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He Xiangjin stayed in place stupidly, staring blankly at Huo Yunshen hugging Yan Qing and disappearing, for a time he thought it was an auditory hallucination.


Min Jing let the people around him to send the girls away, then he stepped forward to hold him down, and said coldly, “Dare to trick the lady of our Huo family into taking medicine? And you made her take it for two or three years? You are really courageous.”

He Xiangjin still had the image of a little bit of a popular traffic star, then he grabbed Min Jing in embarrassment to confirm: “You said madam…she, she is really…”

Min Jing threw his arms back in disgust and gave him a hard push.

He couldn’t describe his shock at the time when he learned that Yan Qing’s amnesia had He Xiangjin’s participation.

According to Dr. He, Yan Qing’s own willpower was too strong. The process of receiving the memory tampering transplant three years ago was not smooth. There she had to be given a high-dose injection, and after she successfully received the new memory, this medicine needed to be taken orally on a regular basis to ensure and prolong the effect of the drug.

Brother Shen asked him to start with medicine. After all, according to the test results, Yan Qing still took it in the past year, but with Yan Qing’s attitude, she didn’t seem to know anything about taking medicine. It must be someone approaching her and giving her the medicine in secret.

Yan Qing’s circle in Canada was simple, and at the end of the investigation, he found He Xiangjin to be guilty.

This now-popular traffic star, who was just a tepid ordinary artist more than two years ago, suddenly had money and time to go to Canada, and happened to meet Yan Qing, and since then, whenever he appeared, he would be highly consistent with the time period and only appeared when Yan Qing was mentally weak and had gone to the hospital for a review.

But he was still a step too late.

What was even more irritating was that He Xiangjin had been dangling in front of their eyes for so long, and even had the identity of a suitor. Brother Shen endured his existence with patience. In the end, he was the one who had been giving Yan Qing the medicine!

Min Jing thought of what He Xiangjin had done to Yan Qing, and the pain of Brother Shen when he saw the evidence and his thoughts went back and forth madly, therefore he so wanted to tear him apart: “Shut your mouth! Keep a little effort, if you think it is easy to talk, then explain to the people behind you who caused you to hurt her!”

He Xiangjin excitedly wanted to defend himself, but someone well-trained came over and a piece of tape sealed his mouth, then his vision was blocked, and he was pushed into a car in a daze.

It was too late for him, however he did like her, how could he hurt her? He went to Canada to meet her, and he visited her every year. It was true that he was threatened, but the medicine that was poured into the drink again and again was clearly to help her!

That night, Dr. He’s private hospital was brightly lit, and the condensed air expanded to the point that it would explode at any time.

Yan Qing’s long hair was messy, and her delicate makeup couldn’t cover her white-paper-like face. She had been induced to vomit, but it had almost no effect. The serious overdose of drugs was already working, and it was ravaging her mind and nerves more and more strongly.

She was in a very unstable coma. She was lying on the medical bed trembling slightly. Her lips were dry and were opening and closing periodically. She struggled to spill broken syllables, as if crying for help.

Huo Yunshen’s internal organs were twisting, and he wrapped her tightly with the quilt. He didn’t dare to lift her easily. He knelt by the bed, but he could only put his arm under her neck.

“Don’t be afraid, Qingqing…” He casually kissed her face, “Don’t be afraid, nothing will happen.” No matter how authoritative and experienced Dr. He was, he was in a cold sweat at this time, and had no idea.

He raced against the clock to use the injection to stabilize her spirit, and then connected the instrument to test the current situation for Yan Qing, trying to relieve her.

A magnetic sheet was attached to Yan Qing’s forehead and temple again, and a small electric current pierced into her body. Doctor He tried his best to guide and hint, constantly adjusting the mode and intensity of the instrument, but she was in even more pain and experiencing higher shortness of breath.

She cried and called out “Yunshen”, but after a few seconds, she gritted her teeth again and spat out the word “Huo” with hatred.

The connected “Huo Yunshen” was reversed by her and cut into two diametrically opposite emotions.

Dr. He felt at a loss. It was the early stage of the drug’s effect, and it was so uncontrolled. When it reached its peak, it would be impossible to predict what consequences it would cause to Yan Qing.

He was afraid of the stimulation, and Mr. Huo was obviously cautious and refused to use it at all.

But the stimulation this time was on a completely overload for her. It was very likely…

Yan Qing groaned again, opened her eyes briefly, and looked at Huo Yunshen, who was close at hand, blankly and pitifully.

Huo Yunshen hugged her deeply, tearing the quilt apart with his hands.

He opened his mouth and spoke slowly: “How is she?”

Dr. He could not see Mr. Huo’s expression. Just listening to the voice, apart from being too hoarse, he still sounded calm. He chose his words carefully: “This…”

Huo Yun suddenly looked up: “Speak!”

Dr. He froze, his scalp tingling.

Now he could see how calm Mr. Huo was, the blue veins on his forehead were bulging, his eyes were full of obvious blood clots, and the corners of his lips were bitten because of which there was a moist red spot. It was obvious that this kind of madness couldn’t be suppressed and was about to break out.

Dr. He had personally experienced one of his attacks and knew how terrifying it was.

But he had to tell the truth: “Not good.”

“The last time I came here, my diagnosis was very clear,” Dr. He said truthfully, “Miss Yun’s situation is like walking on thin ice, her nerves are very fragile and cannot withstand stimulation, that’s why I asked you not to directly say that her memory was tampered with.”

“After she reunited with you, as the contact deepens, her real deep memory must have been touched, even if she couldn’t remember it, she would start having symptoms such as headaches and discomfort which are more burdensome than before.”

“In this state, using drugs again to forcibly consolidate false memories is inherently dangerous, not to mention…”

Dr. He sighed: “Not to mention that the dose was almost doubled. Those who use such drugs are either intentional or deliberate. I don’t know the effect of the medicine at all if eaten like this, a weak person wouldn’t be able to stand it, and maybe she cannot survive.”

Huo Yunshen’s chest heaved violently, and there was a bloody taste in his mouth: “Tell me the result.”

Dr. He observed Huo Yunshen’s expression, he couldn’t bear to say it and closed his eyes, then he finally said truthfully: “At present, the physical signs are fairly stable, there should be no danger to life, and there is a high probability of her waking up from the coma…”

Huo Yunshen’s hands trembled, and he gently touched Yan Qing’s cold cheek.

Then Dr. He said in a deep voice, “But I can’t predict her reaction when she wakes up.”

“…What do you mean?”

“The overdose of the drug can cause countless possibilities. How much does her mind regenerate during the time she is in a coma? No one knows about the changes that could happen, maybe mental confusion, causing irreversible serious damage, maybe losing her memory again, and forgetting you even after the reunion… To put it bluntly, people can go crazy and become stupid. It is also possible that the memory goes backwards, back to an unknown starting point.”

Dr. He didn’t dare to be too straightforward, but Huo Yunshen understood it.

He was silent for a long time and asked hoarsely: “It’s all bad results, there is no good possibility, right?”

Dr. He lowered his head: “Mr. Huo, I have to tell you the truth, this kind of harm is very serious to Miss Yun. It is difficult for her to wake up from such a big crisis. The good thing may not be nothing, but it is too small. She can only rely on her own willpower and subconsciousness, and…the feelings she has developed for you these days. I expect the best outcome, but after she opened her eyes, whether she rejects you or not, it totally depends on her.”

He didn’t dare to hold out hope.

There was silence in the consultation room.

Dr. He was sitting there waiting for Mr. Huo to speak, but after a while, he asked in a low voice, “Can I take her home?”

“Yes,” Dr. He hurriedly said, “She won’t wake up tonight. It will be very difficult to subdue her, but there is no other way other than injections to calm her down, it will be easier to go home, I will follow you and be on call at any time.”

Huo Yunshen stood up straight, his legs were stiff, then he picked up Yan Qing and kissed her earlobe, “Honey, let’s go home.”

Min Jing drove, he kept on looking at Huo Yunshen’s drooping eyelashes from the rear-view mirror, and the little girl in his arms who was suffering and panting. His nose was sore along the way. When he took them out, he didn’t say a word. He knew that Brother Shen would not listen at this time.

The car did not drive to the villa area, but to the old house in Jiangbei.

“Brother Shen…” Min Jing reminded when the road forked, “The conditions at the villa are better.”

Huo Yunshen put Yan Qing’s hair behind his ear, and said quietly, “At the villa, jumping out of the window is dangerous, the old house is better.”

Min Jing was stunned, and after a while, he suddenly reacted.

Brother Shen was ready to be forgotten by Yan Qing again. He was afraid that when she wakes up and finds herself in an unfamiliar place, she would try to escape from the window like last time.

The villa was elevated and there were obstacles under the windows, making it unsafe.

At the old house… it was easy to run away.

Min Jing’s eyes were hot, and he knew that any attempt to comfort him would be futile. He obeyed Brother Shen’s words and knew what to do. When he got to the old house, he immediately arranged for people to be by the windows all 24 hours.

The lights of the old house in Jiangbei were still on.

Huo Yunshen wrapped Yan Qing in his arms and got out of the car: “Qingqing, we’re home.” In this bedroom, she had lingered with him, and pushed him to say that they didn’t know each other. She gave him the symbol here. The perfect glass ball was also broken here by her hand.

It didn’t matter, as long as Qingqing was alive, as long as she was there.

He could take anything.

In the middle of the night, Yan Qing was hot and her cheeks were flushed. Dr. He ran up from the empty house downstairs to check and determined that it was the reaction caused by the medicine. Anti-fever medicine was used, but it didn’t work much, so she had to get through it on her own, but then he brought a lot of ice packs and wanted to give her a cold compress, saying it could help.

Huo Yunshen drove everyone out and locked the bedroom door.

The area of the ice pack was small and could only be placed on the forehead and chest. Other positions were always unstable, and it was easy to fail.

Huo Yunshen put away the ice pack and threw it into the trash can. He took off his clothes and went to the bathroom connected to the room. He set the temperature of the shower water to the lowest setting, poured water on himself, wetting himself from head to toe, then he simply wiped himself dry. He got into the quilt and hugged Yan Qing tightly into his arms.

He was very icy, and the effect of cold water lasted about five minutes.

When the body warmed up, he got out of bed again to cool himself, and came back to continue hugging her.

Yan Qing was burning, so touching the man’s cold body, she instinctively leaned towards him and took the initiative to get into his arms, then she buried her head in his neck, and tried her best to fit in with him.

Huo Yunshen held her with all his strength, hugging her as if it was the last night of his life, staring at the dim void.

His trembling palms gently caressed her back, and his lips searched for her eyelids, the tip of her nose, the corners of her lips, kissing her reluctantly one after another, and in the long dark night that no one knew about, the heat and dampness slid down the corners of his eyes, into her sweaty hair.

“My family’s Qingqing, will always be the little princess,” Huo Yunshen pressed against her red ears, “I know what the doctor means, he wants to say, you may become crazy or stupid… It doesn’t matter if you go crazy, I will accompany you in being crazy, I’m not a normal person in the first place, it doesn’t matter if I’m stupid, I’ll take care of you, coax you, and stay beside my little princess all my life.”

“If you forget me…”

He laughed silently: “I’ll get to know you again. Only, this time, I will try my best to behave well, not let you hate me so much, so you don’t hide from me, just smile at me, okay?”

“Just laugh… I won’t feel that much pain anymore.”

The little girl in his arms embraced him warmly without answering.

But in her mind, the memory of him may be eroding little by little.

Huo Yunshen closed his eyes, wrapped his hands around her body, and for the first time in three years of long agony, he choked out his voice indulgently.

In the past, he went out to work to make money, and bought a small projector for Qingqing as a gift. The projector could show videos on the snow-white roof. It was quiet in the middle of the night, and it was also in this bed and in his arms, that she happily watched a movie.

He couldn’t remember the name and actors of the movie, but he remembered only one part of it.

The heroine lost her memory unexpectedly, and treated her lover who had been with her for ten years coldly, and asked, “Who are you?”

He watched this scene, his heart throbbing violently as if he had a sense of foreboding, then he rolled over and pressed her down, pretending to be his usual self and asked, “Will you forget me?”

Qingqing smiled softly and pinched his face: “Of course not.”

But he didn’t want to show that he was worried about his gains and losses, so he restrained himself and asked, “What if you forget, what should I do.”

Qingqing didn’t laugh at him, nor did she find him annoying.

She understood every bit of his emotion.

She looked into his eyes very seriously, touched his cold face with her tender fingers, and said softly, “Then you have to catch me, lock me up, and let me see you alone every day until I think about it and remember you.”

He couldn’t stop shaking.

The moonlight that night was very soft, shining on her face, she said softly: “Yunshen, if I forget you, the person who is most anxious, most pained, and most hopeful of remembering would be me.”

It was her.

Huo Yunshen’s voice was hoarse, and he clasped Yan Qing’s waist: “Qingqing, I finally had a meal, and I haven’t exchanged it for the prize of holding hands yet. You said that when we go home at night, you would continue to hold hands with me.”

“Qingqing…please. You…”

He grabbed her, tied her, locked her up, and now he was holding her, walking gently little by little.

So please…don’t forget me this time.

The next day, Yan Qing’s fever subsided, and her breathing gradually returned to normal.

After checking, Dr. He nodded and said, “The peak of the drug’s efficacy has passed, and the body temperature is basically normal. She should wake up in a few hours.”

Huo Yunshen was by the bed, tucking her quilts one by one, then he walked out of the door slowly outside.

“Mr. Huo, you’re not staying inside anymore?”

Huo Yunshen shook his head deeply: “If she doesn’t know me when she wakes up, she’ll be scared.”

Doctor He was dumbfounded, too sad to comfort him. Seeing that his face was bloodless, he worriedly asked, “Are you okay?”

Huo Yunshen didn’t speak, he was standing by the chair at the door, but he couldn’t sit still. He didn’t want to fall down, so he asked Min Jing to bring a simple single bed and put it by the bedroom door, he leaned on it while listening to the movements inside the room.

He waited for Qingqing to pounce on him.

Yan Qing seemed to have fallen into the bottomless deep sea and felt as if she was sinking. She struggled with suffocation and drowning every moment.

She was hot all over, and the pain was so painful that she wanted to sink to the end.

But there was a figure, with bone-piercing coldness, that penetrated the deep sea like light, and held onto her desperately.

His temperature seemed to belong to her by nature, and he continued to comfort her. The net that was about to explode in her mind was smoothed out by the coolness, and it also touched the darkest part of her heart. The surging emotions were sealed in their floodgates.

She didn’t know what this emotion was, but she knew that it should be given to him.

She owed it to him, and it was deeply engraved in her bones.

Yan Qing was soaked in sweat, twisting into a ball under the quilt, she gritted her teeth and held her head, and suddenly opened her eyes.

The house was very bright as it was daytime.

She looked at the wall in confusion.

There was a picture on it.

The girl in the picture looked like her, the boy…looked like him.

He… Yan Qing felt a little nauseous, covered her mouth, and there were countless pictures overlapping in front of her eyes, as if unwilling to be forgotten, wandering about to confuse her, and gouging out her temples like a knife.

She doesn’t… doesn’t want to lose him!

Once was enough!

Yan Qing clenched her fists, resisted forcibly, and sat up from the bed.

She held her head and blinked, and those noisy distractions faded away like a tide.

All that was left was silence, and… an inexplicable desire to cry, as if there was an unreachable gate slowly loosening, and an irresistible emotion poured out from the deepest part of her mind and heart, and she was eager to release it to someone.

Yan Qing sat stupidly, thinking hard.

After half a minute.

She couldn’t remember who it was!

Yan Qing suddenly straightened her back and looked around where she was, the place looked familiar! Here she was tied by a tie and she jumped from the window! This was Mr. Huo’s old house!

She seemed to be drunk at the celebration party last night, and was sent here by Mr. Huo when she was drunk? She had no resistance, but Mr. Huo obediently put her to sleep by herself, without doing anything at all.

So nice! Should be rewarded!

She also said that she would accompany him to dinner and hold his hand, but she broke her promise.

What kind of broken wine did the show team buy, that the sequelae was so big!

Yan Qing got out of bed in a hurry, her heart bulging but she couldn’t explain the boiling heat.

She eagerly pulled her slippers and ran to the door, opened it, and saw the man guarding outside.

The sun was at its peak at noon, shining into the living room through the window, but not a single strand fell on him.

He was tall and half-curled on the single bed, his long eyelashes covering the dark shadows under his eyes.

Yan Qing’s heart throbbed violently.

She walked to the cot and squatted down, touched his cold hand, and whispered, “Shen.”

Huo Yunshen’s Adam’s apple rolled.

He swallowed hard a few times, and slowly opened his eyes as if he was being sentenced.

Yan Qing was bathed in sunlight, she looked translucent as she leaned closer, touched the corners of his eyes with her tender fingertips, and said softly, “Shen, I’m here, why are you crying?”

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