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“Dad, brother, I’m back~~~”

Xue Yunmu, who was taken out to play by Pei Ziteng for that day, ran in, holding a lollipop bigger than his face in his hand.

Pei Ziteng stood at the door and poked his head in, then he threw a large backpack on the ground, looking like he was being ravaged, he said weakly, “I brought your son back, don’t contact me for the next week. I need to replenish my inner strength.”

“It’s only been one day with a child, and you are dead like this, what’s the use of asking you.” Xue Chengxiu picked up the backpack and put it on the sofa.

Pei Ziteng said hesitantly, “It’s useless, I’m the most useless.” Before he could finish speaking, he ran away.

Xue Chengxiu went to close the door, and when he looked back, he saw that Xue Yunmu was holding the big lollipop and offering it to Yu Siyang like a treasure.

“Brother, isn’t it very big? Uncle Teng Teng bought it.”

“It’s big enough for Mumu to eat for the first half of the year.”

“Can you eat it for half a year? (⊙o⊙)”

“If you take a small bite a day, you can eat it for half a year.”

“That’s it…you can eat it for the first half of the year…”

Little Fatty didn’t know that he was fooled by his brother Yangyang, so he held up the half-year-old lollipop and presented it like a treasure to Aunt Wang, showing how resourceful he was, that he chose the largest one.

Xue Chengxiu said dissatisfiedly, “That bastard Pei Ziteng bought candy for the child again.”

“I guess Mumu cheated him.” Yu Siyang laughed.

Xue Chengxiu said: “Even if a child is insisting, Pei Ziteng, as a person with full capacity for civil conduct, can’t stand his ground, he’s too useless.” Especially unreasonable.

“You’re right, we must criticize him properly.” Yu Siyang defended his man, completely unprincipled.

Pei Ziteng, who was overrun by the Fatty, fell into the back seat of his car, sneezed heavily, rubbed his nose, and told the driver, “Turn up the air conditioner, I’m cold.”

Yu Siyang had made up for the lack of sleep from last night. Now, he walked to the kitchen full of energy and decided to make a very complicated fried rice dish to express his good mood.

Xue Yunmu carried a small stool and sat in the kitchen to watch, and beside him was his father who was also sitting on a high stool while working on the phone.

Yu Siyang heated the especially made slate electric grill, and then took out several kinds of vegetables from the refrigerator.

When the little Fatty saw the carrots, he hated the most, his mouth immediately pouted: “It’s another carrot dish, Mumu doesn’t like carrots.”

Yu Siyang’s action of taking out vegetables stopped for a while, and a surprised expression suddenly appeared on his face, and then it turned into regret in the next second, “Aiya, this fried rice can’t be eaten by Mumu.” He was very playful and had the style of a movie star.

Xue Yunmu’s eyes widened, “Why why?” Although he didn’t like carrots, he shouldn’t punish him so cruelly, and not even give him fried rice >_<

“Because this fried rice has to be drizzled with brandy and set on fire. Oh,” Yu Siyang shrugged regretfully, “It’s the same reason that children can’t drink alcohol, just like they can’t eat too much candy.”

The little Fatty was sad. If he had known, he wouldn’t have argued with Uncle Teng Teng to buy him the lollipop, no matter how good it was. Eating it was not as good as the food made by Brother Yangyang.

Yu Siyang held back his smile, mixed the cuttlefish juice into the beaten vegetable juice, and poured it into the cooked rice to dye it.

“Then…then I’ll give my brother the lollipop, then can I eat fried rice?” Xue Yunmu asked with a struggling expression.

“Brother will think about it.” Yu Siyang endured his urge to smile, his hands were shaking, and the bacon was cut into odd shapes.

When Xue Yunmu saw that he was not convinced, he ran back to his room, fetched the lollipop, and handed it to Yu Siyang, “Brother, here it is.”

Yu Siyang put down the kitchen knife, took the lollipop, and kissed Xiao Mumu’s fat face, “Thank you Mumu.”

Xue Yunmu happily kissed him back, then ran back to the small stool and sat down, watching his brother mix the meat into the dark rice, but he felt sleepy while watching it, then his little head tilted, and leaning on his Dad’s lap, he fell asleep.

Xue Chengxiu felt his legs sink, looked down, said “talk later” to the person on the other end of the phone, hung up the phone, and then he took his son back to the room and stuffed him into the quilt.

In the kitchen, since all the onlookers had left, Yu Siyang was even more attentive while cooking. The mixed rice was filled into the “coal honeycomb” shaped mold, and then it was placed upside down on the heated slate.

The mold was removed, and a lump of black “coal honeycomb” was formed.

The hot slate roasted the rice at the bottom, making a sizzling sound, and a scorching fragrance wafted out in a short while.

As soon as the aroma came out, Yu Siyang poured the brandy on the rice, then lit it with a lighter, “bang”, and immediately the flames rose half a meter high on the rice.

Xue Chengxiu saw this scene when he went back to the kitchen again. There was a rush of heat, and along with the heat, there was also a peculiar smell of wine mixed with the aroma of burnt rice, which was very tempting.

“How is it? Handsome or not?” Yu Siyang tilted his head from behind the flames for praise.

Mr. Xue immediately said: “Very handsome, handsome out of the world.”

Yu Siyang was satisfied, and after the flame was extinguished, he smashed the “beehive coal” with a spatula and stirred it up. The aroma of coal was even more intense now.

After the rice was cooked, Mr. Xue couldn’t wait to scoop a spoonful from the slate.

The boiled rice had a slight aroma of wine and coal, and the bacon mixed in the rice gave the rice a kind of flavor similar to claypot rice. After the rice was fried, it was not as soft as before, but slightly hard and chewy. It was full of energy. In the process of chewing, he could taste the various aromas absorbed in the rice, but after swallowing it, only the mellow aroma of brandy remained in the mouth.

“Is it delicious?” Yu Siyang also tasted the fried rice he made and felt good about himself.

“It’s delicious.” Xue Chengxiu had never been stingy with his praise, but what he said was also true. The flavor of this fried rice was exceptionally unique, and it made people unable to forget it. After taking the first bite, he couldn’t stop.

“Would you like me to make this fried rice at our wedding as well?” Yu Siyang said with a smile, “It means that our future life will be prosperous.”

“Okay, whatever you say.” He nodded again.

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