CFCS Ch. 193.2: Anyang Saga (14)

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After breakfast, Jing Yang and the others set off for Mount Wei unhurriedly. Along the way, they saw many people heading towards Mount Wei. Even the annual festival was not so lively. Therefore, it could be seen that the superstitious thoughts of the ancients were still relatively serious. In their hearts, gods and the like were more sacred and inviolable than the royal family.

Su Huai sat in the carriage, he pulled up the corner of the curtain and looked out. There were more people going up the mountain today than yesterday, and he was even more nervous. Today, he bet on his own dignity, and he must not be compared any more. He must make everyone think that he was the one who was truly recognized by the gods.

Jing Yang got off the carriage at the foot of the mountain, changed to the sedan chair and went up the mountain. When he reached the altar, there were already many people waiting there.

Thinking that the time to start hadn’t come yet, Jing Yang didn’t rush to get out of the sedan chair, and he just sat in the sedan chair and waited.

When the officials were all there, and Su Huai and the crown prince had also arrived, Xu Zhenren looked up at the position of the sun, and said that it was almost ready to begin.

Xue Chengyu walked to the sedan chair and helped Jing Yang out. When the two were about to walk towards Xu Zhenren, they saw the Crown Prince walking towards them.

The prince walked in front of them and stared directly at Jing Yang’s face. Jing Yang was not wearing a veil today. Although he was not very worried that the prince would recognize him, the prince’s eyes made him very uncomfortable.

Xue Chengyu pulled Jing Yang behind him, looked at the prince and said, “Is there anything wrong with Your Highness?”

“It’s nothing,” the prince said with a half-smile, “I just think your betrothal partner’s eyes look familiar, so this prince specially came to take a look, the prince can’t be so stingy that you won’t allow me to look at him?”

“The prince thinks there should be a lot of people who are familiar. How many people are familiar to the prince?” Xue Chengyu looked directly at the prince, he was much stronger than the prince in terms of stature and majesty. “We are on this altar, while the Prince is having these unbearable thoughts, the gods are watching from the sky, be careful to not be punished for this condescension.”

The prince’s face changed greatly when Xue Chengyu said it, and he looked at him with gloomy eyes and said, “Xue Chengyu, who do you think you are? How dare you talk to this prince like this?!”

“I know very well who I am, I am the prince of Annan, and also the General Zhennan, I hold the military power of the Zhennan Army in my hand, and all the soldiers under my command are willing to follow me.” Xue Chengyu looked at the prince with contempt and said, “What about you? Apart from being the prince, who are you? You don’t even know whether you are stable or not, but you still have the courage to teach me a lesson? Your Royal Highness?!”

The prince gritted his teeth and glared at Xue Chengyu, and said viciously, “You better not regret what you said today.!”

“Humph.” Xue Chengyu snorted lightly, with an obvious expression of invincibility on his face, which made the prince even more angry.

The prince turned his sleeves angrily and returned to his sedan chair.

Su Huai never got off the sedan chair, because he had an injury on his foot, so he shouldn’t move around much, but his sedan chair curtain had already been lifted, obviously this time he was waiting for Jing Yang to do it first.

Xue Chengyu and Jing Yang walked to Xu Zhenren, then Xue Chengyu asked, “Xu Zhenren, can we start?”

“The time has come, it’s time to start.” Xu Zhenren pointed to a large bamboo basket next to him and said, “Use this, if you can gather hundreds of birds in the air, and make them fly around, you would be said to be recognized by the gods.”

Jing Yang looked over and found that the bamboo basket that could hold an adult was next to the stone pillar, there was still a rope hanging on the stone pillar. It seemed that he wanted to raise the bamboo basket like a modern flag. This method must have been thought of by Su Huai.

“I don’t need this.” Jing Yang said.

Xu Zhenren didn’t expect Jing Yang to refuse directly. He tried to convince Jing Yang that “there were many people below, and even if you lure the birds, they will not come down. If you ascend into the air, the chance of success will be higher.”

“If he doesn’t need it, he doesn’t need it.” Xue Chengyu frowned and said, looking at Xu Zhenren.

Xu Zhenren glanced at Xue Chengyu’s expression, and immediately did not dare to say anything else, nodded and said yes, then stepped aside.

“Then I’ll go.” Jing Yang said to Xue Chengyu.

“Go.” Xue Chengyu said, “I’m here, don’t worry.”

Jing Yang walked to the highest position, turned around and looked at the people below. The dense crowd filled all the places where they could stand and were all looking up at him.

Jing Yang took out a jade flute from his sleeve, raised his hand and put it to his mouth. The crisp sound of the jade flute immediately spread, echoing in the mountains and forests.

Seeing that Jing Yang didn’t enter the bamboo basket, Su Huai knew that his plan to murder Jing Yang had failed and he thumped the sedan chair angrily. He was unwilling to lose an opportunity to harm Jing Yang like this. Xue Chengyu had been closely protecting Jing Yang. He didn’t know when the next opportunity would come.

On the way here, Xue Chengyu told Jing Yang that there was something wrong with the bamboo basket. Even if there was no problem with the bamboo basket, Jing Yang wouldn’t use it at all because he didn’t need it.

Jing Yang activated the system and used Qing Gong to slowly raise his body. He flew higher and higher, and his red robes fluttered in the wind. From a distance, it was the scene of an exiled immortal descending to the world.

There were many sounds of wings flapping and birds chirping in the surrounding mountains and forests. Before long, many kinds of birds flew out of the woods and began to fly around Jing Yang.

Su Huai looked at this scene and clenched his teeth with hatred. He thought, he actually did it again. Not only could he fly by himself, but he could lure birds out with just a jade flute. Who the hell is he?? Why is this possible?!

Su Huai knew that he would definitely not be able to do something like Jing Yang, so even if he succeeded, he would still be compared, but now, he couldn’t think of any other way to beat Jing Yang. The huge pressure and strong desire to win over Jing Yang made him tremble.

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