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“Hey…Xiaoyu is only twenty-one years old, and he’s already getting married…” Zhan Heng looked at the white clouds outside the plane window with a gloomy expression, “I’m in my thirties, and I feel like I’m being compared. It’s over!”

Wei Xiaofeng turned his eyes to look at Zhan Heng, and said coldly, “What do you want to say?”

Zhan Heng took his eyes away from the clouds, turned his head to look at Wei Xiaofeng sincerely, and said, “Little Feng, you are already forty years old, and you have never been married, so you are comparable to scum.”

“You! Say! What!” Wei Xiaofeng’s forehead was bulging, and he gritted his teeth, “I’m only thirty-five!!!”

Zhan Heng said without fear of death, “Rounding up to the nearest ten, its 40.”

Wei Xiaofeng was so angry that he didn’t want to speak to him anymore and turned his head to focus on the magazine in his hand.

Since the wedding invitations of Xue Chengxiu and Yu Siyang were delivered, Zhan Heng had been in this yin-n-yang state, and Wei Xiaofeng wanted to beat someone.

Wei Xiaofeng knew that Zhan Heng was envious, and he also had a strong idea of marriage.

But… but this bastard didn’t formally propose marriage, he just kept babbling in a weird way. Could it be that he wanted him to propose to him on his own initiative?!

Roll! Keep on dreaming!

Zhan Heng stared at Wei Xiaofeng’s profile, feeling that his heart was about to break.

Could it be that Xiaofeng wanted to be a scumbag and abandon him after all this time?

It hurts so much.

The person that envied this wedding was not only Zhan Heng, but also Yi Jiaojiao.

It stood to reason that, for a goddess like Yi Jiaojiao, women should be jealous of her, and men should be lining up for her to choose from.

But the fact was that when a woman reached the pinnacle of excellence, a man had the attitude of “observing from a distance and not blaspheming”. True love was hard to find, and there were a lot of scumbags.

“Good men are all with men, can we women just settle for it, or do we have to end up with women?” Yi Jiaojiao sighed with emotion.

The assistant who accompanied her nodded madly: “How to fall in love differently?”

Yi Jiaojiao: “…”

Yi Jiaojiao dared to make a deal, if it wasn’t for the fact that she had to run around with her, her assistant would definitely be a homebound otaku.

After a few hours of flying, through the window, they could already see the small islands dotted on the vast sea. The destination this time – the private island of Pei’s family, Laurel Island was about to arrive.

“Hello, dear passengers, the destination of this flight is almost arriving, we are going to reach Laurel Island, and the plane is about to land. Please stop walking in the corridor, return to your seats and fasten your seat belts.” A flight attendant came over and said softly: “Welcome to Laurel Island.”

The plane soon landed at the private airport on the island. As soon as everyone got off the plane, the staff greeted them warmly and said, “Dear guests, please come here. Let’s go. The two grooms are preparing for tomorrow’s wedding and can’t receive you in person, please don’t mind.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Everyone expressed their understanding.

After all, the wedding was a big event, and the grooms must be very busy, and they could arrange themselves easily.

Laurel Island was picturesque and had complete facilities. Everyone was brought to the villa by the staff to settle down, and then they wanted to rest, bask in the sun, swim and dive, but they didn’t want to go outdoors and enjoyed indoor entertainment.

Pei Ziteng walked around on the beach where the ceremony was going to be held, reconfirmed that there would be no mistakes in tomorrow’s wedding, and planned to return to the villa.

Zhuang Ze came over in a Hawaiian shirt and shouted from a distance, “Let’s go surfing?”

“No time.” Pei Ziteng hummed.

Zhuang Ze smiled and said, “Why, isn’t Chengxiu getting married? You are busier than him.”

”     Isn’t that true?” Pei Ziteng rolled his eyes and asked, “Where is Daddy Xue?”

“Brother is resting in the room.” Zhuang Ze shrugged and raised the surfboard in his hand, “Aren’t you going?”

Pei Ziteng felt that he was too busy to die, and the party to the marriage was actually sitting idle in the room, he couldn’t bear it.

“Go.” It wasn’t me who is getting married, anyway.

Zhuang Ze knew that he would go, “Go get the board and change clothes.” He called several people, but no one was willing to accompany him. Fortunately, there was Pei Ziteng.

Pei Ziteng was kidnapped by Zhuang Ze to go surfing, and Ding Guanghe was roped in to communicate with the chef of the wedding banquet.

And the parties to the wedding were really in the room, but they weren’t resting—at least not now.

Yu Siyang had been looking forward to the wedding for nearly a month, but tomorrow was the wedding. He couldn’t help but get nervous again and kept walking around on the balcony.

“What’s the matter?” Xue Chengxiu was dealing with an important document temporarily sent by his assistant. Seeing Yu Siyang circling on the balcony, he couldn’t help but feel amused, and hugged him from behind.

“Uh, that, aren’t you nervous?” Yu Siyang said, “I’m a little nervous.”

“Darling, we’re getting married, why are you nervous? It’s almost the same as living together.” Xue Chengxiu chuckled, biting the side of his earlobe.

Yu Siyang laughed dryly and held the hands that were folded in front of his lower abdomen, “Am I having pre-wedding jitters?”

“Nonsense,” Xue Chengxiu bit his earlobe again, “What are you talking about, what are you afraid of? Will our days be any different after getting married?”

Well, that made sense. When Yu Siyang thought about it, he didn’t seem to be nervous anymore.

Xue Chengxiu looked down at the light pink traces on his earlobe, and said maliciously, “Then do you want me to help you relieve the fear.”

Yu Siyang turned to look at him, “How to relieve it?”

“Of course…” Xue Chengxiu’s hand slammed down and hugged the person by the waist, “It would be relieved on the bed.”

Yu Siyang’s eyes widened.

Before he could react, Xue Chengxiu threw him on the bed and pressed him under him.

Xue Chengxiu stretched out his arm and pressed the switch of the electric curtain on the head of the bed. When the curtain of the large floor-to-ceiling window slowly closed, his hand had already reached to the hem of Yu Siyang’s clothes.

Yu Siyang wanted to say that there was no such relief needed.

But his mouth was blocked, and his tongue was entangled with the tongue of the person covering his body, so he couldn’t speak at all.

The breaths of the two blended together, and the temperature was getting higher and higher.

Soon, Yu Siyang felt dizzy and took off his shirt in cooperation, and he had indeed forgotten what he wanted to say.


The wedding day was sunny, and the sea breeze was mild.

The people who came to the wedding were the close relatives and friends of the two grooms, and they all whispered and laughed together.


The gun salute sounded, the live band played the wedding march, the rain of flowers fell, and a chubby cute child in a small white suit walked in front with a small basket, spreading petals as he walked. Behind him, two newlyweds in couple dresses walked on the aisle slowly, hand in hand.

Xue Chengxiu and Yu Siyang clasped their hands together, their fingers clasped together, with bright smiles on their faces, with only each other in their eyes.

The person who presided over the marriage for the two was the current patriarch of the Pei family, Mr. Pei, who had retired to enjoy life.

The old man was in his 80s and had a very strong body. He heard that one of his favorite juniors, Xue Chengxiu, was getting married. Although his partner was a man, the old man was not hesitant in being the officiant at all.

After the old man saw Yu Siyang, he liked him so much that he didn’t want to let go of his hand – because Yu Siyang made a delicious apple pie for the old man.

“Boy Xue, treat your wife well in the future, and don’t bully the other.” Mr. Pei said with a serious face.

Sitting in the guest seat, Pei Ziteng was about to despair of his grandfather. They had already agreed what he had to say in the morning and according to it, he had written the wedding speech. The elder had memorized the wedding speech very well. He clearly promised him to follow the routine. Now, what about the routine? Could you not do whatever you want y_u!

“Well, I’ll be good to Yangyang for the rest of my life.” Xue Chengxiu was very fond of the old man’s words and looked at Yu Siyang with a silly smile.

The old man nodded with satisfaction and said to Yu Siyang: “Xiaoyu should also treat Xue boy well and make him more delicious food.”

Pei Ziteng’s expression was dull, and he wanted his grandfather to add in his heart, “By the way, make more delicious food for me as well”.

“Grandpa Pei, I will.” Yu Siyang also smiled stupidly.

Mr. Pei said solemnly: “Grandpa wishes you all a long life and love.”

Yu Siyang tilted his head, put his hand on Xue Chengxiu’s shoulder, and said, “Whether we are poor or rich, healthy or sick, we will never give each other up and cherish each other, until death do us part.”

Xue Chengxiu held his waist and said, “No, not even death can separate us. We are born to live together, and we will die together.”

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Xue Chengxiu looked at the relatives and friends who were chanting below, and suddenly snatched the small basket from the flower girl Mumu’s hand, blocked Yu Siyang’s face, and kissed his lips.


Everyone was dissatisfied, they kissed, why did it need to be blocked, would it not be good to let them take a look.

As the host of the wedding, Mr. Pei had a very good position. Everyone was booing, and the old man said cheerfully: “I saw it, you don’t have to be too envious~~~~”

Pei Ziteng… Pei Ziteng had nothing to do with his grandfather. What was he thinking, the old man in his family was really getting younger and younger.

Xue Chengxiu had enough kisses and was finally willing to return the small basket in his hand to Mumu, the flower boy.

Mumu took a few steps back with the small basket in his arms, afraid that his father would suddenly come to grab it again – the small basket belonged to Mumu, and no one was allowed to touch it.

The wedding was between two men, so naturally, they did not follow the bouquet-throwing tradition[1], and everyone didn’t mind the lack of it. After the ceremony, they immediately went to the buffet area.

The chefs at the Yufu Family Banquet were all trained by Yu Siyang. However, although some people were given more guidance while some people were given less guidance, but because of their talent, it was not a problem for one person to have one or two specialty dishes.

The menu of the wedding banquet was designed by Yu Siyang himself. He tried each dish to confirm, and then handed it over to the chef who came with him today. Although he didn’t make it himself, the taste was the same.

Mr. Pei was getting old and had been restricted by the doctor about his diet. He couldn’t eat this or that. Today, he had plunged into the ocean of delicious food, and happily circled around the dining table.

Pei Ziteng followed behind his grandfather and stopped him from picking up the food that was explicitly forbidden by the doctor, while he himself was in agony.

Zhuang Ze patted his shoulder sympathetically and happily ate his own food.

Xue Chengxiu and Yu Siyang returned to the villa to change into lighter dresses. When they returned to the wedding scene, everyone was eating.

“These people…” Xue Chengxiu felt both angry and funny.

Yu Siyang held his hand and said with a smile, “Our friends are very happy.”

“I am also very happy.” Xue Chengxiu whispered in his lover’s ear.

“Me too.” Yu Siyang smiled and rolled his eyes.

——All my sufferings and all my adventures were arranged by God, just for me to meet you.

——To meet you, I used the luck of two lifetimes, I thank God for the blessing.

——This is the luck of my life.

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[1] A tradition where the bride throws her bouquet and whoever catches it is the person who would get married next.

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