RCFS Ch. 142

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Turning around, Molu said: “After retiring from the army, I went to the special police. To be honest, the movie was very realistic. Everyone in our team went to see it. At least Hoshino was left with a whole body. The bodies of some of our real undercover heroes can’t even be found. A very good movie, giving it a thumbs up, we are not heroes, we are just silent watchmen.

I am a little flower said: “Handsome, handsome! In the beginning, I just went for the giant screen poster at the entrance of the cinema, because the two actors are really handsome, one looks upright and the other is full of evil, they are simply a model of the two male god types! Also, is this show trying to impress Sword of the Empire? Well I admit, I’m starting to like Sword of Empire again, I just didn’t expect to fall in love with this movie so much in the end!

Another: “Hoshino!! I love you!! Although the righteous and handsome guy is also very good, but the bad and evil type like you is my favourite!!”

Mengmengda said: “The drama is good, um, I also like Hoshino, the handsome strangers like Nan Shao are not allowed to enter, Hoshino is naughty, full of lust, it makes people want to post it!!! I don’t know if this sentence is full of lust that will provoke everyone’s nerves, but in short, many people frantically swiped a sentence: Hoshino, full of lust +1!!!”

Ye Yunxi twitched the corners of her mouth and looked at the poster again. The exposed flesh was obviously Di Junxie’s , why was she the one provoking lust?

Because of what? Masculinity?

Incapable of understanding gender differences!

Forget it, let’s read the comments first.

Ye Yunxi continued to look down.

There were more and more similar comments, and everyone discussed only three points, the content of the movie, the sword of the empire, and the actors.

But it was also inevitable that the trolls would come and criticize, saying that the actors’ performances were not good, the camera was not smooth, the filming was not smooth, etc., but in the aspect of the plot, it could overwhelm other comments, plus for one whole week they could not buy tickets. As soon as the news came out, it completely aroused the curiosity of the people across the country.

If one couldn’t even buy a ticket, it must be very good to watch. The people who commented were itching, they must go see it!

With the comments at the bottom, the lack of acting skills of the supporting actors, and even many scenes such as blunt scenes, everyone was no longer surprised, but the content made everyone like it more.

Public opinion was such a magical existence.

After listening to Steward Wen’s report, Ye Jianxing said after a while, “Go and buy me a ticket.”

“No need for that master, Miss Yunxi has already left a ticket for the master.”


Ye Jianxing chuckled.

“Miss Yunxi, she looks very much like the master from back then. She is indeed the granddaughter of master.” Ye Jianxing waved his hands, neither happy nor unhappy.

“Arrange a car, let’s go to the movies.”

With the ticket in hand, the old man walked out of the gate, and Butler Wen hurriedly followed.

Ye Jianxing wanted to go back to Sword of the Empire but he made an exception to go to the movies, which really didn’t suit his temperament.

But Butler Wen knew very well that the old man was strict on the surface, but after all, blood was thicker than water, and who could really put down his own son as a father.

Master would still go to support Young Master Junpo, won’t he?

It was just that Master and Young Master Junpo were both people who were stingy with expressions, so the misunderstanding would get deeper and deeper. He hoped that Miss Yunxi could also give these two people a chance to open up their hearts.

Ye Junpo was pleasantly surprised when he saw the extremely high ratings on the Internet.

He was ready for the movie to hit the street, and he was still comforting himself. It was normal for the first movie to hit the street, but he didn’t expect it to have such a hot result!!

Online review of 92!

A ticket was hard to find!!

The score alone could kill many domestic movies in seconds!!

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