this life was like a reincarnation, and now she was still young, still standing here, and still had the opportunity to act in that part of the show that was her knock on the door of the showbiz.

When Hu Yuejing next to her heard this, her eyelashes trembled slightly.

It turned out to be this scene? This scene where she was defeated miserably by Gu Yuan.

But Ning Sanyue didn’t know, and still smiled: “You don’t have to worry about it, just act directly, let your teacher Hu give you comments, don’t be afraid.”

This scene was not easy to act, as long as the girl could act a little and was in shape, they could still use her.

Gu Yuan smiled and nodded at Ning Sanyue, then looked at Hu Yuejing: “Ms. Hu, please give me some pointers, I’m showing you something shameful.”

When she said this, the ponytail on the back of her head shook slightly, her eyes were bright and she looked very well-behaved.

But Hu Yuejing wanted to tear this cuteness to pieces.

Hu Yuejing’s face had turned ugly, but she could only bear it and stare at the suit on Gu Yuan’s body. Of course, she knew that it was the latest model of a well-known big brand, which was very valuable.

She was such a young girl, so casually dressed…

She wore it so casually?

There was a trace of disdain in Hu Yuejing’s eyes. The young girl suddenly became rich, and she was from the Film Academy. If she thought about it, she could understand what was going on.

She raised her head slightly, looked down at Gu Yuan in front of her, and said lightly, “Just act.”

Gu Yuan didn’t care about Hu Yuejing’s unfriendly attitude, and began to concentrate on acting.

This scene was the first TV series co-produced by the heroine Min Yi on the mainland and the island[1]. The plot inherited the bloody style of the island TV series, and at the same time added new elements that suited the mainland’s national conditions. In this play, the heroine Min Yi reunited with the hero Chen Er after experiencing many hardships, but Chen Er was already engaged to the lady of the Marshal’s Mansion.

Min Yi was about to leave, and Chen Er asked her to stay, Min Yi looked back at Chen Er, and said something to Chen Er.

After Gu Yuan took a deep breath, she began to immerse herself into the role.

When she entered the role, the smile on Ning Sanyue’s face slowly disappeared, and he frowned tightly, staring at Gu Yuan.

He felt that this girl had changed all of a sudden, as if a magical chemical change had taken place. The pure and sunny girl disappeared, and the slight childishness on her face disappeared as well, she was now a woman sticking to her own persistence in this chaotic world.

Gu Yuan raised her face slightly and looked to the side, as if there was really someone stopping her there to keep her.

A pair of clear teardrops filled her eyes, they were about to fall, but they stubbornly refused to let them fall.

“Sur, yes, I love you, I love you so much that I am willing to live and die for you, travel thousands of miles for you, in front of you, I am as low as the dust, but before I love you, I am first a person, a person who has read books and come into contact with advanced ideas, I also have the dignity that belongs to me as a human being.”

The tears finally fell silently, and her tearful eyes were as clear as a stream of water, and her sadness was reflected in them.

“Sur, congratulations, congratulations on your engagement to Ms. Huo, I will leave, find a place where there are few people, and spend the rest of my life quietly. Maybe when I am grey-haired, I will hear your news from others, I hope that by that time, you will be a legend in this land.”

After saying this, she turned around without hesitation, took a step, and left.

This scene was really catchy, with that look, that movement, and that line skills, all of a sudden, a heartbroken woman who had been let down was expressed to the fullest. The assistants who were watching were all attracted and immersed in the scene just now, wishing that Gu Yuan would continue enacting this scene.

Ning Sanyue stood up excitedly: “Okay, okay, great! If you were born twenty-five years earlier…” What else could Hu Yuejing do?

But at this point, he stopped, and hastily stopped talking.

Although he was not very understanding of the world, he also knew that he couldn’t say that and offend others.

Seeing this, the assistant next to him quickly confirmed the contact information and other information with Gu Yuan. Ning Sanyue asked Gu Yuan a few more questions, and finally let Gu Yuan leave and asked her to go back and wait for news.

When she was inside, she didn’t think it was too long. When she went out, she realized that the sky outside had turned dark. Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan were still waiting outside. When they saw her coming out, they hurriedly gathered around: “How was it, what did the director say? Are you selected?”

“You stayed in there for so long, did they ask you a lot of questions?”

Gu Yuan then told about her experience of going in, and Chen Yuting and Wang Yuehan looked at each other in surprise: “Wow, Gu Yuan, you are very lucky, we were simply asked a few questions, but we were not allowed to act at all!”

Those who were allowed to act may not be able to play, but those who were not allowed to act at all, then it was definitely hopeless.

Gu Yuan: “I hope, it depends on what the director thinks, any accidents can happen, no one knows.”

Several people were talking, and in the slanting wind and drizzle, Huo Sijia and the others rushed over in embarrassment.

Either their clothes were wet or their hair was messed up, and they were in a hurry. When they rushed here, they saw that the people who registered over there were still there, so they rushed over to express that they were going to participate in the audition.

As soon as Chen Yuting saw them, he was puzzled, and whispered: “Doesn’t Huo Sijia have a car? When we took a taxi, weren’t they going to drive here?”

Wang Yuehan said disdainfully: “Who knows!”

She also wanted to go to Huo Sijia, but now that Huo Sijia did such a thing to Gu Yuan and encouraged them, she was not too happy to play with Huo Sijia anymore.

However, Gu Yuan understood that it was obviously because the car was broken down and she couldn’t get a taxi, so it took a lot of effort to get here.

Although Nie Yu was too cruel and immoral, but seeing Huo Sijia and her gang in such a mess, she felt a little refreshed and couldn’t help laughing.

Huo Sijia saw Gu Yuan at a glance, and immediately became angry; “Gu Yuan, do you still have the face to come here? We have already called the traffic team and called the police. This time we will never let you go!”

The other followed suit and said: “Yes, we all have evidence, and there is evidence to prove that you deliberately let people hit us!”

Gu Yuan spread her hands: “You have to make it clear that I am not the one who drove the car, and it was not me who hit you. None of this has anything to do with me. As for the hit, if you dare, go to trouble him!”

Huo Sijia sneered: “You think I dare not? Let me tell you, Gu Yuan, I will never let this matter go, I will let my dad come out and solve it!”

Gu Yuan sighed: “It’s up to you.”

She would try her best to persuade her son not to trouble Huo Sijia, but if Huo Sijia insisted on troubling her son, then she couldn’t help her.

Her son must be waiting for Huo Sijia to come to ask for money.

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[1] I think it means China and Hong Kong.

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