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If it was exactly the same as on the light sign, it was enough to make Yan Qing vibrate at the scene, but now hearing him say it in her ear, especially when he called her “Qing Bao”, her cheeks couldn’t help warming up.

Yan Qing’s voice was weak: “The fans are shouting at random, why are you making fun of it…”

Huo Yunshen was not satisfied with simply grabbing her hands, so his fingers rubbed against her delicate palms, intertwined with her fingers, and pressed them together. He was reluctant to even leave a little gap between their hands.

The person who was brilliant on the stage not long ago really spread her wings like a bird. She broke out of the trainee category tonight and became a popular newcomer in the circle.

Huo Yunshen didn’t want to think about how many people were falling for her. He only knew that it was him who was holding her tightly at the moment.

He was extremely fortunate to have that marriage certificate. No matter where Qingqing was going, he still had at least one string with which he could pull her kite.

“Fans can shout, why can’t I? More than a thousand people have seen my support, which means that your name is engraved on me. Will Qing Bao herself want to expel me from the fan group?”

Yan Qing couldn’t help but smile: “You know a lot, and you can even say the word Fan group.”

Huo Yunshen stared at her with deep nostalgia: “For the sake of my wife, I will learn everything.”

“Rise it! Girl” had become the winner against similar programs, so a banquet had been organized to celebrate it, the other contestants were already in their seats, and their playful shouts could be heard from a distance, which made the passage seem even emptier and quieter, and the man’s presence also felt particularly strong, eager and deep, attacking her senses wantonly.

Yan Qing didn’t dare to look at him.

She shook their interlocking hands as she said: “Aren’t you crossing the line?”

Huo Yunshen laughed very low, not only did he not let go, but also rubbed her hands a few times lovingly: “I have accumulated ten points, and I am redeeming them. It’s my prize.”

Yan Qing was surprised: “…Ten points? It was only five when I saw it the day before yesterday.”

He was struggling to eat, how could he progress so quickly.

“Well,” he said in a nasal voice, “I wanted to rush over to hold your hand today. I ate three meals yesterday, and I added a late night snack in the evening. Counting this morning, it’s enough.”

Yan Qing felt sour after being stunned. She hurriedly touched his stomach: “Does it hurt? You’ve only just recovered a little, so how can you force yourself to eat.”

She was a little anxious: “I didn’t set the conditions to make you embarrassed, so it’s better to cancel the rules. Forget it.”

After impulsive finishing saying this, she looked at Huo Yunshen’s changed complexion, secretly regretted it again, sighed for mercy, and whispered: “I… I don’t really want to cancel, I’m afraid that your body will be uncomfortable, you only ate one meal today, right? I’ll accompany you to eat when you get home in the evening…”

Huo Yunshen still lowered his eyelashes.

Yan Qing conceded defeat, took the initiative to approach, raised his head to look at his sharp brows, somehow thought of something, and subconsciously coaxed: “Look at you, when you are unhappy, you frown, like a big black cloud— -“

Huo Yunshen’s chest thumped, his lips moved, and he was about to speak when footsteps sounded from outside the screen. He could tell that it was a man who not walking fast and was slightly hesitant.

“Yan Qing, are you near here? The tables are ready, everyone is waiting for you.”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes suddenly became cold.

Seeing his reaction, Yan Qing’s scalp went numb. She didn’t expect that He Xiangjin would come to find her, she just hit the wall again.

With Mr. Huo’s prudence, he had always cared about He Xiangjin. If she hadn’t stopped him as she didn’t want to cause further trouble for the show team, it was estimated that someone would have operated behind the scenes and replaced the chief instructor by now.

Although someone seemed to be relatively normal recently, there was no guarantee that if a nerve was poked, he will not go crazy.

It would be even worse to ignore He Xiangjin. At his speed, he will pass by within a minute, and she and Mr. Huo were likely be discovered on the spot by him.

Yan Qing quickly raised her voice and said, “I’m here… The skirt had a small accident and needs to be sorted out. Mr. He, please go first, I’ll be very fast.”

He Xiangjin stopped two meters away from the screen, he was convinced by her acting skills, so he lowered his tone. “Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you, I’m here to look for you on behalf of everyone, if I don’t bring you back in person, I’ll be embarrassed.” Yan Qing was so worried, she glanced at her husband’s impending to explode expression and wanted to die on the spot.

She stopped delaying, stood on tiptoe decisively, leaned on Huo Yunshen obediently, hugged his neck softly, placed her red lips to his face, and whispered to comfort him: “Shenshen, you don’t have to take him seriously, because he is just an instructor, the overall situation still needs to be rounded, I promise not to get too close to him, I will retreat immediately after the celebration banquet. Don’t make a sound, go home and wait for me first, be good.”

After she finished speaking, she dropped her heels, put her hands together, and her beautiful eyes drooped down, looking as if she was pitifully begging her husband.

Huo Yunshen took a deep breath and raised his hand without speaking.

Yan Qing understood in a second, and promised softly: “Okay, you haven’t received your prize yet. I’ll give it to you at night so you can continue to hold it.”

She bowed to Mr. Huo reverently, lifted her skirt, turned around, and walked out with her chest up and her head raised. She smiled in a business-like manner at He Xiangjin: “I’m fine, let’s go.”

He Xiangjin glanced at the screen, held the cup in his hand, and didn’t say much. As with the two keeping their distance, they approached the entrance of the banquet hall, he just seemingly thought of something and said gently: “Yanyan, I almost forgot the milk tea I brought you, the temperature is still right, drink it while it’s hot.”

The hall was already full, and someone noticed them and waved warmly: “Yanyan, come in quickly! The wine is poured!”

He Xiangjin still kept holding the paper cup.

With so many eyes watching, maybe there were still cameras filming, Yan Qing couldn’t refuse, so she took it over and bowed and thanked him. When she sat down, she put it on the side and didn’t drink.

Thinking back carefully, when they met in Canada in the past, He Xiangjin also liked to buy her something to drink, and even on the day they first met, he handed her a cup of coffee.

Maybe…it was his personal hobby?

In any case, she was married now, and whether her husband was fake or not, she wanted to draw a clear line with her suitor and was not willing to touch anything they gave.

Hey, she was really a model wife who was cute, lovable and had professional ethics.

He Xiangjin was chased by a group of people and took his seat, always paying attention to Yan Qing’s cup until the banquet started, and the program director generously announced how the hit rate of the two episodes broke the astronomical mark and how he earned more than expected. However, he was in no mood for all this praise and popularity.

He also carried a spare packet of medicinal powder in his pocket, which could be used twice. With Yan Qing’s growing rejection of him, if he failed again tonight, when the next chance would come was even harder to say.

It should have been given to her in autumn, but it was dragged into winter.

If it was too late, he was afraid that he would hurt her, and he must succeed quickly.

Outside the banquet hall, Huo Yunshen stood for a long time before slowly coming out from behind the screen. The tumultuous emotions in his chest finally subsided a little. He looked at the hidden door at the end of the passage, thinking about “dark cloud” and Qingqing following him inside. Qingqing’s face was smiling, and her long eyes closed slightly.

He was having stomach cramps, he pressed it slightly, as his phone vibrated suddenly.

In the receiver, Min Jing said solemnly: “Brother Shen, I found the traces. I’m on my way to the recording site, and I’ll show you myself.”

Huo Yunshen didn’t stop for a moment, and strode towards the stairs.

In addition to the good news at the celebration banquet, there was also a farewell to the eliminated contestants in this issue. After this battle, there were only 36 seats left in “Rise It! Girls”, and some girls who were good personal friends wiped away their tears. The program team took into account the atmosphere and deliberately prepared canned cocktails for everyone, similar to drinks, the alcohol content was not too high, but still everyone could also get a little drunk and vent their emotions.

Yan Qing knew that she was not good at drinking, so she didn’t plan to try it and she looked forward to ending it early.

A short-haired cutie came to touch her shoulder and asked tearfully: “Yanyan, I used to be your fan. I can participate in the show with you. It’s worth it to be eliminated. Before leaving, can I toast you?”

She poured her can into Yan Qing’s cup and drank it first.

Yan Qing couldn’t bear it, it would be too hypocritical to say that she couldn’t drink it at this time, so she swallowed it too, and after tasting it, she found that it was fine, with a peach flavour and a touch of sweetness.

As soon as the precedent was set, one after another eliminated contestants came to toast her, Yan Qing accepted the first one, so she could no longer refuse.

He Xiangjin’s heartbeat was very unstable, the cup of milk tea was definitely useless, and he had to find another way. He saw that Yan Qing wanted to leave early, and this forced him to hurriedly open the lid of the soda can in half, and slowly pour the tube-shaped powder into it.

When the dose was about to be completed, a drunk staff member crashed into it with a bang. He Xiangjin was so frightened that his hands shook, and more than half of the remaining half-pipe of medicinal powder was spilled into the wine.

He Xiangjin’s cold sweat broke out immediately.

The remaining amount was not enough for one time, and there was already too much poured in.

He gritted his teeth, more was better than less. She only took the medicine once every six months, and it was over time, so it should be fine.

He Xiangjin returned to the banquet hall as usual, and the toasting by Yan Qing was still going on. He aimed at a little girl who was about to run over, and gave her the can with a smile, pretending to open it on the spot: “Do you want to toast Yan Qing? It’s inconvenient for her to drink yours, give her this bottle, it’s her favourite flavour, don’t confuse it with yours.”

The little girl nodded sharply and looked at him with an admiring face: “Mr. He, you are so attentive.”

He Xiangjin curled his lips: “Small thing, don’t make a sound, and don’t tell her that I gave it to you.”

He chatted and laughed with people naturally, his eyes swept to Yan Qing from time to time, and he watched her take it with his own eyes, as she poured it into the cup without doubt and then took a sip.

Her skin was white, and the way her throat moved slightly as she drank was so delicate.

He Xiangjin lost his mind and swallowed subconsciously. He was used to seeing various types of beauties in the entertainment industry, but there was no one like her, and he couldn’t forget it from the first sight.

Yan Qing took another sip, her vision became a little blurry, she put down the glass and shook her head.

She was thinking about going home in the evening, so she drank very restrainedly, not too much, but the wine seemed to hit her suddenly, and the momentum was fierce.

Yan Qing tried her best to stay sober and waved to the cuties: “I’m a little drunk, I can’t drink anymore.”

She came directly from the show, without her cell phone, so she explained to everyone while sober, got up and went to the bathroom, wanting to throw some cold water on her face.

By this time, the hall was already in chaos, people hugging and crying, and they were all dizzy after drinking. No one would pay attention to the movements of one or two people, but Ouyang and Xiao Curly still noticed her and ran over to take care of her.

He Xiangjin followed closely behind.

On the other side, there was a table against the wall. The captain, who had said that she was bound to win the S position, had drunk a lot the whole night. Because she strongly chose the performance costume of feathers, it deviated from the style of their music. Compared to Yan Qing’s skirt, she looked like she was wearing something bought from a street stall.

Seeing that Yan Qing was drunk, she snorted coldly, and followed her, wanting to vent out her anger.

Yan Qing’s footsteps were unsteady, the nerves in her brain seemed to be tugged one by one, pulled to the limit, and an unbearable pain gradually spread.

There was an invisible knife poking her, quickly shattering her will.

Her clenched teeth overflowed with air, and Huo Yunshen’s cold and forbearing eyes appeared in the completely blackened sea of consciousness. She wanted to grab him, but she had no strength at all, her feet were soft, and she slid down weakly.

Ouyang reacted the fastest, as she caught her and screamed in panic.

They had already walked near the bathroom and left the banquet hall. It was very empty and no one could respond to her call for help, so He Xiangjin who appeared in time was like a saviour.

When He Xiangjin saw this, his pupils trembled and his face was pale, as he muttered: “How could this be, how could she pass out!”

Ouyang said anxiously, “She must be drunk, teacher, you are strong, take her to the car quickly, I’ll take her back to the dormitory!”

He Xiangjin knew very well that it wasn’t as simple as being drunk.

He picked up the weak Yan Qing in panic, stumbled towards the stairs, and bumped away the group of girls who were watching the fun. The captain was even more angry when she saw it, and sarcastically muttered: “It’s amazing how beautiful you are and can still drink so much. As for fainting? Mr. Huo ignored her, so she is using this trick to pester Teacher He?”

He Xiangjin couldn’t hear anything, so he ran forward with all his heart, but after only taking two steps, he stopped abruptly, in disbelief. He widened his eyes, staring at the oncoming figure.

He had been timid before, but he had never been so timid.

In the dimly lit corridor, the man’s facial features were shrouded in shadows, with a dark outline, like a ghost who had come to take his life.

He Xiangjin only felt that the brutality that could cut flesh and bones slashed into him, and when he realized the situation, it made his flesh tremble to the point of pain.

He instinctively wanted to pick her up, his fingers touched her, but the whole person suddenly fell back and fell heavily to the ground.

Huo Yunshen kicked him away, snatched Yan Qing, and his fingers were frozen into ice cubes, as he held her tightly in his arms.

He didn’t have on a hat or mask, and his face was completely exposed in front of people. The red blood in his eyes made a group of girls who were following him stunned.

It was Mr. Huo, as everyone said on the Internet, Yan Qing was just an ordinary “new face” for Mr. Huo in his company!

But when he held Yan Qing, his attitude was far much like protecting his own life.

Min Jing led the people forward and stopped the idle people who should not be there. He knew too well how to silence them quietly.

Huo Yunshen wrapped Yan Qing in his arms tightly, and his every breath was like a raging bull. He knew that he was too late. Qingqing had taken He Xiangjin’s medicine.

He Xiangjin watched him walk away, and out of nowhere some courage burst out. He desperately squeezed away the blockers, and stumbled to catch up: “She, she— “

“Go away!”

“Where are you taking her! Isn’t she just a substitute? If you think it’s troublesome, leave it to me, okay! I’ll take care of her!”

Huo Yunshen stopped, turned his head, and his blood-coloured eyes burst into a maniacal frenzy.

He said word by word: “Yan Qing is not a substitute for anyone, she is the wife I have married!”

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